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What happened in Improbable Central

(14h53m) <CDAG> Merlin peeks out of the clan hall, then notices St. Bernard. She hurries over with a large box. “Afternoon! I was actually wondering if you could help me out with something”

(14h52m) <CDAG> Saint Bernard 's underscrunts flutter away from Darjeeling, having made land only a few brief minutes before, they seem to offer a cheery wave of their hem at Bernard as they are carried, on the wind, to Squat Hole

(14h50m) <CDAG> Saint Bernard turns round and sees Merlin, “Oh, hello there, how goes the poem?” one eye is following the pants as they float away, Bernard frowns, “I wonder if we can find those before they do some damage?

(14h48m) <CDAG> Saint Bernard spurts, “Good grief! Imagine if they were to find my towel! We may end up with a towel-pant axis that could destroy the planet!”

(14h46m) <CDAG> Merlin shakes her head, “I should hope not. I can only deal with one evil thing at a time…” She grins. “Poem writing is going well though, thank's for asking.”

(14h43m) <DICE> The Soloist Zolotisty , were she not huddled in clan hall under the thumb of a particularly pernicious hangover, might express some dismay about the possibility of a skivvy-towel alliance. She knew that towel.

(14h42m) <CDAG> Merlin tilts her head slightly, “I was actually wondering, if you could help me with this.” she pulls out a sheet of paper, marked with various scribbles and checkboxes.”I need to find the last few. ..

(14h42m) <CDAG> Saint Bernard notes that the towel was always a friendly thing, given to flights of thinking and deep consideration. The pants, however, are a different mark entirely.. .

(14h41m) <CDAG> Resident Sex Kitten Lady Akitsu wanders into the square and arches a brow, smirking at Bernard. “Dear Uncle, I do hope you are not causing trouble again.” (14h39m) <DICE> Rosin sleeps on the roof of Petra's, glad that the rain has subsided for the moment.

(14h39m) <CDAG> Saint Bernard grins, “Hello M'dear!” to Kit, “Me? Trouble? I find someone has half-inched me trolleys and I'm accused of naughtiness?!”

(14h36m) <CDAG> Resident Sex Kitten Lady Akitsu giggles and makes her way closer, reaching out to gently grasp Bernard's hands in hers. An affectionate smile plays on her lips. “My apologies, dear Uncle.”

(14h35m) <DICE> Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen waves. “Morning, Bernard, Merlin, Kit.” (14h35m) <CDAG> Saint Bernard gives Kit's hand a gentle squeeze, “I'm just pulling your leg, Kit. I am a touch worried about the pants though, and whatever it is that Merlin wants…” he has a good look at the list.

(14h32m) <CDAG> Merlin shifts the box in her arms. “I think we have almost everything…but I wasn't sure where to find some of this.” She grins at Lelila and Calynx. “Morning !”

(14h29m) <CDAG> Badass SinkOrSwim howls in the square. No reason. He just felt like it.

(14h26m) <CDAG> Resident Sex Kitten Lady Akitsu nods and smiles tiredly, repositioning herself to stand in front of Bernard instead, holding her skirts out as if to curtsy. Sure that must be enough to hide from prying eyes.

(14h25m) <CDAG> Merlin turns upon hearing the howl, “Sink! just the werewolf I was looking for! Come here, I need you for something.” She smiles at Calynx.“ I don't think I drank quite as much as Lelila, after all.”

(14h25m) <SPOON> The Lady Lelila allows Calynx to steer her back toward the Darj, with promises of coffee. She flinches heartily at Sink's howl, wincing.

(14h25m) <CDAG> Resident Sex Kitten Lady Akitsu does in fact curtsy, but keeps her skirts where they are after straightening up again. “I am quite fine now, Mssr. Gorbert. Thank you for asking.”

(14h24m) <CDAG> Badass SinkOrSwim pads over to Merlin, one eyebrow raised. “Bonsoir, madame. And what calls for my services today?”

(14h24m) <CDAG> Saint Bernard smiles at Kit, and then peers in the box. His eyebrows raise, and he nods, making an odd facial moue as he does so. “Should we discuss this in Clan Hall, Merlin?”

(14h24m) <SPOON> Linnean Artist Calynx keeps a firm arm around Lelila, matching her steps to Lelila's slower ones as they make their way out of the square in search of coffee.

(14h20m) <CDAG> Merlin nods. “Perhaps, if you think it would be wise.” She grins at Sink. “Do you think you can send a message for me? I'm in need of more help.”

(14h20m) <DICE> Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen has something that might help Lelila's situation when she returns.

(14h20m) <CDAG> Saint Bernard nods his agreement, “Of course, M'dear. Who do you need?”

(14h19m) <DICE> Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen thinks that Rosin's headache can't be as bad as Lelila's.

(14h19m) <CDAG> Saint Bernard is annoyingly hale, healthy and headache free. That's what comes of a full night's sleep.

(14h19m) <CDAG> Badass SinkOrSwim nods. “ I'll put out a call, see you in the Hall shortly” He pads off to the jungle.

(14h19m) <DICE> Rosin fell headfirst off a roof. That's a bit worse for physical damage than a hangover.

(14h15m) <CDAG> Merlin gets a firmer grip on the box and turns toward the Clan hall.“ I need your advice on something as well, Bernard. I think it will work, but I want to double check. ”

(14h14m) <CDAG> Resident Sex Kitten Lady Akitsu blinks, glancing between her clanmates. “Perhaps I should join too?”

(14h13m) <CDAG> Merlin smiles at Akitsu. “Yes please, we are going to need lots of help. Please come!” she starts toward the hall.

(14h12m) An ululating howl is heard from the jungle. A moments pause, then an answering call from near NewHome. Another from AceHigh. Then Squat Hole, CC404, Pleasantville, Kittania, and Pittsburgh.

(14h10m) <CDAG> Resident Sex Kitten Lady Akitsu giggles and nods, pleased at finally being involved with something, then dashes after Merlin to the Clan Hall, skirts fluttering behind her.

(14h10m) <CDAG> Merlin pauses at the entrance to the clan hall, listening as the howls echo through the island. “And so it begins..” she mutters, and steps inside.

The depths of the <CDAG> Clan Hall, or Meeting Room 2:

<CDAG> Saint Bernard wanders straight into the office, leaving the door open for whoever is going to be discussing the latest plans. He wanders back out, and returns from the kitchen with a tray full of tea and scones

(13h52m) <CDAG> Resident Sex Kitten Lady Akitsu wanders in, glancing about her in awe. “Wow… Goodness, you guys have done a lot with the place. It looks fantastic…!”

(13h51m) <CDAG> Merlin enters the office, setting the box just outside the door. She rummages through her satchel for another scrap of paper, and reads it over again. she picks up a scone and munches thoughtfully.

(13h50m) <CDAG> Merlin waves at Akitsu, “you haven't been here in a while, welcome back!” she motions to a chair in the office. “Come in, sit down. Bernard has scones!”

(13h49m) <CDAG> Saint Bernard enjoins everyone to come in, grab a chair and a scone, and a cup of tea, oh, and some butter, and 'would you like some clotted cream?' and 'jam?' and a cushion and some milk and sugar?

(13h48m) <CDAG> Resident Sex Kitten Lady Akitsu nods and follows gratefully, taking a seat after pouring everyone present a cup, then takes one herself, sipping thoughtfully.

