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So just what the hell is CAKE?

Created on a lark by Quinn and Castor1), once of MERCs. CAKE was made to be the biggest and most awesome-fun Clan around! Standing for Classy Avengers and Knights-Errant Contestants Aiding with Knowledge and Empathy, CAKE is the place to go as a Rookie needing help or a Vet trying to help out Rookies! While not the most active with Clan-building activities, CAKE still insists on being an active clan full of fun and friendly faces. They are pretty good with that, actually. It hard not to run into someone that's in the group, even if they've relinquished their hold on 'Largest Clan' on a few occasions.

So what does it take to join?

Being Active! There's no expectation for you to be on daily, or even to interact with the rest of the Clan (though that would be nice). Based on the number of Drive Kills, members of CAKE are urged to log on at least once a week or tell someone they won't be able to. The number goes up the longer you've been here too! That's explained more down below.

Input! The Clan's a bit separated, partly due to size and also due to location in the world. Not just leadership, but every member is encouraged to offer ideas into activities. Anything from picnics to scavenger hunts to protecting an Outpost for a time. We'd love to have more people get involved and help CAKE become it's best. This doesn't just apply to the activities either. From problems with members and management, to something we might want to change, any comments are encouraged and appreciated!

Other Expectations? There are no requirements to being in CAKE other than the being on enough to show us you still want to play on the Island. We'd love cigs donations to Member Cap (since Buffs are full and we might as well make room for more, right?), but other than that… have fun! Yes, we're serious. CAKE is supposed to be silly and fun and not laden down with drama. Sure, we can't fully avoid that, but we do try! If at all possible, we'd like for you to talk to or meet us before joining, but that's just to make sure you'll fit in.

The best part. Ask not what your clan can do for you; ask what you can do for your clan! Well, maybe. Anyone who's a part of CAKE can expect a few bonuses:

  1. A bunch of wackos to RP with. We're good for it, we swear.
  2. Your own room!!
  3. Full clan buffs and advice of many Veteran players.
  4. A growing database of Riddle Joker answers! You know, for the heck of it.2)
  5. The chance to be part of something more than just a game. CAKE is like family, they protect their own.3)
  6. Did we mention you get your own room? With a bed??4)5)

Inactivity..? The inactivity policy is quite simple and effective. All members, alt or main, are subjected to the same rules. Any members removed are welcome to reapply. Any members informing Quinn of a lengthy absence are immune.

  • Applicant - 7 days inactive or three attempts to contact with no response
  • 1- 11 DKs - 30 days before removal from Clan
  • 12 and over DKs - 60 days before removal from Clan

Rules and Code of Conduct. 6) Honestly? As long as you follow the Rules of the Island and get along with folks, you won't have issues.7)8)9)10)11) We do hope that you'll take constructive criticism and compliments where they are offered and weigh any suggestions given by more veteran members, not just those of the Clan. A lot of times, we have a reason for explaining the things we do. The Island has a long history and those of us who remain, like to see that everyone fits in. If rule breaking or complaints are brought to Quinn or any Clan Leader's attention, we will have a chat with you.

The Clan Hall: CAKE HQ

Someday we'll get a map op this place… Holy crap, we have a map

The Clan Hall12) is located two klicks north of NewHome, in easy reach of any new members. It sits near the West River, Quinn's home not to far away. Someone else built a silly dojo nearby too (and a Treehouse Nightclub, but you can ignore those!13) 14) 15) 16) Based inside are a number of amenities and benefits for the CAKE Clannie!

The Clan Hall

The largest of the buildings on the premises, the Hall is where one picks up their Membership Badge and can access the largest number of amenities. The Main Hall itself contains access to Quinn's office, a Lounge for both the Officer's and Leader's, the security office, and the rooms of any members not wanting to take the stairs. There is also access just beyond to the Labs, the Infirmary and the back patio.

