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Weathervane Players

A Cross-Island organization of Players1) devoted to entertaining you from time to time with randomly scintillating dramatic presentations.


Anyone who wants to join and can commit to show up for scheduled performances.


The Weathervane Players' first production is The Riddler of Oz.


“Like cats trying to herd themselves. . .” - Claymore Humble.

“Slimy, yet satisfying?” - Tor NaGoth

“Go tell the zombies that! You can't bore them to death!” - Hajen

“Something tells me that the Watcher is going to lay waste to Squat Hole.” - The Immortal Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen

“I cried, I hurled, I cried some more. That was fantabulous.” - Also Hajen

In all possible meanings of the word.
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