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A strange being who wanders the Island, engaging in gratuitous serial altruism, being amused at seemingly most things, and handing out Awesome Points for reasons that go unexplained. Sometimes seems to know everything, sometimes utterly clueless.

May make a special effort to give you something shiny if you direct the incoming Newbies to the Newbie Advisory. And/or if you notice what's been left out on this page.1)

One of the Island's true Jokers2), Snickerer proudly wears a cape of coalesced Improbability3) as a manifestation of this status. Snickerer is also one of the Island's foremost experts in the recreational manipulation of Improbability, and the Joker's habit of pulling a pitcher of glowing green liquid out of nowhere4) has become almost a trademark. Capable of summoning the Glass Armonica of the Aether5) as preferred musical instrument, Snickerer has evidenced a fondness for crystal in general.

This contestant can often be found. . .well, anywhere, really.


Little is known about the early days of this contestant, who first appeared in the Pilot. Seemingly a normal inhabitant of the Island, albeit one already showing signs of habitual philanthropy, Snickerer's true affinity for Improbability became evident after repeated defeats of the Improbability Drive caused enough exposure to trigger a transformation to Joker 6). Snickerer immediately embraced this lifestyle wholeheartedly, becoming one of the Island's constitutional Jokers and one of the first and foremost experimenters in the use of Improbability, gaining remarkable skill in the manipulation of Improbability warps and spacetime distortions to create many interesting effects.

During this time period, Snickerer was responsible for the creation of the crystal disc Improbably suspended in midair and the koi pond containing tiny bright-hued water dragons rather than fish in the Common Ground. Snickerer was also distinguished by having remarkably high Charm and questing scores7) and by being persistently followed by the Villagers and the Raven Inn, which caused a good deal of fuming on the one hand and a spate of counting that bewildered much of the Island's population and culminated in a weary acceptance of the Raven as a secondary hometown on the other.

Temporal Idiosyncrasies

Things became complicated (and occasionally somewhat incomprehensible from an exterior point of view) when Snickerer adopted what the Joker refers to as 'temporal dislocation.' The clearest explanation of this that can be gotten out of the being in more lucid moments is that it involves loosing one's temporal anchor and so no longer bothering to keep one's awareness strictly following linear time like everyone else8). It is noted that in this particular method of ignoring the constraints of linearity, the subject's physical self remains embedded in the linear timestream, but the subject's awareness travels at will temporally. While the need to access one's possessions would normally outweigh the extra effort needed to temporally shift physical matter, for an expert in manipulation of Improbable warps of spacetime this is unnecessary, because anything can be accessed provided the consciousness present is aware of its existence. It is rumored that this temporal unfocus may have been adopted as the result of close association with the Jokermorph Kassil, whose full-time residence in four-space notoriously overlapped this period of the Island's history, as it was not observed prior to said overlap and consequent manifestation of Timeshadows, and Kassil was at one point observed giving Snickerer a four-space beacon and locater.

Unfortunately, Snickerer does not always appear to be very good at keeping track of the difference between own and standard timelines, and has consequently been observed engaging in many conversational anachronisms and displaying signs of considerable confusion. A couple of items 9) have been observed to apparently lessen this confusion. One appears to be a pair of sunglasses; the other is a luminous blue crystal, examination of which seems to give the Joker access to some sort of information. The creation of the crystal was observed to actually occur during the Pilot, when on advice from Siren regarding the location of a stellar forge and a multidimensional energy being Snickerer apparently used materials found there (along with the nearly-forgotten temporal locater beacon and a pocketwatch with a marker engraved, 'You are Here' 10) ) to craft the crystal. Interestingly, upon returning from creating this item Snickerer referred to it as a map. It is currently unknown at what relative point in the Joker's conscious timeline this occurs.

