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Where Improbable Central is the Island's center of science and management, AceHigh is the center of magic and chaos. With the inclusion of magic and chaos, it was only natural that Sherpa Mountain Goat Guy would rise up to attempt to claim Anarchistic 'leadership' of the city.1) Existing slightly outside of the laws of space and time, but generally found in the northeastern corner of the Island, AceHigh is the home city of the Joker population. Travelers walking through the streets of AceHigh are often treated to the sight of Jokers performing minor feats of magic, such as vanishing in a cloud of green confetti.2) AceHigh's official government is Anarcho-Randomism.

Because of its association with chaos and magic, AceHigh enjoys a fascination with games of chance, and gambling is an important local industry, enjoyed by both the locals and tourists from all over the Island.

Major attractions in AceHigh include:

  • Cake Or Death. AceHigh's ultimate attraction in culinary marvel. The Cake Or Death Joker offers you a simple choice, Cake or Death? It's a delicious cake. Certainly not a lie.
  • Lucky Dip Station. Though not inside AceHigh, the Lucky Dip station is a major attraction for Ace High. Amenities inside Lucky Dip station include.. Lucky Dip! Lucky Dip offers bags of fun and excitement to children from all over. Inside these bags, contestants may find small amounts of req, cookies, toys, calle shells, and the occasional cig. Don't be greedy, or the proprietor will make you leave.3)

Travelers should be aware that Jokers are a chaotic and prank-loving people, prone to acts of widespread destruction as a way of keeping themselves amused. Be sure to bring a change of clothes and a sense of humor!

The natives appear to find this claim hilarious.
Polite but restrained applause is the proper response to such displays.
And there's nothing more embarrassing than being evicted from a children's store - except maybe going into a children's store in the first place.
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