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The Victorian Siege

Act I. - One.


[06/06 12:08pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria and DO tear through the square, DO ahead of her brother, KK sliding rounds into the chamber of a .44. They sprint down the side road to the Compound Grounds. Panic is clear.

Compound - Grounds

[06/06 12:09pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria and DO sprint through the main gate. The guards are still there, though the weapons have safeties off. They are looking even more alert than usual, though they quickly let DO and KK through.
[06/06 12:10pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria races with DO, gripping his revolver so tightly his knuckles are white. DO's Sig Sauer 1911 is in her hand, primed. “What happened?” KK asks as they slow to the turn-about in front of the manor.
[06/06 12:14pm] Silvertooth DO Victoria looks at him, serious. “They cleaned the room already. She doesn't know.”
[06/06 12:15pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria nods as they enter the first floor of the Compound. The guards here are set with their safeties off as well. There is a sniper patrolling the third floor balconies.
[06/06 12:16pm] Silvertooth DO Victoria nods and follows close to her brother, setting her pistol inside her coat once more.

Compound - Manor

[06/06 12:17pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria enters the first floor, looking around. The Major looks at him worriedly from one of the side hallways. He motions for him to follow. KK hurries at a jog.
[06/06 12:17pm] Silvertooth DO Victoria follows closely, though she's already seen the scene.
[06/06 12:18pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria talks in hushed tones with The Major. “What happened?” “Three shots, suppressed, nine millimeter.” KK chews his lip. “Nothing else?” The Major is quiet for a moment.
[06/06 12:19pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria grabs his shoulder and jerks him back to face him. “Nothing else?” He demands. The Major sighs. “There was a carving.” KK swears silently.
[06/06 12:20pm] Silvertooth DO Victoria chews scratches the back of her neck as they continue on through, down several hallways, patrolled by soldiers with machine guns now.
[06/06 12:21pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria is led into one of the Dens. The door is guarded by a Soldier with a shotgun. The Major nods and the soldier salutes, opening the door for them.
[06/06 12:21pm] Silvertooth DO Victoria waits outside, standing opposite the guard with her back to one of the walls, looking at him. Both of their eyes are downcast.
[06/06 12:22pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria 's eyes widen. “She was found twenty one minutes ago.” He says quietly. KK takes a few steps forward, kneeling down next to an ashen white woman in a maid's uniform.
[06/06 12:24pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria 's Major continues. “Three shots. Two in the chest, punctured a lung and her heart, the last. . .” Is obvious, through her forehead, between her eyes. KK crouches over his once-maid.
[06/06 12:24pm] Silvertooth DO Victoria speaks quietly to the guard. “You found her?” The guard nods. “You did good, letting us know this fast.” The Guard nods again, obviously pained about something.
[06/06 12:25pm] Silvertooth DO Victoria holds her tongue, not knowing why he's so silent, but not wishing to either.
[06/06 12:27pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria looks to The Major. “Goes without say. Revoke keys, tighten security. Sniper watch everything.” The Major stands straight and salutes. “Yessir.”
[06/06 12:28pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria stands up. “And keep quiet. She can't know.” KK looks to him for a moment. “Get in cleaner. Tell him 'strip room.' Everything needs replacing.”
[06/06 12:28pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria 's Major salutes once more, turning on his heel and walking out with a brisk pace, speaking orders into the communicator in his collar. In seconds, two men with silver cases rush in.
[06/06 12:29pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria stands back to watch for a moment as the two men set about with various tools, cleansing everything. Four more men come in, and begin tearing up the carpet and removing the furniture.
[06/06 12:30pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria is about to leave as two more men with a stretcher come in. They carefully lift the woman onto it, and wrap a body bag around her, zipping it up. She's gone quickly.
[06/06 12:31pm] Silvertooth DO Victoria looks up as her brother steps out. “They found a V, with a line through it, carved into her stomach.” She says.
[06/06 12:31pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria nods. “Yes.” He says, walking past her.
[06/06 12:32pm] Silvertooth DO Victoria eyes her brother before looking in on the progress. The room is now barren, everything is gone, even the floorboards. More men come in, with supplies to replace and reconstruct the room.
[06/06 12:32pm] Silvertooth DO Victoria sighs. As far as everyone will say, nothing ever happened.

[06/06 07:27pm] Lady Lelila tosses fitfully in her sleep. She is upstairs, in the bedchamber - a mid afternoon nap that's gone on a few hours longer than she intended. Cants her head, still asleep, and winces.
[06/06 07:29pm] Lady Lelila 's breathing quickens, and suddenly she sits bolt upright in bed, clutching her chest with a very loud gasp. Her heart is racing, and she pants. . . she is afraid.
[06/06 07:31pm] Lady Lelila sits stock still for a moment, trembling slightly, tries to calm herself. She is still shaky as she pushes herself from the bed, a few minutes later. . . .What was that?
[06/06 07:32pm] Lady Lelila perches on the edge of the bed, concentrating a moment, trying to recall. What she felt, certainly, wasn't something of her own. Her mind must have wandered as she slept.
[06/06 07:34pm] Lady Lelila furrows her brow. It was most assuredly someone familiar. One last, firm exhale, and she makes toward the main stair. Descends the five flights quickly, pausing in the main hall. “. . .Kai?”
[06/06 07:36pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria is enveloped in his study, tearing through all kinds of various books and scribbling things down that look a lot more like he's mutilating the paper rather than writing on it.
[06/06 07:36pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria is too absorbed to really hear anything outside, rather than his own dialog through his head.
[06/06 07:39pm] Lady Lelila purses her lips, and reaches out to find him. Ah, there, the study. . . and. . . he is distraught. Her concern redoubled, she quietly pads to the doorway, peers inside. “Kai?”
[06/06 07:41pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria doesn't spare a look up as he drags a paintbrush across one of the pages of his books and then writes down some more calculations with his other hand. He grunts something to a response.
[06/06 07:43pm] Lady Lelila blinks. She gingerly crosses the room, halting just to the left of his chair. She looks down at him, brow furrowed once again. “Kai,” once more, this time a little firmer.
[06/06 07:44pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria snaps up, “Hm?” He asks, looking over at her. In front of him is a massive diagram, all hand painted and drawn on in multiple languages. All kinds of pictures and drawings that don't make much sense.
[06/06 07:45pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria sets both the pen and the brush down from both hands, looking up at her. “Love, what is?” He asks, concerned.
[06/06 07:46pm] Lady Lelila frowns very slightly. Several questions fight for attention, but the most base of them won out: “Is something. . . wrong?”
[06/06 07:47pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria nods. “Was presented with challenge.” He says, looking up at her with a small smirk. “Major posed question.”
[06/06 07:48pm] Lady Lelila holds his gaze for a moment, before nodding. “Mn.” Thinks for a moment of what she felt before. . . the familiarity. “Is Domino around?”
[06/06 07:50pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria nods. “Training grounds.”
[06/06 07:51pm] Lady Lelila nods again. “Kai. . .” she begins, but cuts herself short. Resists impulse to bite her lip. “. . .good luck with the Major's challenge.”
[06/06 07:52pm] Lady Lelila drops a swift kiss on the top of his head before turning toward the door. Her heels click across the main hall as she heads for the grounds.
[06/06 07:53pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria nods slowly, looking over to the small iron pot over his fireplace where he's melting some compound over an open flame. He chews his lip until the steps fade, thinking.

Compound - Grounds

[06/06 07:55pm] Lady Lelila emerges from the Manor, making a path toward the Training Grounds. She casts a look about for the familiar face she seeks.
[06/06 08:04pm] Silvertooth DO Victoria is fighting with the Major, both of them have knives in gloved hands, crouched low. The hits aren't checked, and the Major is bleeding from his side.
[06/06 08:09pm] Lady Lelila spots DO, and approaches, though gives a very wide berth to the fight. She winces slightly, but keeps her gaze trained on DO.
[06/06 08:33pm] Silvertooth DO Victoria and the Major are both quite alright. The Major may look human, but he's a lot more resistant than most. DO ducks a slash, coming around with a harsh palm into his gut.
[06/06 08:34pm] Silvertooth DO Victoria grins at the loud crack of his ribs, though The Major doesn't even seem to notice, instead taking the knife and slamming it down into DO's outstretched arm.
[06/06 08:34pm] Silvertooth DO Victoria 's display definitely proves that Victorian training exercises spare no one from anything.
[06/06 08:35pm] Lady Lelila flinches involuntarily at the sound, and immediately chides herself for it.
[06/06 08:36pm] Silvertooth DO Victoria twists her arm, jerking the knife from The Major's grip and then twists a leg around him, slamming him down onto the ground. There's a loud SLAM, and blood leaks from the back of his head.
[06/06 08:37pm] Silvertooth DO Victoria helps The Major back up, who touches his scalp, smiling. He examines his hand, which comes up remarkably dry. The blood in the dirt evaporates immediately.
[06/06 08:41pm] Lady Lelila tenses strongly, forces her shoulders to relax as the Major stands. See? He's fine. What are you getting worked up about? Steels herself, still watching Domino.
[06/06 08:43pm] Silvertooth DO Victoria is immediately on the ground once more with the Major, a knife at his throat, digging into the skin. “Never tapped out.” She warns. The Major grimaces, found out, and struggles.
[06/06 08:44pm] Silvertooth DO Victoria twists harder, almost to the verge of snapping a neck. The knife drips The Major's blood from the tip. The Major finally slaps the earth, giving up. “Fine! You win.”
[06/06 08:44pm] Silvertooth DO Victoria grins, releasing him and stowing the knife. Victoria training rules are until one gives, and they don't end until someone does.
[06/06 08:47pm] Silvertooth DO Victoria pauses, picking up the Major again and patting him on the shoulder. The Major grabs his chin and cracks his neck loudly, forcing it back into place. “Good match.” He comments.
[06/06 08:48pm] Silvertooth DO Victoria nods. “You too.” She then turns over to Lelila, knowing she was there during the match. “How goes, sister?” She asks, taking long strides over to her.
[06/06 08:49pm] Lady Lelila forces on a smile. She'd become distracted by the fight, and it takes her a moment to recall why she was here. “Well enough. . . I was wondering if I might have a word.”
[06/06 08:52pm] Silvertooth DO Victoria nods. The Major has already gone off to conduct exercises with other troops. DO breathes out a gust of yellowish smoke. “Out here fine?”
[06/06 08:53pm] Lady Lelila casts a glance around the training grounds - not a place she frequents - before nodding. “I suppose so.” She hesitates for a moment.
[06/06 08:59pm] Lady Lelila straightens. “I. . .” Hesitation. “What happened this afternoon?”
[06/06 09:03pm] Silvertooth DO Victoria laughs then leans in. “A challenge has been made.” She says, smirking at her.
[06/06 09:05pm] Lady Lelila bristles slightly, but hides it well. “Ah, you mean the one from the Major?”
[06/06 09:06pm] Silvertooth DO Victoria is quite serious. “Yeah. There was a fight between him and KK.”
[06/06 09:07pm] Lady Lelila watches Domino. “What happened?”
[06/06 09:08pm] Silvertooth DO Victoria looks at her with a raised eyebrow. “Well, there was a bit to it, and I don't really know exactly what happened, but there was a lot of swearing involved.”
[06/06 09:11pm] Lady Lelila breaths out slowly, before stepping closely to DO and speaking quietly. “Domino. . . I felt it. Your fear was so strong it broke into my mind while I was asleep.”
[06/06 09:13pm] Silvertooth DO Victoria is quiet for a moment. “That. . . That was about something else.” She mutters quietly.
[06/06 09:16pm] Lady Lelila leans a little closer, still, and peers up at DO. “Please, Domino,” she says, voice soft, “I could feel it from Kai, too. Please tell me what's going on.”
[06/06 09:18pm] Silvertooth DO Victoria looks at her, then sighs. “The Major was suggesting that we leave the island.”
[06/06 09:42pm] Lady Lelila does not grit her teeth, or set her shoulders, or indeed move at all. She buries. Glances back up at DO with a frown. “Oh. . . but, why?”
[06/06 09:46pm] Silvertooth DO Victoria is quiet for a moment. “The Major suggested that we leave the island, and that he leave you, for your own good. The last part was what really got to him.”
[06/06 09:47pm] Silvertooth DO Victoria takes a deep breath. “The Major brought up your safety, and how it'd be better for everyone if every Victorian here left. KK wasn't too happy about the comment.”
[06/06 09:51pm] Lady Lelila is quiet for a moment. “. . .He's right, of course,” she says softly. It pains her.
[06/06 09:54pm] Silvertooth DO Victoria is upon Lelila in a warm hug, much akin to that of KK's though she lacks the shoulders to completely encompass her. She's silent, for a while. “He's wrong.” She says in response.
[06/06 10:07pm] Lady Lelila exhales slowly, leaning into the embrace, letting her hold her. She pulls back after several long minutes, and smiles up at DO. “Thank you, sister.”
[06/06 10:16pm] Silvertooth DO Victoria smiles back at her. “Do you need anything else?” She asks, still keeping a hand on her shoulder.
[06/06 10:21pm] Lady Lelila shakes her head. “No, I'm. . . I'm alright.” She takes a step back, crossing her arms to hold her elbows. A breath, then she peers back up at her. “Are you?”
[06/06 10:43pm] Silvertooth DO Victoria bites her lip softly. “Yes, I'm alright.” She hugs her one last time before heading off towards the barracks manor to start more drilling.
[06/06 10:48pm] Lady Lelila watches her go, before letting her expression slide into one that is far more set. Her shoulders straighten as she heads back into the Manor.

[06/07 10:58pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria and The Major square off in the silver ring in the training grounds, both speaking in low guttural growls and rumbles, scattered with odd clicks and vocal intonations. They assume stances.
[06/07 10:59pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria is obviously bothered by whatever it is The Major is saying, though his stance is relaxed. The Major makes the first move, lunging forward with a readied fist towards KK's head.
[06/07 11:00pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria growls something in response to an apparent question while slamming his foot down on The Major's and then knocking his fist astray.
[06/07 11:00pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria follows up, a shot to the chest and then a slam to the back of The Major's head. He ducks with it, sidestepping to avoid and regain ground. KK is ready again.
[06/07 11:01pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria is still carrying conversation, despite their sparring and despite taking a full blow to the head that slipped past his guard.
[06/07 11:02pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria manages to use it anyway, grabbing his used fist and then slamming a knee into the Major's ribs, following it up by slamming his arm into The Major's neck, knocking him to the ground.
[06/07 11:03pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria picks up The Major again, still talking in low tones. They square off again, reassuming positions.
[06/07 11:04pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria starts this time, a flurry of quick jabs mixed with hidden slams of heavy hands. The Major manages everything with a simple, almost lazy ease before dropping to the ground and slicing out KK's feet
[06/07 11:05pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria drops to the Ground, though not before slamming his leg into The Major's to bring him down to KK's level. There's a system of grabbing, and he ends up in a lock, tapping the ground.
[06/07 11:05pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria picks himself and The Major up once again. It's a simple warm up exercise actually, which is why they're maintaining conversation right now. KK moves forward slow, neutral stance, uncommitted.
[06/07 11:09pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria is routed with a kick into his head which cuts him off in mid roar. The Major backs off, growling something in a response.
[06/07 11:10pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria picks himself up, refusing The Major's hand and standing back up. He glares at him. The next round starts. KK slams a fist into the Major's head, then jams an elbow into his gut.
[06/07 11:11pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria then bends his arms around him, lifting easily and slamming him back onto his front. KK is on top of him, a hand on his chin and the top of his scalp. “No.” He growls.
[06/07 11:12pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria 's Major shivers in pain, then taps out. KK releases him, standing up and walking off back towards the Compound. The Major stands up, then buckles, vomiting up blood.

Compound - Manor

[06/07 11:21pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria heads inside, eyes closed as he has his layout memorized. He knows easily what's what and where's where to get to one of the low light dens where a fire hasn't been prepared.
[06/07 11:21pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria frowns at the empty place. Usually Sara would've already had it prepared for him, knowing that this Den is one of his favorites when he's bothered by something. KK bites his lip, frowning.
[06/07 11:22pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria contemplates the fire, and lighting it. Then looks away and doesn't bother, leaning back into the large red chair in front of the stone place.
[06/07 11:26pm] Lady Lelila is in the library. A book is open on her lap, and she idly turns the page now and again. . . though she's not reading. Glances up as she hears a step in the hall.
[06/07 11:27pm] Lady Lelila sets down her book, moves toward the doorway to peer down the hall. Heels click as she glances in the adjacent den. She quietly stands in the doorway, watching KK quietly for a moment.
[06/07 11:29pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria reaches into his pocket taking out a pack of seldom used cigarettes. KK puts one to his lip, breathing out a wisp of smoke from his mouth and nose as he thinks, sitting there in a barely lit dark.
[06/07 11:34pm] Lady Lelila crosses the darkened room, slipping into the seat next to him in front of the cold hearth. Lets the silence reign for a moment.
[06/07 11:22pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria contemplates the fire, and lighting it. Then looks away and doesn't bother, leaning back into the large red chair in front of the stone place.
[06/07 11:35pm] Lady Lelila speaks quietly from her shadows, “Domino told me what the Major said.”
[06/07 11:38pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria breathes out a wisp of fire. The shadows along his features are long and deep before cutting out as the fire drifts to smoke and up to the ceiling. KK puts the cigarette back into his mouth.
[06/07 11:38pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria doesn't look at her. He couldn't see her anyway without reading thermals. “I said No.”
[06/07 11:47pm] Lady Lelila nods, then remembers the darkness. “Mn,” she says. She weighs her response. He's not wrong. He may have a point. This is all my fault. A slight shake of her head.
[06/07 11:59pm] Lady Lelila squeezes her eyes shut, blinks them back open. “Kai. . . Yesterday afternoon, before I came to you. . . I'd been asleep and Domino. . .” She flounders for words for a moment.
[06/08 12:00am] Lady Lelila tries again. “I felt Domino, in my sleep. Unbidden. A. . . a blast of. . . of fear. Something else happened.” Not a question.
[06/08 12:05am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria sighs, still looking at the fire and only lit up by whatever small wisps of flame that lift from his lips. “DO often has nightmare.” He says quietly, still wondering if he should light the place.
[06/08 12:06am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria still doesn't look back at her. “Had them entire life.” Sometimes they're much worse than others.
[06/08 12:12am] Lady Lelila frowns, looking toward where she knows he is through the dark. “So you mean to tell me she was asleep when I felt that?” Gently, she reaches out.
[06/08 12:14am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria breathes out some smoke. “DO was up for several days, endurance training RJ. She slept while.”
[06/08 12:16am] Lady Lelila narrows her eyes. “Was she asleep when I felt that?”
[06/08 12:17am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria shrugs. “I assume.”
[06/08 12:18am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria leans forward, breathing out a stream of flame into the fire, casting an illumination on just both the chairs and their occupants. KK's eyes are tired and look old. He hasn't slept much either.
[06/08 12:43am] Lady Lelila readies a retort but glances at him, now in the light. She catches the look in his eyes, and her expression softens. A thought crosses her mind: He does what's best for you, love. There is a reason.
[06/08 12:44am] Lady Lelila pulls herself up, and perches on the armrest of his chair, gently taking his chin in her hands. He glances up at her, and she leans down to rest her forehead against his.
[06/08 12:47am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria closes his eyes softly, breathing out smoke through his nose. “Lelila. . . I love you.” Comes soft words.
[06/08 12:49am] Lady Lelila lets her hands slip around his neck, and she nods, the movement moving his head slightly as well. “And I love you,” she responds quietly. Kisses him once, gently.
[06/08 12:51am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria reaches up with a hand to touch her cheek. His eyes open again, trained on hers, a dark and dying fire. “I will never hurt you.”
[06/08 12:53am] Lady Lelila nods again, a small motion. Eyes locked with his, “I know.” Absolute confidence, and not a single linger of doubt in her mind.
[06/08 01:12am] Lady Lelila holds his hand against her cheek for a long moment, before smiling at him, trusting. A kiss on his palm, and she slips from the chair, back out into the hall, leaving him alone with his thoughts.

