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SUMMARY: 'Zolotisty is an ideal phlegmatic. We have never seen an ideal phlegmatic animal before.' - N. Yakovleva.

Confirmed Drive transplant from late nineteenth century Prague 1), evidence substantiated in the Pavlov reports (accessible on root share drive to users with C-OP privileges or greater).

Longterm Improbability exposure and the subject's natural presentation as a Joker have led to a shift away from initial 'mongrel-like' (Canis familiaris) characteristics toward a more 'coyote-like' appearance and demeanor (Canis latrans). This shift was apparently spurred by the S1-S2 crossover and leaves unsettled questions about the Drive's responsiveness to contestant personalities and cultural conceptions of abstract concepts such as tricksters. Relevant footage has been forwarded to the SI team for their review.

Following her association with and subsequent courtship of #33562, the subject's heretofore naive conception of privacy, individual rights, power, and governance was strongly influenced by #33562's 'punk' affectations. The subject's threat level was raised in accordance with Reclassification Guidelines v. (rev. 17/4) after several incidences of willfully malicious mass vandalism of Network cameras. Aware of the subject's advanced control of Improbability, we continue to monitor the situation closely and will take appropriate preemptive retraining measures as necessary.

PRIMARY SOCIAL TIES: Foster relationship with Elias Ruzicka (#NC-78), proprietor of the erstwhile Lucky Dip. Close associations with all members of <DICE>. Currently in a relationship with #33562 marked by extremely strong ties and mutual influence.

APPEARANCE: Prefers formal Victorian menswear, most commonly trousers and fitted waistcoats, jackets, silk top hats, scarves, etc. Typical J in appearance with the exception of canine ears, pronounced fangs, brushy tail. Appears to be aged late twenties; no evidence of aging. Highly recognizable.

PSYCHOLOGICAL AND PERSONAL CHARACTERISTICS: Presents with linguistic abilities of a post-'critical period' learner - flexible fluency, stress- and fatigue-induced impairments of language modalities. Nevertheless intelligent and an adept learner, the subject prefers physical activity to solitary or stationary mental pursuits, with the exceptions of gambling, the viola, and recreational forms of cryptography.

Subject places strong emphasis on personal responsibility and accountability, especially where leadership is concerned. Fierce antipathy toward 'cheating.' Curious, outgoing, intelligent, outspoken. Typically cheerful; given to conceits of 'tricksterdom' which are not infrequently unintentionally malicious or insensitive. Naive. Little conception of personal property. Presents as gregarious, though this is likely a defensive front, as evidenced by the subject's willful establishment of a unidirectional caretaking relationship with the majority of her social circle as well as the subject's preference for privacy, chiefly evidenced in intentional and frequent retreats to off-grid locations. Exhibits an overall preference for off-grid locations, especially those forested or near large bodies of water.

The subject's uniquely canid roots present an on-going, shifting paradigm between civilized and ferine states, which have led to private expressions of distress, self-loathing, and uncertainty about purpose and heterogeneity. As a non-native language learner surmised to be unable to actively think in language, the subject's linguistic proficiency drops dramatically after even short periods of time spent in non-linguistic environments (i.e., alone off-grid). The subject similarly becomes more aggressive during such periods.

Largely non-aggressive, largely patient-tempered. We continue to monitor an on-going trend toward a more aggressive personality consistent with fraternization with #33562. Highly impulsive, highly reactionary. Strong gambling addiction.

Monster level set at 6 since 1Q of S2. Despite a strong competitive presence on the leaderboards during S12), subject displays little interest in the competitive aspects of the program this Season. Adept in hand-to-hand combat; trained by #11710 to use revolvers and rifles; not otherwise proficient with modern weaponry.

ABILITIES: Preference for running, swimming, parkour. Synaesthete with exceptional hearing; MRI scans in conjunction with phonetic testing suggest that the subject's claims about her own hearing should be considered tentatively valid, though psychosomia and Improbability-induced delusion remain equally valid explanations.

Relationship to Improbability: Intuitive. Subject has an extremely wide range of advanced competencies, attributable to longterm Improbability exposure and longterm experimentation and play. Accords Improbability a high level of arbitrary non-sentience. Understands and manipulates Improbability primarily through sound-based associations; the subject frequently uses her viola as a conduit to manipulate more apparently difficult or delicate tasks. Subject's claims to be able to rewrite and play the universe at will are most probably grandiose or hyperbolic, though there is some evidence to the contrary. Manipulation is otherwise tactile or physical. Most frequently seen physically translocating to known locations. Primary use of Improbability is for practical problemsolving.

META-ANALYSIS: Subject considered valuable asset for the program due to her strong leadership roles, frequent instigation of humourous and light-hearted diversions, and on-going role as both a foil, friend and confidante to several popular Contestants. Has independently developed several amusing and difficult drawn-out puzzles for the <DICE> constituency which have proven very popular with our audience. Play-at-home versions and pay-per-entry contests are extremely profitable3)

Continues to portray unusual characteristics of her hybrid race (J/OTHER:CANID) which are popular with her core demographic. The subject's propensity for risk-taking in physical activities and her love of gambling have provided many favorite edge-of-seat action scenes (some with severe injuries). Frequent gambler – recordsetting winning bet of over 2 billion (2,000,000,000) requisition drew similarly recordsetting ratings; dramatic losses similarly popular.

