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Description:While Tor's appearance is not as immutable as some of the Island's contestants(KK Victoria, for example) he does appear mostly as a Middle aged human in his prime. Tall, without being excessively so, he is remarkably broad in the shoulders, and well muscled without being bulky. His black hair falls in loose curls to his shoulders. Streaked with silvery gray at the temples, it is frequently pulled back into a ponytail, or a que at the back of his neck. He has Germanic features with a strong, almost Nordic jawline, and fierce mutton chop sideburns. His eyes, even before attaining Jokerhood, are a fierce, pale green, and his pupils are an opaque white, though he appears to have no difficulty with sight.

History:The entity known as Tor NaGoth first appeared on the Island a couple of months after the event known as the reset. From certain comments, it may be inferred that he is not native to this timeline, but wound up on the Island after following a switchblade wielding Mini-lop down the wrong rabbit hole.

Like most newbies, Tor went through a period of adjustment on arrival, and took over 20 gamedays1) before meeting Horatio for the first time. It was during this time as a newbie that Tor first encountered the famous Snickerer and was gifted, quite naturally with an Invisisuit.

As he worked his way through his first few incarnations on the Island, Tor was regularly gifted by Snickerer, Rhiannon, Count Sessine, and others. Among those Altruistic contestants was Arouette, the co-leader of There is no Spoon.

In the early hours of Dec 12th, he witnessed an impressive Speed Run by Mr Mister Rik of only 37 minutes between drive kills. Not to be outdone, Tor engaged in a mini-quest of his own, and made his next Drive Kill in only 27 minutes, battling 187 of the toughest monsters he could find in the process.

Shortly after completing his 100th Drive Kill, and following some 'Non-L.O.L. Drama' Tor bid adieu to his Associates in <SPOON> and started his own Clan, SpoonQuest. Though his new clan was intended to be a home for questers of all types, regardless of the quest, Tor soon found himself missing the boisterous crowd and atmosphere of <SPOON> Hall. He appointed his faithful friend Marley as custodian of <QUEST> and began making regular visits to to the <SPOON> environs in an effort to re-connect with his former clannies.

Whether it was the strain of being torn between two clans, The temporary loss of his tile to an archaic novelty keyboard, or a simple result of too much improbability build up, Tor entered a period of instability. His race was changing with every encounter with Horatio, and he became increasingly violent. At the end, he went on an uncharacteristically brutal PvP spree, and hajen was called in to put a stop to it. Hajen managed to defeat Tor by a narrow margin, and Tor was much changed after the experience.

The next time, Tor met with Horatio, She awoke to find her 'bits' rearranged. Tori, as she now called herself, while not exactly devastated by the change, was definately confused. Deciding for herself that it was her personal battle with improbability that was causing these unpredictable changes, Tori sought help from the one person on the Island that seemed to be most 'in tune' with Improbability, Zolotisty.

Decalring herself to be officially 'in abstentia' from both Spoon and Quest, Tori petitioned <DICE> for membership, becoming a member of the Aleatory Ensemble in order to improve her own understanding through closer association with her instructor.

After a couple of lessons/performances with Zolotisty, Tori apparently gained enough control and understanding to 'correct' her gender, and became Tor once more.

He put his lessons on hold for a time while attempting to help Zolo recover her hearing from the wind.

To 300. . .

When Tor found himself tied with The Unpossible Agrajag at Two Hundred and Nintey Drive Kills, he allowed himself to be caught up in a race to 300. The following is an excerpt from the echoes in SquatHole showing timestamps as he completed each of his final nine Kills in the String.

[02/19 11:46pm] <DICE> Questor In Absentia Tor NaGoth says, “That's two.”

[02/20 12:03am] <DICE> Questor In Absentia Tor NaGoth says, “three”

[02/20 12:26am] <DICE> Questor In Absentia Tor NaGoth says, “four”

[02/20 12:45am] <DICE> Questor In Absentia Tor NaGoth says, “five”

[02/20 01:07am] <DICE> Questor In Absentia Tor NaGoth says, “six”

[02/20 11:56am] <DICE> Questor In Absentia Tor NaGoth says, “seven”

[02/20 12:11pm] <DICE> Questor In Absentia Tor NaGoth says, “eight”2)

[02/20 12:31pm] <DICE> Questor In Absentia Tor NaGoth says, “nine”

[02/20 12:55pm] <DICE> Questor In Absentia Tor NaGoth says, “Three Hundred.”

Despite Winning the race by a narrow margin of but One Kill, Tor has found little joy in the accomplishment, as his preoccupation and pride prevented him from being present at the conclusion of the events described in consequences

Drive Kill 307

. . . As an odd occurrence of note, upon completeing his 307th Drive Kill, Tor fell asleep in the Stocks. Despite taking over twelve hours to complete his next appointment3), upon returning to Improbable Central he discovered that his body was still trapped there.

[03/05 02:42pm] <DICE> Questor In Absentia Tor NaGoth descends via umbrella after being catapulted from Ace High, “Still there. Remarkable, truly.” he seems puzzled by this development.