Compound - Manor, bedchamber

[06/08 11:21pm] Lady Lelila is standing on a ledge, a barren rock face, and hot, dry wind whips around her. She is overlooking a desolate patch of land, and the two figures below are locked in deadly combat.
[06/08 11:23pm] Lady Lelila is breathing slow and ragged. Two figures, one of which she knows intimately well. The other moves like a shadow, large and dark and menacing, and she is unable to focus on his face.
[06/08 11:24pm] Lady Lelila winces as blows connect between the two, her nails cutting grooves into the palms of her hands as she clenches her fist. She can feel a drip of blood roll to her knuckle.
[06/08 11:25pm] Lady Lelila has no breath in her lungs as the one she knows - the one she loves - missteps just the slightest touch, and his foe is on him in a heartbeat. She squeezes her eyes shut, as a roar rents the air.
[06/08 11:28pm] Lady Lelila is afraid to open her eyes, afraid not to. Barely cracks an eyelid, just enough to see shadowed figure standing over a still and disjointed being, and blood, so much blood. [06/08 11:29pm] Lady Lelila feels her knees give way as a sound escapes her, a cry, a scream, and she is falling, and falling. . .
[06/08 11:30pm] Lady Lelila sits bolt upright in bed, her throat raw with the final dies of a scream. She clutches her hands into the sheets in front of her, breathing hard, eyes wide. She is disoriented.
[06/08 11:33pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria 's hands are immediately on her shoulders. He had been sitting on the edge of the bed, smoking. His pipe is still between two fingers, lingering white smoke. “Lelila!” He asks, voice of concern.
[06/08 11:36pm] Lady Lelila starts at the touch, before looking up at him, looking into his eyes for a long moment. A quiet sound, and she throws herself into his chest, wrapping her arms around him.
[06/08 11:37pm] Lady Lelila presses her face into his shoulder, quiet for a little. Quietly says, “. . .I had a bad dream.”
[06/08 11:39pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria is startled at the sudden embrace, but he manages not to spill the contents of his pipe, setting it down into the tray on the bedside instead.
[06/08 11:40pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria 's arms fall around her naturally, his lips near her ear. “What about?” He asks after a long minute.
[06/08 11:41pm] Lady Lelila is quiet. Parts of the dream are already slipping from her, as dreams so often do, but she tries to recall. “You. And. . . somebody. Somebody I couldn't see, the shadows were always hiding them.”
[06/08 11:41pm] Lady Lelila tries to keep a tremor from her voice. “And you were fighting. . . to the death. And. . .”
[06/08 11:42pm] Lady Lelila hesitates, and her voice cracks. “And you did not win.”
[06/08 11:45pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria looks down at her. A frown forms on his lips. His voice is low and slow. “Was it for you?”
[06/08 11:47pm] Lady Lelila shakes her head. “I don't know.” Thinks of who she knows the dark, shadowed figure must have been. “. . .Probably I think so.”
[06/08 11:48pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria 's arms tighten around her again. “Then. . . Is not so bad. . .” He says quietly.
[06/08 11:50pm] Lady Lelila pulls back a bit, so she can look up at him. Her expression is taken aback, and more than a little baffled. “. . .Not so bad?” she asks, tone a bit incredulous.
[06/08 11:51pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria still looks sad at it. “Have no objection, to die for you.” His mouth turns to a faint smile as she looks at him.
[06/08 11:53pm] Lady Lelila pushes back a little farther, to be able to look him square in the eye. “But you. . .” A pause, starts over. “Kai, if. . . if anything ever. . . happened to you. . .”
[06/08 11:53pm] Lady Lelila shakes her head, a small motion. “. . .I would not be able to survive it.”
[06/08 11:54pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria looks at her oddly. He doesn't understand.
[06/08 11:58pm] Lady Lelila watches his expression, bites at her lip. She doesn't understand how he couldn't comprehend. “You're my everything, Kai. . . how could I go on without you? I. . . I wouldn't want to try.”
[06/08 11:59pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria looks at her. “You would. . .” Kill yourself? The final two words aren't spoken, but the intonation of his voice only lead to them.
[06/09 12:02am] Lady Lelila is no longer meeting his gaze, as she fiddles with the hem of the bed sheet. She lets the unspoken question ring in the silent for a minute. “. . .Now that I've had you, I couldn't live without you.”
[06/09 12:04am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria 's heart stops. The thought of his death is something that he's been at peace with his entire life. His necklace is the constant reminder.
[06/09 12:05am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria bites his lip. That would mean that he would be responsible for her death. . .
[06/09 12:06am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria speaks quietly. “I. . .” His voice sounds older before it cuts from his mouth. He has nothing to say to that concept. It would be his fault. . .
[06/09 12:10am] Lady Lelila still will not meet his gaze, but she slowly pulls herself back into his arms. Her voice comes out soft, delicate like a thing easily broken, barely audible, “. . .Please don't ever leave me, Kai.”
[06/09 12:13am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria nuzzles her cheek with his. Now he couldn't live with himself if he did. He couldn't live without her. “Will never leave. . .” Comes with faint reply.

Improbable Central

[06/11 10:18am] Silvertooth DO Victoria walks in with her Brother from The Compound, tugging at her hair with her fingers and trying to remove knots. They're both talking idly about something.
[06/11 10:19am] Silvertooth DO Victoria and KK stop at his usual bench and sit down.
[06/11 10:19am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria reaches into his coat, taking out his pipe. There's some fiddling with a flask before he pours some black liquid in, then lights it. KK breathes deeply before passing it to DO, who thanks him.
[06/11 10:21am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria nods quietly. “How is he doing so far?”
[06/11 10:21am] Silvertooth DO Victoria takes a deep breath. “He's not taking it seriously enough I suppose. . . He's idling a lot of men and opting instead to hunt himself.”
[06/11 10:22am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria nods. “He likes hunting.” He comments. DO nods. “Any else?”
[06/11 10:23am] Silvertooth DO Victoria takes a long drag from the pipe before passing it again. “I think I saw someone new today.”
[06/11 10:23am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria 's upper lip, right at the scar, twitches. He raises an eyebrow in question, accepting the pipe, but tapping it out and pocketing it once more.
[06/11 10:27am] Silvertooth DO Victoria nods, reaffirming. “From NewHome.” He relaxes a little. Must just be some new contestant. “He had a pistol with him already.” They take all your weapons from you. . .
[06/11 10:28am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria visibly tenses once more. “Where is now?” He asks quietly.
[06/11 10:29am] Silvertooth DO Victoria sighs. “I lost him after a few hours. He smells like sulfur.” KK's jaw clenches. “We're going.” DO nods. “I'll get my guns.”
[06/11 10:29am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria is already across the square by the time DO gathers her jacket and catches up. They're in the Compound in short time.

Compound - Grounds

[06/11 10:34am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria and DO enter through the main gates. KK moving at a brisk pace, DO jogging to catch up. “Start high, I start low.” KK orders. DO nods in agreement. They rush to the Compound manor.

Improbable Central

[06/11 10:40am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria and his sister jog back in. She's carrying a heavy caliber rifle. KK is armed with an M16. They're about to break when KK grabs her shoulder.
[06/11 10:41am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria whispers something low to her. She tries to object, but KK's look stops her. She nods, then grips the rifle and sprints off North. KK takes a breath, turning about and heading South.

New Home

[06/12 05:44pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria heads through the outpost, eyes alert and checking everyone unfamiliar. There's an M16 at his back. He moves off into the jungle, smelling the air.
[06/12 05:51pm] Silvertooth DO Victoria comes sprinting through, taking the same path her brother took earlier. She's armed with an M14, holding it with white knuckles. “Shit shit shit shit. . .” She breathes, following to the jungle.


“No, I finished it.”
“Yes. Nothing.”
A sharp click and an electronic chirp and the communicator goes silent again. A tall man stands in a clearing, a pile of cigarettes at his feet, all of them unlit and unsmoked. He digs in his hoodie front pocket for a moment, searching past something metallic sounding before taking out a small pack of cigarettes. The man sets it to his lip, breathing out a light stream of smoke from his mouth, eyes softly closing while trained toward the canopy of trees above.
‘Five minutes.'
The man slouches against a tree, crouching down and pulling his hood over his head, still breathing smoke.

There's a purposeful snap of a twig. The man is instantly in cover, silent beneath a camouflaged blanket to blend in with the thick layer of leaves and twigs of the jungle floor. There's another snap, much closer. The man doesn't fumble beneath the blanket, quietly snapping a new clip into a silenced 9mm pistol. There's a muffled clink beneath his gloves.

“Out!” A sharp, commanding voice. “Smell you, know you're here.” KK steps through the clearing, his coat catching on an imposing root. KK's red eyes are trained on the man beneath his cover. KK's left shoulder has a strap running down, connected to the stock and barrel. A black leather glove holds a death grip on the handle.

There's a rustle, though KK doesn't make any move to acknowledge it. The man steps out, standing straight up, pulling his hood further over his head. “Afternoon Sir.” He says mildly, touching two fingers to his forehead in a mild salute. KK's lip twitches, and he returns the gesture. “Afternoon, MN.” KK responds. “I'm surprised yo- -” KK cuts him off with a held up hand. “Shut up.” He orders. MN stops, blinks. He wasn't really expecting such an abrupt end to their little conversation. “You killed my maid.” KK says. MN nods simply. “Yes I did.”

“I'll kill you.”

There's a harsh click, as both of them immediately dive to the one side. KK took his cover behind the stance of a large oak. His brother took his across the clearing, behind a felled Maple lying on its side. There's silence for a moment. Even the birds and the wind stop. KK crouches, pushing his back up against the tree, just as support at first. Then more strength is applied. Before even the roots begin to groan under KK's weight, he reaches out his arm, holding the M16 with one hand and belting off a few rounds. The sounds echo through the jungle, and birds scatter. KK retracts his arm quickly, though it's bleeding now. Managed to hit twice. KK growls, wiping the blood across the base of the tree. The acidic property begins to hiss as it eats away at the wooden trunk.

MN is laying on his side, completely obscured by the tree. If even a fraction of his body is showing, it's nearly guaranteed that it would be shot. KK is a much better soldier than he is, but he only has to last four minutes and thirty eight seconds longer before he gets reinforced.

KK doesn't bother suppressing his brother any further. The shots had no intention of hitting him, though the smell of iron and sulfur is pungent and clear in the air. KK can tell that it's not just his. It was only to cover the groan of roots. The blood was enough to eat away at most of the trunk. Now it can be done quickly.

KK takes a step back, exposing himself a bit to fire. His shoulder gets pushed back as a bullet ripples through and his arm readjusts as it gets thrown off by another round. KK ducks quickly, avoiding another bullet, holding his rifle with both hands and with his right shoulder a little ahead of the other, right foot in front. There's no time spared, the muscles in KK's legs bulge as he smashes his shoulder into the trunk of the tree. There's no pondering. The tree smashes to the ground, crumbling over the horizontal Maple that MN was using as cover. KK's claws dig into the trunk as he scales it on its way down, gripping with his feet and tearing off the bark. His mouth parts to reveal fangs at the sight of a wide-eyed MN.

The muffled snipe of silenced gunfire echoes out as KK leaps into the air, absorbing another two shells before landing on a prone MN. KK's left foot lands on MN's arm, and there's a harsh snap as it collapses to the ground, dropping the pistol to the dirt in a clatter. KK's opposite leg smashes its knee into MN's ribcage, and there's another horrid snap as three of the hollow bones break. The muscles of MN's chest are being pushed against his internal organs, and he feels a bubbling in his throat. MN's mouth opens and he coughs out a mass of blood, spit, and bile. KK's eyes close instinctively, to protect themselves, but KK wastes no time with the distraction. His hands wrap around MN's neck, claws digging into the side of his neck and drawing blood, puncturing the thin veins in that vulnerable area. MN's voice is a gurgle, and his yellow eyes are wide. He was never raised for fighting to the degree that KK was. MN was an assassin. Quiet movements, camouflage, lies, and deceit. He barely stood for more than a minute against KK.

KK understands completely that MN is wanted alive. He's also a bit clouded with the fact that MN killed Sera, who was one of KK's favorites and always had everything out for him when he got home. KK's hands tighten, remembering her body, and he spits out a string of growls and foreign words before tightening his grip even further, wrenching the life out of his brother. KK's teeth clench and his eyes are bright. He rears back his head, oblivious to the knife stabbed into his chest by MN's unbroken arm. KK's head comes crashing down as his hands bring MN's head upwards to meet it.

The jungle is met with one, much louder crack, almost akin to that of a gunshot as KK's forehead meets his brother's face, then another as MN's skull splits open on the rock beneath them on the recoil. KK's hand pins down his neck while his other draws back, striking across MN's already broken cheek bones and nose. The eyes are bleeding around the sockets, the skin of the forehead is split, and MN's mouth is held shut by claws pushing up against his jaw as they strange him. Blood leaks against the rock, dissolving it with a harsh hiss. KK rises slowly, satisfied that his brother is down and not getting up.

No. Not enough. KK backs away for a bit before raising his foot, smashing it down on the knee of MN. He attempts to scream with blood drowned lungs as his leg splinters inwards and the white of bone is shown through rended skin. KK is not done. KK raises again, slamming down against his other leg, cracking the bones of MN's leg into splinters that pierce the inside of his muscles and body. Blood is forming in a pool about MN's body, and KK is covered in his family blood.

Still not done.

KK pushes the stock of his rifle to his shoulder. His fingers tighten about the trigger before closing, injecting twenty seven shells into MN's already concave torso. KK breathes out a gust of smoke. He's shaky, not from nervousness, nor from tire. But from that rewarding feeling of served revenge. KK grips the barrel of the rifle raising it above his head like a club. His arms pull down, the hardened metal aimed for MN's head.

There's a sharp crack, and KK is stopped. He looks up, over at DO, who is beneath his rifle with her own, using it to block the blow. KK blinks, recalling his force against her and bringing back his rifle.
“Stop, KK.” Comes a commanding tone. “You're done for today.”
“No,” KK responds, grabbing DO about the collar and lifting her up, thrusting her away like she was nothing more than a bothersome jungle branch blocking his path. He raises the rifle again.
“Think about Lelila!” DO shouts, eyes a bright yellow with her own anger. “We can torture him and execute him in the Compound. But we need to get something out of him!”

KK stops, growls loudly. There's no verbalized assent, but KK agrees. He reaches into now blood soaked coat pocket, taking out a black handkerchief. He wipes it against his face, pushing the bile and blood from his eyes. KK pockets it once more before shouldering his rifle and picking up the helpless body of MN, throwing him over his shoulder like he was nothing more than a bag of rice, despite the man's silent protests against the rough treatment.

It will be enough soon. KK'll carve out his throat and crush his skull after they're finished.

Improbable Central

[06/12 05:54pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria moves through the square, eyes a bloodied red. He's injured, shot several times in the arm and once through the shoulder. Even has a knife handle still protruding from between his ribs.
[06/12 05:56pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria is carrying someone over his shoulder. A tall and lanky man wearing a black hoodie and a pair of cargo pants. The man is absolutely soaked with blood around his legs and face.
[06/12 05:56pm] Silvertooth DO Victoria flanks her brother, her rifle stowed at her back. She's a distance away, about twelve steps behind, eyes trained on the vacant and swollen eyes of the body over KK's shoulder. Her mouth twitches.
[06/12 05:56pm] Silvertooth DO Victoria speaks up as they walk. “How do you feel, Kai?” She asks, cautiously.
[06/12 05:57pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria 's eyes slowly wander over to the man on his shoulder. “Good.” He says quietly, ignoring the blood that's dripping over the cobbles and onto his coat.
[06/12 05:58pm] Silvertooth DO Victoria chews her lip, wincing slightly at the way the man's shattered legs just dangle there like he never had bones. “Of course.” She says quietly as they turn to the pathway to the Compound.

Compound, Grounds

[06/12 06:14pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria moves through the front gates. The two guards salute as they normally do, but stiffen at the sight of KK's hostage. “Get Yavi. Basement.” “Yessir.” KK moves past, steady paced.
[06/12 06:15pm] Silvertooth DO Victoria stops in front of one of the soldiers. “Set men aside to watch the sky for the next few nights.” “Yes Ma'am.” DO nods, then jogs to catch up with her brother.
[06/12 06:17pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria 's Soldier looks to the other across from him, taking a deep breath. They both know what's going to happen for the next few weeks. They'd be excited if it wasn't Victorias.

