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[C]V prior to II
C[u]rrent Profile internal
[P]ublic short-profiles archive
[R]unning notes file


Internal Profile 5754
Author: NII OFF56L11
NAME: Sicpuess
DOB: 17/07/2057
AGE: Indeterminable
ORIGIN: District AT-3
RACE: J+m*

HEIGHT: 187 cm*
WEIGHT: 55 kg*
EYES / HAIR / SKIN: intense teal/light red-blond*/light
FIGURE TYPE: androgynous leptosome

INTRODUCED: Season 1 (S1)
RATINGS / FOCUS GROUP POPULARITY: commonly C / Humour; Psychology; Philosophy; Cyberfolk; Introspection-oriented.
TOTAL SCREEN TIME: 7:47 (2:23 dedicated)
Attributes marked with *aterisks are reportedly unstable.

Notes: Interesting Morph type (Eurasian Red Squirrel), basic appearance stable for a while now (correlation to 5754-C, also tailed, also stable?). Changes clothes or their colours rapidly though (confirmed that they were just “illusions” of such). Has constructed (and usually wears) multi-use gloves (Very similar to 5754-0 and -A's. Merchandise: Market research in progress. Plans seemingly inexistant. Check off-island usability of functional glove.) with modified nanotech-type self-repair mechanisms during a brief Robot appearance. Has always been skilled with nanotech and AI-level electronics (see also: curriculum), creative and experienced controller of Improbability (relies very much more on precision than abstracts than others though? To be confirmed).
Instability seems a characteristic (Confirmed: self-alterability of mind - opinion of psychology and ethics boards boring - and also body (physically hinted, via illusions: confirmed)). Personality swings are now classified as Characteristic (including near-perfect mimicking of communication partners or Jungle Adversaries). Questions own motives, thoughts, just about anything. Implies rather than outright stating information (ever since).
Suggestions: Review footage, focus on the D to E change. (D = present at the beginning of S2).
Points of interest: Obvious conflicts associated with the self-altering ability (low priority, follows a history of many related conflicts), coin (it changes, “illusion” or nano-tech? Why?). Confusing other Contestants (philosophy, various paradoxa - II flavours of well-known ones, hints of being afflicted?) proved amusing, but lowers ratings. Recently: Tends to use illusions for many purposes, to the point of allowing them sentience to conduct the already mentioned thought experiments in vivo. <Explicit L11 order: As always, do not intervene.>

EOF (Views by ID: 5)

[R]eload/[C]V/C[u]rrent Profile internal/[P]ublic short-profiles archive/Ru[n]ning notes file/[O]ther options


Curriculum vitae 5754
Author: NII PW315L7, <comments by NII OFF56L11>
Condensed: Base file (Turing Europass File) found as-is <more exact information not available>
File purpose: Grounds for determination whether to introduce the subject as a Contestant.

Personal Information
Name(s): <indeterminable, and explicitly avoided answering the question.>
Surname: Spieglitz
Last Address: Boolean Institute; 3b
Personal ID: TU C07K280DR22AH9L2 (Level 2, sublevels Inf8, IT3, Med5, Res4, Mil1 <probable special sublevels are not mentioned>)
NSF-38564 Hasvag (New Scandinavian Federation)
<Well, it was called Hasvag when Sicpuess last stepped into it.. same goes for the NSF.>

Nationality: Turing Citizen, Union Citizen
Date of birth:17/07/1957
<crypted or corrupt>
Gender: Male

Education and training
05/09/2061 - 17/11/2066
No awards/Unfinished
Linz ILE 12 (“Integrated Liberal Education System”)
Linz (Austria)
Primary Education
<Interrupted! Sicpuess, to that date, ought to have been called Harlequin, the actual name of the mind that essentially was him. Medical files are missing, but apparently, his parent(s?) had a Interface Driver AI (Turing-brand AI of the DORM4 series, one of the first publically available systems, build on a ThinkCard standard unit) installed, for he appeared mentally not even challenged. As in, could not have been challenged to swim because there was no water whatsoever in the pond. This procedure was used multiple times to success (I even remember the commercials. They were banned later for crossing the line of Ethics, but in hindsight, they were bloody hilarious). Turing, of course, denied the possibility of using the Interface hardware and a custom IDAI to create loyal soldiers, cloned soldiers, rebels-gone-loyal-soldiers and so on. Blatant lie, of course. As such, the IDAI contained certain restrictions (for reasons of AI paranoia mostly, but also due to fear of conflicts of the hardware-wetware kind) to suppress the organic mind, or shut down, or a self-edit lock and other such lovely features.
Which in some rare cases, such as this, proved useless. The resulting combination was one of these cross-overs, and one of the few that didn't instantly went sociopath, berserk, suicidal or the like.. usually those were made their weight worth in lead. Hereafter referred to as Sicpuess, the combination was just caught and contained instead. He did lead to a regional Net-collapse, after all. Couldn't have Turing execs wait for their VR bunnies all evening, one couldn't HAVE THAT.>

