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PROFILE #11710

NAME: Kai K. Victoria1)2)
DOB: April Sixth
ORIGIN: Maui, Hawaii
RACE: Hawaiian/German 3)
HEIGHT: 213.3cm4)5)
WEIGHT: 5,453kg6)7)

INTRODUCED: Season 1 (S1)
RATINGS / FOCUS GROUP POPULARITY: Violence. Action-oriented. Serious. Horror.

SUMMARY: “I haven't the foggiest idea what he's doing on my island. However, he does generate very good ratings, so how he got here is irrelevant. Also, he's not afraid to give me hugs, and that's always a plus.” -The Watcher.

K.K. Victoria began a rather silent life on the island. It's still debated about how he came to the island, as it wasn't the traditional means of signing up and being pushed out of a plane. K.K. has no file, nor is there any record of his signing release forms and waivers. He showed up on the cameras during his first encounter with the Improbability Drive. It is still in question as to how he acquired the firearms and non-regulation explosives that were used in the fight.

K.K. went on to join <SPOON> the first clan that had given him invitation, and he went on to be silent and passive throughout his first few weeks on the island. However, as time progressed and he gained more allies in his travels, he became bolder. K.K. began to systematically employ explosive devices and firearms that haven't been approved for more than simply fighting the Drive. K.K. had taken to using them on regular basis for all kinds of tasks.

Over his travels, K.K. has shown many strange talents and quirks. One happens to be his aversion to speaking, though recently it hasn't been due to an aversion and due to part of the consequences which has left him without any bit of sound. This includes laughing, growling etc. All of those actions are completely silent.

The second quirk is a stream of smoke leaking from his mouth and nose for unknown reasons. It isn't in the same manner of the steam powered robots either. K.K. has shown no signs of being any of the races that we've defined. Even after he was slated to become a robot and that was what his record said, he was as human looking as he ever was.

The third is his body temperature. His natural body heat stays at around a hundred and forty degrees Fahrenheit8), wavering only when he is calm or provoked (To range between 120 degrees F all the way to 200 degrees F)9) . Along with this excess heat, is his knack for burning things. This is usually conveyed through simple touch, however he has been seen to send bursts of flames from his palms, feet, knuckles, and even his mouth. K.K. seems to have no aversion to the fire he creates, or any kind for that matter. In fact, the Drive itself has adapted it's employment of fire to better combat him. Instead, using Improbably Cold water, due to its new understanding of Mr. Victoria's aversion to the cold.

With his uncanny abilities as a marksman, his proficiency with explosives and firearms, Kai is a very talented chef. He has expressed these through cooking kinds of meats, all kinds of baked goods and breakfasts. As most may testify, he's quite a good cook.

On the rarest of occasions, K.K. is sometimes seen acting childishly, leading some to believe that he isn't as dark as most people paint him to be. He has been seen playing games with the one called Zolotisty, and fiddling with various toys every once in a while. Several cases of seeing K.K. wield a baseball bat as more than a weapon, along with having footage of him narrating a game where he called himself 'Jumbo Brown,'10) from an old New York Yankees roster, lead us to believe that he is both a lot older than he looks, and has a fondness for the old American sport.

Let it also be stated that K.K.'s weight isn't a typing or translation error. Through extensive research it has been found that he actually weighs a little over six tons. The reasoning is still very unclear, and it seems to have little affect on his movements as well. He doesn't seem hindered, nor does he look at all overweight. To the contrary, K.K. looks to be built like a soldier. Broad shoulders and a incredibly well maintained muscular structure. It isn't far off to guess that from his appearance, he looks to be around 300-350 pounds, or around 136-159 Kilograms.

K.K. Victoria is mostly seen dressed formally, wearing a large greatcoat draped over his shoulders, a black suit with a white shirt, and a red tie. Occasionally, he is seen wearing glasses, though it is still questioned weather this is due to visual impairment or preference. On even further occasion, he is seen wearing a much more casual set, dawning a slick black jacket, black T-shirt, and a pair of black slacks. Dressed as such, he looks much younger. On a rare occasion, he is also seen to be wearing a very stately black, red, and gold dress uniform from a military that hasn't yet been identified. The only insignia that is foreign from most military parade uniforms is a dark red 'V' on the right shoulder. On an extreme occasion, K.K. is seen wearing a simple pair of jeans and a gray or white T-shirt. This is mostly due to him having to get out quickly, or to him not bothering to deal with dressing up too much. When dressed this casual, he's usually barefoot instead of wearing the black leather boots or usual dress shoes.