[03/05 02:50pm] <SPOON> Major Calynx looks from Tor in the square to Tor in the stocks. If this wasn't so common for Tor it would seem highly improbable. “Here to relieve yourself from being in the stocks so long for your 307th?”
[03/05 02:56pm] <DICE> Questor In Absentia Tor NaGoth raises a brow, “An interesting thought. Apparently I've been stuck here for the entire duration. I'm ready for tea again, and yet.. . There I sit.”
[03/05 03:02pm] <DICE> Questor In Absentia Tor NaGoth vanishes, briefly, then reappears, “Apparently, Horatio doesn't know anything about it either.”
[03/05 03:07pm] <SPOON> Major Calynx composes herself, sets her tophat back properly on her head and walks towards New Home. “I do hope you get this all sorted out Tor. As for me, bit of field work before I head home for the day.”
[03/05 03:17pm] <DICE> Questor In Absentia Tor NaGoth sits down against the base of the stocks, thouroughly stymied. “How am I supposed to work /this/ into my composition?”
[03/05 03:27pm] <CDAG> Resident Sex Kitten Lady Akitsu frowns, making her way towards Tor. “What's the matter, dear?” She kneels down next to him with a kind smile. “Anything I can help with?”
[03/05 03:31pm] <DICE> Questor In Absentia Tor NaGoth gestures over his shoulder at himself in the stocks, “Almost 13 hours now. I just don't understand it.”
[03/05 03:36pm] <SPOON> Alandre Jeovanx flashes a grin at Tor. “I know the reason – and it's nothing to be so serious about. People are paying you a compliment, Tor. .. 307 is a special number to you, and you are special to the Island.”
[03/05 03:39pm] <SPOON> Alandre Jeovanx, “It's like the talk-line in SPOON clan hall – no-one wants to be the one to change it away from 'torrifies'. .. People like you – and that's not something to worry about!”
[03/05 03:41pm] <DICE> Questor In Absentia Tor NaGoth protests, “But it's unpecedented! Who ever heard of such a thing? I mean, surely by now some Newbie would have wandered through.. . wouldn't they?”
[03/05 03:42pm] <SPOON> Alandre Jeovanx says, “You won't be stuck there permanently. Sooner or later some newbie will come along, and it'll be back to Stock Tag. Or if you're getting bored, all you have to do is ask one of the regulars.”
[03/05 03:45pm] <SPOON> Alandre Jeovanx says, “Random, Tor. Random. Most of the changes in occupancy, I've noticed, aren't Newbies at all, but the regulars playing games. Now they're playing with you.. . by leaving you there!”
[03/05 03:46pm] <DICE> Questor In Absentia Tor NaGoth blinks back moisture, “I don't know what to say.. . I”m touched deeply. Honored. I. .. Thank You, all of you.“

. . . [03/05 04:14pm] <DICE> Questor In Absentia Tor NaGoth smiles, a mixture of relief and sadness as Parillian releases his Doppelganger, and it collapses into dust and blows away.


[03/05 02:55am] <QQQ> Warrior Reborn Theo dashes into town and posts up what looks like a newspaper article in the center of town. the headline reads OUTRAGEOUS WAGES FOR HARD WORKING ADMIN'S [03/05 02:55am] <QQQ> Warrior Reborn Theo just below that it reads Only You can solve the problem, DONATE NOW!!!!” the statement emphasized by a picture of a hand turning to point at passing pedestrians

[03/05 10:32pm] <DICE> Questor In Absentia Tor NaGoth frowns slightly at the lingering echo of Theo's well meant adverisement, then shrugs and walks up a wall to perch near the Windchime left by Snickerer. He touches it lightly setting it in motion.
[03/05 10:38pm] <DICE> Questor In Absentia Tor NaGoth sits back on his heels, watching. After a moment, he reaches into his sleeve and draws out a thin crystal tube closed on one end, and pierced with holes. He puts it to his lips, a piccolo.
[03/05 10:44pm] <DICE> Questor In Absentia Tor NaGoth plays softly at first, the tempo- uneven, some notes too sharp- some flat. A beginner's effort. Yet with each miscue or false note, the voice of another flute can be heard-Pure-Sure. New each time.
[03/05 10:47pm] <DICE> Questor In Absentia Tor NaGoth plays louder, the melody gaining strength and assurance as each new voice provides gentle encouragement. The tune becomes more confident, and some of the voices fade, but new ones are there to help.
[03/05 10:52pm] <DICE> Questor In Absentia Tor NaGoth 's fingers race into a blur as the tempo takes on a life of its own, leaving the other voices to call their encouragement in fleeting snatches, fueled by yearning, and searching for meaning.
[03/05 10:56pm] <DICE> Questor In Absentia Tor NaGoth slows his playing, and the tune varies, evoking laughter, then tears, joy then memory. The other voices swell, and weave about his notes, making them richer by contrast, and harmony.
[03/05 11:01pm] <DICE> Questor In Absentia Tor NaGoth plays softer until the voice of his crystalline instrument blends in with the others, and a new pipe begins to play, faltering, and uncertain. This time, Tor's is the gentle guidevoice, one of many.
[03/05 11:06pm] <DICE> Questor In Absentia Tor NaGoth lowers the piccolo as the wind sculpture settles into stillness once more. He nods, and replaces the instrument in his sleeve. Rising, he tips his hat to an audience unseen, bows, and departs.
due to improbable fluctuations in the timestream, gamedays progress at a variable, but inconstant rate generally accepted as at least 3 gamedays per 24 hour period.
Marking a personal best time of just 15 minutes
a rather leisurely pace for Tor
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