10/01/2067 - 12/07/2069
Level 1; Med1; Inf1
Turing Inc. Corporate Education (Private Schooling Program)
Munich (Germany)
Primary Education
<Turing Inc. was built like a nation on it's own right.. wait, it actually was. Kind of. From the hospital to the hospital, there wasn't much that Turing couldn't provide, lead on by a counsel of CEOs and backed up by a huge cluster of ThinkCards.. except a solution to the problem of existing Crossovers also-known-as “Booleans”, - the DORM4/5/6/7 flaws were eventually discovered and largely patched - apart from Catch And Lock. The rest of 2066 was likely used for research, until hoping for a successful split of the combination proved hopeless, and then even hoping for hoping. As for the Lock part: Booleans - a term as cruelly humorous as true for the often only partial intersections that occured - were placed back in the situation they were caught in. Just elsewhere, essentially arrested, and under permanent watch. The Level system was introduced in 2067.. by Turing, of course. Finishing PrimEd is still essential for getting even the L1 ID, don't you forget that!>
09/09/2069 - 19/12/2070
Level 2; Inf3
Turing Inc. Corporate Education (Turing Secondary: Business Education)
Munich (Germany)
Recognized Corporate Only
<L2 Inf3 is pretty much the standard levelset for a Disposable Secretary or Disposable Paperwork guy. Often also called Caff4 Boss or, depending on the “preferences” of said superior, Caff6 Boss. Obviously, Booleans were forced into more “harmless” fields of work.. but these required more-than-basic information access rights, hence the Inf3 sublevel. Though, it was and still is unwise to mess with one, as they frequently have temporary Inf3+ sublevels assigned to them for the collection of blackmail material by superiors to be used against Rival Businesses or just.. rivals. This seems also the reason for the RCO education - no other company would take somebody without valid education after having been fired, even if they had Valuable Information.>

22/12/2070 - 06/03/2071
Inf5 Med2 Res2
Turing Inc. Research Dept. (Internship)
Trondheim (Norway)
Recognized Corporate Only
<Same as above, just adjusted to the lab environment (guessing from the Med and Res sublevels. Probably showered somebody after they showered themselves with something caustic, believe me this). The Inf5 sublevel is strange though. May have been acquired through blackmailing.>

Work experience
09/03/2071 - 25/03/2072
Position: Limited Employee (leased)
Activities/Responsibilities: Various projects. Vice-manager of one IT project, lab technician. Usability tester for various products <corrupt>
Ikawa Laboratories, Trondheim (Norway)
<Sending the Booleans to Ikawa Labs? Nice turn. They didn't escape supervision, though. But this is the only place where the IT3 sublevel could come from, as other files found in the Boolean Institute (this is based on one of them) indicate that none of them, ever, was to make contact with AIs again). 26/03-01/04/2072 saw the foundation of the New Scandinavian Federation, the NSF. Don't ask me where the New bit comes from, it doesn't much fit the condition the NSF was in after fending off a couple swathes of Union troops.. which is probably where Sicpuess got the Mil1 sublevel from, though it doesn't appear to have been put into use.)>

04/04/2072 - 07/04/2073
Position: Limited Employee
Activities/Responsibilities: Limited.
Turing Inc. , New Oslo (New Scandinavian Federation)
<Yes, New Oslo. It's now called Oslo. That's because the other Oslo isn't there anymore to compare ages.
The Ikawa Labs Norway/NSF chapter closed down after said incident, the Booleans returned to Turing. Have I ever mentioned how nice an euphemism “Limited Employee” is?>

beginning with 17/04/2073
Position: Researcher under Special Supervision
Turing Inc. Subchapter Boolean Institute: Boolean Institute 1, NSF-38564 Hasvag (New Scandinavian Federation)
<Nothing's known about this final station of the Lock paradigm. Zero. The Turing CardComplex isn't obviously available anymore, and most of the Boolean Institute's information was stored over-seas in Hasvag.. The actual BI was near an empty methane hydrate field, having formerly been the exact cause of it getting empty, and was therefore shielded from the EMP. But most of the information it contained was lost after some paranoid Boolean's own EMP going off two days after lifting the facility. Bastard.>

