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Located in the far northeastern corner of the Island - surrounded by snow and mountains to the south and west, and the ocean to the north and east - Cyber City 404 is its most remote settlement, and by far the coldest. The easiest way to get to Cyber City is either trudging uphill through snow and mountains, or by train1)2)3). One Shot Teleporters are also available.

The Island's Robot population calls Cyber City home, and Robots are the only group that can be expected to live in this cold, desolate location. Formerly devoted to heavy manufacturing, before the production of consumer goods was relocated to Squat Hole, much of the city has fallen into disrepair, such as the sprawling factory complex to the west, now abandoned, and the massive junk yard alongside it where the locals forage for salvage metal.

Major attractions in Cyber City 404 include:

  • Rally Headquarters. Alongside the Abandoned Factory is the Island's Rally Headquarters. Once every 24 Real Life hours 4), The Hundred Point Rally is held. The object of the rally is to traverse the island, finding 50 points in sequence and 50 random numbers, before anyone else does. There is a juicy cigarette jackpot for the fastest.
  • Abandoned Factory - Rumors persist of riches in req and cigs left inside when this former manufacturing center, but only the bravest contestants dare enter. The machinery and builder robots locked inside have doubtless decayed into deathtraps at every turn that will send you straight to the Failboat.
  • The Glass and Mirror - A Robot-only pub of sorts, The Glass and Mirror provides sun lamps that have beneficial effects for Robots and which offer only sunburns and skin cancer for patrons of the other races. Jokes are also supplied here, but those are widely believed to not be good for anybody.

For travelers making the trek to Cyber City 404, warm dressing5)6) is recommended, along with a hefty lunch pack, since the food in CC404… is more like the fancies of a Robot Wars engineer after drinking some hydraulic fluid than food.

The mountains separating CC404 from the rest of the Island are quite pretty in winter, and there is some spectacular skiing available, most of it experts only.

Who's Who in CyberCity 404

Rohit the Robot

Robot the Robot

Jesus the Robot

Not to be confused with Jesus the Pirate Ninja, Jesus the Robot has an accent mark we can't display on here on the wiki.

Keetan the Robot

Not anymore!
Not anymore…yet.
Italian Vinaigrette is best as this keeps the longest.
dressing warm is fine too
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