Recent ongoing interations with #33562 have revealed a lesser-seen aspect of #5528. Current focus group testing reveals polarized viewpoints as to her loss of naivete (re. validity, re. positive impact), and to what extent it should be 'blamed' on Contestant #33562.

Romantic development of flawed, but honest and deeply loving relationship with #33562 has seen successful introduction of new fans for both contestants. Sex scenes proven popular and profitable to the program for ala carte channel viewers.


S2: Complete markered summary for release following close of 4Q S2, overview below.

Following the S1 changeover and reversion of all registered contestants to their physical entry status, the subject reverted to a base canine state (see OGC3234-6-7-2098, markers 01:39:42 to 01:47:58, IC-23-8-2098, markers 19:02:49 to 19:08:54, attached investigation available on root share drive to users with C-OP privileges or greater), definitively substantiating or debunking theories around the nature of her origin. The subject's primary focus throughout the 1Q of S2 was reconsolidating and rebuilding morale within <DICE>.

2Q largely characterized and colored by the so-called obsolescence of #13666 and gradual cessation of relations with #6882, ultimately leading to the dissolution of the subject's marriage at the start of the 3Q - full report forthcoming.

Interactions with #33562 became regular some months later and progressed rapidly into near constant interaction. This ultimately lead to the consolidation of relevant cam-ops personnel into a unified team to better take advantage of numerous editing opportunities presented by the development of a romantic relationship between the subject and #33562.

S1: For footage recorded previous to Season Two, please reference the highlight reel, accessible on the root share drive.

This section of the document makes reference to three distinct iterations of the subject - #5528, 'the Soloist;' #5528-A, 'the Mongrel;' #5528-B, 'the Gentleman.' For full explication, reference CINDER report no. 494.

Review of early footage exemplifies #5528-A's suicidal loyalty to the Watcher (cf. Disciplinary File 3294-S1-Z-5528-A for intervention transcripts) and suggests an extant relationship4).

Shortly after updating the subject's R.D. to 'J,' #5528-A contracted a persistent upper respiratory infection, incl. symptoms associated with bronchitis and/or emphysema, and the realization of what we have come to term a flicker fusion effect, wherein the contestant was seen to literally appear and disappear in fractional moments (see, e.g., KIT-12-8-2091, markers 11:39:42 through 14:02:28). We retroactively attribute this to an adverse reaction to Improbability.

The subject's illness resulted in her total disappearance from the Island; despite full utilization of our search personnel, we were unable to ascertain her whereabouts. Shortly thereafter, #5528-B appeared (see ACE-17-8-2091, markers 17:14:12 through 17:31:59), unfamiliar with local customs and neither apparently delusional nor apparently related to #5528-A except in name and shared canine characteristics.

Following this, #5528-A and #5528-B began to appear in complementary distribution - i.e., if one was removed from the Island, the other inevitably appeared. The nature of this removal remains a matter of speculation. During a confrontation in OP-CC404, #5528-B disappeared after a concussive blow to the head (see CC4-31-8-2081, markers 23:41:20 through 23:58:12, cf. S1-GRYPH), apparently triggering #5528-A's return; #5528-A subsequently disappeared from the Island at #2645's direct summons of #5528-B (see CC4-9-9-2081, markers 20:12:38 through 02:32:52). This last, incl. #5528-B's association with #5420-A:Z56+ (in particular #5420-P), has led some of our personnel to hypothesize that #5528-B remained constant between two supposed universes (incl. the Island and a hypothesized inverse) while #5528-A remained constant with the Island and variable hypothesized correllary universes. Said personnel have subsequently been reassigned to declassified projects.

#5528-A exhibited notable signs of uncharacteristic aggression and emotional duress during subsequent appearances, unrelated to confrontations with #5420-E. #5528-A was present to see off #2645 at the Mundanity Breach in OP-AH (see ACE-17-10-2081, markers 04:23:03 through 04:56:34) with #6882, during which time #5528-A and B became #5528, the 'Soloist.' #2645 passed on several sentimental objects, and her leadership in the recently founded <DICE>.

Subsequent to these events, the subject became involved with a theatrical coalition (see S1-C-ORG-WVP) and was seen to literally challenge the wind to a dice game (see AH-3-2-2082, markers 19:33:24 through 20:00:02), resulting in the loss of #11710's voice and the complete loss of #6882 (see CG-20-2-2082, markers 03:14:18 through 04:04:57).

The subject worked in close association with #6882-A and #11710, #6321, #10362, #9784, #6754, #5754-B, #5754-C, #11225, #783, #12658, and others toward restoring #6882 to the Island. They were ultimately successful, albeit at the loss of #6882-A to an artificial reality embedded within the walls of #6882's dwelling and the subject's memory's of #6882. A triangular romance arc followed, resolving in the subject's decision to follow #6882-A into the artificial reality while simultaneously remaining present on the Island to marry #6882.

Promoted to moderator status shortly before the S1 changeover.





A pre-EMP territory. See Western Eurasian Territories for further details.
Records: 400 DKs; Most 'Charm;' Fastest DK: 13 M 32 S.
Reference quarterly financial reports from 2090-2098, accessible on root share drive to users with SEC-O privileges or greater.
#5528-A's medical history showed long-term exposure to Improbability prior to official recognition as a contestant. It should also be noted that the Watcher (#NC-1) first identified #5528 by name before being introduced.
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