<Sufficient to say that he, at the time of introduction, was speaking, writing, reading and listening to English rather well, and French more mediocre. Sub-mediocre, actually. That hints at one French parent, there are not really other places where this skill could come from. German is the native language though. Might understand the one or other word of Norwegian. Might.>

<Following skills are summed up, as the information there is quite useless without the original Authors around to explain and elaborate.>

<Friendly and polite, esp. aiding others. Usually introvert though, does not make friends or even acquaintances easily. Tendency towards commanding considered-lower-ranking and considered-more-stupid colleagues.>

<Hyperfocuses. Not reliable when tasked with organisation.>

<Familar with Ikawa ThinkCards (duh), AIs of at least the DORM and XHL4 lines (DUH), small-scaled automatons (namely clocks, torque motors), nano-scaled mechanisms (accumulators mainly). Apparently outstanding technical precision (a med file suggested that there were replaced joints involved)>

<Water colours. Showed writing potential with reports, but did not put it to good use, same goes for the precision of sketches.>

<Working around schedules.. worded more elaborate and, shall we say, decidedly more.. flowery.>

EOF (Views by ID: 3)

[R]eload/[C]V/C[u]rrent Profile internal/[P]ublic short-profiles archive/Ru[n]ning notes file/[O]ther options

> p

Public Short Profiles 5754
Authors: NII PR226L4, NII PR204L5,
<notes by NII PW315L7>
<profile number suffixes (“0”, “A”,..) retroactively added by CINDER>

<5754-0 DK0>
This fellow called “Sicpuess” is one of our newest partakers striving to end the War on Improbability - will he, for once, succeed? An introvert office guy or lab guy, who cares, how will he stand up against That Guy (you know, That Guy!)? He's already lost teeth to a small child trying to figure where the shiv goes… though he seems strangely unfazed. Is he human, is he cyborg, is he a robot in disguise? Or is he just awkward as hell? Who cares - tune in! [Focus Group: not yet determined]

<5754-0 DK1-4>
Come on. He's a kitty deep down in his heart, even if it's rotting, he's lost any sense of shame, AND he's building barbecue cages to grill beasts in! Also, Catnipfish, now available via the NII Store! [Focus Group: ailurophiles]

<5754-A DK5-11>
Sicpuess has given in to the insanity, Sicpuess is creepy as a mutant composed of spaghetti, Sicpuess finds innuendo even where the sun doesn't shine! How will he do with his new compagnons at <IBHML>, what will he blow up tomorrow? Thursday on Channel II7! [Focus Group: (Pyro)maniacs, esp. self-appointed ones]

<5754-A DK12-13>
He's made it! Now blowing up more stuff with more C4, more crazy stun Gatling cannons, more morphine guns! And more Improbability - right, he's a Joker now. If he isn't mock-preach for the Church of the Holy Trinity and then frying one of them spiky buggers up, he's… read again. [Focus Group: (Pyro)maniacs of all sorts]

<5754-A DK14-36>
He's weird, she's got weird tastes, he changes races faster than a six-times mothers changes diapers, and she's still as mad a scientist as before, if a bit more reasonable. And he's involuntarily channeling a piscine hive mind. The Drive's Dress-up Doll! (stickers now available in the NII Store!) [Focus Group: (Pyro)maniacs of all sorts, the one or other actual engineer, bi-curious of either gender]

<5754-B DK0 : Retroactively associated to this contestant, entity on it's own. Retroactively identified as “Harlequin”.>
Flickering as if powered by a malfunctioning projector, this is likely an illusion of some sorts. But why a white chassis, why entangled in black vines, why mute and moving around without any regard for actual physical objects whatsoever? Don't know, but it sure looks interesting.. [Focus Group: occultists, cybermystics, superstitious.]