Snickerer displayed confusion when TimeCop Bortwood arrived in pursuit of Kassil, apparently under the impression that Kassil had already received an unconditional pardon for his part in helping with a dimensional collapse, and later arranged for the Time Constabulary to send some colleagues to pick up the aforementioned Timecop when he was stranded in this time period due to Kassil's 'borrowing' of his wallet and Time Badge. TimeCop Bortwood later returned to question Snickerer in an attempt to gather testimony against Kassil for crimes against the timeline, but was largely unsuccessful due to Snickerer's lack of temporal focus rendering the Joker prone to wandering off mid-conversation.

Perhaps unsurprisingly given the loose nature of association with the timeline, Snickerer was one of the few contestants who seemed aware of the approach of The Reset before it occurred, and involved in many of the peripheral events surrounding it.

Since Snickerer's ability to mentally travel freely through time was based on Joker physiology, an absent-minded attempt to access early Season One left the Joker reeling and required a stint in the Common Grounds of midway through the Pilot to recuperate from the shock of Improbability Withdrawal from trying to access a point where Snickerer's physical form was not physiologically equipped with sufficient Improbability to support this activity. This ability was also severely disrupted by The Reset.


The first appearance in the fragmentary records of this period is of a brief membership before the first encounter with the Drive in the 'no-PvP-please' clan Fluffy Cuddle Bunnies that was soon left for SWEET; the reasons given for this move are, oddly, seeking of more people to give shiny things to and not discouraging other players to attack and so remove some unneeded exp. Snickerer was an officer to SWEET in its near-mythical heyday, in the rumored time when it is said the clan's buff became infinite. Snickerer then moved to the CIA, citing frustration at no longer being able to get to Disgrace to chat with the Watcher. Officer status in the CIA was quickly granted due to level of skill in Improbability, but Snickerer was still rather surprised to turn up one morning and find no sign of Hobo King of Toilettown but a package on desk addressed to Snickerer and labeled, 'CIA clan leadership.' Snickerer remained clan leader to CIA until shortly before the transition to season one, when the Joker displayed a sudden, rapid, and inexplicable series of changes in clan badge, purportedly due to the disruptive effects of the Vortex causing unintended mental temporal jumps causing Snickerer to accidentally walk into the wrong clan halls.

The Reset

Being among the more temporally-attuned, Snickerer was able to perceive the Vortex associated with the end of the world. The temporal undertow caused by this anomaly in spacetime, which according to other temporally sensitive individuals literally fractured spacetime in its wake, had the effect of further scrambling Snickerer's already-erratic temporal navigation, pulling the Joker's awareness unexpectedly from points in the future and the past of the Island.

The degree of spacetime-flux caused by the Vortex rose unexpectedly quickly in the final days of the Pilot, despite Kassil's stopgap measures. Snickerer was instrumental in delivering TimeCop Bortwood and his emergency temporal beacon to the headquarters of the IBHML, as per Kassil's request, allowing for some few remnants of the Pilot to be saved. The TimeCop insisted on confiscating Snickerer's sunglasses during this incident, claiming them to be evidence of Kassil's spread of technology that had the potential to pollute the timeline, and being rather short on time the Joker allowed him to do so in order to get him to stop arguing. Besides, Kassil had pickpocketed the sunglasses off the TimeCop afterward and given them back the previous week.

Some of Snickerer's knowledge likely came from a letter11) Rosin's alternate-timeline self12) was seen to deliver to the Joker from her own timeline. This was followed by a small box containing an odd tripod-like item and a small device. Snickerer removed these at the end of the Pilot, set up the tripod in the center of Improbable Central, activated the device, and used it to draw bars of solid golden light in the air in a complex array of golden spires throughout all the cities of the Island and Disgrace centered on the tripod. As the Vortex strengthened and the world ended, currents of /something/ visibly flowed to the tripod and were directed up into the sky, in the middle of the great ominous whirling cloud that dominated the heavens by that time. It is rumored that this was the manifestation of all the treasures, experience, and qualities accumulated by the contestants of the Island being funneled to the timeline that sent the box as the world unraveled so that they would not go completely to waste.