(13h47m) <CDAG> Badass SinkOrSwim pads back into the Hall. “Done, Merlin. Backup is available at, shall we say, your beck and call”

(13h45m) <CDAG> Saint Bernard stuffs his face with a huge scone that Bruce must have slaved over at 4 this morning, slavered with rich dairy butter, thick unctious clotted cream and fresh, fruit filled jam.

(13h44m) <CDAG> Merlin smiles over her teacup. “Great. It's always good to have a backup plan. Thank you Sink!”She rustles through the papers on her lap, then looks up. “Alright, shall we begin?”

(13h43m) <CDAG> Saint Bernard looks on, slowly chewing, unable to take his attention away from the whole plot…

(13h39m) <CDAG> Merlin sets down the teacup. “Here's the thing. The Sammich has been on a rampage for long enough, and we still haven't been able to stop it.” She smiles, “So, I believe it's time

(13h37m) <CDAG> Merlin continues, “To put that sammich in the trash where it belongs.” She unfolds one of the papers, which opens to reveal an unusual diagram with strange scribbles bordering it. ” I propose..

(13h36m) <CDAG> Merlin grins a trifle evilly. “That we create our own sammich! filled with the forces of good that will combat the sammich of Satan.”

(13h35m) <CDAG> Resident Sex Kitten Lady Akitsu arches a brow, setting down her teacup in order to quietly study this new diagram. “Hrmmm…”

(13h33m) <CDAG> Badass SinkOrSwim 's hackles rise. He paws up to the table and studies the diagram. “I'm with Kit on the 'hrmmm…' ”

(13h31m) <CDAG> Mud Mage Paul Lo , in the office thanks for the scones, scratches his temple. “And what would prevent this 'good' sammich to turn against us?”

(13h30m) <CDAG> Resident Sex Kitten Lady Akitsu smiles and reaches over to give SoS a friendly scritch behind the ears. “Easy, boy. It has potential, I'll admit that.”

(13h29m) <CDAG> Merlin pulls some more papers out of her satchel and spreads them on the table. “I've studying the sammich and how it got the way it did. ” she points to several figures.

<CDAG> Merlin explains, “If we are all there at the creation of the new sammich, positive energy should be enough to combat the moldy evil that was present at the first sammich's birth!”

(13h29m) <CDAG> Saint Bernard has almost stopped chewing, “Blimey.” this is serious! “Blooming Midget Tor and his crazy ways…”

(13h27m) <CDAG> Badass SinkOrSwim whines happily as Kit scritches him. “So, since we're here and we're ready, what do you want us to do. My sarnie-making skills ain't up to much…”

(13h26m) <CDAG> Saint Bernard knows his Sandwich making skills are second only to Ed Scoffier. And possibly Bruce. So that would be third to, wouldn't it?

(13h24m) <CDAG> Mud Mage Paul Lo sips his cup of tea, waiting for more of the plot to come. Talking about food made him hungry, so he puts out a meaty ribcage out of nowhere…

(13h23m) <CDAG> Resident Sex Kitten Lady Akitsu blinks, a grin spreading across her face. This is her chance! “I'll do it.”

(13h22m) Bruce, the <CDAG> clan chef, looks on as Paul tries to emulate a velociraptor, he grabs the ribs, hands Paul a muffin and wanders back to the kitchen, muttering.

(13h22m) <CDAG> Merlin looks over to the box, lying on the floor. “I've already started collecting Sandwich supplies, but we are still in need of a few more things.” She nods to Bernard. “Do you still have the list?”

(13h21m) <CDAG> Saint Bernard blinks himself, “Um, list?” you KNEW you just couldn't trust the old codger to do ANYTHING right…

(13h20m) <CDAG> Merlin smiles at Akitsu and Sink. She turns to Paul, “What do you think? especially since you made that golem, reanimating things should be a snap for you!”

(13h20m) <CDAG> Badass SinkOrSwim sighs. “I'll go get it…”

(13h19m) <CDAG> Mud Mage Paul Lo childishly pouting, nibbles on a spare finger he kept in his pocket… Still listening to the strange plot

(13h17m) <CDAG> Badass SinkOrSwim pads back in, the list in his teeth. “Anyone would think you were a senior Civil Servant with a security portfolio, Bernard…”

(13h17m) <CDAG> Mud Mage Paul Lo opens his mouth, closes it, then croaks(mouth still closed?!), “Improbability can be used for animation, though it always gives different results than hoped for.” He stops to sip some more tea

(13h16m) <CDAG> Merlin tries to remember what was on the list. “I do know we need some copper wiring, and a can of creamed corn.”

(13h14m) <CDAG> Merlin takes the list from Sink, and shakes off a bit of the slobber. “um… lets see. 5 hairs from someone's head, three black candles, jelly beans and a harliquin mask.”

(13h13m) <CDAG> Mud Mage Paul Lo gibbers, “For substitution, I'd suggest the soul of a loyal animal”, look at Sink, grin and wink, “or some good old proto-soul. You know, puppet spirit? But we'd need a volonteer.”

(13h13m) <CDAG> Badass SinkOrSwim nods. “I got plenty of hair going spare. But sadly, no pockets for the other stuff.”

(13h11m) <CDAG> Mud Mage Paul Lo croaks clearly,“A volonteer as the puppeteer. Or we can use a seldom-used brain, but the results can be as inaccurate as improbability itself.”

(13h10m) <CDAG> Badass SinkOrSwim turns to face Paul and gives out a low growl. “My soul's staying right where it is.” He tilts his head to one side “But, I have some friends who may help if it's absolutely necessary”

(13h9m) <CDAG> Mud Mage Paul Lo between some finger-nibbling, croaks, “Right now, these are the options that appear the most viable to me. Further experimentation would be needed for other possibilities.

(13h9m) <CDAG> Resident Sex Kitten Lady Akitsu listens quietly and beckons SoS to sit by her again, absently giving scritches and pets again.

(13h8m) <CDAG> Mud Mage Paul Lo winks again at Sink upon hearing his rebuking, one glowing blue eye flashing.

(13h7m) <CDAG> Merlin thinks for a moment. “well, the last sammich was just buried in the Pita Semetary outside of squat hole. So I'm not sure we need a soul…”

(13h7m) <CDAG> Mud Mage Paul Lo plays nervously with something in one of his pockets. <CDAG> Merlin picks up the papers and stuffs them into her satchel. “but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. Right now we still need some stuff, so?” she looks around. “Any volunteers?”

(13h6m) <CDAG> Mud Mage Paul Lo snaps sharply, “We need an untainted soul, something that won't beckon unnecessary memories.”

(13h5m) <CDAG> Mud Mage Paul Lo shuts his mouth, confused about what he just said.

(13h4m) <CDAG> Merlin wonders if the inside of a new shoe counts as an untainted soul…

(13h2m) <CDAG> Badass SinkOrSwim rises from by Kit's side. “Let's do then. I have black candles in The Church. There's a harlequin mask from the costume party in the Grounds. Jelly beans? No idea. Copper Wire - Squat Hole…”

(13h2m) <CDAG> Mud Mage Paul Lo stands up, nervously pacing out of the office. “Some matters are in dire need of my attention, and I have a tea seesion with Horatio, too. I'll come back later.” He leaves the Clan Hall.