<5754-A DK37-44>
Flip-flop-flip-flops, even if she's married now, he doesn't cease to change. Most times seen as a Kittymorph, Sicpuess has become a bit less hyperactively reckless, a bit more genuinely friendly, and generally helpful, though occasionally mute. Judging from history it's bound to not hold for long, especially since there are obviously problems with internal hardware! Tune in on Channel II12! [Focus Group: cybermystics, randoms, bi-curious of either gender]

<5754-A DK45-58>
There's a name for this special brand of majestically friendly randomity - Jokermorph. It has been mentioned that the Joker mindset seems to stick easily, and though Sicpuess is in two of three cases a Kittymorph, more rarely a Midget or a Horrible Gelatinous Blob just for the heck of it, he behaves more and more like the typical Joker - shying away from being stereotypical at the same time. Possibly it has to do with hardware conflicts, might be that the relationship is having an impact, maybe it's just the signs of catnip overdose displayed by many long-term Kittymorphs.. And he believes to hallucinate things we have on tape! [Focus Group: cybermystics, superstitious, the oner or other engineer, soapers]

<5754-B DK0>
It obviously has something to do with Sicpuess, he's creeped out by it, and it appears more and more often! It flickers like a candle, seems to be a white robot, and you might learn what it means on Saturday, Channel II3!

<5754-A DK59>
EWW. It's a heap of rotting flesh, it crawls around, and most times the gloves are the only thing that is around. Attempt at cleansing hardware conflicts by application of nanotech gone horribly wrong.. [Focus Group: not determined]

<5754-B DK0, briefly listed as contestant 8916>
An old Gryph chassis, as solid as objects ought to be, enhanced by means of likely nanotech, and it's stolen a chip from the dying, rotting heap that once was Sicpuess. What does it intend with it, you ask? It's it! The chip is the personality of Harlequin that was causing all the trouble, and now it's got legs, white and covered in vines! Sunday Replay, Channel II6! [Focus Group: occultists, cybermystics, engineers, ai-psychatrists and -psychologists, pro-cy, anti-cy, cy-paranoids]

<5754-C DK60-61 Hereafter “Third”>
Really, really cold. Uptight, humourless, clanless, friendly only to the helpless, and fueled by the desire to destroy the only remaining splinter of Sicpuess - the robot Harlequin. Polite in a decidedly non-genuine way, and unchanging in her strict pale-skin-black-wear attitude. Very, very rarely seen by the cameras, if, then either chasing Harlequin or entering the Laboratories fairly below the level requirement, apparently without confrontation. [Focus Group: Self-aware maniacs, bad-girl-fetishists of either gender, passive-agressive, soapers]\\

<5754-B DK6>
Radical. Be it a case of Machine Psychosis, may it be that he just snapped after an encounter with Evil Overlord Theo and the embodiment of spring Bernard, Harlequin also-known-as The Ashen, seems to have decided on purging whatever he deems to be excessively extreme from the Island. Bringing Contestants - dozens at a time - to within an inch of their lives, steadily becoming more aggressive and borderline homicidal, he and an army of shadowy figures advance to conquer outposts one at a time. Channel II1, replays at II3 and II7! [Focus Group: everyone with a healthy fear of death, apocalyptic]

<5754-C DK62-65>
Back after a lengthy absence from the screens just to be drawn into a so far rather devastating conflict with Harlequin again, Third seems to be rethinking her positions after tending the first victims! What will become of her once this is over.. and will it be over? Looking at the speed of the ongoing conflict Harlequin VS Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen, Tor NaGoth, Third and The Rest Of The Island, we can safely assume everything points to a grand finale! Check back regularly at Channel II1, replays at II3 and II7! [Focus Group: everyone with a healthy fear of death, apocalyptic]

<5754-B DK6>
A little brass ball, extremely skilled with nanotech but daft as a canadian mosquito - though strangely empathic. Good-natured, winged and ridiculously fast, this little cute thing is all that remains of the vigilant robot Harlequin after almost-killing off seven dozen contestants, laying waste to three outposts, and being destroyed by Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen and Third in a cataclysmic chain reaction of Improbability and Chaos. [Focus Group: pro-cy, anti-cy, cy-paranoids, children of either gender 6-16]

<5754-C DK66-87>
Decidedly more personable, developing a sense for humour again, Third seems to be very slowly but steadily returning to a mindset more similar to that of her predecessor. She is rather stable though, is constantly listed as a Joker, and joined a clan again - the Aleatory Ensemble. Yes, she's one of those now.. She kind of made peace with Harlequin, all in all, everyday life at its best. [Focus Group: fan, nowhere man]