If anyone chooses to head on upstairs, they'd find a Common Room, Baths and the Kitchens as well as access to a bedroom. Any member of CAKE that would like one will receive one, with a bed for sleeping included, at the cost of only an idea of how to decorate it. Most rooms are open, so feel free to look around, but don't pester at the locked ones.17) This area is separated by rank, with ranked members getting their own floor. Couples rooms are available on request, however double beds will not be provided. 18) 19) 20)

Crepe Way

The first place you see when entering CAKE HQ is a something more like a tiny town than a Clan HQ… Here on the main road is an Inn for everyone, a Library, an Infirmary and an Information Building.

The Forge

The forge sits in the Market, just down Truffle Lane. Built by Quinn for a troubled friend who needed a good place to stay, the Forge is maintained by Thanatos, who lives above it.21) The forge is not to be played with, but it is open for requests as far as Quinn knows.

The Training Grounds

Not anything really special, the training grounds are set up to allow for sparring or just some training on your own. Several dummies of various types can be used for practice, or be left to the side for a no-holds-barred sparring match. Quinn requests that no one destroy the area, or that they at least fix it if they do.

There is also an obstacle course and shooting range accessible from here.

The Secluded Clearing and Treetop View

Tucked away from the hustle of the jungle can be found a secluded clearing, untouched by inclement weather and ready set for a picnic. If it's found to be in use, we hope you'll politely leave it to those already there.

If you can find it, as it's tucked away even more, there is a viewpoint near the tree canopy that gives an amazing view of sunrise, sunset and the stars. Equipped with a futon for late night gazing. There might even me a little something else hidden nearby, if you know how to find it…

The River

There are several amenities at the river's edge. A tree house has a zipline connected to the boat. It does not allow access, but you can make a big splash with it. A slide and rope swing both empty in a deep pool made from rock. Anyone wanting to relax can choose from a hammock or the swinging bench.

The Underground Jungle

Want a really cool place to explore? Look no further. Accessible from the Gazebo in the Park is one of Quinn's greatest discoveries! Underground stairwells and passages and a jungle that thrives in a massive cavern! Interested? Come take a look, but beware, it's just as safe as the Jungle above…

Useful Links

Quinn's got a boatload of these.. which will be added later!

Other Places of Interest

The Forest and Cabin

Quinn's personal residence, located not far the headquarters. This is open to any who wish to explore. It really is just a house, a guest house and a few little place to explore. Rooms were built here for friends that are not CAKE members.

Improbable Rest House

It's a bit of a Crater right now, but plans are being made! Located two south of Improbable Central, the Improbable Rest house is a nice little place to take a nap, though it just might change on you while you're sleeping!!

Super Happy Awesome Fun Theme Park

Oh so much a work in progress, SHAFT Park is a place for any and all to gather and have fun with all sorts of activities from single to group to dating! Located two southwest of Kittania! We hope you enjoy it as it comes together. If it's locked, please check back soon!!

Ornin Risus

Inspired by the epicness that is Valskyr, Ornin Risus is intended to be a choose your own adventure styled RP. You choose your class and your alignment and go on an adventure that will not soon be forgotten! Location [REDACTED] due to heavy construction. If you find it open, feel free to take a look though!

The Cave

Of Wonders! Located 1 East and 1 NorthEast of Improbable Central. While not originally created by Quinn, it was a favorite place from the older Dwellings system. As it didn't ever make the transition, Quinn decided to remake it! And maybe (just maybe) add a few extras… She even has the original creators permission for it! 22)

NOT Arc Castor, just Failbait Castor, the loveable brat.
It's not all that big yet, though…
It's a common theme among Clans, really
Provided by Quinn at no cost to you!
Unless you want a double…
Always subject to changes!
RULE NUMBER ONE: Don't be a dick!
RULE NUMBER TWO: Don't take things seriously!
Be a courteous roleplayer please. By this we mean avoid godmodding and keep outpost drama to a minimum
Or the drama-llamas will revolt
Not the one in the Outposts!
Unless you want to explore.
Quinn edited a good bit of the Dojo for the Owner.
It's kinda nice, once you get past the Hamsters
And the Kit-Kat Den is nice enough too, if you don't mind ghosts!
Room keys available upon request.
They're pricey!
You are free to offer one though!
It will even be returned if you ever leave CAKE, all you have to do is ask.
Quinn's not too sure how much good this has done him, but she tried!
Thank Cherri for the original idea though
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