(13h2m) <CDAG> Merlin looks once more at the list. “Alright, Sink will graciously donate the hairs, and I'm sure we can find the can and the wiring up in CyberCity…”

(13h1m) <CDAG> Badass SinkOrSwim ”…and Creamed Corn I could steal from Saucy's.“

(12h59m) <CDAG> Merlin nods as Paul leaves. “Alright. Akitsu, could you go look for the Harlequin mask? If it's not in the grounds, I think Jade might have one…”

(12h56m) <CDAG> Merlin looks over at Sink, “Where are the candles at the church? I can run over and get them.” She thinks. “Let's bring everything into the common grounds, that will be a good place

(12h56m) A parchment appears on the office table and unrolls itself. Signed by Paul, it reads”I found a suitable soul, one that I am sure won't turn against us. Details later.

(12h56m) <CDAG> Merlin swats away the gremlin. “a good place to make preparations. OK?”

(12h55m) <CDAG> Badass SinkOrSwim nods. “I'll go and get them Rosin. I'll get one of the Acolytes to bag them up for me. The hairs someone will have to pluck, but I'll get these and then see you in the Gardens”

(12h54m) <CDAG> Resident Sex Kitten Lady Akitsu nods, settling her skirts again as she stands, teacup sitting forgotten on the floor. “You can count on it, Merlin dear.”

(12h52m) <CDAG> Merlin stands up, and picks up the box by the door. “I'll find the wiring and ask someone about the jelly beans.”She smiles. “Lets go!”

(12h46m) <CDAG> Badass SinkOrSwim sticks his head round the door and realises he said “Rosin”. Weird. Anyone would think he'd been reading the Enquirer too much…

(12h31m) <CDAG> Saint Bernard wakes up with a start, WELL it was a bit much expecting him to pay attention for more than 15 minutes, wasn't it?

On The Hunt

In NewHome

(12h48m) <CDAG> Mud Mage Paul Lo appears from the jungle, and appears to frantically search something…

(12h35m) <CDAG> Merlin heads first toward the scavenger's workshop where, after a bit of haggling, she returns with a loop of copper wiring. She calls loudly, “would anyone have an Jelly Beans? I just need a few!”

(12h25m) <CDAG> Saint Bernard runs accusingly to Koga, “I know you've got jelly beans you hairy bugger,” “You can sod right off you strange man, get off my land or I will be forced to hit your silly face.” comes the reply.

(12h22m) <CDAG> Saint Bernard is unceremoniously dumped outside of Koga's workshop with but a flea to put in his ear, “And stay away you strange fool. You and your strange bloody clan of fools.” tad harsh, that.

(12h21m) <CDAG> Saint Bernard looks astonished, “Eeh, you're a cheeky so-and-so, Koga. I gave you a box of boiled sweets the other day. And now? Now I ask for a couple of jelly beans and you get all biblical at me!”

(12h18m) <CDAG> Saint Bernard continues to chunter on as he walks away, he's resolved that Cake bloke may be able to help, so he'll be off to AceHigh as fast as his sandals can carry him.

Out and about in AceHigh

12h24m) <CDAG> Mud Mage Paul Lo looks around the city in a determined pace.

(12h15m) <CDAG> Saint Bernard joins Paul in a rather amusing fashion, stepping out of a burning bush, just to the east of the Cake or Death stand, “Hello Paul, any joy?”

(12h13m) <CDAG> Saint Bernard trots over to Cakey, “99% chance of…” “Jelly beans!” comes the retort, “Come on, Cakey, hand 'em over. The ones you sometimes put on the cakes for the little 'uns. I'll shout you some…

(12h12m) <CDAG> Saint Bernard continues, “Niederegger marzipan, if you do… Whatdayasay?” Cakey knows how good that marzipan is, and he looks tempted…

(12h9m) <CDAG> Mud Mage Paul Lo glances at the negociating Bernard, then continues his search.

Back to Improbable Central

(13h29m) <CDAG> Badass SinkOrSwim pads briefly out of the <CDAG> Clan Hall, scanning the square. He lopes over to a discarded piece of paper, picks it up, and pads back to the Hall

(13h23m) <DICE> Iridescent Third Sicpuess suddenly shakes her head, swallowing a bite that seems more like gum than fish. “Fitting… the circumstances. I suppose.” Half-audible muttering about just how much passed

(13h23m) <DICE> Iridescent Third Sicpuess ' lips, in both directions.

(13h21m) <DICE> Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen waves Third over to the clan halls. “I have something that might help a little.”

(13h20m) <DICE> Iridescent Third Sicpuess has already wandered off in that direction, a bit absent-mindedly.

(13h13m) <SPOON> Linnean Artist Calynx hopes that Third remembers to come to Lelila's to get fitted for her bridesmaid's dress. She writes herself a note as a reminder. So much to do! She heads over to the trading post to shop.

(13h3m) <CDAG> Badass SinkOrSwim runs through, from the <CDAG> Hall, heading for the residential district, aimed for The Church.

(13h) <CDAG> Resident Sex Kitten Lady Akitsu rushes out the Halls and makes straight for the Grounds, a determined look on her face.

in The Church

(2d20h) The Acolytes lounge against the wall, smoking a cig

(2d19h) <CDAG> Notable Badass SinkOrSwim runs in and barks at the lounging Acolytes. “I need three of the black candles - the large ones. Stick them in a bag. Yes, a doggy bag. Very funny. Just do it!”

(2d19h) <CDAG> Notable Badass SinkOrSwim grabs the bag from out of their hands, and runs full pelt out of the Church

Back to Improbable Central

(12h59m) <CDAG> Badass SinkOrSwim charges back across from the Locals, aimed for the Gardens, a large paper bag clutched in his jaws

(12h58m) <CDAG> Mud Mage Paul Lo can be seen searching around for something… He quickly darts into the Jungle.

(12h57m) <DICE> Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen watches the CDAGers warily. Uh-oh.

(12h56m) <DICE> Iridescent Third Sicpuess has taken to calling them CDoGs, in her thoughts. Then again, many things she thinks are spoken later, so you might actually hear that at some time. (12h54m) <CDAG> Merlin waves at gorbert and third. “Hallo, one of you wouldn't happen to have some Jellybeans lying around? would you?”

(12h54m) <CDAG> Badass SinkOrSwim would point out that *he's* the only CDoG, but he can't because he's in the Common Grounds

(12h53m) <CDAG> Merlin is carrying a largish box, from which is coming a strange odor. Like slightly dried bologna and cheese that's been left in the sun a little too long.

(12h52m) <DICE> Iridescent Third Sicpuess has also pondered the term CD-AGERS, which would fit for another notable member. But both's attitude seems to be quite… almost typical for many actions.

(12h47m) <CDAG> Merlin shifts the weight of the box, then heads into the common grounds. Perhaps jelly beans can be found there.

(12h39m) <CDAG> Saint Bernard likes C-Daggers. But that's because he's trademarked it. And he could do with the royalties.

(12h38m) <CDAG> Mud Mage Paul Lo can be shortly seen (again), sneaking around.

(2d19h) <CDAG> Notable Badass SinkOrSwim runs through the square, and dives through the window of Saucy's. Much banging, crashing and swearing can be heard. He emerges seconds later with a loaf of bread in his mouth and Saucy in hot pursuit

Hanging around in the Common Ground

(12h47m) <CDAG> Resident Sex Kitten Lady Akitsu dashes in, looking about her. She frowns. This is going to be harder than she through, finding THAT in all this mess…

(12h45m) <NBLUE> Petty Officer stanlygirl curls up in a patch of sunlight for a quick nap.