<5754-C DK88-122>
She's going rather.. erratic, most of the perks she's showing seem to center around a pocket watch certainly not displaying time - has it to do with the final battle of Pleasantville? Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen evidently suffers from the consequences of this event as well! [Focus Group: fan, psychologists, ai-paranoids, pro-cy, anti-cy]

<5754-C(/0-62) DK123-148>
After a rather dramatic breakdown, Third - briefly seen as an absolutely reckless and hysterical Kittymorph as opposed to the steady streak of calmer Joker classifications earlier and currently - seems to have serious problems with keeping herself together, often appearing in multiples with crossing and spreading paths.. It doesn't seem to be intentional - again, is the pocket watch the reason? Tune in at Channel II11! [Focus Group: fan, psychologists, ailurophiles, nowhere man]

<5754-A DK149-200 End of Season One>
Having acquired a near-pathological cleaning tic and keeping distance even to the ground she's walking on, it was almost bound to come - she was gifted with a racoon's tail impervious to any attempts at ripping cutting, burning it off or otherwise getting rid of it. Though she seems able to stay singular now, the significance of the pocket watch is now clear - it measures the levels of Improbability. As the readings have become increasingly erratic, she seems to believe that her excessive, focused channeling of Improbability mixed with Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen's chaos duckling during the Pleasantville event (cut footage now available on-demand!) caused it, and will eventually cause an apocalyptic disaster. It's the guilt and the ignorance thereof that tore her apart.. little does she know! - tune in at all II Channels for the long-scheduled start of Season Two! [Focus Group: fan, psychologists, neurosis-affected, apocalyptic]

<5754-D DK0 also-known-as The Riddle, The Puzzle>
It looks like Third sans tail.. but it likely isn't. She still looks roughly the same, but with greyed hair and clothes. She's also mute, doesn't feel inclined to write or communicate much at all. She's collecting clockwork parts, and is somewhat reckless about it, but also has been stealing the one or other item from others. Throughoutly mysterious, she seems be working towards a goal.. and the hardware is back in. [Focus Group: fan (diminishing), neurosis-affected, nowhere man, cybermystics].

<5754-E DK0-3 Hereafter “Sicpuess”>
After solving the puzzle, in a way: He was not pleased with her body. There are strong similarities to the newly-arrived Sicpuess of Season One - it's clear though that they're not identical, even if he believed himself to just have arrived on the Island. Sicpuess adjusted suspiciously fast - there even are hints that this was done intentionally! But why the hyperactivity, the straight evolution from a Kittymorph to a kind of Squirrelmorph?[Focus Group: fan, ailurophiles, bi-curious of either gender, psychologists, pro-cy, anti-cy, cy-paranoids]

<5754-E DK4-6>
On a quest to regain the lost memories, Sicpuess seems to succeed! But will she manage to keep together? What will she become after going through a rapid succession of squirrel-related race forms? The hardware is working, but will it continue to do - it's failed the last time.. Channel II14 for your interest! [Focus Group: fan, pro-cy, anti-cy, cy-paranoids]

<5754-E DK6-12>
Crisis in Sic's head: Who is she? Does she just carry the name or is she really Sicpuess.. whoever that is? Mindscrews await, tune in at Channel II7! [Focus Group: fan, bi-curious of either gender, psychologists, philosophers]

<5754-E DK13-43>
The question seems to nag her - is she really Sicpuess after being replaced by some other personality for months at once - overly aware of the composite nature of her personality? Unbreakable now, but instead malleable like clay and taking directions she doesn't really understand.. [Focus Group: fan, psychologists, philosophers]

<5754-E DK44+ also-known-as The Maskmaker>
The question seems answered.. or rather set aside, unimportant now. Sicpuess (likewise Third) has showed a talent for illusions, and she's taking it to the extreme now! The illusion of a knife that cuts, an illusion of herself that produces an illusion of itself, both getting their heads bashed in after - it seems that there is now another question bugging Sicpuess. Can she trust herself? Channel II9 for your consideration! [Focus Group: fan, psychologists, philosophers, light- and heavyheads, the one or other engineer]

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alternately, slip The Watcher a fiver
real credits that is, not show money, and pray that she also hands you all the copies of that one night..
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