Compound, First floor

[06/12 06:22pm] Lady Lelila is sitting alone in the darkened den, the fire from the hearth throwing her features into sharp relief. A knitting project lies forgotten in her lap, too dark in here to see it anyway.
[06/12 06:25pm] Lady Lelila has her chair slightly turned, glancing from the corner of her eye toward the front entryway to the manor on occasion, watching the tight pacing of the guards coming and going. She sighs quietly.
[06/12 06:27pm] Lady Lelila feels ragged. A tense and nervous aura has surrounded the men recently, and it is wearing on her mind, compounded her own fears and nerves. She shifts in her chair, a movement of shadow in the dark.
[06/12 06:30pm] The main door opens up slowly, KK moves through, a strong grip around the body's middle. DO is behind him, moving out and then looking around for a moment.
[06/12 06:33pm] Lady Lelila catches movement from the front door, and glances. Her hands instantly claw into the arms of the chair, and she freezes all movement, watching with widened eyes.
[06/12 06:33pm] Silvertooth DO Victoria starts, “Kai!”
[06/12 06:35pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria could already feel movement. In one move he slams MN down to the floor, cracking open his freshly healed skull once more, spreading blood across the wooden floor.
[06/12 06:36pm] Silvertooth DO Victoria is around MN's arm, trying to force his fingers open as he screams loudly through the front entrance. DO whips out a knife, stabbing it directly through MN's wrist, pinning it to the floor.
[06/12 06:37pm] MN screams again, losing control over his hand, his fingers loosen. DO wrenches open the fingers with a loud snap, grabbing a jet black grenade, keeping a finger on the clutch.
[06/12 06:38pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria growls, smashing MN across the face again, rebreaking the poorly healed bones of his nose. “Fucking move again.” He warns holding up a finger. “I'll rip out throat. Verstehen?”
[06/12 06:39pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria growls at the lack of quick response, picking up MN's head and smashing it against the floor. “VERSTEHEN?!” He roars. There's a meek movement of MN's head in assent. KK picks him up again.
[06/12 06:39pm] Silvertooth DO Victoria growls something in a low language before heading out the front door to the blasting range to allow the grenade to detonate in safety.
[06/12 06:40pm] Lady Lelila leans back farther into the shadows of her armchair, expression completely unreadable through the dark. Her fingers are still gripped tightly on the arms, still, and tremble once.
[06/12 06:40pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria 's mouth twitches and he grunts a response, carrying the now limp body of MN through the hallway. Two men fall in with him, carrying shotguns at the ready.
[06/12 06:46pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria moves to the elevator lifts. Yavi is waiting with folded arms behind his back. “Least he's alive.” KK grunts, moving into the elevator first with MN over his shoulder.
[06/12 06:46pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria 's Major waits a moment until the elevator comes back empty to go down himself. There wasn't enough room before with both KK and MN inside.
[06/12 06:49pm] Lady Lelila slips silently from the den. Her skin is far paler than normal. She crosses the front hall to peer down the hallway they went down, lips pressed into a thin line.
[06/12 06:54pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria comes back up in the lift, slipping out of his coat, now thoroughly soaked with a crusting brown blood. KK's gray shirt is black from the wound in his side, and his arm is still healing back.
[06/12 07:02pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria looks down as he turns out of the elevator, walking down the hallway. He sees the handle of the knife, the hilt pressing against his skin. Didn't feel that deep. . .
[06/12 07:04pm] Lady Lelila starts to call out to him, but halts. She feels like her heart is hammering against her chest. Shakes her head slightly, before stepping quietly into the hall. “Kai,” she says, just loud enough.
[06/12 07:05pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria pulls the knife out of his chest, annoyed that it stuck into a rib just as she calls his name. He turns to look at her, closing the knife and snapping it like it was a twig.
[06/12 07:09pm] Lady Lelila takes another step forward, subconsciously assessing his injuries. Silly, really, she knows he'll be fine. She glances toward the elevator door before looking back to him, eyes betraying her fear.
[06/12 07:12pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria turns and looks at her, pocketing the remains of the switchblade. His expression is. . . As blank as it's ever been.
[06/12 07:15pm] Lady Lelila closes the distance of the hall between them, hands still trembling as she moves. The closer she gets to him, the worse off he looks. She cannot refrain a wince.
[06/12 07:17pm] Lady Lelila hesitates to a halt a few feet from him. “. . .Please,” her voice is infirm, “Please tell me what's going on.”
[06/12 07:19pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria 's eyes soften a little. He takes a deep breath before flopping down in the middle of the hallway, propping his back against the wall. He looks up at her expectantly,then at the vacancy next to him
[06/12 07:21pm] Lady Lelila nods, a small movement, before slowly sliding down the wall next to him, knees near her chest. She looks quite small and pale, tucked against the wall.
[06/12 07:26pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria sits there next to her for about five minutes of silence before opening his mouth to talk. “Man is MN Victoria.” He starts quietly. “Mitchell Nu.”
[06/12 07:27pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria looks at the plain wall opposite him. “Six days ago, Sera, maid, was shot and killed here.” He says quietly. “Mitchell did it.”
[06/12 07:29pm] Lady Lelila glances sharply up at him, unnerved. “Here. . . you mean, in the Compound?”
[06/12 07:32pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria points across the hall. Five doors down from the one across them.
[06/12 07:37pm] Lady Lelila feels her blood chill as she follows the line of his finger. “Darling Sera. . .” she murmurs, and her brow furrows. “But. . . he. . .” She bites her lip. Too many questions, all at once.
[06/12 07:37pm] Lady Lelila asks, quieter, “A. . . brother?”
[06/12 07:39pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria nods. “48th Generation. He's. . . 241.” KK says. “Raised like DO was.”
[06/12 07:42pm] Lady Lelila is silent for a moment. “. . .But why? Why is he here? Why Sera?”
[06/12 07:44pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria chews his lip, then puts an arm around her. The blood around him has long since dried now, so there's no chance of it hurting her. “Prove that he could.”
[06/12 07:52pm] Lady Lelila 's brow furrows. “But wh-” She halts mid-thought, and she feels as though her blood has frozen. “. . .Did he send him?”
[06/12 07:54pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria has been gnawing on the inside of his mouth for the entire duration. He waits a while before simply nodding in response.
[06/12 07:57pm] Lady Lelila 's frame trembles with a shudder, her hands clenched into fists in her skirts. She is staring straight ahead, at the opposite wall, and she is very pale. [06/12 07:58pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria pulls her closer to him. He speaks to her in a very low whisper.
KK's voice is hushed into her ear. “I promised I would, I will. I won't let him, anyone. I swear by blood and life.”
“I love you. I won't let anything happen.”
[06/12 08:03pm] Lady Lelila feels something ease within her chest at his quiet words, and she nods, with a short exhale. She rests her head against his shoulder, ignoring the dried blood, resting an arm over his chest.
[06/12 08:08pm] Lady Lelila glances toward the elevator door. A question crosses her mind, What are you going to do with him?, but she realizes she does not want to know. Instead, softly, “What are we going to do?”
[06/12 08:17pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria takes a deep breath. “Fight a war.” He says quietly after a very long moment.
[06/12 08:22pm] Lady Lelila absorbs this answer for a moment, nodding very slowly. She shifts her head on his shoulder, so she can look up at him. “. . .Alright.” Her tone has a confidence that surprises her.
[06/12 08:23pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria 's Major rises up from the elevator. He doesn't leave the cage, he merely nods to KK.
[06/12 08:24pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria takes a breath reaching into his pocket and taking out a simple black quick-load cartridge for a .32 revolver. It's loaded with well shined silver plated bullets, each custom made.
[06/12 08:25pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria hands her the cartridge. “Phosphorus rounds.” He says simply. “Work better.” KK stands up, helping Lelila up afterwards and drawing her into a kiss.
[06/12 08:26pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria hand falls on her cheek and his fingers move a stray curl from her eyes. “I promise.” He whispers quietly, leaning forward and brushing his lips against hers.
[06/12 08:30pm] Lady Lelila lingers over the kiss, leaning her face into his stained palm with eyelids closed. She feels the weight of the black, engraved revolver in her pocket - with her since the day he gave it to her.
[06/12 08:32pm] Lady Lelila opens her eyes, to meet his gaze.“I know,” she says, tone quiet. “I trust you,” So, so implicitly. Her grip tightens around the cartridge, and she nods.
[06/12 08:33pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria kisses her one last time before walking towards the elevator once more, his hand lingering warmth at her cheek for a few moments after he's gone.
[06/12 08:36pm] Lady Lelila stands in the hall for several very long minutes after he leaves, hands closed around the cartridge, staring at the elevator door. Eventually opens her fingers to look down at the silver bullets.
[06/12 08:37pm] Lady Lelila straightens her shoulders ever so slightly, then turns on her heel back toward the darkened den.

[06/13 06:34pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria rises up from the elevator. He shivers quietly, turning out and walking down the hallway. It took a while, MN was well fueled before he came, but KK got it all out.

[06/13 08:19pm] Lady Lelila stands quietly in a shadow just outside of the elevator's hallway. Briefly peers down the hall, making quick observations. Three guards: one on either side of the elevator, and one facing it.
[06/13 08:25pm] Lady Lelila releases a slow breath, closing her eyes as she opens her mind. A bit of reconnaissance first. Gently reaches out, testing. Minds far stronger than other soldiers she's encountered, but nothing
[06/13 08:27pm] Lady Lelila is unable to handle. She focuses inward for a moment, before delicately slipping a small dose of unfocus into their minds. She peers around the corner as she does so, watching their gazes slip.
[06/13 08:28pm] Lady Lelila waits a moment longer, before emerging into the hall and approaching the elevator. All three guards are in a rather daydream-y kind of a daze, slightly slack jawed with faraway looks in their eyes.
[06/13 08:33pm] Lady Lelila barely spares them a glance, as she pulls open the brass gate to the elevator and steps inside. Her thumb hovers over the buttons for a moment, as she considers. . . then presses B2. Worth a shot.
[06/13 08:44pm] Lady Lelila feels her nerves pricking at her as the elevator descends, but she does her best to ignore them. Clasps her hands to keep herself from fidgeting, as the elevator comes to a smooth stop.
[06/13 08:45pm] Lady Lelila exits the elevator, finding herself in a long hall. Dark gray cement, lighted by harsh overhead fluorescents. None of the plush of the upper floors exists here in the Armory.
[06/13 08:56pm] Lady Lelila begins slowly down the hall. Both walls are lined with rooms, closed behind heavy steel-gray doors, mesh-enforced glass windows allowing a view into each as she passes. Many are dimly lit, some dark.
[06/13 09:03pm] Lady Lelila 's heels click loudly in the concrete hall as she walks. Something catches her eye in one of the rooms, and she immediately regrets it. Strange devices, cold and black and pointed and oddly twisted.
[06/13 09:05pm] Lady Lelila shivers. Blood, and large amounts of it, on the floor of the room, sprays of it on the far wall, on the tools and chains scattered about the room.
[06/13 09:06pm] Lady Lelila tears her eyes away, shaking, and walks quickly past. After that, she only glances through the windows long enough to see if the room contains a living being.
[06/13 09:07pm] Lady Lelila has nearly reached the end of the hall, and is beginning to think he isn't here at all. . . when she pauses by one of the windows.
[06/13 09:10pm] MN is far in the back of one of the rooms, illuminated by a single industrial lamp. He's chained to a large system of iron and cement. Large, thick links run in locks around his arms and legs.
[06/13 09:12pm] The chains are wrapped three times about each limb, obscuring the calve and the forearm from view. The chains also wrap around MN's torso and around his neck.
[06/13 09:13pm] MN is breathing heavily, and he looks a lot more skeletal than he had before. Any mass of fat on his body is now completely gone.
[06/13 09:14pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria forced MN to burn any fuel he had by essentially freezing him and forcing his body to make up for the drastic change in temperature until he couldn't sustain it anymore.
[06/13 09:16pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria then had The Major go to work, slicing out veins and arteries and bleeding him out. There's a grate on the floor, crusted with blood. The edges of the iron are partially burned away.
[06/13 09:17pm] MN is obviously having difficulty breathing and he coughs loudly, and a mess of orangish, blood stained bile seeps out from an iron muzzle snapped around his face.
[06/13 09:23pm] Lady Lelila feels a thrill of fear as her eyes lock on him, despite his beaten and broken state. Her mouth is dry, and she wants to run, as far as she ever could, away from him. She clenches her fists.
[06/13 09:29pm] Lady Lelila turns the bolts on the heavy door, willing her hands not to tremble. A moment's hesitation, before she pushes the door open. A small step, and she is just inside the doorway, one hand on the door.
[06/13 09:34pm] MN's left eye lazily rolls up and dilates a moment before training on Lelila. His right is swelled shut and is probably not even working. There's a choking sound before MN can speak. “h-Hell-o.”
[06/13 09:35pm] MN doesn't attempt to struggle against the chains. Less for the fact that he cannot break free anyway, and more for the fact that the barbs lining the inside will dig into his neck more.
[06/13 09:38pm] Lady Lelila watches him carefully, glancing over him once before setting her chin, returning his gaze. “Hello, Mitchell.”
[06/13 09:41pm] MN makes a harsh noise and his chest has difficulty keeping a level state, it takes a moment before it's obvious that he's laughing. “You. . . Come to rescue me?” He asks.
[06/13 09:42pm] MN's mouth opens to grin from behind the muzzle. He's missing most of his teeth. They're all in a pile on a metal table on one side of the room, along with a hammer and a drill.
[06/13 09:48pm] Lady Lelila chuffs slightly, a dry sound against the unforgiving, rough walls. A muscle in her jaw flinches, and she still feels flighty, but she doesn't look away from him.
[06/13 09:51pm] MN growls a little at her, though it's painful to do and he stops quickly. “You, errr” He coughs loudly, more blood spills from his muzzle. “Like big guy. . . Quiet. No wonder.”
[06/13 09:54pm] Lady Lelila does not flinch in the slightest as he coughs, her expression neutral, as though cast in stone. She shakes her head slightly. “No, not particularly.”
[06/13 09:56pm] MN is a little too disoriented for this. Stress on his lungs might make him pass out again until it can heal up and then get punctured again when The Major gets back.
[06/13 10:00pm] Lady Lelila holds her silence for a minute more. Her voice is quiet. “. . .How many more will he send?”
[06/13 10:01pm] MN makes that same noise earlier. A broken laughter. “He's coming.” He responds, his voice clearing up a little.
[06/13 10:06pm] Lady Lelila 's breath catches as she feels a stab of fear, like a knife between her ribs, the icy sensation spreading instantly through her body. She knows she betrayed her fright in her expression.
[06/13 10:39pm] Lady Lelila tries to give him a confident look, but it is not convincing. “You're. . . lying.”
[06/13 10:45pm] MN doesn't respond, but his left eye seems to widen, still trained on her. His grin spreads to the edges of the muzzle, the corners of his mouth receding into obscurity behind the heavy iron.
[06/13 10:54pm] MN's grin doesn't let up. “Four days.” He says simply, allowing his head to relax a bit. In a few moments, his eye dilates again, and he passes out. His eye is still wide open.
[06/13 11:08pm] Lady Lelila watches him grow still, before releasing a short and shaky breath. Cold fear is still pricking her as she sweeps quickly from the room, bolting the door behind her and taking the hall at a run.
[06/13 11:10pm] Lady Lelila pulls the elevator shut behind her, stands panting for a moment. Exhales loudly, trying to clear her mind so she can reach the guards. A far more concentrated effort for her this time, but
[06/13 11:12pm] Lady Lelila grasps out for them, slipping them back into a daze as the elevator begins to move. She glances at them as she emerges in the hall - her hold is shakier this time.
[06/13 11:16pm] Lady Lelila gives a final look to the elevator door before turning and sprinting down the hall, mind buzzing a quiet white noise of nerves. Turns the corner toward the main stair, and suddenly
[06/13 11:16pm] Lady Lelila collides with something large and solid. The guards behind her immediately fall from their reprieve as big arms catch her.
[06/13 11:18pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria 's voice is cold. “What did you do.” No question. Demand.
[06/13 11:24pm] Lady Lelila pulls away from the grip on her on instinct, but freezes when she hears his voice. Her breath is still coming short, and she doesn't want to meet his gaze. “I. . .” Her voice is small, frayed.
[06/13 11:25pm] Lady Lelila falters “I. . . wanted to see him.” She wants to pull away, she wants to bury herself in his chest. She stands still.
[06/13 11:26pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria isn't going to ask again.
[06/13 11:33pm] Lady Lelila winces, still looking away. “I. . . I went to him. I t-talked to him.” Trembles, once again, and she feels a prick of tear at the corner of her eye.
[06/13 11:35pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria 's hand forces her to look back at him. His eyes are that normal shade of red, but are as solid as they've ever been. “What did he say.” Again, no question.
[06/13 11:41pm] Lady Lelila fights an impulse to run. . . not that she could get away if she tried. “He. . . he said. . .” Shakes her head. “He told me he was coming. Soon.”
[06/13 11:43pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria takes a deep breath, closing his eyes. His mouth twitches and his eyes open. There's a low growl as he releases Lelila and walks down the hall to the elevator.
[06/13 11:44pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria is behind the brass cage quickly, and in a few seconds, he is gone.
[06/13 11:47pm] Lady Lelila wavers slightly, surprised by the sudden release. She doesn't turn, but she hears the closing of the elevator behind her. A blank expression as she stares straight ahead.
[06/13 11:52pm] Lady Lelila feels something inside her begin to break down, and the tears threatening her flow in earnest. No sobbing, no sound as she leans her back to the wall, sinking down to sit. Just a blank stare.

Compound - basement

There's an eerie silence in the main hall of the armory, interrupted by only the faint click of well polished dress shoes on the cement floor. KK has his hands in his pockets, and his back straight. His eyes are half opened, and not an ounce of smoke is rising out of his mouth. He walks down past twenty one rooms, getting to where he keeps MN.

He unlatches all the doors before pushing it open like it is absolutely no hindrance. MN is wide awake, looking at his brother from behind barely opened eyes. KK ignores the knife in his shoulder, and his eyes barely seem to register that MN had managed to get out of the binds around his left arm. MN chuckles a little insanely. “Hel-” KK cuts him off, taking the throwing knife out of his shoulder. “Just for that.” KK says quietly. “I'm taking your arm.”

KK steps across the floor, his shoes making crunching noises against the dried and crusted blood gathered from hours prior. MN is still in a wide grin. “I almost had her Kai, almost. Few more seconds, an-” KK jams the knife between the links around MN's neck, slicing through to his spinal cord.

KK's voice is quite calm, as his eyes follow a trickle of dark blood down the black iron chains. “Shut the fuck up.” He orders, placing a hand on MN's shoulder. The other wraps around the joint of his elbow. KK's eyes are half-lidded, and his mouth is straight.

There aren't many sounds that are enough to make one physically cringe and shiver. There are fewer sounds that are enough to make the light of stomach sick. Even less that'll turn the brave to cover their ears. One of those few sounds, is the tearing of muscle, skin, bone, and joint, mixed with the screaming of a victim through lungs that have been shredded with glass and bits of metal shrapnel.

It doesn't take KK long before he's holding a dripping limp limb that was once connected to MN's shoulder. KK's eyes fix on MN, who is streaming bloodied tears through his eyes, whimpering like a beaten dog. Blood is pouring down his side and pooling on the floor. “I'll be back in hour, take your right.” KK says, dropping the already cold limb into a puddle of drying blood.

The heavy grinding of metal is heard once more, and KK bolts the door shut again.