(12h44m) <CDAG> Badass SinkOrSwim pads in, panting, bag in mouth. “Want a hand, Kit? Well, a paw anyway…”

(12h43m) <CDAG> Resident Sex Kitten Lady Akitsu sighs. Might as well start looking now, then. She wanders over to the make-shift stage, first looking all around it from every angle, then underneath it. Surely there must be SOMETHING here.. .

(12h37m) <CDAG> Merlin enters with a large box, which she places to the right of the pond. “Still looking for Jelly Beans… I'll go ask around some more.” she heads back out to IC.

(12h28m) <CDAG> Saint Bernard wonders if he should head out to Squat Hole to see if he can't find something useful there…

(12h26m) <CDAG> Merlin pokes her head back in. “still no luck with the Jelly beans, I found some wiring though.” she holds up the copper coil.

(12h25m) <CDAG> Merlin looks over at Bernard. “Yes please Uncle. still looking for jelly beans. and I do believe we need a few more pieces of bread.”

(12h22m) <CDAG> Badass SinkOrSwim yelps. “I'll get the bread, someone else get the beans”

(12h19m) <CDAG> Merlin heads over to the box, and begins pulling out assorted sizes of plastic containers, each filled with some lunchmeat type object. She sets the copper wiring beside it and unfolds a sheet of paper.

(12h15m) <CDAG> Badass SinkOrSwim pads back in, his pursuer stopping at the gates. Saucy knows she won't catch a wolf in full flight. “Here's the bread, Merlin. The Kitchen's finest.” He grins a cheeky feral grin.

(12h14m) <CDAG> Merlin looks over at Akitsu. “did you find anything?” she looks back over the paper, “we may be able to skip the mask if we need to.” she checks a few things off of the list. almost there.

(12h13m) <CDAG> Resident Sex Kitten Lady Akitsu groans in frustration from under the stage, covered in dead leave and grass as she crawls back out. She pouts, looking down at her dress before fishing a rather large leaf from her cleavage.

(12h12m) <CDAG> Merlin Takes the bread and scratches Sink behind the ears. “Very nice. Thank you muchly.” She places the bread by the containers. “I do believe we have almost got it.”

(12h12m) <CDAG> Resident Sex Kitten Lady Akitsu 's eyes narrow. “No, but damned if I'll give up. Surely there must be one around here somewhere.”

(12h10m) <CDAG> Resident Sex Kitten Lady Akitsu ties up her skirts and makes for the trees, bounding up higher and higher untill she disappears.

(12h9m) <CDAG> Saint Bernard floats down on a cloud, “He's a handful of magi… jelly beans given to him by Cakey in AceHigh.

(12h9m) <CDAG> Saint Bernard stops, and nudges a typogremlolata into the pond, ”“Here's” That's what I wanted to say!”

(12h7m) <CDAG> Badass SinkOrSwim gleefully chuckles. ” I just need to go make some arrangements with some friends, just in case. I'll be back in a while… He dashes off towards CC404

(12h5m) <CDAG> Merlin makes another check mark on her list. “alright. Sink got the Candles, bread. Jellybeans are here as well as wiring and the lunchmeat…”

The Clan Halls (again)

(11h37m) <CDAG> Mud Mage Paul Lo comes in the Clan Hall, just long enough to extract, in an undistinguishable way, some dust from his creation. That done, he darts away.

(10h51m) <CDAG> Saint Bernard heads back into the kitchen, tells Bruce to get himself some sleep (he's not been to bed in weeks) and carries out a huge tray of meat and snacky things, waving at his chums, he heads out to SHole.

And Back to the Commons

(12h4m) <CDAG> Saint Bernard wonders what else we need…

(12h2m) <CDAG> Resident Sex Kitten Lady Akitsu lets out a sudden whoop of joy, letting it echo across the gardens and the fields and forests of Grounds.

(12h1m) <CDAG> Merlin frowns. “I think that's most everything, unless you can think of something Uncle?” she looks up into the tree. “Found one, Akitsu?”

(11h56m) <CDAG> Saint Bernard grins and brings out, from behind his back, two rather knobbly gherkins he's purloined from the i_Fridge. It looks like he's playing as Winston Churchill when he holds 'em up. “Never in the field..”

(11h51m) <CDAG> Merlin claps her hands. “alright!” she picks up a small container of bernard to drop the gherkins in. “So, are we about ready to begin?”

(11h51m) <NBLUE> Petty Officer stanlygirl blinks. And wonders what's been happening while she was napping.

(11h49m) <CDAG> Saint Bernard nods, “Ready as I'll ever be, Merlin. What about you Kit, Sink? Where's Paul?”

(11h47m) <CDAG> Mud Mage Paul Lo enters in the gardens, followed by his golem. Pointing it, he says, “I finally found him; he was fishing with some mutant. Got to kick the thing's arse, didn't want to part from my guy.”

(11h45m) <CDAG> Saint Bernard asks, “Should we do it here? Or should we go to Squat Hole? That'd be more… authentic…”

(11h44m) <CDAG> Mud Mage Paul Lo croaks, “He's volunteer for the soul; I just need a part to create another proto-soul. After it's finished, the creation won't be needed, no? I'll take back the soul, so no problem will arise.”

(11h43m) <CDAG> Mud Mage Paul Lo votes for Squat Hole.

(11h43m) <CDAG> Merlin nods. “Squat Hole, definately. That's where it all began after all!” She starts to pile all the supplies into her box.

(11h42m) <CDAG> Saint Bernard helps Merlin, (whilst munching on a gherkin) piling stuff in her box, he turns to Paul, “Lend a hand eh? Will you carry it, you're a young man, and I'm a lady and she's a… hang on…”

(11h41m) <CDAG> Resident Sex Kitten Lady Akitsu gleefully races down the trunk of the tree she was in, landing with a tumble and a rather graceful somersault, mask held in her teeth. She looks particularly pleased.

(11h40m) <CDAG> Resident Sex Kitten Lady Akitsu giggles, throwing her arms about Bernard. She really IS pleased. Wow.

(11h38m) <CDAG> Merlin finishes packing the box, and hands it to paul. “alright then, see you all in Squat Hole!”

(11h38m) <CDAG> Saint Bernard laughs, “Did you squirrel that away during the last party, Kit?” Bernard is looking delighted too, and he's dead proud of the clan and Merlin for her research, “Come on, let's get to Squat Hole”

(11h35m) <CDAG> Badass SinkOrSwim runs in, late again, sniffs the echoes, and runns off to Squat Hole too…

A Trip to Squat Hole

(12h39m) <CDAG> Saint Bernard floats into Squat Hole after walking on water all the way from Improbable Central, baulking at the horrid stench here, he has to hold his nose - until he can't stand it any more, he has to go!

(11h50m) <CDAG> Mud Mage Paul Lo extracts himself from the surrounding swamps.

(11h47m) <CDAG> Saint Bernard returns, riding an ass. That's a donkey, basically.

(11h47m) <CDAG> Mud Mage Paul Lo looks around, then croaks, “The Forsaken Triangle is now officially existant. Squat Hole being now as dead as New Pittsburgh and Pleasantville, it makes a flattened triangle!.”