Upon realizing that a more mundane self after the world was remade would not be able to support full Joker awareness, Snickerer prepared a temporal reintegration key on the last day of the Pilot in order to ensure that the portion of Joker awareness that would be forcibly cut off from the portion tied to the linear timeline would reintegrate properly upon regaining of sufficient Improbability to support metatemporal abilities once more. Taking the crystal disc from the Common Grounds as a physical housing so that a future mundane self would not lose it, Snickerer crafted it into a much smaller crystal medallion with a spark of blue flame dancing inside. This was given to Kassil in the Raven Inn several days prior with the request that it be given back after being allowed to weather The Reset.

Snickerer was in turn given one of the shards of solidified time left by the Vortex to deliver to Kassil afterward, being among the few who would be able to carry it through The Reset without evaporating.

When the Pilot ended and the entire Island woke up in a changed new world, Snickerer appeared to be as completely confused as any new human contestant, with no apparent memory of anything that had come before. Snickerer did, however, still have possession of the shard of time, an item which appeared highly uncomfortable to hold on to, and eventually gave the item to Kassil. Kassil in turn retrieved the crystal medallion from beneath the counter at the bar in the Raven Inn and gave it to Snickerer to wear, being so kind as to even place it on a handy chain.

Then the world ended three more times.13)

Season One

Once again an ordinary human, Snickerer wandered the Island in bewilderment for some time, an unwieldy and inexplicable title the only clue that things were not entirely as they should be. There was no sign of the medallion, and Snickerer appeared to have no knowledge of it, or any events prior to the start of Season One, having nasty headaches when even trying to remember previous events. 14) Intriguingly, presents of consumable items in a particular shade of luminous green from some more Improbable contestants appear to have relieved these headaches, something mere aspirin had proved entirely inadequate to handle. 15)

Snickerer proceeded to take thorough advantage of the standard-issue rowboat rental pass issued to all new players until level 1016) and embarked on a massive altruism spree. During this time, Snickerer also became a Leader to Meremidia's refounding of SWEET, and married DeadMeat.

After Deadmeat's refounding of IBHML, the Brotherhood's resources were turned on the problem, and a rather bewildered Snickerer was strapped into an elaborate construction involving, among other things, a Victorian lightning machine and some components of the ICMoD. After a bit of excitement, when things were finally sorted out there was one still-bewildered-but-no-longer-headachey Snickerer and, after a bit of confusion with Kassil, one temporal key restored to standard space. Things seemed to calm down a bit as the medallion was properly worn, aside from its tendency to flare at times, accompanied by sometimes somewhat odd comments by its wearer. A note written during one of these flares was carried back to the ailing Zolotisty prior to her disappearance, though no one, including the regular Snickerer, could quite figure out why she would be advised to avoid drinking anything green, or to avoid Kassil or Snickerer.

Snickerer eventually regained Joker status, an event which successfully triggered the temporal reintegration key in an explosion of blue fire and Improbability and left the Joker in fully restored caped glory, once again in possession of all mental faculties, able to practice feats of Improbability manipulation, send awareness meandering through time, offer Joker special to all and sundry, and otherwise get right back up to old tricks17). Well, aside from persistent Vortex interference on this side of the Reset as well, which has such annoying effects as causing the Joker to 'come to' in the middle of the expanded wilderness without knowing current location or intended destination, a rather annoying state of affairs that causes much waste of time. There are also rumors of deeper issues with manifestation in space, possibly related to the collapse of four-space.

In what is probably a product of temporal dislocation, Snickerer appears to know the gentleman Zolotisty who has recently arrived on the Island, although this does not appear to be mutual.


Late in Season One, when rumors of a second Reset had already been confirmed, Snickerer's hold on the reality of the Island appeared to attenuate for some unknown reason. Snickerer was obviously aware of this, and managed to fight the effects of this mysterious attenuation long enough to leave a number of special gifts in the Outposts of Improbable Island. One in particular, a mystical Joker Fountain in CyberCity 404 has become a makeshift shrine to commemorate the influence she has had on the Island's inhabitants.