Ace High

[06/14 07:18pm] Lady Lelila wanders aimlessly into the square, out from the jungles from the south, on a walk with Jaeger. Her expression is rather blank, and her mind seems elsewhere as they stroll.
[06/14 07:19pm] Silvertooth DO Victoria 's voice cuts through the quiet streets of AceHigh. “Lelila!” Her pace quickens to a jog to catch up to her. As usual, there's a machine gun strapped to her back, dangling at her side.
[06/14 07:22pm] Lady Lelila starts at the sound, turns to face her. Manages an unconvincing smile as she approaches. “Evening, sister.”
[06/14 07:23pm] Silvertooth DO Victoria slows down before she reaches her and now walks along side. She scratches the puppy on the head a moment before looking back to Lelila. “You shouldn't be out alone like this.” She says quietly.
[06/14 07:25pm] Lady Lelila frowns, a pang of guilt in her eyes for a moment. “I. . . I know. I'm sorry,” she says, softly. A bit louder. “Have you seen Kai?”
[06/14 07:26pm] Silvertooth DO Victoria shakes her head. “Not since this morning, no. He's been in the basement with MN and Yavi all day.”
[06/14 07:29pm] Lady Lelila winces, with a small shiver. “Mmn,” she says noncommittally. A hesitation. “Was he. . .. did he seem. . . okay? Kai?”
[06/14 07:32pm] Silvertooth DO Victoria thinks for a moment, then shrugs. “It's not like him to skip breakfast, but he was his usual I suppose.” She can see Lelila's bothered, it's scrawled all over her face. “Something wrong?”
[06/14 07:33pm] Lady Lelila 's response is quiet. “I think he's quite. . . upset at me.”
[06/14 07:34pm] Silvertooth DO Victoria blinks and her concentration breaks a little. “Why you think that?” KK's never been angry at Lelila, as far as she knows.
[06/14 07:35pm] Lady Lelila glances up at DO briefly, before staring fixedly at the ground. “I did something. . . rather rash.”
[06/14 07:38pm] Silvertooth DO Victoria looks at her. “Can't be that bad.” She says simply, eyes wandering over the roofs of the AceHigh buildings. She's subconsciously searching for things out of the ordinary.
[06/14 07:39pm] Lady Lelila hesitates a long moment, before practically whispering, “I went down to see MN.”
[06/14 07:39pm] Silvertooth DO Victoria stops, then grabs her shoulder, turning her to face. “You what?!”
[06/14 07:41pm] Lady Lelila winces - at herself, not DO's actions. Lets her eyes flick up to her face, for just a moment. “. . .I. . . I know. Told you it was rather rash.”
[06/14 07:42pm] Silvertooth DO Victoria lets her arms drop from her shoulders. Her yellow eyes look away for a second and then back to her. “What the fuck where you thinking?”
[06/14 07:44pm] Lady Lelila averts her gaze again, watching as Jaeger inspects a bench across the square. “I. . . I needed to see him, Domino. See his face. Look in his eyes.”
[06/14 07:45pm] Silvertooth DO Victoria is still in shock. “W..Why?”
[06/14 07:49pm] Lady Lelila is silent for a moment. Her brow furrows. “I. . .” Small shake of her head. “I have nightmares, Domino. I am afraid. I. . . I don't know what he looks like, or anyone else for that matter. . .”
[06/14 07:50pm] Lady Lelila continues, with a slightly shuddering breath. “People that want me dead, people that hate me. . . they're all shadows in my mind, personless beings haunting my sleep.”
[06/14 07:51pm] Lady Lelila looks back up at Domino, an expression almost like pleading in her eyes. “I needed a face for my fears.”
[06/14 07:52pm] Silvertooth DO Victoria understands that at least. You're imagination will run wild if it isn't presented with reality. “Lelila. . . Did you have to go alone though? Something could've happened and. . .”
[06/14 07:54pm] Silvertooth DO Victoria looks back at her. “If something happened to you, He'd lose it. He'd leave and go back to the Main House or something and get killed!” DO's eyes soften a moment.
[06/14 07:54pm] Silvertooth DO Victoria bites her lip. “You're not the only one that cares about him. . .”
[06/14 07:59pm] Lady Lelila looks away again. Her voice is no louder than whisper. “. . .I know. I'm sorry.” For everything. For all of it. Her hands curl into fists at her sides.
[06/14 08:01pm] Silvertooth DO Victoria takes a deep breath. She didn't mean to snap like that. “Here, come here.” She says, drawing Lelila into a hug. “It's okay, it's done but you're fine and so is he, so it's fine.”
[06/14 08:04pm] Lady Lelila leans into Domino, with a long sigh. “It's fine,” she echoes quietly. She is still frowning as she pulls back. “I don't know what to do about Kai.”
[06/14 08:14pm] Silvertooth DO Victoria frowns down at her. She has no idea either. DO thinks back hard, wondering about something. Her eyes slip closed and she takes a deep breath.
[06/14 08:17pm] Silvertooth DO Victoria opens her eyes again, then looks at Lelila. “Remember when you did that thing, with the wind? Can you read people's thoughts like that?”
[06/14 08:21pm] Lady Lelila starts severely, and immediately looks a bit uncomfortable. Her voice stays rather low. “Um. . . not. . . exactly. Feelings, not thoughts.”
[06/14 08:23pm] Silvertooth DO Victoria blinks. “Seriously? What's he looks like now?”
[06/14 08:32pm] Lady Lelila considers. “I haven't seen him since last night. He. . . I ran into him, as I was coming up from the armory. . . but he was. . .”
[06/14 08:35pm] Lady Lelila frowns. “Angry. To be sure. A pointed anger. . . I do think that one was aimed at me. And hatred, broad and widespread. And. . . some whispers of shame.”
[06/14 08:36pm] Silvertooth DO Victoria looks at her oddly. “Re. . .Really? At you?”
[06/14 08:43pm] Lady Lelila sighs, rubbing her hands across her face before raking her fingers through her curls. “. . .Yes. Anger, with a hint of fear.” Her hands drop back to her sides.
[06/14 08:45pm] Silvertooth DO Victoria sighs, taking her arm and keeping her walking. “He doesn't want to lose you.” She says simply. “And you could've killed yourself if you weren't careful. . .” She looks at her. “I'd be angry too.”
[06/14 08:48pm] Lady Lelila nods, quiet. Jaeger as ambled back over to them, trotting along contentedly next to Domino as they walk. After a bit, Lelila breaks the silence. “What should I do?”
[06/14 08:54pm] Silvertooth DO Victoria sighs. “I. . . I don't know. He's only talkative to you, so maybe you should sit him down?” She breathes out a heft of smoke. “Hell, I dunno. . .”
[06/14 08:56pm] Lady Lelila crosses her arms, holding her elbows. “Mmn, I suppose I must.” Heaves another sigh. “What a mess.”
[06/14 08:58pm] Silvertooth DO Victoria chuckles quietly. “We are a messy family.” She says, though her eyes betray the hollow laughter. It isn't very funny.

Compound, Manor

[06/14 09:36pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria sighs heavily. He reaches out through the miniature leaves, careful with some heavy leather gloves so his body temperature doesn't screw up the rather delicate plant.
[06/14 09:37pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria is humming softly, peeling back some of the plant to reveal the miniature fruit. He smiles faintly before moving down the row to the next plant.
[06/14 09:40pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria ignores the beeping sound and ignores the water from the sprinkler system that comes after it. As it touches his skin it evaporates in seconds, heading back up into the down pouring mist.
[06/14 09:51pm] Lady Lelila steps out onto the fourth floor balcony, slowly approaching the greenhouse. Her hand hesitates on the handle, before pulling it open and stepping in, into the fine mist.
[06/14 09:52pm] Lady Lelila nears KK, but stops a few feet away from him. Her arms are across her chest, holding her elbows, and she looks small. Nervous.
[06/14 09:54pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria looks over to her before turning his attention back to the pineapples. He looks completely dry still. “Hallo Lelila.” He says simply, loud enough to be heard over the hiss of the sprinklers.
[06/14 09:57pm] Lady Lelila is damp - top of her shoulders, her skirts, darkened from the water, but she ignores it. “Hello, Kai.”
[06/14 10:01pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria is quiet while he picks at the next one. It's ready. With a very firm twist, he pries out the fruit from the plant with his fingers, setting it on the table behind him.
[06/14 10:04pm] Lady Lelila watches him work, silent for a moment. Opens her mouth to speak, hesitates. “. . .I'm sorry.”
[06/14 10:09pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria doesn't look at her, just keeps working with his plants, taking a delicate care to not to damage the tiny fruit.
[06/14 10:18pm] Lady Lelila winces against his silence, and something pangs within her. “. . .Okay,” she says softly, stepping back. An ache in her chest brings a pricking sensation to the corners of her eyes, and she blinks.
[06/14 10:22pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria takes a deep breath out his nose, and a thin line of smoke drifts up into the mist above them. He sets the little pineapple next to the other, then turns back to the next plant.
[06/14 10:26pm] Lady Lelila turns back to the door. The dampness on her face from the sprinkler hides any tears. She pushes open the door, but pauses briefly in the doorway.
[06/14 10:27pm] Lady Lelila doesn't turn her head, and her voice is barely above a whisper. “Happy anniversary.” Her shoulders hunch as she crosses the balcony, and sweeps back inside the house.
[06/14 10:30pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria doesn't look up as he hears the door close behind her. His fingers tighten around the edge of the metal table. His eyes are downcast and his fingers are trembling ever so slightly.
[06/14 10:30pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria doesn't swear. He doesn't yell, growl, or roar. He's silent as his fingers tighten around the table.
[06/14 10:31pm] CRASH
[06/14 10:32pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria closes his eyes, breathing out a gust of smoke, watching the table of pineapple plants fall the four stories to the ground. The pots break, the fruit is crushed and the dirt is scattered.
[06/14 10:33pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria 's footsteps splash against the thin layer of water on the greenhouse floor as he walks out the glass door on the opposite side of the greenhouse.

The Caverns

[06/15 04:47pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria 's cat's eyes open immediately at the first muffled sound of boot against ash. She rolls off of her back in the small carved crevice deep in the caverns and begins a slow pace up towards the main.
[06/15 04:47pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria 's Cat stops suddenly, yellow eyes wide. Two men and two women are inside. One of them is carrying two large ammunition crates. All of them are armed, and all have bright red or yellow eyes.
[06/15 04:48pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria 's Cat edges backwards, silent by her nature. She can hear some hushed growling and some scattered words as orders are given and things are setup. They've commandeered a command post.
[06/15 04:49pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria 's Cat makes her way through a thin tunnel, dug out to deposit on the other side of the cliffs. She has to warn KK.

Compound, Manor

[06/15 07:07pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria looks up at this news. “What?” “Not a thing sir. She's been in the knitting room, and she refuses to come out. We've put food in front of the door for her, but it's been untouched.”
[06/15 07:08pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria stands up suddenly. The maid jumps back a little as his chair pushes back and knocks against another desk directly behind him. “She say anything?” He asks.
[06/15 07:09pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria 's Maid shakes her head. “Faust has been in there with her.” KK visibly relaxes a bit at this information, but edges around her and moves at a brisk pace anyway.
[06/15 07:11pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria 's shoes clack against the newly fixed entryway floors. They needed it after KK broke some of the paneling a few days ago. He keeps moving, ignoring the passing salutes of passing soldiers.
[06/15 07:12pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria jogs down the long hallway to the edge of the Compound where the knitting room is. The door is opened by a posted guard and he looks around the main room first. Two soldiers are inside. They salute.
[06/15 07:13pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria eyes then and lets out a breath. He feels something at his hand and looks down to see Brand looking back up at him. KK rubs his head for a moment. He's been outside her room this whole time. . .
[06/15 07:14pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria then looks to the two soldiers. “At ease.” He says quietly. They salute, gather their weapons and quietly head outside, though they do not stray too far from the knitting room.
[06/15 07:15pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria then turns back to the door, seeing a silver tray with the meal that he made earlier. It wasn't much special, but to see it go uneaten is always a shame. . .
[06/15 07:17pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria takes a deep breath, letting out a gust of gray smoke. His hand moves into his pocket a moment, reassuring himself before reaching out again and tapping a gentle knuckle against the oak door.
[06/15 07:20pm] Lady Lelila 's footsteps can be heard approaching the other side of the door. “Mary, I already told you, I'm just not hungry.” Her voice sounds tired, strained, even through the wood of the large door.
[06/15 07:21pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria 's voice is muffled through the panel of the door. “Not Mary.”
[06/15 07:23pm] Lady Lelila is apparently silent for a moment - no sound from the other side of the door, at any rate. After a minute, a quiet click, and she slowly pulls open the door.
[06/15 07:24pm] Lady Lelila is standing partway behind the door as she holds it open for him. Her eyes are shadowed, she looks as though she may not have slept.
[06/15 07:27pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria looks at her. His eyes have that same sunken property. He didn't either. He holds up the silver tray. “Please, eat.” He offers quietly.
[06/15 07:34pm] Lady Lelila glances up at him, briefly, before flickering her gaze away again. “Okay,” she responds quietly, taking the proffered tray.
[06/15 07:35pm] Lady Lelila moves across the room to sit on the wide couch, tucking her legs beneath her and setting the tray on her lap. She does not move to pick up the utensils immediately.
[06/15 07:36pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria walks in. He looks over to the tray and frowns. “Hold on. . .” He says quietly, reaching out and touching the metal plate with his fingers. There's a brief spark and the surface glows red a moment.
[06/15 07:37pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria lets go after a few seconds, taking a few steps back and sitting in the armchair across from her. He looks over to the dying fire and reaches for a log, tossing it inside and stirring the cinders.
[06/15 07:42pm] Lady Lelila stirs around her salad with her fork, prods a potato. Her stomach is churning, and the thought of food is not very appealing, but she takes a small bite.
[06/15 07:44pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria watches her for a moment, reaching his hand back into his jacket pocket. He closes his eyes and lets out another breath of smoke.
[06/15 07:52pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria pulls himself out of the chair to pad silently across the carpet. He's careful and he gently sits down next to her, keeping his gaze lowered, occasionally flickering over to the fireplace.
[06/15 08:01pm] Lady Lelila shifts her weight slightly as he sits, still shifting her food around, occasionally eating a little. After several long minutes, she briefly glances over at him.
[06/15 08:07pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria reaches over and takes a sliced cube of potato from the plate. His eyes turn back to the fire as he chews slowly. KK didn't eat much either. . .
[06/15 08:11pm] Lady Lelila 's gaze flicks away from him with his movement. With a soft clink of silver on dish, she offers the tray to him.
[06/15 08:22pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria doesn't take the tray, instead taking another bit of potato and holding it near her lips.
[06/15 08:25pm] Lady Lelila starts back a bit, setting the tray down between them and taking the potato from him with her fingers. She sighs. “Please, say something.” Her voice is very soft, as she watches the fire.
[06/15 08:31pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria thinks for a long moment, opening his mouth every few minutes but closing it again for lack of something to say. He stumbles for a moment, and his mind is bearing a mass of shame. “I am. . . Sorry.”
[06/15 08:33pm] Lady Lelila lets her eyes linger on the carpet for a moment longer, before looking up to him. “You? But, I'm the one who. . .” She stops. “For what?” Her tone is still quiet.
[06/15 08:36pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria reaches into his pocket. “Shouldn't have to worry. Is unfair to you, to deal with this.”
[06/15 08:41pm] Lady Lelila mentally reassesses the situation. Not a response she was expecting. “Darling. . .” Her voice has a bit more confidence. “I knew what I was getting into when I chose you.”
[06/15 08:42pm] Lady Lelila leans forward a bit, in attempt to catch his gaze. “Being yours is worth every moment of risk that comes with it.”
[06/15 08:44pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria bites his lip. As much as that touches him to hear, it's painful to know what he is doing to her and putting her through. Weather she is fine with it or not.
[06/15 08:45pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria takes his hand out of his pocket. “Is not happy anniversary, but can try to have anniversary.” He says quietly, setting a long black box, about ten inches by four in her hand.
[06/15 08:48pm] Lady Lelila looks at the box in her hand, with a mild surprise. She glances back up at him, with a soft and small smile, her first one in days. She works the lid off the box gently.
[06/15 08:51pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria had worked on the gift a while ago. He messed up on the original design so many times, but KK had wanted it to turn out without the slightest imperfection that wasn't there by his own hand and want
[06/15 08:52pm] The box is padded with a white silken cushion, protecting the extremely fragile contents inside. Shining in the faint firelight, is a near transparent dark red rose.
[06/15 08:54pm] Lady Lelila stares at the rose, as one transfixed. Very carefully, she lifts the delicate object out of it's box.
[06/15 08:56pm] It is near impossible to tell otherwise, but as soon as her fingers wrap gently around the stem, it is obvious. KK created and fashioned a perfect rose completely out of glass.
[06/15 09:00pm] Lady Lelila turns it delicately in her fingers, watching the way the firelight glints through the fragile petals of the rose. “Oh, Kai. . . it's. . . it's absolutely perfect.”
[06/15 09:01pm] Lady Lelila looks back up at him, another tear pricks at her lashes as she smiles at him, warmly. She carefully places the rose back in it's box, so she can wrap her arms around his neck.
[06/15 09:03pm] Lady Lelila leans her head against his shoulder, and says softly into his jacket. “Thank you.”
[06/15 09:04pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria allows her to drape her arms about him like that, and says in a quiet tone, “Anniversary.”
[06/15 09:06pm] Lady Lelila notes the lack of the familiar feel of arms wrapped around her back, and she straightens. Another glance at the rose brings a smile to her lips again, though.
[06/15 09:07pm] Lady Lelila reaches into the pocket of her skirts as she looks up at him. “Could I please see your dog tags for a moment?”
[06/15 09:09pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria blinks, moving back a bit from beneath her arms to get beneath his collar. His fingers snap the clasp out and he hands her the set of two brushed and bland steel tags. One has a hole in it.
[06/15 09:12pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria looks at her oddly, his scarred eyebrow raising a moment, then reaches out and hands her the round beaded chain and the two tags.
[06/15 09:15pm] Lady Lelila takes the dog tags from him with one hand, as she retrieves the object she was seeking from her pocket. In her palm is something silver and flat.
[06/15 09:15pm] A smallish, coin-shaped charm, a bit smaller than the dog tags Resembles a Catholic saint medallion, with an image of a guardian angel fashioned onto the surface. Female, face uplifted.
[06/15 09:15pm] An inscription curves below the figure, Latin. 'pectore meus vobiscum.' On the back, words have been etched, clearly by hand. A very familiar, curvy script: Always. ~L.
[06/15 09:17pm] Lady Lelila threads the charm onto the ball-chain, and it chinks against the dog tags Leaning forward, she reaches around his neck to re-clasp the chain.
[06/15 09:21pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria takes the new necklace, examining the coin. He reads it a moment, inspecting the inscription. “My heart is with you.” He says quietly. His claw traces the indent in the coin. He looks back up.
[06/15 09:27pm] Lady Lelila smiles at him. “Always,” she reaffirms. During war. During battle. Always.
[06/15 09:30pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria examines the coin again, holding it up. He kisses the back of it, where she inscribed upon it before tucking it back beneath his shirt to rest against the battle scars over his heart.
[06/15 09:32pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria looks at her again, over the edges of his glasses. He hasn't anything to say, as he knows that she knows. Shame and anger are pushed back. Love and pride are center stage.
[06/15 09:35pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria 's hand reaches out, resting on the back of Lelila's head and bringing her towards him so their foreheads touch. KK's eyes look on hers for a moment before they close and his lips press against hers.
[06/15 09:42pm] Lady Lelila holds the kiss like it were a delicate and cherished thing, her hands on his shoulders. After a minute, she pulls back slightly, rests her forehead in the crook of his neck.
[06/15 09:43pm] Lady Lelila is quiet a moment, and her next words are soft. “I'm. . . so sorry, Kai. For the other day. Please. . . please tell me you forgive me.”
[06/15 09:46pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria nods. “You could've been killed. . .” He says quietly. “MN was out of chains when I went down. He had knife. . .” KK sighs heavily. “If stayed for seconds later, you would be dead. . .”
[06/15 09:49pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria wraps his arms around her to prevent her from pulling back from him. “But I would do same. . .” He says quietly. “I can't blame.”
[06/15 09:54pm] Lady Lelila shifts closer to him, curling against his chest. “I know. It was so foolish. . . Please,” she repeats, “Tell me that you forgive me.”
[06/15 09:59pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria rubs her back softly, his claws lightly pressing through the fabric to her skin. “I forgive you.” He whispers quietly.
[06/15 10:09pm] Lady Lelila exhales, feeling a tension she's been holding in her chest for the past days release. She slips her arms down from his shoulders to wrap around his chest, pressing her palms against his back.

Compound, basement

“You sure you want it done like this?”
“It is an order, Yavi.”
“Yessir.” The Major quiets his objections. They've done enough to him, he's barely alive anymore. It seems almost excessive to go so far as to even make his execution painful. But it is not his place to question KK's orders, nor is it his place to question KK's way of doing things. He has fought alongside him for years now, and he is well aware of KK's style, and he hasn't ever judged him for it. He was bred to do what he does, and he does it perfectly.

- -I walked in first, with the quiet clink of every Finger against another. I wore a special brown apron that went down to my ankles and wrapped around my neck and lower part of my face in a sort of shield. It is customarily used for those that work closely with the Victorias but lack their usual heat resistance. The purpose of the Kevlar apron was to protect my own skin against any blood that may still have any of the usual acidic properties that Victorias usually possess from the different forms of fuel that they regularly assimilate. I requested it merely as a precaution, even though KK had assured me that he had forced every bit of fuel he had out of him a few days ago. That wasn't something that I wanted to witness, and I am quite thankful that Kai had allowed me to opt out of the experience.