(11h46m) <CDAG> Merlin makes her way over to the Pita Semetary, pulls out the diagram and ponders over it for a bit. “Aha!” she yells, and points to an empty patch of ground. “That's the place!”

(11h46m) <CDAG> Badass SinkOrSwim runs in, panting. It's a long way from IC. He sniffs the air and throws up in the Skronky Pot again. The Midgets reward him handsomely.

(11h45m) <CDAG> Saint Bernard points where Merlin points, “Right here?” he opens one of the panniers on his ass, and brings out a trestle table, which he struggles into shape, “We can build it here!”

(11h45m) <CDAG> Mud Mage Paul Lo sniffs the multiple fragrances in the air of the place. He snickers and says, “Could really establish myself there…”

(11h44m) <CDAG> Mud Mage Paul Lo snaps out of his reflection, then prepares for the operation.

(11h43m) <CDAG> Merlin starts unpacking the box, placing all the ingredients on the table. “Lets get started then.'

(11h41m) <CDAG> Badass SinkOrSwim stands guard. You never know.

(11h39m) <CDAG> Saint Bernard slaps down a lovely french baguette.. .

(11h38m) <CDAG> Merlin adds the lunchmeat from their various containers and sprinkles a few jelly beans into the mix.

(11h37m) <CDAG> Saint Bernard brings out some gherkins and adds those. ..

(11h37m) <CDAG> Resident Sex Kitten Lady Akitsu stumbles in, panting bit and looking rather flushed. Her skirts and dress seems to be crooked, and her hair is in a state of disarry. Her fedora is also missing… hm.

(11h37m) <CDAG> Mud Mage Paul Lo takes out from his pocket a phial and opens it. A snake-like viscous thing raises from it, levitating around Paul's head.

(11h36m) <CDAG> Resident Sex Kitten Lady Akitsu gives a nervous grin as she attempts to straighten herself out. “I-I'm here.. .! Sorry it took me so long..!”

(11h36m) <CDAG> Merlin then gracefully tops the gherkins with a few pieces of cheese, Sharp Cheddar .. .

(11h34m) <CDAG> Saint Bernard holds the baguette out to Kit for her addition, “Here you go M'dear. ..”

(11h34m) <CDAG> Saint Bernard can't resist a nibble of the cheese, “Whoa Merlin, this is LUSH!”

(11h34m) <CDAG> Resident Sex Kitten Lady Akitsu studies the process a bit, then reaches forwards and adds several slices of pepperoni, all in a tight row.

(11h33m) <CDAG> Badass SinkOrSwim snuffles around for something, then comes up with an idea. He wanders off and digs at the ground some distance away.

(11h33m) <CDAG> Mud Mage Paul Lo calls from a nearby tree-mounted speaker, “Attention everybody in Squat Hole. Please evacuate immediatly from the vicinity. This is not a drill. I repeat, get ya arse out o' this damn bin!”

11h33m) <CDAG> Transcendent Grand Lord Elevated Badass of the Gods Herbal Squidge unpacks his secret hamper and adds pastrami to the mix.

(11h33m) <CDAG> Merlin frowns at Bernard.”I have some in the hall for later.“she wipes her hands, then backs away from table. She hands Bernard the diagrams. “I must go, but continue on… I'll see you all tomorrow!”

(11h32m) <CDAG> Merlin says a quick little prayer that this will actually work, then heads off .

(11h32m) <CDAG> Badass SinkOrSwim gets to 4 foot down and emits a muffled “Ah-HA!” He back out of the hole bearing a small jar of olives in his teeth. ” 'an 'e 'ave thome of 'ese i' it a'th 'ell?“

(11h30m) <CDAG> Mud Mage Paul Lo adds the stangely-colored sauce, his stomach rumbling a small cry of hunger.

(11h30m) <CDAG> Saint Bernard grins at Squidge and Sink, “Aye, they'll help.” to Merlin he says, “This is brilliant, Merlin, you've done well, now we'll see you tomorrow!”

(11h29m) <CDAG> Mud Mage Paul Lo says, “Tell me when you're done with the filling.”

(11h29m) <CDAG> Mud Mage Paul Lo waves at Merlin.

(11h28m) <CDAG> Badass SinkOrSwim stands, looking hopefully at Squidge and wagging his tail. Wolves, it appears, are fans of pastrami. Well, this one is, anyway. ..

(11h26m) <CDAG> Transcendent Grand Lord Elevated Badass of the Gods Herbal Squidge has hunger for pickles and heads to Julia's for some “downtime”.. .

(11h26m) <CDAG> Mud Mage Paul Lo says to Sink, as if not conviced himself, that it shouldn't be eaten, unless we get to find everything again, and that Saucy wouldn't let him escape that easily.. .

(11h25m) <CDAG> Saint Bernard wonders if anyone else wants to put a filling in. .. “We can leave the new Sammich here for a bit, see if anyone wants to add in?” he gestures to the, by now, excellent looking bap. “Yum!”

(11h24m) <CDAG> Saint Bernard assures everyone, “I'll pop back in a bit and pop it into its tupperware. Just in case. ..” portentous? Bernard?

(11h24m) <CDAG> Badass SinkOrSwim nods. “Everything the other sammich didn't have: Love, care and attention. And pastrami . ..” He's drooling slightly.

(11h23m) <CDAG> Mud Mage Paul Lo nods at Bernard, then sets himself next to the area of operation surveilling the creation.

(11h23m) <CDAG> Resident Sex Kitten Lady Akitsu giggles at SoS's apparent canine cuteness and kneels down to give him a cuddle, scratching behind the ears before offering some of her spare pepperoini.

(11h23m) <CDAG> Transcendent Grand Lord Elevated Badass of the Gods Herbal Squidge thinks Emmental Cheese is the way forward but nods to Sink… “Pastrami rules in the meat war”

(11h22m) <CDAG> Badass SinkOrSwim looks over at Bernard. “I made some arrangements Bernard. Pop back later, but until then consider this place well guarded…” Sink has a sly, nasty grin on his lupine face

(11h22m) <CDAG> Mud Mage Paul Lo shakes his gloved hands. A pointy stick appears in his hands, and he's ready to use it against would-be sammich-eaters.

(11h20m) <CDAG> Badass SinkOrSwim snaffles pepperoni like it's going out of fashion, and rolls in the dirt. He's a sucker for a bit of attention. ..

(11h19m) <CDAG> Saint Bernard could also do with a bit of pastrami. .. “Great, okay Sink, you're the man… wolf… wolfman in charge, then. Do you need anything from us?”

(11h19m) <CDAG> Mud Mage Paul Lo pokes Sink with the blunt end of his stick.

(11h19m) <CDAG> Resident Sex Kitten Lady Akitsu giggles in delight and rubs her clannie's tummy. “D'awww~! Who's a good boy? Yes you are, you cute wolvie~!”

(11h18m) <CDAG> Resident Sex Kitten Lady Akitsu smiles over her shoulder, guilty but happy. “I spoil him, I know, but he's just too darn cute~!”

(11h18m) <CDAG> Mud Mage Paul Lo snickers at Kit's action. “Maybe he just wants a bath. ..”

11h17m) <CDAG> Badass SinkOrSwim snaps to attention briefly. “Thanks Bernard. We should be fine. You know what they say, “The night has a thousand eyes”? Well here, it's true.”

(11h15m) <CDAG> Mud Mage Paul Lo grins broadly. He croaks, “Especially with a little help from improbable things.. .”