The following transcript is included to provide a historical record of the Tokens left by various contestants in her Honor: (Note: timestamps are GMT-5hours or EST)

[11/15 11:31pm] <SPOON> Contender Claymore Humble walks into town, and is drawn immedietly to the Joker fountain. He stands back, as though afraid to go too close to the Improbable structure. Then he laughs.

[11/15 11:32pm] <SPOON> Contender Claymore Humble leaves a small, metal rose at the base of the fountain, being careful not to touch the water. Then he departs for the clan halls.
[11/15 11:38pm] <QUEST> QuestorPrime Tor NaGoth arrives too late to see the Fountain's Construction, but recognizes it's artist immediately. After a Moment's thought, he gestures, and a tiny Silver Bucket appears next to CH's rose.
[11/16 01:12am] <SWEET> Transcendent Almighty Emperor of Improbability with Holy Cheese and a Side of Badass Fries Cheshire Cat makes a chainsaw sculpture and leaves it with the bucket and rose.
[11/16 01:37am] <SPOON> Count Sessine produces a small sapphire wheel with a horned circle glowing deep at its centre… and sadly leaves it, too, at the base of the fountain.
[11/16 11:23am] <SWEET> Moderator Count of Saint Germain leaves a translucent blue Klein bottle with an 'S' on it.
[11/16 11:58am] <QQQ> Badass Drchangel leaves a glowing blue and green Accordion by the fountain
[11/16 12:38pm] <SWEET> Citizen Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen whittles a miniature model of the Island and leaves it by the fountain.
[11/16 01:06pm] <QQQ> Badass Drchangel comes out of the Factory, surprised by the apparent lack of death traps. Distracted, he trips due to the sheer amount of stuff by the fountain, and falls face down.
[11/16 01:26pm] <SPOON> Major General Hermein helps Drchangel to his feet. Considering the ad-hoc art installation for a moment, he reaches inside his cloak and removes a crystal cup, which he fills with a glowing amber liquid from a flask.
[11/16 01:30pm] <SPOON> Major General Hermein toasts, “To Snickerer!” Then, instead of drinking, he places the cup by the fountain, bows, and walks away.
[11/16 02:36pm] <SPOON> Transcendent Almighty Empress of Improbability with Holy Cheese and a Side of Badass Fries hajen genuflects deeply to the fountian and thinks fondly of the first invisisuit gifted to her, from Snickerer of course, and the next, and the next, and… “happy trails to you”
[11/16 02:43pm] <CDAG> Captain Limejello pauses in front of the fountain which is turning into an impromptu memorial and thinks for a moment.
[11/16 02:45pm] <CDAG> Captain Limejello reaches into her pack and pulls out a small vial of blue swirling liquid. If you look closely, you can read the label. . .“liquid kindness.”
[11/16 02:45pm] <CDAG> Captain Limejello places the vial at the base of the fountain with a small blue green candle. Snapping her fingers, the candle lights as a tear falls down her cheek.
[11/16 03:24pm] <SWEET> Colonel TheMuffinMan walks to the shrine,tears in both of their eyes.TMM pulls out a packet of awesome points while Fergus literally coughs up another one.(They aren't edible, but Fergus ate his anyway)
[11/16 03:27pm] <SWEET> Colonel TheMuffinMan clean's Fergus' packet throughly before adding it to the shrine along with an entire printed version of the effayque and the newbie guide.
[11/16 06:14pm] <FBI> Gryph #3 floats down above the fountain. His red eye flashes, he dissapears into the the factory, and returns a short while later with some machinery. He seems to be floating a bit. . . lighter, as well.
[11/16 06:17pm] <FBI> Gryph #3 installs the machinery into the fountain. A short while later, the fountains gives off a bolt of lightning, crackling into the air. He floats off, the fountain giving off a few more discharges.