-I stood watching, my eyes trained across the room as Yavi sharpened each one of his Fingers against the whetstone on one of those cold metal tables that we had set out. I was dead set on Mitchell, and he was to me. His brown skin was already quite pale by now, and his eyes were the empty brown color that they reverted back to when he had burned off everything that he had. I had seared his left shoulder shut after I took his arm, just so he wouldn't bleed to death, though the loss of his bodily fluids already took a massive toll on his health. I knew he was hoping that someone was watching out for him, and his body was in much worse shape than I thought it was. There isn't any more fight left in his body. He knows that he is going to die. All that he can hope for is that it is over quickly. All I can hope for is that it isn't.

- -He didn't struggle as I lifted him from the rigging, taking down the chains and lowering him onto the gurney on which we'd begin the operations. He is much lighter now. MN is smaller than KK, by quite a lot. Nominal weight may check in at around four thousand pounds or so, two tons. Now, I would wager he was nothing more than a hundred and eighty. KK really did starve him down here.

It seemed unnecessary to have to chain him down again. The poor man couldn't move even if he wanted to. KK insisted. MN is one of those who fight dishonorably. His caution is warranted. But it is almost pathetic to see a starved man tied down and just waiting to die. I shot a look to KK. His eyes were trained on the near corpse now strapped to the gurney. His hands are folded across his chest, and he's leaning against a wall, rubbing his mouth and releasing that plum of exhaust every once in a while.

I stood over MN, looking down at him while he looked up at me. His eyes almost begging that I just draw a blade across his throat and kill him. I would, if KK wasn't watching. I walked to his left side, touching the hilt of one of my digits. A long, thin bladed knife. Silence as I drew the metal out, pressing the point to MN's chest, a few inches beneath his throat. I applied more pressure, feeling the blade puncture his skin, then began to draw the blade down his front, all the way to his waist. I could sense MN's body tensing as best as it could, and I could feel the muscles clench beneath the skin, but he didn't make a sound. I raised the knife again, holding it above his right pectoral and pulling it across to make a perpendicular incision with the vertical line down his middle. I matched it with another on his lower half, making a capital ‘I' shape. The next tool wasn't one of my own. It was an electric bone saw, one with a circular blade at the end of the handle. I plugged it into the hanging outlet above me and turned it on, tracing a cut down the vertical line. White dust picked up, forming a cloud around MN as I worked, slicing through his rib cage. MN's eyes were still trained on KK, and KK was staring right back.

It took a few minutes before I was finished and had to open him up. The cut through his breast plate was big enough that I could wedge my gloved fingers through and get a grip around the hollow bones.

MN screamed as I pulled on either side. The bones creaked loudly and finally snapped against my pressure. Blood leaked down to the top of the gurney from his sides where the skin tore. I could see MN's internal organs now, held open by his own ribs. Their anatomy is quite different then mine and my anatomy is quite different from most humans. There are general similarities however. Most organs generally serve similar functions, though they lack several, some are much larger, and some exist that don't in humans. I stopped a moment, watching the pulsing lumps of complicated biology move about with their usual processes. It was disturbing to watch, as the body didn't seem to mind how exposed it really was. I looked over at KK, whose eyes were alight at seeing the insides.

I waited a moment, taking a deep breath before I selected the next digit. It was a long and thin serrated blade with teeth on both the top and bottom and around the tip. I held the blade over a large pulsating sac of bright red. It had tendrils of yellow veins running through it. I remember KK showing me once before, a long time ago, bits about their anatomy. This was what was called the Place. It was something that KK had warned to never touch or puncture. The place is where chemical compounds are assimilated and turned to fuel. It is very tough for the most part, but it is also highly dangerous and possibly explosive depending on what compounds were ingested by the subject.

I traced the knife over to a set of four organs, all connected to a single pipe that gathered with another seven pipes at the throat. These were essentially their lungs. With a careful hand, I began to saw, slicing two of the organs out from their nestled positions towards the top of his body. I set them aside on a bare metal table. MN's breathing troubles immediately doubled, and the two remaining organs quickened in pace to make up for the slack. The next thing I began with was an odd circular organ. It wasn't sure what it was for, but its movement was minimal, so I began to slice the tendrils and veins holding it down. MN screamed loudly, struggling to find the breath to supply it. His were on the verge of giving out, and I think that was what he wanted.

He could damn Gaia all he wanted for making their bodies so resilient. He wasn't going to die any time quickly. I moved the blade to the next organ, drawing a second shorter bladed digit to puncture and slice quickly to remove things with the help of the saw. MN cried out in pain, his words divulging into nothing more than roars and growls. KK's eyes were cold as he watched my work. I couldn't read him from the quick look I stole, but I do not think he was enjoying being audience.

I continued on, carving out different organs all in succession, starting with those of the least importance but the greatest benefit to his biology. MN was losing his voice, and it wasn't long before I removed the organ that vibrated against vocal chords to allow speech. It was much larger than a human's, as I recall. It had to account for the echoing roars that they were capable of, and the low growls that frequented their speech. It did not halt his attempts in the slightest. MN continued trying, straining his mouth and throat and trying to develop some kind of sound to express his pain. His swollen eyes began to water, wetting his face as I worked. I wasn't long before he couldn't support himself any longer. The rhythmic pulsing of the oversized eight chambered heart ceased eventually, finally gracing Mitchell with whatever solace he may have gathered in death.

I looked up, seeing KK. He lifted himself from the wall, walking across the room to examine the body and the removed organs. He turned to me.

“Give me moment.” I said quietly. Yavi immediately left the room, turning away from the window facing in. I stood over my brother, looking at his wide black eyes. “I do not blame you.” I said quietly. “Do not blame me.”

I reached to my side, wrapping clawed fingers around a long and smooth wooden handle. I raised the hatchet above my head with one hand, slamming it down against the metal gurney. The crack of his spinal cord was muffled with the slicing of his throat and all the skin and muscle in between to really sound out. I reached over, separating the head from the body and then placing my hand over the top of the neck. A harsh hiss filled the room and some smoke lifted up where I burned the wound closed. I repeated the treatment on the base of the head as well so the blood would seal inside.

I walked over to the metal sink, rinsing my hands clean of the dark maroon blood, then turned towards the door. Yavi was leaning against the wall to my left as I walked out. I stopped.

“Drain the blood, remove remaining organs. Skin the corpse, then remove the bones. Cremate everything else. Save the head.”

- -I nodded at his order. I would get a few of the medically trained soldiers to assist me with the preparations of the body. “Yes sir.”

KK left me alone in the hall, covered in the foreign blood of his brother.

Compound, First Floor

[06/18 08:50pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria and his Major arrive with the usual ping of the elevator. KK looks over to him, speaking on a low tone. The Major nods, tucking a box beneath his arm and walking the other direction.
[06/18 08:51pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria adds after he begins. “No message, just get rid.” The Major nods, setting off at a jog through the halls.

Act II. - Four.


[06/18 11:18pm] Lady Lelila catches Merlin in a hug, kissing hear on each cheek. “Do have a good night, darling. . . Sometime soon we ought to have a picnic up at the Vineyard, hm?”
[06/18 11:20pm] Merlin gives Lelila a tight hug in return. “Yes please. I feel like we haven't really talked in a while.” She picks up the tea cups and the plate of cookies.”Everything going well?”
[06/18 11:24pm] Lady Lelila smiles, but. . . it falters, a little. Her hand tightens slightly on the back of the armchair she's standing by. “. . .I don't think I could truthfully say yes to that, love.”
[06/18 11:28pm] Merlin gently sets the stoneware back on the table and looks toward Lelila. “Did something happen?” she frowns slightly.
[06/18 11:33pm] Lady Lelila bites her lip, stepping around the chair to sink into it. Where to even begin? “Um. . . Kai's family? . . .Doesn't like me very much.” Heavens. Understatement of the century.
[06/18 11:33pm] Lady Lelila frowns. “They, er. . . disapprove of our marriage. And. . . they. . . er.” Her brow furrows as she looks at Merlin.
[06/18 11:35pm] Merlin 's brow furrows. “But, Domino. . . she likes you.”
[06/18 11:37pm] Lady Lelila nods. “True, Domino does like me. But. . .” Another hesitation. “His family is large. And. . . powerful. And. . . she is in distinct minority, insofar as that fact.”
[06/18 11:39pm] Lady Lelila sighs, resting her elbows on her knees and rubbing her face. “It's all such a mess, Merlin. They. . .” A pause, and her voice is much quieter. “. . .would quite like to kill me.”
[06/18 11:40pm] Merlin freezes. Her eyes widen. “what?”
[06/18 11:42pm] Lady Lelila presses her eyes against her palms. Responds with another sigh, perhaps a slight shudder to it. “They're soldiers, Merlin. And mercenaries. And. . . and strong and violent and want me dead.”
[06/18 11:43pm] Lady Lelila looks back up at Merlin, and her eyes look tired. “He wasn't supposed to marry someone like me. He's in trouble for it, and now two are dead and it's all my fault-” a choked sob, and she winces.
[06/18 11:47pm] Merlin leans over and takes Lelila's hand. “I. . .” She shrugs and squeezes Lelila's hand. “It's not your fault, though..”
[06/18 11:50pm] Merlin is at a loss. These things only happen in stories. . . don't they?
[06/18 11:51pm] Lady Lelila clasps tightly to Merlin's hand, shaking her head. “No, it is. Sera. . . He killed her, took her life, just to make a point. . .” A short, shuddering breath.
[06/18 11:53pm] Lady Lelila doesn't make eye contact. “More of them will come, I'm sure of it.” She glances over at Merlin. Her voice is quiet. “. . .I'm scared.”
[06/18 11:55pm] Merlin whispers. “But you have KK. and Domino. . . And all of us.” She takes a deep breath. “We are here for you.”
[06/19 12:00am] Lady Lelila flickers through several emotions at once, before catching Merlin in a very tight hug. A few hot tears roll down her cheeks, onto Merlin's shoulder.
[06/19 12:00am] Lady Lelila whispers tightly, “You don't know how much that means to me, love.”
[06/19 12:03am] Merlin returns the hug fiercely. “It's what I'm here for, remember?” she whispers.
[06/19 12:06am] Lady Lelila sighs, eventually releasing Merlin. “I. . . truly ought to be going.” She tries to give her a confidant smile. She does not quite succeed.
[06/19 12:07am] Merlin nods, “Hold on a minute. . .” She heads toward the bookshelves, searching.
[06/19 12:10am] Merlin returns with a small enamel box and hands it to Lelila who opens the tiny latch and looks in. A collection of eggshells, multi-coloured fill the box.
[06/19 12:13am] Lady Lelila laughs, a true and genuine sound, as she takes the box. She gently shifts through the shell remains, smiling fondly. “That was a very good day.”
[06/19 12:15am] Merlin gives Lelila another hug. “Remember them. . . The good days. It's how we get through the not so nice ones.” She pulls back. “Thank you, for telling me.”
[06/19 12:17am] Lady Lelila returns the hug, tightly. “Thank you for listening, dear. . . And reminding me. I'm not alone.” She kisses her cheek, before slipping out into the evening.
[06/19 12:20am] Merlin hums a small tune as she cleans, a song she had written quite sometime ago. Her voice can be heard echoing through the cottage, 'A help, a hurt, but through the pain,The bonds are woven tighter. . .“

Compound, First Floor

[06/19 10:36pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria 's Major sits quietly in one of the sitting rooms, a book in his lap and a large bearded knife on the coffee table in front of him. He's reading over a thin pair of glasses.
[06/19 10:42pm] Lady Lelila strides past the entry of the sitting room, making toward the main hall. She pauses for a moment, doubling back to the doorway. She smiles, peering in. “Good evening, Yavi.”
[06/19 10:43pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria 's Major immediately closes the book and sets it aside, standing up to greet the mistress of the household. He bows respectfully. “Good evening Miss Victoria. I trust you are well?”
[06/19 10:46pm] Lady Lelila shrugs, with an easy smile. “As well as to be expected.” She glances up at him. “Yourself?”
[06/19 10:47pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria 's Major sighs. “Likewise. KK has made some harsher orders, though of necessity. I understand that he'd only ever ask of me what he needs.” He offers a friendly smile.
[06/19 10:49pm] Lady Lelila nods. “Mmn. He does everything he does with good reason.”
[06/19 10:51pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria 's Major nods. “Sometimes his actions end to excess, but he believed it necessary, and that was enough for me.”
[06/19 10:54pm] Lady Lelila nods once again. A quiet moment, before she glances back up to him with a smile. “Would you like to go out for a bit, Yavi? I've been feeling rather cooped up in the Compound recently.”
[06/19 10:56pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria 's Major smiles. “Of course Miss.” He leans down, marking the page in the book and then setting the knife in it's sheath at his hip. He offers out a hand for her to lead and him to follow.
[06/19 10:58pm] Lady Lelila takes the lead, but keeps pace to walk along beside him. “The pub, perhaps. I haven't been in quite a while. . . his wine selection is not to my standard, but his ales are good.”
[06/19 11:00pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria 's Major smiles. “Of course.” His hands set into the pockets of his brown leather jacket, and brown leather boots click smartly on the wooden floor. He's glad he dressed casual today.
[06/19 11:01pm] Lady Lelila and The Major make toward the gate of the Compound at an amicable pace.

Improbable Central

[06/19 11:13pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria 's Major and Lelila skirt the edge of the square, heading for the PSK. The Major seems to be talking about some kind of weird folk story or something as he holds open the pub door for her.

Prancing Spiderkitty

[06/19 11:17pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria 's Major and Lelila walk in, the Major finishing off ”- -Ended up with the Chief leaving the plains to us, without any more conflict of blood.“ He smiles at her, walking over to a wood table.
[06/19 11:22pm] Lady Lelila is watching The Major with interest, as she takes a seat at the table. “How very fascinating. A genius plan, to be sure.” She flags down Dan, gesturing to him for an ale.
[06/19 11:27pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria 's Major nods. “It ended it simple.” He shrugs. “Which was the objective.” He sits down across from her, adding one more to her order from Dan. “I've never been here before.” He comments.
[06/19 11:29pm] Lady Lelila glances around. “You know, truth be told. . . I've only been here once or twice. Not so much a place that I frequent.” She thanks Dan as he brings their drinks, wraps her hands around the glass.
[06/19 11:32pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria 's Major nods in agreement. It doesn't quite seem like Lelila would often be a patron of a pub. “Lelila,” He starts. “How do you feel about this?”
[06/19 11:34pm] Lady Lelila flicks her eyes up to him for a moment. She considers asking him what he means, but she knows it would be superfluous. She is quiet a moment. “I. . . am afraid.” She responds quite simply.
[06/19 11:36pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria 's Major nods. “Good.” He says, leaning back. “It is good to know that you aren't out of your mind.” He takes a deep breath, looking through thin lids back at her.
[06/19 11:39pm] Lady Lelila chuffs a small laugh, dryly. “I. . . knew what I was getting into, for the most part, when I chose to marry him. I've always been afraid, a little, for the day one of them would come.”
[06/19 11:42pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria 's Major chews his lip and nods. “I've been afraid of it as well.” He admits quietly. “I. . . Never intended to disobey like KK, though we'll not be punished for it. We've no place in this war.”
[06/19 11:42pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria 's Major continues. “We, the other soldiers and I, we're not part of KK's decision. We follow orders as well. We're not going to be blamed for whatever happens here. . .”
[06/19 11:45pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria 's Major leans in. “You're lucky that they are so loyal to KK. . . If he were anyone else, they'd disband and head back already.”
[06/19 11:46pm] Lady Lelila nods silently, chews on her thumbnail. Her voice is quiet. “I feel so responsible for it all, Yavi.”
[06/19 11:51pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria 's Major nods. “You are responsible for it. So is KK.” He states bluntly. “But does that really matter? Will sitting there, feeling sorry and guilty for yourself really help?”
[06/19 11:54pm] Lady Lelila cringes slightly, her eyes fixed on a knot in the wood of the table top. She lets the sounds of the pub fill her silence for a moment. ”. . .No. But, what can I do that would help?“ She frowns.
[06/19 11:56pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria 's Major reaches out, tipping her chin up to face him. “Hold your head high, be proud of what you've done, and what you both are sacrificing for the other.”
[06/19 11:58pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria 's Major continues. “I have no idea what you can do. Only you can, and do. You got past three of my finest Guardians. You want to explain that?”
[06/19 11:59pm] Lady Lelila gives him a wide-eyed look for the briefest moment, before glancing back at her glass. “I. . . suppose I have some unusual talents.”
[06/20 12:06am] Lady Lelila startles a bit as she notices an Asian woman in dark, rounded sunglasses leaning on the booth behind Yavi, chin resting on folded arms as she watches them. Lelila blinks. “Um. . . Can I help you?”
[06/20 12:13am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria 's Major looks up, right back into two black lenses. “Nope, I'm just here to say hello.” The Major blinks, still looking up at her. “I smell oil.” He comments.
[06/20 12:16am] Lady Lelila glances at the Major momentarily, before looking back toward the stranger. “I'm sorry, but. . . do I. . . know you?”
[06/20 12:18am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria 's Major slides out from the booth, turning to stand at Lelila's side. “Nope. Not yet I don't think. Hi!” She waves excitedly, pulling herself over the edge of the booth to slump into the seat.
[06/20 12:20am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria 's Major's hand goes to his pocket as her hand reaches across the table to offer a handshake. “I am Yui Song Victoria. Gotta say, you look better in person.” She smiles. Lots of teeth.
[06/20 12:23am] Lady Lelila feels a shock shoot through her spine as if someone had just wired her to an electric pole. She stares openly at the woman across the table, every process in her mind having ground to a complete stop
[06/20 12:25am] Lady Lelila reminds herself of the reassuring presence of Yavi next to her, and she forces herself to blink, to breathe. Movements slow and choppy, she takes her hand, shakes it once. ”. . .h-Hello.“
[06/20 12:27am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria 's Major eyes the woman. “Really. Photographs?” She snorts, setting down a stack from her coat in front of Lelila. “You really do look good.” She runs a hand through her tied back hair.
[06/20 12:29am] Lady Lelila looks blankly at the stack of pictures, mind unregistering. “Um, thank you.” Breathe in, back out again. Don't forget to blink.
[06/20 12:31am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria 's Major's hand slips from his pocket. They'd be dead already if she wanted. “Really, but those eyes of yours stand out so much. Here,” She lifts off her sunglasses. “Try these.”
[06/20 12:36am] Lady Lelila can't help but stare at the other woman's eyes. Black, entirely, as if the lenses of her glasses remained, and she only removed the frames.
[06/20 12:37am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria 's Major blinks. He's never met this one before, and he's never seen eyes like that. “Well, I figured you ought to 'know thy enemy?' Though I'm not actually here to kill you.”
[06/20 12:38am] Lady Lelila somehow does not feel relieved by that statement. Her question escapes her before she can think better of it. “But then. . . w-why are you here?”
[06/20 12:44am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria 's Major knows, and winces ahead of time before she says it. “I get to clean KK's body, and yours too, skin, debone, you know. Burn remains, then the Compound too. I get to clean up the mess.”
[06/20 12:47am] Lady Lelila feels as though her blood has turned to ice, and she's on her feet though she doesn't remember standing. Her hand is grasped like a clamp to Yavi's sleeve.
[06/20 12:51am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria 's Major is close to Lelila, a hand on the hilt of his knife. “You.” She points to Yavi. “Tell KK we want a war counsel. Sort this out. You know, like we do?” She grins widely, displaying fangs.
[06/20 12:52am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria 's Major bites his lip, withdrawing his hand from Lelila to shake hers. “Yes. There is no reason we shouldn't civil about this.” Yui nods. “None at all.” She stands up, dusting her coat.
[06/20 12:56am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria 's Major nods firmly, watching her stride out of the pub with the click of heeled shoes. Yavi visibly relaxes, reaching out to touch Lelila's hand. “She's gone.” He says quietly.
[06/20 12:59am] Lady Lelila startles severely at the contact, suddenly gasping in a breath she hadn't been aware she was holding. A shiver has set in, in her chest, and it spreads to her shoulders, trembling her movements.
[06/20 01:00am] Lady Lelila is still staring blankly at the seat the Asian woman has now vacated.
[06/20 01:04am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria 's Major is careful in taking her arm, paying for their ale and leading her out of the pub and into the square.