(11h15m) <CDAG> Saint Bernard waves at Sink and walks off out of Squat Hole, he's humming a song, and he can't, for the life of him, say why. .. “Then da daaa has a daa da daaa, and the daaa, da da daaaa”

The Night Guard

(11h6m) <CDAG> Mud Mage Paul Lo for a brief moment, shimmered from where he stood. He reappears shortly after. “I'm a little hungry, so I've fetched something.” He shows two large legs and throws one at Sink.

(11h6m) <CDAG> Saint Bernard quickly pops back with a huge tray of meaty treats from the <CDAG> Clan Hall, he leaves it on the trestle table for Sink (and Paul).

(11h5m) <CDAG> Saint Bernard sees Paul has already murdered someon. .. thing. ..

(11h5m) <CDAG> Resident Sex Kitten Lady Akitsu giggles and croons along, “Oh, the night, has a thousand eyes, and a thousand eyes can't help but see.. . ”

(11h3m) <CDAG> Mud Mage Paul Lo shrugs. “What can I say, those nice pieces where begging to be taken far away from their former owner!”

(11h3m) <CDAG> Saint Bernard laughs, “That's what I was trying to sing… never mind, singing was never my strong suit.”

(11h2m) <CDAG> Badass SinkOrSwim tucks in to the stuff Bernard brought, keeping the leg for later. It could be a long night, and it might come in useful.

(10h59m) <CDAG> Mud Mage Paul Lo creates a small purple campfire, then picks the leg on his stick and begins to eat it .Raw. What did you think the fire for? Cooking? Nah, it's just for the atmosphere. ..

(10h57m) <CDAG> Badass SinkOrSwim sits back on his haunches and looks at his clan mate. “Meat's always best rare. Or just plain still moo-ing.”

(10h57m) <CDAG> Saint Bernard worries about Paul. At times he wakes up, sweating. .. “Paul? Um…” How do you actually raise this sort of problem? “You seem to be munching that… leg… raw…”

(10h57m) <CDAG> Mud Mage Paul Lo ,between two bites, croaks, “Thanks, Bernard. I'll begin with the freshest first. Mmm, warm…” A juicy bite interrupts Paul.

(10h54m) <CDAG> Mud Mage Paul Lo seems confused by Bernard's question. “Er… You do understand that it's customary on the Island? Well, usually it's roasted, but most of the juice is wasted, so…” A much larger bite.

(10h53m) <CDAG> Mud Mage Paul Lo quotes, “If it weren't to happen, the Juju wouldn't have made us of meat.”

(10h52m) <CDAG> Mud Mage Paul Lo looks at Bernard, wondering if he lost memories from concussion…

(10h46m) <CDAG> Badass SinkOrSwim looks at Paul, wondering if the Mud Mage is just plain cuckoo…

(10h40m) <CDAG> Mud Mage Paul Lo croaks, “None of you have ever met the 'Reluctant cannibal'? Really?” He facepalms, then resumes his feast.. .

(10h37m) <CDAG> Badass SinkOrSwim Looks puzzled again. “Yeeesss… And…?

(10h33m) <CDAG> Mud Mage Paul Lo croaks “And that's what appears.”

(10h29m) <CDAG> Saint Bernard wonders about the reluctant cannibal himself.

(10h28m) <CDAG> Badass SinkOrSwim gets up and pads around. Paul is ever so slightly weirding him out…

(10h25m) <CDAG> Mud Mage Paul Lo eats more slowly, looking confusedly at his clannies… What's happening to them? Are they going insane? If that was the case, he'd be the only sane persone in this mad world…

(10h21m) <CDAG> Badass SinkOrSwim wanders over to the table, and nibbles at the stuff on the tray Bernard left. Raw meat, when you're a wolf, is fine. When you're human, not so fine. Jokers? Who can tell…

(10h21m) <QQQ> Blade Dancer Theo were he here, would not that in fact everyone in this world is already insane, therefore Paul's clannies would have to be going Sane, leaving Paul the only remaining Insane person

(10h20m) <CDAG> Badass SinkOrSwim would agree with Theo, were Theo here…

(10h20m) <QQQ> Blade Dancer Theo were he here, would also pummel the typo gremlin that would have changed his Note to not

(10h16m) <CDAG> Mud Mage Paul Lo shrugs off the feeling of being judged, then washes the feet (He took Sink's share, no wasting) before finishing the one he began with; of course, he doesn't touch the nails. See, he's hygienic!

(10h14m) <CDAG> Badass SinkOrSwim is glad to see his clan mate has some standards. And has generously left the bones.

(10h11m) <CDAG> Mud Mage Paul Lo keeps one tibia ,though. He takes out his ceremonial blade and shapes the bone into another razor-edged blade.

(10h8m) <DICE> Sessine thinks Paul Lo may be saying he disagrees with the reluctant cannibal. After all - don't eat people? Might as well say, oh… 'Don't fight people.' Ah-ha-ha! Don't fight people! Ri-diculous!

(10h7m) <CDAG> Mud Mage Paul Lo loves Sessine's way of thinking. Another sane person in the world; that reassuring.

(9h58m) <CDAG> Mud Mage Paul Lo cackles,”Sink, I let you the guard. Some things need to get 'executed'.”

(9h58m) <CDAG> Mud Mage Paul Lo dives into the nearby swamps.

(9h44m) <CDAG> Saint Bernard watches Paul go proudly, he may be as nutty as a squirrel's picnic, but he's OURS!

(9h43m) <CDAG> Saint Bernard checks on the Sammich, it smells lovely, and poor Bernard's stomach is giving off a wondrously sonorous borborygmia.

(9h36m) <CDAG> Badass SinkOrSwim growls at the intruder, then realises it's Bernard and relaxes somewhat. An old poem springs to mind. “ 'Twas just as I feared it would be, I sat next to the Duchess at tea…”

(9h35m) <CDAG> Badass SinkOrSwim “… Her rumblings abdominal were truly phenomenal, and everyone thought it was me.”

(9h33m) <CDAG> Badass SinkOrSwim lies down, not sleeping, but resting. Any intruder shining a torch around the area would see staring back at them a multitude of eyes, none of which look friendly.

(9h32m) <CDAG> Saint Bernard applauds uproariously, “I'd not heard that one.” You can tell his mind is working as he's stood stock still… “I asked her to dance, she looked at my pants and put her gnarled hand on my knee”

(9h30m) <CDAG> Badass SinkOrSwim grins at his Clan Leader. “Many variations on a theme I think, Bernard. And don't even get me started on “The boy stood on the burning deck…” poems…”

(9h28m) <CDAG> Saint Bernard looks as though he's remembered something, “How's the still going, Sink?” wonder what brought that on, eh?

(9h27m) <CDAG> Badass SinkOrSwim wonders why that came up. “Well, as you say, it's still going. Wanting some Moonshine, Bernard?”

(9h25m) <CDAG> Saint Bernard shakes his head, “That last batch you had stripped the lining of my mouth out and made me smell aniseed for a week. I think it singed my nose hairs. No, no, I want a Martini…”

(9h22m) <CDAG> Badass SinkOrSwim nods. “Ah, indeed.” Sink footles off briefly and returns. “Certain concessions have to be made, we are in a war after all, but I think you will find these quite accomodating”

(9h21m) <CDAG> Badass SinkOrSwim drags over an army-style cot bed, and morphs, briefly, back to human. He pours two Martinis, and looks around for the olives.