K.K.'s threat classification is valued at extremely high. He has been known to fire on a target without a word or trial. He's also been known to misdirect his violence at innocents, dropping grenades into people's houses or completely disregarding the fact that they are in the way and simply plowing straight through them. Nor does he seem to have any bit of regard for the concept of 'Collateral Damage.' For his first 'One-Day,' K.K. detonated what we have gathered as a 'Black market acquired, tactical nuclear weapon' in order to destroy his statue. A tradition that he had started earlier on. The damage to the city was relatively minor actually, due to the city's own improbability. The fallout was spread all across the island, however, due to improbable saturation of the land, the radioactive fallout was easily assimilated and quickly rendered harmless.

On a final note, K.K. seems to be unaffected by all strains of improbability. Even after his extended stay on the island, he hasn't shown many signs of being adversely11) affected by it.

K.K. has also left a certain weapon. An antique Claymore made of a black steel. He had given it to #5754 Who passed it on to a different contestant. The sake of this claymore seems to be to destroy the hundredth statue, made by the citizens of Improbable Central. It has been deemed The Century Claymore

Recent events occurred towards the end of Season 1. By some clever producing, the incident has been deemed 'The Victorian Siege.' This was an unscripted disaster and breach in Island Security. Five foreign and unregistered people arrived on the island by unknown means.12) These five people were gathered to be of the Victoria Family, and had arrived with the sole intent on killing Lelila for unknown reasons.

We were extremely lucky to be able to deploy cameras around K.K.'s Compound grounds and around the interior to get a view of the entire Siege. The fighting inside and outside of the Compound lasted seven hours, resulting in the deaths of three Victorias. Both K.K. and Lelila were severely wounded in the attacks. Lelila taking two bullets, one on the left side of her chest, and one that embedded into her knee. She was also stabbed in the stomach by some kind of blade, though we aren't sure what. The night vision on the cameras installed inside the Compound is very low quality, and details were hard to make out.

The siege ended overnight, and there wasn't any intimation of a counter attack, or a follow-up strike on the Compound. This is most likely due to the Victoria family's apparent need to create and follow contracts. There were mentions of a negotiation held, but details beyond that were minor. What they talked about or what they agreed upon are unclear.

In a general conclusion, K.K. Victoria is marked to be extremely dangerous. During several interceptions of his outgoing mail, we've found shipping boxes with human heads in them, with a carved 'KK' on the forehead. We've intercepted crates of firearms and explosives13) on route to be delivered to him as well. It should always be assumed that K.K. is armed and extremely dangerous at all times, and caution should be taken around him. The First Season records indicate that he was one of the physically toughest and one of the most murderous contestants of the island.

Recently in Season 2, he has been seen wearing a brass <DICE> clan badge. A hole has been cut in it, and it is bent on one of the corners. This is figured to be because he originally found the badge inside of a pineapple14) he had been eating, and bit into it quite hard. It is sometimes joked that if he hadn't heard the sound of the metal breaking, he probably wouldn't have realized that it was metal.

He has been seen with two dogs, Three if you count the puppy that his Wife Lelila has been seen carrying around. The dogs are referred to as Faust and Brand. Both of the dogs look like purebred German Shepherds, and are much larger than most dogs. Faust is even larger than Brand, to the point of being around the side of a small panther. He is apparently the most affectionate, when the order of business is called off. He enjoys attention, but when KK is expressing a seriousness, Faust is nothing but obedient and protective. Brand is a bit smaller, and is more aloof than the other. He keeps as distance, and acts as a scout or a flanker when in combat. He isn't affectionate like his partner, Faust, but he enjoys a positive reinforcement for doing what he was trained to do.

Despite his serious nature, he has occasionally expressed a playful side15). He has been known to take part in several kinds of games, being rather fond of tag, rugby, chess, and especially baseball. His favorite fruit is confirmed to be pineapple. 16) He enjoys the fruit as it most likely reminds him of his home.

In conclusion, Subject 17) #11710 is deemed extremely dangerous. He has shown cannibalistic tendencies 18), a sadistic nature and disposition towards extreme violence, and a propensity of lashing out with little provocation. Any interaction with Subject #11710 is to be taken with extreme caution. He is not afraid to kill or severely harm anyone. 19) Caution is to be exercised even when within the same area.

MI unknown
Shortened and introduced as KK
Looks to merely be a large human, though the weight and physical attributes put this into question.
A small measure beneath seven feet
The number has since changed since the last opportunity to measure him, possibly due to surveyor error or a change in his height since the last measurement.
6 metric tons, 22 pounds.
Let it be known, this is not a typo.
60 degrees Celsius
It has been recorded that he has reached temperatures of 1,200-1,500 degrees.
It was a small clip, and the ball was the head of one of his statues.
Or remotely,
Though several inflatable watercraft have been found upon investigating the beaches near AceHigh.
As well as various tropical fruits and pygmy pineapple trees
Ironically, his favorite fruit.
Please note that this does not mean he is playful. Do not make this fatal mistake!
A symbol of peace and hospitality in many cultures.
Contestant is incorrect
In the case of his siblings
Including his clan-mates and close friends, if pushed
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