Improbable Central

[06/20 01:06am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria 's Major and Lelila walk through the square. She has got both hands wrapped around her arms, and is walking very close. Yavi watches a blue coated woman walk off in the distance.
[06/20 01:08am] Lady Lelila allows her path to be steered by the Major's hold on her arm. She is trembling slightly, eyes staring straight ahead.
[06/20 01:10am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria 's Major turns to her, adjusting his direction so she won't catch a glimpse of YS, as they head back towards the Compound.

Compound, Manor

[06/20 01:43am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria is on the balcony, leaning over the edge and staring out at the ocean and watching the moon rise up with the stars.
[06/20 01:48am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria 's Major arrives, leading Lelila up the staircase to the main doorway of KK's chamber. He won't enter, wouldn't dare it. Territorial issues. “I'll be there if you need me.” He offers quietly.
[06/20 01:50am] Lady Lelila doesn't respond to him, hands working on autopilot to unlock the door and enter the bedchamber. There is still a shiver in her chest as she enters, halting just past the entry.
[06/20 01:53am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria turns around, hearing the door. He sees her expression and his face falls. He runs over to her, stopping a few feet away.
[06/20 01:59am] Lady Lelila looks up at him as he approaches, and she seems to finally register what she's looking at. Her expression contorts, a wince, or perhaps a soundless sob, and she falls into his arms, clinging.
[06/20 02:00am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria slowly lowers her to the floor with him, setting her across his lap in a cradle of his arms. He whispers something quietly into her ear, something foreign and inhuman sounding it's oddly soothing.
[06/20 02:03am] Lady Lelila listens to the tone and timber of his voice, slowly reviving from her state of shock. As she becomes more aware, her trembling increases, despite her best efforts to regain control. She holds to him.
[06/20 02:05am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria holds her closer, and the odd noise emanating from his throat and vocal chords becomes oddly musical, though the structure is different than traditional tones.
[06/20 02:11am] Lady Lelila begins to feel the tremors subsiding, as she allows her mind to only focus on the sound. She closes her eyes, pressing her face against his chest.
[06/20 02:11am] Lady Lelila exhales a long, slow breath, and she weakly wraps her arms around his neck.
[06/20 02:14am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria 's careful musical drone slowly fades, though it echoes through her very body for about a minute, even after he stops. His hands pull her up to him so he can nuzzle against her neck.
[06/20 02:20am] Lady Lelila can feel the heat of him thawing the ice still running through her veins, as he pulls her closer to him. The knot in her stomach softens a bit, as she clasps her hands behind his shoulders.
[06/20 02:21am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria picks her up once again, holding her so her legs are draped over one arm and he supports her back with his other. He pads quietly into the den, setting her down with him in a mound of pillows.
[06/20 02:22am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria slips out of his shirt, bringing her up to him again and wrapping his arms securely around her to protect her from anything.
[06/20 02:25am] Lady Lelila curls into the warmth of him, head resting against his chest. Her shock has given way to exhaustion, and she feels her eyelids close as she listens to the sound of his breathing.
[06/20 02:29am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria begins that same faint droning. A low and sad key, that she can barely pick up with only human ears. It's a lullaby, and he'll sing all night for her, and stay up to watch over her.
[06/20 02:30am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria only wants her to feel safe. He reaches over, reluctant to leave her bare a moment, though he pulls back a blanket to wrap around them both. He continues his low song, and watches her sleep.

- - -

He bows with the appropriate respect at a six foot distance in place of showing a salute. He reaches into his breast pocket, taking out a sealed slip of paper, marked with KK's wax seal.

The words on the page are written in a thin red script by a practiced hand. And even though it looks as though it was taught and trained, it is still difficult to read.


Tonight, three of my siblings will be taking part in a War Council in the Compound. These three have contacted me with the proposition of staging diplomatic talks on my own territory. The three to be present are as follows.
-Eric Young Victoria
-Yui Song Victoria
-Soaran Daniel Victoria

Lelila will also be present for the talks.
Everything is taken on faith and word. Expect the three of them to be armed with any manner of weapon, but rest assured that none of them will be drawn or used. It is by preference if you wish to arm yourself though it is neither customary nor necessary.

These talks are an opportunity to lay down the rules of the war that is about to be staged. Be prepared with propositions and demands if you so wish.

However, if you do not have any sort of demands, I still request your presence. You are a good representative of the island populace, and it is appropriate that you are invited to take part.

-KK Victoria

The Major nods once more before bowing and turning on his heel, heading back in the same direction from which he arrived.

Before the Major gets out of earshot, Sessine calls him back. “There is a reply,” he says. “Please wait a moment.”

He quickly scribbles a note at the bottom, refolds it - - no need to seal, the Major won't be trying to read the message he carries - - and hands it over for delivery.

The reply reads:

KK:- I think it essential for our side to confer first. Foolish to go into it cold. We need a briefing on what their frame of reference is likely to be, and many other questions. - - S.

- - -

Compound - Manor

[06/21 06:59pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria takes a deep breath, leaning back in his chair and watching Lelila. There's a teapot on a tray in the middle of the table with two untouched cups on platters in front of both of them.
[06/21 07:03pm] Lady Lelila is quiet. Her eyes are locked on the fire burning in the hearth. The way she is sunken back in her chair makes her look quite small.
[06/21 07:13pm] Sessine is admitted by the men outside. They survey him with a critical eye, but they have their orders. He is led into the Den where he nods a greeting at KK and Lelila. “Serious business, yes?”
[06/21 07:14pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria stands up to greet Sessine, gesturing to a chair before sitting down again. “They are coming soon.” He starts, folding his hands in his lap.
[06/21 07:15pm] Lady Lelila looks up from the fire as Sessine enters, returns his nod with a very small smile.
[06/21 07:19pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria looks strangely calm about all of this actually. “You wanted to talk prior?” He asks simply.
[06/21 07:19pm] Sessine 1says, “Zolo said she'd come. She'll be here directly.”
[06/21 07:22pm] Zolotisty is indeed not very far, approaching the Compound by foot. She pauses for each checkpoint and once inside, finds herself pointed again toward the study. Stepping in, she takes off her hat.
[06/21 07:23pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria nods, his eyes already at the door even before Z walks in. He gestures to the last open seat in the den, the one next to Lelila.
[06/21 07:23pm] Sessine says, “Yes, of course. You said diplomatic talks. One doesn't go into something like that without finding out as much as possible, first. You know, but if I'm to be there. . . well. Important.”
[06/21 07:23pm] Lady Lelila looks up once again as Zolo enters, and she seems quite comforted by the sight of her.
[06/21 07:24pm] Zolotisty settles, folding one of her legs under herself. “Hullo,” she says mildly. Quiet room.
[06/21 07:26pm] Sessine says, “I suppose the first question is, do you know their real objectives? And if so, what are they?”
[06/21 07:27pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria nods, flashing a downcast look towards Lelila. “To kill Lelila.” He says, turning back to Sessine. “Then recall me, soldiers, then erase Compound.”
[06/21 07:28pm] Lady Lelila had returned her gaze to the fire as soon as the question was asked. She did not flinch at the response.
[06/21 07:29pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria sighs. “We conduct differently.” KK starts. “Objectives always stated, as no point in hiding anything.”
[06/21 07:30pm] Zolotisty has come to attention. She swipes her tongue across her teeth. “Why should they kill her.”
[06/21 07:31pm] Sessine says, “Ah. Well, we can't allow that, can we? The next question is, how badly do they want it? What considerations would make them back off?”
[06/21 07:32pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria looks to Z, then S, answering in order. “Our family is sacred. Lelila is clean blood.” Then to S. “Enough to send five adults.” He considers the next question. [06/21 07:33pm] Zolotisty angles her head. Clean blood?
[06/21 07:33pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria continues. “Victoria ordered. Disobedience not tolerated.”
[06/21 07:36pm] Sessine thinks about this. “Doesn't sound like diplomacy to me, then. Sounds like an ultimatum. You're saying they're not going to be reasonable about this. At all.” He pauses.
[06/21 07:37pm] Lady Lelila glances at Z. “Human,” she says softly.
[06/21 07:37pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria shakes his head. “No, reason is simple. They are here to kill, I will protect. Those are facts. The diplomacy is rules of how objectives fulfilled.”
[06/21 07:38pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria sighs. “No point in arguing purpose. Purpose set in stone. Diplomacy between us is about process.”
[06/21 07:38pm] Sessine says, “If we kill all five, they send ten, right? Or a hundred?”
[06/21 07:39pm] Zolotisty chuffs disdainfully under her breath. “I don't suppose it could be settled over a chess game, then, could it.” Her gaze rests on each of them in turn, pensive. Hn. Bad place to bring a war.
[06/21 07:40pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria considers. “Possible, extremely unlikely. I worth lot, but not more than fourteen hundred years.”
[06/21 07:42pm] Sessine says, “Is it necessary to kill them? Or can the rules be set up to establish a different condition they will recognize as defeat?”
[06/21 07:45pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria sighs. “No.” He says with an absolute finality. “If I do not, Victoria will.”
[06/21 07:48pm] Sessine says, “Then what is tonight's conference for? What do they hope to obtain from it?”
[06/21 07:49pm] Zolotisty brings up her other foot, folding her legs. She leans forward. “What do you anticipate as their opening terms?”
[06/21 07:49pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria looks at him with a completely serious expression. “To be polite.”
[06/21 07:52pm] Sessine echoes, “Polite.” He looks at Zolotisty, then back at KK. “In other words, this is only a ritual. One that has no meaning for us. Why should we indulge them?”
[06/21 07:54pm] Zolotisty watches.
[06/21 07:55pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria frowns. “No, no. Given opportunity to apply rules. They may have request as well.” He looks to Z. “Strict employment of only conventional weapons.” He responds to her earlier question.
[06/21 07:58pm] Zolotisty says, “And yours?”
[06/21 07:58pm] Lady Lelila shifts slightly in her seat, her eyes flicking between each of them as they speak.
[06/21 07:59pm] Sessine says, “Now we get to it. 'Conventional weapons' . . . I presume that would exclude Improbability. In other words, they would like us to become meek defenseless civilians. While they kill Lelila.”
[06/21 07:59pm] Sessine laughs coldly. “Well, that's not going to happen.”
[06/21 08:00pm] Zolotisty 's gaze slides to Sessine. “Of course it isn't.”
[06/21 08:01pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria looks at Z. “Non-combatant uninvolvement.” He looks at Sessine. “And I want it to. Unconventional includes chemical weapons.” Soaran is known to employ anthrax and other chemical agents.
[06/21 08:04pm] Sessine says, “If Lelila's life is at stake, there are no non-combatants on the Island.”
[06/21 08:04pm] Zolotisty says, “Assuming the givens - - that this will happen and that you will settle those terms, which I Dislike and should like to find a way around.. can we rule a time limit?”
[06/21 08:07pm] Lady Lelila looks up at Sessine, and she smiles very softly.
[06/21 08:08pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria ignores the comment. If chemical weapons are allowed, KK will wake up next to a poisoned corpse tomorrow. He looks to Z. “I am unsure.” He replies honestly.
[06/21 08:10pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria would suppose a time frame for the fighting could be drawn, but a cut-off wouldn't make a difference. They'd be back again to declare once more.
[06/21 08:13pm] Sessine says, “KK. We are not going to tie our own hands by setting aside our primary strength. Those unconventional weapons they may use. . . those can be countered, if you can tell us what they are.”
[06/21 08:14pm] Zolotisty is chiefly interested in avoiding indefinite warfare. She pulls loose fur from her tail as she thinks.
[06/21 08:14pm] Sessine says, “Perhaps you did not notice the cleanup of CC404. That same principle can be applied to chemical weapons.”
[06/21 08:16pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria looks at Sessine. “It also applies to intentionally losing mind.”
[06/21 08:16pm] Lady Lelila tenses in her chair for a moment, eyes with a faraway look. She glances at KK. “They're coming.”
[06/21 08:18pm] Zolotisty says, “If there is a time limit - - if they run out of time, they lose; rule it so they die.”
[06/21 08:18pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria looks over to her, standing up. He straightens his shirt a bit from wrinkles, then holds out his hand for Lelila to take. They'll be heading to a larger room to open discussion.
[06/21 08:18pm] Sessine frowns, not understanding KK's last comment. “Nevertheless. We will not agree to forego the use of Improbability. And if they are here now, this is likely to be a short meeting.”
[06/21 08:19pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria raises an eyebrow to Z as he reaches. “They'd not agree.” He takes her hand, leading her out of the den and down the hallway to the main entrance.
[06/21 08:20pm] Lady Lelila takes KK's hand as she stands. Her legs feel a little unstable underneath her, and she grips tightly to his hand.
[06/21 08:20pm] Sessine says, “I think Zolotisty should do the talking for us. At first, anyway.”
[06/21 08:20pm] Three people stand in the hallway, looking around. Two men, one average and well dressed, one taller and with a leather jacket. The third a woman, a blue coat on.
[06/21 08:20pm] Zolotisty glances at Sessine, ears flicking back.
[06/21 08:21pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria looks at Z, then at Sessine. “No, that would be rude.” He says over his shoulder, leading Lelila up to the three gathered siblings.
[06/21 08:22pm] Zolotisty mutters something unpleasant about etiquette. Brushing against Sessine's elbow, she rises to follow.
[06/21 08:24pm] Sessine whispers a brief comment in her ear. The two follow KK and Lelila.
[06/21 08:25pm] Sessine stops. “Wait. Why, rude?”
[06/21 08:26pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria stops. The well dressed one steps forward, and they both shake hands. “Kai.” He offers, smiling. KK nods. “Eric.” KK gestures to both Sessine and Z. “This is Sessine. That is Zolotisty.”
[06/21 08:26pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria watches as Eric holds out his hand to Sessine first to shake. He seems polite enough, though the lack of any color in his iris is a little unnerving.
[06/21 08:27pm] Sessine whistles tunelessly, a soft hissing between his teeth. So. Like that, are they?
[06/21 08:27pm] Sessine shakes the proffered hands.
[06/21 08:29pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria looks to the next two, shaking the woman's first, then the other man's. “Kai.” “Yui.” “Kai” “Soaran.” Eric moves on to shake Zolotisty's hand, then offers out to Lelila.
[06/21 08:30pm] Lady Lelila hesitates briefly, before taking Eric's hand.
[06/21 08:31pm] Eric smiles to her. Yui then offers hands to everyone else, afterwards Soaran does the same. Oddly, all of them offer simple, friendly expressions. Even stranger, they're all sincere.
[06/21 08:34pm] Zolotisty is listening intently and matching faces. She shifts her weight to her other hip, calm.
[06/21 08:35pm] Lady Lelila flinches slightly as she shakes Yui's hand, and she's unable to look up into the solid black orbs of her eyes.
[06/21 08:37pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria looks over to Eric, who nods in response. KK then leads everyone off through several hallways into another room with a few sofas and chairs set around a simple coffee table.
[06/21 08:37pm] Zolotisty says, “One, two, three.” She looks at KK, sideways.
[06/21 08:39pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria looks at Z, hearing it. He nods assuringly, gesturing the three siblings to take seats on the opposite side. They gather about, Yui and Soaran in the sofa, Eric in one of the armchairs.
[06/21 08:40pm] Zolotisty is not particularly assured.
[06/21 08:41pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria waits until everyone is gathered in the room. Eric looks over to him and nods before sitting down in the armchair across from him.
[06/21 08:45pm] Lady Lelila sits on the sofa next to KK's armchair, on the side closest to him. She looks comforted as Zolo sits next to her.
[06/21 08:45pm] Zolotisty enquires, “Is six busy? Or..”
[06/21 08:46pm] Zolotisty flashes a humorless grin. “Is this simply not important enough to attend.”
[06/21 08:47pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria looks up. Eric understands immediately. “KK and JR have violent chemistry. In the interest of peaceful peace talks, he opted out.” Well, they opted him out anyway. . .
[06/21 08:48pm] Zolotisty says, “I see.”
[06/21 08:50pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria nods. “Started?” He asks. Eric nods. “Yes, let's begin. First things first, here are the official orders for each of us.” He reaches into his coat, handing a stack of five envelopes\\. [06/21 08:51pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria already knows the orders, but he passes the envelope to Z if she'd like to read them over. “I will not allow you to accomplish objective.” Eric nods. “It is understandable.” He says simply.
[06/21 08:52pm] Zolotisty slits the envelope with a claw, dividing her attention between the envelope's contents and the proceedings.
[06/21 08:57pm] Zolotisty nods after a moment. She looks up.
[06/21 09:00pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria looks to Eric. “You open?” Eric nods. “Yes. We've a few proposals. First one, we want to secure use of Conventional weapons only.”
[06/21 09:09pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria nods. “Beneath military grade.” He offers. Eric raises an eyebrow. “Small arms. Handguns, shotguns, rifles, knives, swords. No grenades, fully automatic, armor piercing. . .” Eric nods.
[06/21 09:09pm] Sessine does not react to this. He will let KK answer - - but KK knows his position.
[06/21 09:11pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria looks to Yui, who marks all these down on a notepad.”No soldiers.“ KK nods. They'd be killed to little effect. “No civilian involvement.” “Define involvement.”
[06/21 09:15pm] Zolotisty wets her fangs, shifting her weight.
[06/21 09:18pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria nods. “Use as leverage, use in traps, for information, self protection, feeding, amusement,” His mouth twitches on that one, “Or be bribed to be involved.”
[06/21 09:19pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria 's brother processes this. “No non-combatants involved?” KK nods. “Combatants include Victoria, exclude soldiers.”
[06/21 09:21pm] Zolotisty holds up a finger mildly.
[06/21 09:22pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria looks over, as does Eric. “Yes Zolotisty?”
[06/21 09:23pm] Zolotisty says, “Consider me a combatant.”
[06/21 09:23pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria 's brother raises an eyebrow. “On what grounds?”
[06/21 09:24pm] Zolotisty says, “My objective is the same as Kai's. I'll be keen on fulfilling it. It wouldn't be particularly fair if you, in turn, could not take a blow at me.” She glances sidelong at Sessine.
[06/21 09:25pm] Sessine says mildly, “And me also.”
[06/21 09:26pm] Lady Lelila 's gaze flicks to both of them in turn, with a furrow of her brow and a very slight shake of her head.
[06/21 09:26pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria raises an eyebrow. Eric turns to Lelila. “Why do you object to an addition to your defense?”
[06/21 09:27pm] Sessine says, “What she has said, also describes my position.”
[06/21 09:28pm] Lady Lelila pales slightly, as she looks across the table to Eric. ”. . .I.. would not have friends hurt on my account.“
[06/21 09:29pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria is about to speak up when Eric turns to Sessine. “Your point is valid.” Turns to Z to include her with that answer, then to Lelila. “It is understandable. Minimal losses.” He nods, reaffirming.
[06/21 09:31pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria speaks up. “Object to Sessine and Zolotisty's involvement as combatant.” He states, clearly. Eric nods, then addresses the two. “What would you bring to the War?”
[06/21 09:31pm] Zolotisty looks now to KK, quirking her eyebrows.
[06/21 09:33pm] Zolotisty says, dry, “I've not packed a picnic basket. Know this - - we will be involved whether you consider us combatants or not. Consider us combatants and you've grounds to defend yourselves.”
[06/21 09:34pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria looks down. Not good. “Then consider your unwarranted involvement a breach of deal, and allow us grounds to do as we like.” Soaran shows off a bit of red stained fang.
[06/21 09:35pm] Lady Lelila pales far, far more.
[06/21 09:37pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria winces before the words even leave Soaran's mouth. “And that would just add to the toll of 'friends hurt on her account.” KK's eye twitches.
[06/21 09:37pm] Zolotisty is calm. “Unwarranted? No. Only in the strictest sense of the word. You yourself acknowledged we have good cause to be involved.” She glances again to KK.
[06/21 09:38pm] Lady Lelila makes a quiet sound at Soaran's words - a short expulsion of breath, cut off.
[06/21 09:40pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria looks at Z after having his eyes closed. Eric eyes Soaran, chewing his lip. “None of that.” He warns him. He looks back to Z. “We work for the strictest.”
[06/21 09:42pm] Zolotisty smiles. “Then let's negotiate.”
[06/21 09:46pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria looks at Eric. The response is quite simple. “No. I may be a Victoria but I am no sadist.” He looks at Lelila. “I think having to kill KK is enough for her.”
[06/21 09:48pm] Zolotisty says, “Ah, then we have a disagreement.” She fidgets thoughtfully with the cuffs of her jacket - - Sessine's jacket, properly, the leather one. “Because we'd like to be involved.”
[06/21 09:48pm] Zolotisty says, “How do we reconcile this?”
[06/21 09:49pm] Lady Lelila doesn't allow herself to flinch at his words.
[06/21 09:50pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria shakes his head. “We don't. Favor against is greater.” “That, and I won't allow it. Not unless you are absolutely insistent upon torturing her in such a way.” Eric says simply, adjusting himself.
[06/21 09:51pm] Zolotisty exchanges a glance with Sessine. “Table it,” she suggests. “We'll return to the matter after the other terms have been settled, before any final agreement.”
[06/21 09:52pm] Sessine nods. “Yes. What other terms did you want to discuss?”
[06/21 09:54pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria looks at Sessine, about to move on, Though he is interrupted. “Human, I have neither the time, nor the patience to move through and kill everyone on this entire island to prove a point.”
[06/21 09:54pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria looks at him before he continues. Eric sits back down, not realizing he stood. “I apologize. We'll move on.” “Aftermath.” KK states.
[06/21 10:03pm] Zolotisty watches, mild.
[06/21 10:04pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria looks back at the white eyes of his brother. “What are your requests.” “No defiling of the bodies.” He nods. “And proper burials.” He nods again.
[06/21 10:04pm] Sessine lets the 'human' epithet pass, though his eyes glint a brighter green than usual.
[06/21 10:07pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria nods. “You?” “Do not harm the heads after death.” He says. “And send them back, like you did with MN.” KK nods. “It is fair.”
[06/21 10:09pm] Lady Lelila listens to the terms silently, her gaze fixed determinedly on the glossy surface of the coffee table.
[06/21 10:10pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria 's brother turns to Lelila. “Any propositions that you wish to discuss?” He asks with a recovering smile.
[06/21 10:17pm] Lady Lelila meets his eyes. Go home. Leave us be. ”..No collateral damage, all combat kept within the confines of the Compound.“ Her tone is firmer than she was expecting it to be.
[06/21 10:19pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria nods. Eric does as well. “No collateral damage is irrealistic. We will attempt minimum. As for the second. . . We will try to maintain confining it to the Compound influence.” He nods. “Any else?”
[06/21 10:21pm] Lady Lelila is quiet for a few minutes, before silently shaking her head.
[06/21 10:22pm] Zolotisty tilts her head.
[06/21 10:23pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria adds a few. “I request, I fight JR. And, him not involved with Lelila. Eric nods. “Having him fight you will not be difficult. . . Keeping him back. . .” He winces a little.
[06/21 10:24pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria 's eyes are locked on him. “Alright.” He agrees after a long moment. “Alright. Anything else?” He asks, looking around the room.
[06/21 10:25pm] Zolotisty says, “Aye - - there's the matter of us.” She smiles. “Of course, if we're to be excluded.. and it's reasonable, this is not so much ours to negotiate..”
[06/21 10:26pm] Zolotisty says, “And for it, you'll notice we haven't been arguing terms.. then I would suggest you consider your contract inalienable. No breach if others are not bound by the terms.”
[06/21 10:29pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria looks at Z warningly, then at Eric to check his offense. “Contracts are for Lawyers and humans.” He says through clenched teeth. “We value our word more than anything else.”
[06/21 10:29pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria 's Brother continues. “We are bound by our name to what we agree. I will not involve some silly contracting in our affairs of honor.”
[06/21 10:30pm] Zolotisty frees her hands from the sleeves of the too-big jacket to spread her fingers. “My mistake through ignorance, I apologize sincerely. I value my word above all, as well. Your word, then.”
[06/21 10:32pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria 's brother nods, though he is skeptical of the sincerity. He looks to KK. “I do not wish to end this on foul notes.” He states. “We have our war tomorrow, there is no need to harbor anger today.”
[06/21 10:37pm] Zolotisty raises two fingers.
[06/21 10:37pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria looks at her.
[06/21 10:38pm] Zolotisty cocks her head. “We are outside this accordance or no.”
[06/21 10:40pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria 's Brother takes a deep breath. “Failure to comply would mean KK's failure to assure your compliance. Siding with them, you are his responsibility as far as these propositions stand.”
[06/21 10:41pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria finishes. “Would result void of my word. Which gives freedom for them.” He explains.
[06/21 10:41pm] Sessine says quietly, “KK does not, cannot, control us. We are not his to control.”
[06/21 10:41pm] Zolotisty looks puzzled. “And if we hadn't been here, what then? There are others who would strike out on Lelila's behalf who would not be aware of this detail.”
[06/21 10:43pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria looks straight ahead flatly. “Is not concern of them.” He states. “Requested presence not for assistance. So you could know.” He looks from Sessine to Z. “Will not allow interference.”
[06/21 10:47pm] Zolotisty takes a deep breath and glances to Sessine.
[06/21 10:48pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria is cold on that point. “I will stop you, if have to.” He warns. He will not allow Jason to have the freedom to do what he likes before and after the war.
[06/21 10:52pm] Sessine meets KK's eyes. His gaze is bright green. He says, “You could not stop us. But we will let you have your war. Make sure that you win.” He turns to Zolotisty. She takes his hand. They go.
[06/21 10:53pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria growls after they leave. “You owe me five, Count.”
[06/21 10:55pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria turns. “Do not.” He warns. Eric has a hand in his holster. “They left. Do not.” He repeats.
[06/21 10:56pm] Lady Lelila is distraught, though she tries not to show it. Her knuckles are white with her grip on the edge of the now-otherwise-vacant couch.
[06/21 11:00pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria stands down Eric, who raises both hands. Yui sets back the knife. Soaran pockets his hands to hide the claws. “We are closing.” Eric breathes out a puff of smoke. “Yes.”
[06/21 11:04pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria nods. “We will begin tomorrow.” Eric shakes KK's hand, then thinks better of offering it to Lelila. “I apologize miss.” He says quietly. “You will not see us until tomorrow. Sleep well.”
[06/21 11:07pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria is raging on the inside. THEY COULD'VE KILLED HER. THEY COULD'VE FUCKED UP EVERYTHING. He shakes out the thought, sitting down next to Lelila, wrapping an arm around her, humming faintly.
[06/21 11:40pm] Lady Lelila slowly leans forward on the couch, elbows on her knees, and presses her eyes down onto her palms. She releases a breath, long and slow.
[06/21 11:43pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria takes a deep breath as well, bringing her closer to him. “And slowly. . . You come to realize. . .” The tune is very familiar.
[06/21 11:45pm] Lady Lelila rests her chin on her hands, looking toward the door they left through. Tomorrow. She glances up at KK. “Come on, let's go upstairs.”
[06/21 11:47pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria nods, standing up and holding out his hand for her to take. “Let's.”
[06/21 11:50pm] Lady Lelila stands, a slow movement, and takes his hand, intertwining her fingers with his own. They make their way up the grand staircase, eventually disappearing behind the locked door of the fifth floor.