(9h20m) <CDAG> Saint Bernard grins, “Praise the Lord and pass the sauce!” he hasn't had a 'proper' martini in quite some time, he wishes he had his comfy red dressing gown on, somehow…

(9h17m) <CDAG> Badass SinkOrSwim nods at his compatriot, and pulls a hat on “So, I never did get an answer to an old question Bernard: Were you like this at home or did you crack up over here?”

(9h15m) <CDAG> Saint Bernard pshaws, “Insanity is just a state of mind”

(9h10m) <CDAG> Saint Bernard continues, “Besides, anyone who needs psychiatry is sick in the head”

(9h6m) <CDAG> Saint Bernard finishes off his Martini, thanks Sink and bids him a good night, “We'll have to do this again sometime, good night, stay safe… And if you see the Sammich, HOLLER!”

(9h4m) <CDAG> Badass SinkOrSwim nods, sipping his Martini and cracking a beer to chase it with. “True. It's like playing two people at once. Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde” Sink grunts, just for emphasis

(9h1m) <CDAG> Mud Mage Paul Lo comes out from the bog he disappeared in, tuxedo soiled in deep red. Dusting himself, a rusty powder accumulates near his shoes. He takes back his guard post and waves at his clannies.

(8h59m) <CDAG> Badass SinkOrSwim waves back, human for a while, and hands Paul a Martini. “Do you imbibe, sir?”

(8h59m) <CDAG> Mud Mage Paul Lo approaches the Thing, making sure the sauce got assimilated into It. The flash of a smile, then he sits next to his campfire.

(8h57m) <CDAG> Mud Mage Paul Lo looks at Sink, laughs genuinely and nods as he produces a nicely-decorated clay bowl.

(8h55m) <CDAG> Badass SinkOrSwim wonders why Paul's laughing. A hairy bloke, on an army cot, in a sleeping bag, in the middle of Squat Hole, drinking a Martini isn't that strange, is it?

(8h52m) <CDAG> Mud Mage Paul Lo laughs even louder, his eyes glowing brightly. He takes the martini, puts the liquid into his bowl and hand back the empty glass. He passes his gloved hand over the bowl, then drinks it.

(8h51m) <CDAG> Mud Mage Paul Lo says, “I did nnot knoww yyyyooo where aa good barmman, Sink. The foor sure doesn't give you away!”

(8h47m) <CDAG> Mud Mage Paul Lo gulps down the content of his filled bowl, keeping the pose for several minutes. As he stops to wheeze, the inside of the bowl can be seen. It's still full!

(8h47m) <CDAG> Badass SinkOrSwim grins. “Self taught and stupid with it, Paul.” He indicates his attire and the surroundings “ And this is what happens to you when you don't eat your vegetables.”

(8h45m) <CDAG> Mud Mage Paul Lo says, “Hee? I doo eat mmmy veget*hic*ariannns, yooo know?” Another long goolp. “Man, I missed that stufff!”

(8h42m) <CDAG> Mud Mage Paul Lo doesn't stops to breath anymore. A very long time passes before he sets down his bowl. Yep, still full…

(8h39m) <CDAG> Badass SinkOrSwim shakes his head. “Not quite the same thing, kidder. And that's a good system you got going - relies on the bowl, yeah? Me, I like to scrap the improbability and just make my own. Safer that way.”

(8h28m) <CDAG> Mud Mage Paul Lo snickering, whispers (a short, sober state), “ I share a secret with you, friend Sink” he approaches the werewolf and mutters,“ It IS your stuff; my hand-made bowl is ordinary…” Mind-screw

(8h26m) <CDAG> Badass SinkOrSwim grins. “Well, f you got a way to make it just keep on comin', then just keep it on comin'. We still got some meat around here somewhere too…”

(8h20m) <CDAG> Mud Mage Paul Lo drunkenly says, “ NN*hic*Not hoongrrryyy right now, paa*hic*lll; the mmeat I fetched wasss pretty filling.”

(8h20m) <CDAG> Merlin appears from the clan hall, her hands clasping a mug of tea. “You guys still here? I'm sorry I had to leave. How is everything?”

(8h19m) <CDAG> Mud Mage Paul Lo drunkenly says, “Preettyy good, pretty *hic*llllady…”

(8h18m) <CDAG> Badass SinkOrSwim smiles at Merlin. “Good! I think I just got a Mud Mage drunk…”

(8h16m) <CDAG> Mud Mage Paul Lo laughs wickedly, his brightly glowing eyes scaring the sh*t of a typo gremlin near…

(8h16m) <CDAG> Merlin smiles back. “I think you did too…” She sits down by Sink and takes a sip of tea. “On watch? You guys are awesome.”

(8h15m) <CDAG> Mud Mage Paul Lo drunkenly says, “IYYY'mm nnnoooot drroonk, I'm 'eeeexperimenting'.*hic* AAAAAt leassssst I*hic* ffoolfilled my promise: no alcohol oontil I've finished my first one-*hic*day drive kill.”

(8h12m) <CDAG> Badass SinkOrSwim nods, and takes out his canteen - water this time - and uses Pauls fire to put on a brew. “Yeah, on watch. Just in case anyone tried to snaffle the new Sammich or the old 'un turned up”

(8h12m) <CDAG> Badass SinkOrSwim chuckles. “I'm watching the Sammich, and Paul's watching me, make sure the pastrami doesn't get too much for me.”

(8h9m) <CDAG> Merlin laughs, “well, thank you both. I don't think we could have gotten this far without you.” She nods towards the darkness. “and tell them thank you for me Sink?”

(8h6m) <CDAG> Mud Mage Paul Lo snaps out of his drunken state(was he even drunk?) and says, “We keep company to each other. Thanks for being with us, Merlin; not too indisposed from Squat Hole's 'atmosphere'?

(8h3m) <CDAG> Badass SinkOrSwim smiles again. “I will, m'dear. They don't like that thing any more than we do. But, as Paul says, company's good, thanks for coming out.”

(7h59m) <CDAG> Merlin shrugs. “Don't mention it. It was my idea that roped you both in to this thing to start with.”

(7h52m) <CDAG> Merlin takes another sip of tea, and smiles softly. “It's nice to have an adventure again, though.” She clarifies. “I mean, an adventure that doesn't involve the slaying random monsters.”

(7h51m) <CDAG> Badass SinkOrSwim sips his tea “Yeah, but it had to be dealt with sooner or later. Now's as good a time as any, and we're as good a bunch of people as any. It's a new idea, Mer, and a good one. We'll see, tomorrow”

(7h50m) <CDAG> Badass SinkOrSwim laughs out loud. “Not random monsters. A very specific one…”

(7h50m) <CDAG> Mud Mage Paul Lo shrugs. “Someone had to do something, no? I still don't think that fighting fire with fire is a good idea, but a bane will disappear from the Island. Choices had to be done.”

(7h42m) <CDAG> Mud Mage Paul Lo shows how it's a bad idea; he breaths on the campfire, creating a separate flame, and makes them fight; small explosion, and the campfire wins, shaped as pillar of flame, then subsides.

(7h40m) <CDAG> Merlin tilts her head slightly, watching the fire. “Yes well, part of the plan was that the new sammich wouldn't be entirely the same. that something would be different. That's the deciding factor.”