[11/16 08:59pm] <CIA> Chancellor Badass heresiarch says, “Oh. My. Hedgehogs. Hedgies twice in one day. Personally, I think Audrey wants to commemorate Snickerer. Since Audrey can't award Awesome Points, she's being extra generous with the jungle fights.”
[11/16 11:06pm] <SWEET> Transcendent Almighty Emperor of Improbability with Holy Cheese and a Side of Badass Fries Cheshire Cat takes off his favorite leather jacket and places it next to the fountain with the chainsaw.
[11/16 11:35pm] <SWEET> Contestant Murasaki walks into town and spots the fountain that looks brand new. She pauses and then takes off her favorite Invisisuit and sets it there next to Cheshire Cat's jacket.
[11/16 11:46pm] <SWEET> Improbably Unimprobable Zohar walks over to the fountain. She gives up her Chainsaw and quietly leaves.
[11/17 01:21am] <NBLUE> Transcendent Almighty Emperor of Improbability with Holy Cheese and a Side of Badass Fries Agrajag assumes the lotus position in a pile of piston rings and robot batteries, in view of the fountain. He wields a silver hammer and starts pounding. As the sun begins to set,
[11/17 01:23am] <NBLUE> Transcendent Almighty Emperor of Improbability with Holy Cheese and a Side of Badass Fries Agrajag places a crudely fashioned sculpture of a bowl of petunias being pulled from a void. A few days ago he couldn't have managed the void sculpture, but today the technique just comes to him.
(non-relevent posts have been removed from this transcript)
[11/17 11:27am] <IBHML> Transcendent Almighty Emperor of Improbability with Holy Cheese and a Side of Badass Fries Sicpuess arrives long after, most are gone, only few are still here to watch him giving his presents. A warp pops up, and water floods down, to form a Top Hat atop the fountain.
[11/17 11:31am] <IBHML> Transcendent Almighty Emperor of Improbability with Holy Cheese and a Side of Badass Fries Sicpuess states, “From Marechai.” Seconds later, something in his attitude changes, and he drops a handful of coins into the water, constantly switching places, vanishing and reappearing.
[11/17 11:33am] <IBHML> Transcendent Almighty Emperor of Improbability with Holy Cheese and a Side of Badass Fries Sicpuess grins mournful. “From Harlequin.” Again, but with greatest struggle, he changes, to channel a personality deep buried… He claps his hands.
[11/17 11:38am] <IBHML> Transcendent Almighty Emperor of Improbability with Holy Cheese and a Side of Badass Fries Sicpuess , himself, scatters dice, cards, coins, chips, just about anything a gambler needs, in a walk around the fountain, while weaving a melody into the air, to sound when all else is quiet. Vanishes.
(more non-related posts)
[11/17 12:17pm] <EGfBT> Grand Master Badass of Improbability DeadMeat observes the memorial around the fountain. The drifts of heartfelt gifts are starting to block access to the fountain itself. “It's touching, really, but amazing how /everyone/ can miss the point!”
[11/17 12:20pm] <EGfBT> Grand Master Badass of Improbability DeadMeat doffs his Top Hat, reaches inside, and removes a strange, yet familiar contraption, and sets it up beside the fountain. From the bottom of the device, he removes a small conical cup of cut crystal.
[11/17 12:25pm] <EGfBT> Grand Master Badass of Improbability DeadMeat fills the cup with purest Joker Special from the fountain, “Absent Friends. You will be missed.” `0
[11/17 12:28pm] <EGfBT> Grand Master Badass of Improbability DeadMeat throws his cup into the fountain. The cup is smashed, and the shards vanish. “Ah, Blueberry and Turpentine. Interesting and appropriate. Come, all. She would want her gift to be used.”
[11/17 01:54pm] <QUEST> QuestorPrime Tor NaGoth ponders a moment, then takes a crystal cone of his own from DeadMeat's cup dispenser and fills it at the fountain. He eyes the glowing green beverage with the head of Blue foam critically…
[11/17 01:58pm] <QUEST> QuestorPrime Tor NaGoth takes a cautious sip, and his mechanical eyes fly wide,“I don't beleive it! 307 Joker Juice?!? Now that's improbable.” He lifts the cup in a silent toast, drains it, and pockets the cup.
