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Newbies, aka newblets.1) Cute little newblets. They are bred and grown outside of the Island where the Improbability Drive cannot reach them. When they are fully matured2), the newblets are hand-picked and brought to the Island to be tenderized and marinated just the way the Improbability Drive likes them, given an implant for seasoning, and let loose in the Outposts to find their own way around – until the Drive finds them. For, you see, newblets are the Improbability Drive's main food source.3) Their flesh is usually very tender, and fit in almost any meal.4)

Newbies are also part of the Newbie Menace, though rumors suggest this is not the newbies' fault.

Okay, 'new contestants'
Usually. At least that's how it's supposed to be.
They are also a favorite snack of The Jerkymaster.
Apart from vegetarian sushi, for obvious reasons. The taste of idiocy doesn't go well with the cucumber.
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