(7h37m) <CDAG> Merlin looks over at where the sammich rests. “It's my hope that we accomplished that… somehow.”

(7h36m) <CDAG> Badass SinkOrSwim puts a friendly arm around Merlin's shoulder. “We can but Try, Mer. And anything's worth a shot.” He sips his tea again and watches the fire.

(7h31m) <CDAG> Mud Mage Paul Lo chuckles, then croaks, “I hope so. Good for us, we can rest assured the new one won't supersede the moldy one; what's implanted is more sure than self-replicating nano-machines!

(7h29m) <CDAG> Mud Mage Paul Lo pokes the fire with his stick; the fire giggles, then sneezes upward. It turns brighter-colored.

(7h27m) <CDAG> Merlin 's ear twitches and she grins at Sink. “That's true. It's just wait and see at this point.” She watches as Paul plays with the fire. “CDAG and fire… Like Peanut butter and Jelly..”

(7h22m) <CDAG> Badass SinkOrSwim chuckles. “Only so long as it's an 'open fire'. And Paul, don't let Bernard here you talking about nano-tech. He doesn't hold with it, not after…” Sink doesn't want to say the word 'Artiflora'

(7h20m) <CDAG> Mud Mage Paul Lo snaps out of the hypnotism of the fire, which turns bright blue, as if deprimed.

(7h17m) <CDAG> Mud Mage Paul Lo says, “After what? Artichoke?”

(7h14m) <CDAG> Badass SinkOrSwim shakes his head and sips his tea. “Something that happened a while back. Nature vs Death vs Nanotech. Bernard representing Nature. Long story…”

(7h8m) <CDAG> Merlin ponders. “It was back before I was around.. that's for sure.” She is intent on watching the fire's embers, the shapes and the pictures that they form. Might be useful, later.

(7h) <CDAG> Badass SinkOrSwim looks at Merlin. “Making me feel old now. But hey, I'll never be as old as Bernard, so that's fine…” He winks, knowing the sly old bugger will hear about all of this later.

(6h55m) <CDAG> Badass SinkOrSwim yawns and stretches. “Anyhow, I need some shuteye. Paul, if your Golem and my friends keep an eye for the night we should be fine. I'll sleep here, any noise should wake me anyway”.

(6h54m) <CDAG> Mud Mage Paul Lo glances at those he'd call friends. A jester-like figure appears in the campfire's smoke, juggling with a large amount of flaming balls; with a fire-eating finale, it disappears.

(6h53m) <CDAG> Merlin shakes her head, “You're not old, just a little scruffier around the edges is all.” She takes a sip of tea. “well thank you again for your vigilance. Have a good night, Sink.”

(6h53m) <CDAG> Mud Mage Paul Lo laughs, then nods at Sink. “I'll take the first round; I'll wake you when needed.”

(6h50m) <CDAG> Mud Mage Paul Lo looks around, eyes shimmering briefly. He then relaxes and sighs quietly.

(6h47m) <CDAG> Mud Mage Paul Lo , not knowing what to say, whispers to Merlin,”Since when are you in the guild? You seem to be well established in it, but you don't know old events…”

(6h46m) <CDAG> Merlin stands up and quietly walks to the clan hall. “Goodnight you both. and thank you!” she whispers.

(6h45m) <CDAG> Badass SinkOrSwim pulls himself into a sleeping bag, and morphs back into the wolf. “Night Merlin, night Paul. Wake me if there's any trouble.” Within seconds, his breathing drops and he's out like a light.

(6h45m) <CDAG> Merlin smiles at Paul. “that's for another day…”

(6h36m) <CDAG> Mud Mage Paul Lo whispers, “Good night, Merlin. Maybe I'll see you tomorrow…” He stands up and turnn into clay, blue eyes still burning. A dozen of candle lights appear around the camp and sammich

(6h34m) <CDAG> Mud Mage Paul Lo 's candles 'illuminate' a typo gremlin. It turns into ashes swiftly and silently.

(6h15m) <CDAG> Mud Mage Paul Lo 's golem his at his side (has it always been there?), as unmovable as its master.

The Dawn Attack

(1h2m) <CDAG> Saint Bernard pushes aside his by now obligatory burning bush and steps onto Squat Hole soil, early, very early in the morning. The first birds are arguing over an eyeball in a beer can, the first crack of Dawn is

(1h1m) <CDAG> Saint Bernard notes, attempting to kick it's way out of the enveloping night sky. Bernard is about to begin the next stage of the clan's plan. And it's something only he, at this moment, this guise, can complete!

(54m26s) <CDAG> Saint Bernard rustling in his satchel, stood there on the plains outside of Squat Hole he brings out a vial of water. This, he blesses, to whatever deity it is that he thinks he represents at this moment. ..

(44m55s) <CDAG> Saint Bernard little blessing ain't a complicated affair, to be honest, it's a simple talking to of the vial, telling it what it's going to be doing, and why it's important, and what may happen if it fails.. .

(43m6s) <CDAG> Saint Bernard seems satisfied with their little chat, and he unplugs the vial, and.. .

(42m19s) The muffaletta of menace erupts from it's hiding place and charges at Bernard, growling, howling and a flash of yeasty badness!

(40m45s) <CDAG> Saint Bernard screams, “SHITTOCKS!” and bundles backwards, tripping over a rusty shopping trolley, “YOU BASTARD EFFING SANDWICH! I'll pull your EFFING crusts off!” Very holy, your grace.. .

(39m30s) The sammich of sorrow rolls and flicks mayo at Bernard, knocking the fogey off balance. Its lettucy tendrils reach for the stumbling oldie

(38m10s) <CDAG> Saint Bernard ain't an easy mark, much as the Pita may think he is, more through accident than design, Bernard is quite capable of handling himself in a Marquis of Queensbury rules barney, thank you very much.

(37m2s) <CDAG> Saint Bernard used to box in the RAF, he did. And he comes up in a fighting stance, somewhat slowly, but a fighting stance nonetheless. He guards his face, and begins to circle the Sammich.

(35m56s) <CDAG> Saint Bernard 's ex-sandwich, circles one of it's creators… It's ever decreasing circles, or concentric - one of the two - nonetheless, it's a bit of an impasse. The sammich rawwwls with anger and hatred.

(33m14s) <CDAG> Saint Bernard steps back, and… Drops the vial. Time stands still. The camera swoops in as the glass shatters. The water begins to seep into the earth. The camera pans up to Bernard's face (horror) and the Pita-

(31m6s) <CDAG> Saint Bernard 's ex Hoagie of Hatred (pure, dripping evil)… Bernard leaps for the spilt holy water, the sammich leaps away… Shlepping and grawwling, it shlops off towards the jungle.

(29m18s) <CDAG> Saint Bernard watches it go, nursing his wounded pride, and his buttocks. The vial, empty now, is where he'll have to take the next step. He reaches for the new sandwich, created with love, flair and a little elan

(27m19s) <CDAG> Saint Bernard 's clan's new sandwich - encased in blessed tupperware is buried in the now consecrated ground. Bernard just hopes he was qualified to bless the water, “Should be,” he thinks, “I am a saint.”

(22m25s) <CDAG> Saint Bernard shrugs, and leaves the buried tupperware where the vial fell. He walks off towards Improbable Central, walking over the river…

See Romancing the Sammich Pt 2 & Pita_Semetary

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