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The Century Claymore

Being part of one of the newer traditions of the Island, this weapon is supposed to be used for two single tasks: The 100th Drive Kill, and the subsequent, although voluntary destruction of one's own statue.1)

The latter is due to fact that it was first given to Third - after her 99th meeting with the Improbability Drive - by K.K. Victoria2)3)4)5)6), who is commonly known to delight in this very action. The weapon, created from pitch black steel and far more than sharp enough to dice rocks, was not much later passed on to Lady Rosin, who was the holder for a bit longer time. This fell down a little when the sword failed to be passed7), first to Uncle Bernard, or to Chimental.

Current holder is Jade XXIV.

For The Hundredth.

Previous users

Be quick.
Who would regularly engage in firefights with his statue, or else resort to pummeling it bare-fisted, or with a hammer, or a baseball bat, or a crowbar or a. ..
Or throw in a few Russian mercenaries against a statue doing the same. . .
I didn't throw them, I charged with them. I threw grenades.
They got thrown. Whether by you personally or by the subsequent detonations is not relevant.
Fine! I threw one of them. He was trying to run away. Cowardly bastard, they were only dolphins armed with AR-15's!
Due to a bad case of feralism and memory loss.
Well, we assume he used it first, not for this exact purpose, but he probably smashed his share of statues with it.
February 28th. Did not destroy statue(s), 234 stone rodents were just too cute to slice.
She instead made it an one-day, using it to slash hundreds of non-stone rodents.
March 1st. Heck of a blast.
April 24th. Had to do some reconstruction.
A rather impressive affair, nearly as destructive as the tactical thermo-nuclear warhead he once used.
There was lots of gunfire. LOTS!
May 8th
He tuned the claymore to a frequency so fine that it disintegrated his statue. I thought it was pretty cool.
May 23rd
Killed Gorbert. Happy now?— Though it brought back his cane and Joker powers and involved a Carnival! CARNIVAL!
I wouldn't really say it was epic, or even really a battle. I just let it kill me.
June 19th, apparently a fast 100? Or at least from what people said to her. . . She wasn't really aware of it.
June 26th, a quick surge from 85 to 100. At least for him.
Used the Claymore and some magic to beat his statue. And a question on how you decapitate something without a body.
June 28th, to Jade's great delight - a century finally
Had to rescue her statue from an enormous clam before making it dissolve in various colored lights.
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