Act III. - Finale.

Compound - Manor

[06/22 11:28am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria walks down the main staircase, hands in his pocket and pipe on his lip. Yavi is right next to him. “Get everyone out.” KK orders. “Far away from Compound.” “Yessir.”
[06/22 11:29am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria stops in the front foyer, looking at the Major. “Take care, Kai.” He offers a hand. KK ignores it, pulling his friend of two hundred years into an embrace. “I will Yavi.”
[06/22 11:32am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria 's Major is taken aback at first, but returns his friend's embrace. KK releases him after a long moment. KK then turns, heading to the kitchen to make something for both their breakfast.
[06/22 12:01pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria pads across the tile, still barefoot and just wearing flannel pants. His claws clack against the tile as he walks through the empty kitchen, arriving at the pantry. He rifles through. Flour. Sugar.
[06/22 12:04pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria keeps going through. Eggs, milk, ham. . . Mn. . . Pineapple, cherries. . . Melon! KK returns from the fruit cooler with a large cantaloupe and a honeydew, piling them with all his other ingredients.
[06/22 12:19pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria takes out a large knife, beginning to carve up the melons and setting aside the slices in perfect cubes, putting them into a bowl and setting it out.
[06/22 12:20pm] Lady Lelila steps quietly down the main stair. She halts for a moment in the hall - something feels funny. It takes her a moment to notice the unnatural stillness of the Compound.
[06/22 12:21pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria mixes a few of the ingredients into another bowl, then turns to the stove. He needs to save every bit of fuel, but he wants to use his own fire to make her breakfast. . .
[06/22 12:21pm] Lady Lelila represses a small shudder - the Compound is always bustling with soldiers and waitstaff, but today. . . silence. It unnerves her. She is wrapped in a large robe of KK's, which she pulls a bit tighter.
[06/22 12:22pm] Lady Lelila crosses her arms across her chest as she steps into the kitchen. Her expression softens as she sees Kai, and she moves to lean on a counter close to him.
[06/22 12:22pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria shifts some of the pans to the metal surface next to the stove, planting a hand on it and spreading high heat through it. He pours some oil into the pans, then swirls them all around to cover.
[06/22 12:23pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria sets down the pan, his other hand never leaving the metal top. His free arm wraps around her waist, bringing her close to him and into a sudden kiss.
[06/22 12:25pm] Lady Lelila makes a sound of surprise, before a small giggle against his lips. She returns the kiss, leans her head against his chest once they've pulled back.
[06/22 12:27pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria reaches over with his heating hand, taking a bowl of already scrambled eggs and pouring them into the pan. His other arm doesn't release her. He doesn't want to let go.
[06/22 12:36pm] Lady Lelila doesn't want to, either. She wraps her arms around his waist as she leans against him.
[06/22 12:38pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria adds a bit of meat to the layer of eggs, then some shredded cheese to the pan. Skillfully, he slides the pan forward, then back, folding over half of the omelet with one hand.
[06/22 12:42pm] Lady Lelila watches him cook in silence for a moment. She glances up at him. “Can I help at all?”
[06/22 12:44pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria looks at her. “Of course.” He says quietly, a small spark to his eye. “Ingredients for pancakes out, can you start?” He nods to the counter, and is quite reluctant he set them so far away. . .
[06/22 12:48pm] Lady Lelila nods, withdrawing herself from him. She's chilled for a moment, removed from the heat of him. She sets to work mixing up the batter.
[06/22 12:49pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria turns the omelet in the pan, flips it once more and listens to it sizzle. In a few minutes, it is finished, and he slides it off of the pan and onto a waiting plate.
[06/22 12:51pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria turns around, walking up to Lelila. She can hear his footsteps. The claws on his feet make a distinct clacking sound as he walks, but she doesn't turn. She just feels his arms wrap around her.
[06/22 12:53pm] Lady Lelila leans back against him, giving a few more turns of the spoon to the bowl of batter. She leans her head back to look up at him, upside-down.
[06/22 12:58pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria takes a deep breath, letting out a stream of smoke. He looks down at her, back into those bright green eyes. His own bright red orbs locked on both of hers.
[06/22 01:02pm] Lady Lelila reaches a hand up to hold the side of his face, and she turns in his arms just enough, standing on tiptoe to kiss the corner of his jaw.
[06/22 01:04pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria smiles as she does, closing his eyes. He releases her shortly after, walking over and picking up the plate he made earlier, setting it out on the countertop with a cup of coffee, tea, and juice.
[06/22 01:05pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria grabs the bowl of melon slices, then sets it near the plate he set out for her. Then he takes the bowl of batter, moving back to the still heated metal top to begin pancakes. “Enjoy” He says simply.
[06/22 01:10pm] Lady Lelila hoists herself up onto a stool tucked under the counter. Her stomach is churning - nerves - but she is quite hungry. She sets into the omelet, with a sound of content. Excellent, as always.
[06/22 01:12pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria takes a spatula, turning over several of the pancakes to cook on the opposite side. A few minutes, and he slides them off of the burner and onto a plate for her.
[06/22 01:13pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria smiles affectionately back as she looks up, then turns to pad all the way across the kitchen, opening one of the closets and going through something there.
[06/22 01:16pm] Lady Lelila takes a sample of the pancakes, then momentarily baulks at the amount of food - he tends to cook her far too much. She glances the way he went. “Aren't you eating, love?”
[06/22 01:18pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria nods, though she cannot really see. He comes back with a large metal cannister and a brown burlap bag. He pulls out the other stool with his feet and then sets down the bag and cannister.
[06/22 01:21pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria sits down next to her, putting a hand on the metal cannister and then twisting the top. It is filled with a thick black liquid which KK pours into a drinking bowl.
[06/22 01:22pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria brings the bowl to his lips and closes his eyes, drinking in the thick liquid. After a few moments of settling, he opens his mouth and lets out a thick breath of smoke.
[06/22 01:24pm] Lady Lelila gives him a brief glance, before turning back to her own breakfast. Of course he's eating, with a day like today ahead. She takes a sip of her coffee.
[06/22 01:25pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria downs the rest of the bowl, allowing smoke to drift steadily out of his mouth. He dips the bowl in the canister again to fill it, then reaches into the bag, taking out a few black rocks.
[06/22 01:28pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria crushes the rocks into a powder in his fist, pouring it into the fluid. He drinks it down quickly once more. This time the smoke is a little whiter than a dark black.
[06/22 01:32pm] Lady Lelila watches him vaguely, but is really more concerned with the amount of food left on her plate. Eventually, she resigns herself to being very full, and sets down her fork.
[06/22 01:34pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria had, through the course of the meal, returned to the storage closet several times, and finishes his breakfast of thirteen cannisters and four bags. He stands up from the stool, smiling at her.
[06/22 01:37pm] Lady Lelila pushes away the. . . not empty, but well-dented-into plate of her breakfast, and finishes off her coffee. She's quiet for a moment, as she looks up at him.
[06/22 01:38pm] Lady Lelila knows the answer, but she asks anyway. She needs to hear it, before the events of this afternoon. ”. . .It's worth it, right?”
[06/22 01:41pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria looks down at her, taking her face in both of his hands. “Nothing is worth more.” He says quietly, his eyes flickering a shade darker with the new introduction of fuel.
[06/22 01:45pm] Lady Lelila places one of her own hands over his, leans her face against his palm. She closes her eyes, and smiles faintly.
[06/22 01:47pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria smiles, then kisses her opposite cheek, leaving a tiny smudge of black powder. He smiles as he pulls back, wiping it off with a cloth napkin. “We should get ready.” He says quietly.
[06/22 01:51pm] Lady Lelila nods, quietly. She feels as though there must have been an audible clunk as she is brought back to the full reality of what's to come. “We should.”
[06/22 01:53pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria 's eyes are still locked on hers, and his hand is still on the back of her neck. “Lelila.” He starts. “We will not die.” His voice is cold, almost like that of steel or stone. His eyes do not waver.
[06/22 01:56pm] Lady Lelila does not let her gaze flicker from his. Her response is quiet. “. . .How do you know?”
[06/22 01:57pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria 's voice is firm. “I will not allow it.”
[06/22 02:00pm] Lady Lelila keeps eyes locked with his a moment longer, then nods. She wants to believe his words, wants to very badly. She isn't sure she does.
[06/22 02:03pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria runs a hand through her hair, eyes still trained. He can see. “On my word, my name, and on my honor. I will not allow.” He kisses her forehead softly then touches his to hers.“I swear.”
[06/22 02:07pm] Lady Lelila exhales slowly, with another nod, a bit more confident this time.
[06/22 02:10pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria kisses her once more before before wrapping an arm around her waist and leading her out of the kitchen to head back upstairs.

Compound - Grounds

[06/22 04:15pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria walks out to the empty grounds. There aren't any exercises, no motion. It is all empty. The barracks, the roads, the parade grounds. All desolate.
[06/22 04:16pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria adjusts his leather jacket, then straightens the two leather belts that hang around his waist and support a large, jagged backed trenchknife on the back of his waist. His eyes are darker.
[06/22 04:17pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria scans the grounds. He doesn't expect that Eric will show up with JR in any way other than through the front gate. An unspoken agreement that this would essentially be a duel between them.
[06/22 04:19pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria has his hair tied back, and his feet bare. His claws are extended from his tense disposition. They've been sharpened to razor edges and sword points. He breathes out a thin stream of smoke. . .
[06/22 04:19pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria is ready for war.

Compound - Manor

[06/22 04:30pm] Lady Lelila is tense. She is waiting in a first-floor sitting room. The room is rather stoic and formal - not a room put to frequent use. The door to the hall is closed, locked - as if it made a difference.
[06/22 04:34pm] Lady Lelila shifts slightly. Clad in clothes that allow ease of movement - loose, black slacks, a tight-fit white tank top. A black .32 snub nose revolver is holstered at her hip, flashlight tucked in her belt.
[06/22 04:35pm] Lady Lelila is near the window, overlooking the grounds. Her nerves are raw-edged and frayed, hands curled into fists, cutting small crescent-moon indents in her palms. She watches KK.

Improbable Central

[06/22 09:12pm] Two men walk through the square. The first one is leading, wearing a white dress shirt and black slacks. He has a formal black silk tie wrapped around his neck, and a shotgun on his back.
[06/22 09:13pm] The second man has his head bowed and covered with a thick burlap bag. His breathing is heavy and sounds strangled. He has bare feet, scarred all across the exposed foot and ankle.
[06/22 09:14pm] He is wearing a pair of worn cargo pants and a black hoodie. There is a thick iron chain wrapped around his neck, held by the first man. They're silent as they walk through the square.
[06/22 09:15pm] The destination is clear. They are headed for The Compound.
[06/22 09:16pm] Cheshire Cat thanks Kit for the cuddle. He silently watches the people pass by.
[06/22 09:19pm] Goddess of Rock Lady Akitsu 's face turns serious, watching as well. A shiver dances down her spine, making her bite her lip. Something definitely isn't right. . .
[06/22 09:23pm] Cheshire Cat pats Kit. “Don't know who that was.”
[06/22 09:28pm] Goddess of Rock Lady Akitsu sighs, leaning back. “Yeah. . . But it's not our concern.”

