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On 13/1, our station received a series of unmarked packages from a source identifying themselves only as 'Tiresias'. The sender included a message which invited us to review the footage reels included inside the packages, and to compare them to currently airing Network closecasts of “The Island.” After aggressively investigating and confirming the authenticity of the reels, we have decided that it is of paramount importance to release them to a broader audience.

Consistent with our interests in exposing oppressive regimes throughout the post-EMP global blocs, we expect these reels will illuminate the underlying mechanics, goals, and priorities of the world's largest and most pervasive corporation. We are working to release all of the reels in freely replicable formats and will update this posting as each becomes available.

~ K.M. & M.S., eds.
RE/Search Independent Telecomms

UPDATE: 23/2

Any explicit adult content (graphic violence, graphic sex1), graphic language, etc.) depicted in the reels is unlicensed by WIPO. We are releasing reels in defiance of censorship licensure regulations. Redistribute at your own legal risk.

(Authors' addendum.)

Violent sex?
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