[11/17 04:28pm] <DICE> The Soloist Zolotisty appears. She regards the fountain with a tired, crooked smile, and joins DeadMeat and Tor for a glass of the Special.
[11/17 04:30pm] <DICE> The Soloist Zolotisty savors it. “..pomegranate and coming change,” she says under her breath. Finishing off the glass – and keenly aware of a previous allergy to the potent stuff – she sets it aside.
[11/17 04:32pm] <DICE> The Soloist Zolotisty ruefully unwinds her scarf from around her neck. . . It doesn't quite go with the cape, afterall. Setting it among the other tokens of remembrance, she lays a fine walking cane on top.
[11/17 04:34pm] <DICE> The Soloist Zolotisty isn't quite yet ready to take on a certain mantle, but this is a fair first step. She nods to DeadMeat and Tor, listens for a moment to Sic's echo, then disappears. Other things need attending.
[11/17 07:57pm] <CIA> Master Sergeant Obsidian Cain lunges at The Point with his 60kw StunGun and MISSES!
[11/17 08:00pm] <CIA> Master Sergeant Obsidian Cain lunges at The Point with his 60kw StunGun and HITS!
[11/17 08:00pm] <CIA> Master Sergeant Obsidian Cain has DEFEATED The Point!
[11/17 08:03pm] <CIA> Master Sergeant Obsidian Cain says “Gotcha!”, extracts a mug from his pack, draws some water from the fountain and joins the toast: “To Absent Friends!”
[11/17 08:10pm] <CIA> Master Sergeant Obsidian Cain notices that his tin mug has now turned into obsidian, its substance now matching his own alias. Musing uneasily on what might be happening to his internal organs, he leaves.
[11/18 07:54pm] <SWEET> Lady Rosin sets down a statue of herself sitting on the edge of the fountain. Inscribed on a metal plate on its hat are the words “I'll be waiting.”
[11/18 07:55pm] <SWEET> Colonel TheMuffinMan and Fergus both partake of the fountain's liquids. “Wow, mine tastes like second grade. What of yours, Fergus?” “Oi, me thinks it were of second graders.”
And, well, everywhere else, frankly.
As opposed to the Jokermorphs or Gypsymorphs
And, in the right light, you may see the shimmering Improbable suggestion of the outline of a top hat
Not, however, Nowhere
Slight misnomer as this may be when the bowls of the instrument appear to be made of crystal rather than glass
Which is where said contestant obtained the cape of coalesced Improbability
The foremost Quester when The Reset hit, in fact, as well as one of the few players capable of a one-day Drive Kill
Linearity is a condition that is apparently optional for Jokers, for whom Improbability levels seem to be high enough to compensate for such minor obstacles as laws of physics and biological limitations
Stored and accessed via Improbably convenient warp in spacetime, and so of currently unknown origin
A gift from Meremidia in one of the Improbable locations of the Jungle
Almost identical to one later delivered to the Watcher
Who eventually became the one permanently residing on the Island
We can only conclude that the Improbability Drive is very, very bad at putting things back together properly.
It is theorized that the Improbability Drive tried to remerge the key with Snickerer when putting everything back together, an attempt which failed due to the simple fact that physical objects cannot occupy the same space at the same time, causing the medallion to end up forced just temporally out-of-phase at the same spacial locus.
So severe was the Improbability Withdrawal at this point that Snickerer could only taste the raw Improbability rather than the more subtle flavors that are the Joker Special's more usual trademark, though of course Snickerer was unaware of this at the time.
Taking a record 513 days to reach first Drive kill
Including returning the now-empty-and-inert crystal disc to its normal state and resuspending it in midair in the Grounds
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