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A letter, found in the city of York, 1894.

7th March, 1891

Dearest Clara,

Hello, dear. I do hope things are well for you, there. Has Bartholomew recovered yet? Do give my love to Elise, next time you see her.

I'm afraid I've had another one of my episodes again, though this one was worse. You know how it goes. I have a hard time recalling, but.. I remember being at the Blair's. Rosaline and William were having one of their rows, then everyone started claiming sides, all yelling.. and, well. You know how I get when people are upset. I started feeling all those funny echoes, in my head, but then something.. odd happened. They said I was in some sort of trance. I couldn't explain to them, of course. Not many know about my.. condition besides you and Richard. I remember everyone being upset, and then.. it was like a dam broke, inside my mind. Normally I only feel the echoes, but suddenly I was overwhelmed. It was as if I was hearing all of their feelings - indeed everyone in the town's - all at once. Then I don't remember a thing. I was afraid. Please don't think that I'm mad.

I hope to be down in the country this summer. Richard keeps speaking of moving to Chicago. I have my doubts.

With love, hope to see you soon,


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