Compound - Grounds

[06/22 09:17pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria stiffens, seeing the front gates being pushed open. The two stride in. Eric and Jason. KK doesn't move. His eyes track their approach.
[06/22 09:18pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria watches. Eric nods to him before turning to Jason, who stands with a slumped posture, his arms limp in front of him. Eric removes the hood.
[06/22 09:19pm] Jason's eyes immediately focus on Kai. Bright red iris, wide enough to fill his entire orbit. Eric removes the headphones from his head. His ears twitch at the sound.
[06/22 09:20pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria tenses, crouching low. His hand falls on the hilt of the knife, fingers sliding into the loops that make up the plated knuckles of the handle. Jason crouches as well, his mouth opening up.
[06/22 09:22pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria doesn't flinch as the skin of Jason's cheeks tears, and his jaw unhinges. A long thin tongue snakes out of his mouth, reaching down to halfway past his torso. KK slides the knife out.
[06/22 09:24pm] Eric jerks the leash a bit, but Jason doesn't move. There is a moment of silence. Jason snarls, letting out a high pitched laughter mixed with an echoing roar.
[06/22 09:26pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria holds the knife in front of him, his empty hand held back. Jason's eyes shift to the closest heat. The eyes fall on the chain. His mouth widens in delight. Eric stops, slowly reaching. . .
[06/22 09:27pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria charges just as Jason tackles Eric to the ground, wrapping the chain around his neck, planting a foot on his head and pulling and pushing at the same time. Eric's hands dig into Jason.
[06/22 09:28pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria reaches Jason just as a loud SNAP echoes through the empty grounds. Eric's hands fall, covered in dark blood. His head is snapped backwards over his spine.
[06/22 09:29pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria crashes into Jason, his shoulder first. Jason laughs wildly as he is pushed backwards, his feet not touching the ground. There's a quick crack of joints, Jason shifts, bending backwards.
[06/22 09:32pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria held Jason around the waist and by one arm. The arm loosens in his grip and he feels a grazing shift of claws across his back. Jason's hand lands on the back of his head, slamming downward.
[06/22 09:33pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria slams into the ground, Jason having contorted about his grip and shifting onto his back. He feels claws dig into the back of his neck, pulling apart the skin. Jason's mouth widens into a grin
[06/22 09:34pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria bites back a roar of pain as the teeth sing through the leather of his jacket and into his shoulder, pulling through the thick tendons of muscle and ripping it back out.
[06/22 09:35pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria rears back, slamming off of the ground with one fist and smashing his elbow into Jason's head, knocking him twenty feet to a crouch in the ground, still grinning and leaking blood and membrane.
[06/22 09:37pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria is already on his feet by the time a fist of claws swipes up from his belly to his chin. He barely has time to rear back and keep from having his organs spilled.
[06/22 09:38pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria catches the second swipe with the edge of the blade, Jason ignores the fact that it sliced open his arm, lifting up a leg and kneeing KK in the jaw. He spins backwards, landing in another crouch.
[06/22 09:39pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria growls, his shirt torn open and blood leaking down his front. His shoulder has already closed up, the knife is dripping blood. He backs off a bit, buying a few seconds for his skin to close again.
[06/22 09:40pm] Jason laughs cocking his head to the side. His tongue runs over his fingers, licking up all of KK's residual blood that had stained them.
[06/22 09:42pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria roars loudly. It echoes through the Grounds. His fist tightens around the knife, and the handle bends to his strength.
[06/22 09:43pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria checks the punch he prepared, jamming the knife between Jason's ribs. It slides in with ease. KK twists it, spreading the bones, then plants a foot on Jason's chest, kicking him back.
[06/22 09:44pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria was quick enough that he managed the attack with only having his arm sliced open. He examines the blade as Jason giddily recovers. He picks out bits of organ. He must've hit the a lung.
[06/22 09:52pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria twists the knife in his hand, holding the blade to face out of the base of his fist. KK stands ready. Jason moves forward with a breakneck speed, approaching KK with an open mouth.
[06/22 09:54pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria blocks both of his hands and a twisting kick, but misses when Jason twists his head to the side and bites straight into his neck. KK's eyes widen, the knife slips from his fingers.
[06/22 09:56pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria snarls angrily, ignoring the claws that land onto his shoulders and press into his fresh wounds. His fingers wrap around in Jason's mouth, pulling both sides of his jaw to get his teeth out.
[06/22 09:58pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria 's fingers bleed as the fangs slice into them, but he manages to pull apart JR's mouth enough to get enough room. KK rears back his head, slamming it into Jason's with the force of a freighter.
[06/22 09:59pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria lands on Jason, who clamps down on one of his hands again. KK grits his teeth, rearing back his fist and slamming it down into Jason's head, over and over, until his jaw slackens.
[06/22 10:00pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria finally frees his hand, balling up a bloodied fist and smashing it down against. . . The ground. Jason was able to slip out of his grip. KK feels something in his back. A cold weight. It is removed
[06/22 10:01pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria whips around, scrambling to his feet to see Jason holding his former trenchknife. KK grits his teeth. He almost hit his spine. . .
[06/22 10:02pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria 's fingers tense up. Wicked black claws extend from his finger tips. His eyes glaze red, and his mouth leaks out a crimson blood from his punctured neck.
[06/22 10:07pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria blocks the blade with his arm, ignoring the chop taken into it. His claws plant on Jason's side, gripping about the flesh and pulling, drawing blood through the hoodie fabric.
[06/22 10:10pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria tears apart the flesh of his side. Jason's arm twists around him, landing the blade in KK's opposite side, puncturing through his jacket and drawing more maroon blood.
[06/22 10:10pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria tears apart the flesh of his side. Jason's arm twists around him, landing the blade in KK's opposite side, puncturing through his jacket and drawing more maroon blood.
[06/22 10:17pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria pushes forward, knocking Jason onto his back. His claws relocate, gripping about Jason's already bruised and scarred neck. KK's claws dig in, drawing blood through multiple punctures.
[06/22 10:23pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria 's grip tightens, and he feels more cold stings into his sides. Six more, he can feel it. Jason has one hand wrapped around his wrist, and the other holding the knife, jamming into his ribs.
[06/22 10:27pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria breathes out a cloud of black smoke, pushing more fuel into his hands to try and break Jason's neck. Jason grins, his mouth opening wide, smoke leaking out.
[06/22 10:28pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria is much too heavy to be pushed off. Jason is a lightweight as far as strength goes, but his lack of self-preservation and his contortionist's body, he's able to keep pace with KK.
[06/22 10:29pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria is thrown off of his balance by a knife pushed into his chest. JR takes the opportunity, grabbing his wrist and clamping down four full rows of teeth into his arm.
[06/22 10:30pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria abandons his grip on his neck, reaching around with his free arm and grabbing Jason's head, KK slams his knee into the side of his face, crashing it into his eye. A loud snap encourages him.
[06/22 10:31pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria slams his knee into him again until JR lets go of his arm. KK pulls back, stumbling a bit as he sizes up his opponent and examines his newly perforated arm.
[06/22 10:32pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria looks up, at JR who is picking his teeth with the bloodied knife. There's a large gap in one of the rows. KK extracts three bloodied fangs from his arm. That was the snap. . .
[06/22 10:37pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria takes a deep breath as Jason throws away the now useless knife. It is too drenched in blood to be of any good now, the acid has started eating away.
[06/22 10:38pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria and JR both are reserving their fuel to fight with, instead of allowing it to filter into their blood. The acid isn't as strong now.
[06/22 10:39pm] Jason chuckles quietly, lapping up the blood leaking into his mouth. He cracks his shoulder into place, his arm into place, his neck into joint.
[06/22 10:40pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria speaks in a low, gruff tone. “What the fuck happened to you. . .” He demands, allowing his body to repair the stab wounds. Jason laughs, and his voice travels through. “After I kill her. . .”
[06/22 10:42pm] “I'll cook her insides, to eat!” He laughs like it was the funniest joke he's ever heard. KK's mouth twitches. “After I kill you.” He growls low.
[06/22 10:43pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria leaps at him, claws extended. “I'LL EAT YOUR FUCKING HEART!” He roars, plowing into Jason plunging his fingers through his skin and grabbing whatever is on the inside, to pull back out.
[06/22 10:50pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria rips out a bundle of veins and tendons in his stomach. He missed a major organ. Shame. He looks up at JR who's eyes are lit up with. . . Enjoyment? He's having fun. . .
[06/22 10:51pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria 's Brother laughs as KK smashes him across the face. “I'll kill you KAI! I'll bathe in your blood!” He laughs, throwing an elbow forward and into KK's face.
[06/22 10:58pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria is thrown off enough to allow JR to wean out from under him, curling around his limbs and back to get out and avoid KK's claws.
[06/22 10:59pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria is immediately put under an onslaught of blows. JR lashing out with his claws, feet, teeth, whipping around like a viper and darting in and out to avoid a riposte.
[06/22 11:09pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria is pushed back against the concrete of the garage. He ducks a blow that knocks a chunk out of the wall. He crouches forward, grabbing the back of J's head and slamming it into the concrete wall
[06/22 11:12pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria doesn't let go, his hand tightening around Jason's hair and smashing his skull against the wall again. Blood splashes out, coating the gray. KK tries once more before a claw slices his chest.
[06/22 11:17pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria growls, loudly, backing off from Jason as he recovers from having his forehead split open. KK moves back, reaching down to the ground, picking up a chunk of concrete.
[06/22 11:21pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria waits until JR realigns himself and lunges towards him again. KK swipes upwards with the rock in his fist, clobbering him beneath the jaw and knocking him backwards.
[06/22 11:22pm] JR reels, seeing spots in his eyes before moving forward again. KK spins, pivoting his shoulder and pushing his entire weight into the blow. The rock cracks against skull.
[06/22 11:23pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria drops his weapon as JR recovers, swiping at him with elongated claws. KK moves down the ramp to the garage door. JR leaps into the air, landing on KK and slamming him against the metal doors.
[06/22 11:25pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria 's hands wrap about Jason's ankles and he picks him up, slamming him down on the concrete driveway. There's another loud crack as he snaps to the ground. Blood splatters against the concrete.
[06/22 11:28pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria is slammed through the garage door as Jason managed to burn enough to fuel a dive into him. He stumbles back, landing on the metal tracks for truck repairs. There's a sharp pain in his chest.
[06/22 11:29pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria opens his mouth to roar, but finds it filled with blood. He looks down at his body, seeing JR sitting on him, grinning. A metal spike impaled itself through his chest, opposite his heart.
[06/22 11:31pm] Jason's laughter echoes through the garage, mixed with screams of pain from KK. Blood pools on the ground, leaking from dozens of slices across his body. Jason is carving.
[06/22 11:47pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria 's hands spread out, his muscles grinding against the shrapnel through his chest. JR's claws are grabbing at his skin, pushing in, wrapping around tendons and tearing it back out.
[06/22 11:48pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria 's fingers wrap around something. He can't tell what it is with his blood coated hands. He swings it over him, catching JR in the head with a loud thunk. As it crosses his vision,
[06/22 11:49pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria realizes it was a tire iron. JR rolls off, his claws still grabbing at KK. KK grabs something else. A hammer, he can see, smashing it down onto JR's arm. There's a fulfilling CRACK of bone.
[06/22 11:58pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria struggles to get himself up off of the protruding spike with care, trying to not disturb it or cause it to slice him open. He rolls over onto his knees and elbows, spitting up blood.
[06/22 11:59pm] Jason sees an opportunity. The spike is part of a jagged plate of sharp scrap metal. He wraps his fingers around the plate, putting a foot on KK's back and slamming him down
[06/23 12:01am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria roars out in pain as Jason pulls the scrap metal down, causing the spike impaled through KK to slice through him. KK vomits out more blood and bile, struggling to get back up.
[06/23 12:05am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria 's nose and mouth begin to leak smoke. His eyes shade black as he rapidly burns fuel. Jason is laughing hysterically, yanking down the metal to spill more blood.
[06/23 12:08am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria rears backwards, picking himself up with JR still on his back. Jason trades his grip on the metal for one around KK's neck. He begins to reopen the wounds his mouth made earlier.
[06/23 12:09am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria leaps back, crashing against one of the concrete walls, landing on Jason. His head snaps back, cracking into his nose and breaking the bone. KK spins around quickly, still holding Jason up.
[06/23 12:10am] Jason fixes him with a twisted grin. Several teeth are missing, his nose is bent to 45 degrees, his eye is swollen. KK takes this in,and can only imagine his own condition.
[06/23 12:14am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria can only serve to make him worse off than he could ever be. KK reaches over to a tool bench, grabbing anything his hands touch. His hands wrap around a battery powered power drill.
[06/23 12:16am] The drill buzzes loudly as KK pushes the trigger. He grins at JR, who grins right back. He's having the time of his life. KK stabs the drill into the side of his jaw.
[06/23 12:27am] The drill's grind is muffled as it tears through the skin, then becomes loud as a buzz saw as it reaches the bone. The loud noise mixes with a maniacal laughter.
[06/23 12:28am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria tears the drill back out of his face after it reaches as far as it can. He immediately gets a set of claws raked across his eyes and face.
[06/23 12:35am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria stumbles back against one of the trucks, trying to wipe the blood out of his eyes. He can't see! Jason takes the opportunity, grabbing a circular saw from the table and flicking it on.
[06/23 12:36am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria hears the roar of the saw and holds out a hand to stop something, though he cannot see. The blade slices across his hand as JR swings it laterally, dragging it across his open palm.
[06/23 12:38am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria holds out his sliced open hand, wrapping around JR's throat. He laughs, though it's stifled by the pressure on his neck and swings the saw down jamming the blade down onto his shoulder.
[06/23 12:39am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria 's eyes widen and he can vaguely see. Blood and bone splash up across the windshield and hood of the truck as the blade keeps spinning into his shoulder. KK's mouth opens wide, he pushes off hard.
[06/23 12:40am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria bites down as soon as he can feel something graze his teeth. They embed in JR's shoulder, cracking the structure of bone beneath the skin by sheer force. His arm releases the saw, stopping it.
[06/23 12:41am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria pushes a forearm against where must be his neck, forcing him back onto the workshop table. He slams his head down against it. A few tools clatter to the surface. KK unclenches his jaw, releasing.
[06/23 12:42am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria holds him down hard, strangling him with brute force. His hand reaches up, finding a wooden handle. He lifts it up, smashing whatever the tool was down into JR's face.
[06/23 12:44am] Jason's eyes lit up upon seeing the hammer. Even wider as he saw that KK had the claw end facing him. The metal spikes land straight on into his left eye.
[06/23 12:45am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria can now see, the blood having stopped and the cuts closed up on his face. He lifts up the claw hammer, satisfied at what he had done. JR is still.
[06/23 12:49am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria lets out a heavy breath, backing off from the motionless body. He doesn't turn his back on the body. In fact, he's not even finished with it. Where did the saw go. . .
[06/23 12:50am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria stoops down low to pick it up, priming it with a loud buzz. His eyes haven't left JR. He walks over, holding it out, over JR's neck.
[06/23 12:52am] The movement is too quick. A chisel is forced into KK's neck up to the handle. The buzz saw drops to the ground, and he stumbles back a few, reaching up to grab it.
[06/23 12:57am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria 's hand wraps around the handle. He looks at JR, who is reaching a few fingers into his now empty eye socket and discovering what this new feature is. He laughs hysterically.
[06/23 12:59am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria rips the chisel out of his neck, and blood drifts down, running over the scar that was already there. He twists the handle in his hand. A tattered growl emanates from his neck and mouth.
[06/23 01:11am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria picks up Jason by the throat, covering his own with his hand to stop blood flow. He picks him up, slamming his face into the wall and walking towards the now smashed open garage door.
[06/23 01:12am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria grinds Jason's face against the concrete of the wall, leaving a line of blood where he was dragged. KK pulls him outside of the garage. Jason is seemingly tired or weakened.
[06/23 01:14am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria walks, dragging his body to where the fight began, in the middle of the main road. KK pulls him up to see face to face. Thick red puss drips down from his empty orbit.
[06/23 01:15am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria only serves to get infuriated at his smile of enjoyment. He reels back, swinging JR in an arc and slamming him headfirst into the ground. Jason laughs hysterically, his tongue hanging out.
[06/23 01:30am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria growls, pulling him up to face. He belts out a roar into his grin and whips him around, hurling him the distance all the way to the Compound doors, spending him smashing through and into the hall.
[06/23 01:31am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria stands, drenched in both his own and his brother's blood, bleeding from cuts all across his body. His eyes are bright red. He throws back his head, letting out a roar that shakes the windows.

Improbable Central

[06/23 01:34am] A roar echoes through the jungle and through the square. Those who've heard it before will recognize it immediately. KK is FURIOUS.

Compound - Grounds

[06/23 01:43am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria walks, flexing his fingers and breathing out steady streams of black smoke from his nose and mouth. He leaps up the entire front step, landing at the broken doors.
[06/23 01:45am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria sees him laying on the floor. His mouth spreads into a grin. He enters.


Compound - Manor

[06/22 09:27pm] Lady Lelila tenses severely as she sees the two figures approach KK out on the grounds. One lets loose a roar, a laugh, a sound that she can hear all the way from here, and she convulses with her shiver.
[06/22 09:37pm] Lady Lelila pales as she watches the fight commence, not allowing her eyes to linger on the now-corpse of Eric. Jason tears into Kai, and she looks away, feeling sickened.
[06/22 09:37pm] Lady Lelila can't watch. She can't not watch.
[06/22 09:44pm] Lady Lelila has pulled herself away from the window, but she feels the hair on the back of her neck stand on end as a roar - distinctly KK's - reverberates through the Manor. Her hand brushes her revolver.
[06/22 09:51pm] Lady Lelila tries to tear her eyes from the fight once again, when suddenly she feels her blood turn to ice. Someone else is here.
[06/22 09:53pm] Lady Lelila freezes all motion, though the intruder isn't yet in the manor. She can feel them, though. . . one of the ones from the council yesterday. The dark haired one. Soaran Daniel.
[06/22 09:59pm] Lady Lelila holds her breath. He's in the manor within a matter of seconds. He pauses for a moment in the main hall- to smell, perhaps, or sense heat signatures. She recalls what she was told- a hunter, this one.
[06/22 10:01pm] Lady Lelila feels him start moving in her direction, a straight line toward the sitting room, quickly though not a sound is heard from the hall. She's rooted to the spot, but something in her screams, GO. RUN.
[06/22 10:10pm] Lady Lelila doesn't hesitate to obey the command. She bolts, feet carrying her as fast as she can, shouldering through the door on the far end of the room, into the library next door. She feels panic set in.
[06/22 10:22pm] The door in the sitting room splits with a loud CRACK. SD breaks through, the wood splinters and falls before him. He looks around, smelling the air. He sees the second door.
[06/22 10:28pm] Lady Lelila stumbles as she races across the library, knocking over a small marble-top table with a thunk. Wrenches open the door back out to the hall, running flat-out down the hallway. Servant stairs. Up. Go.
[06/22 10:33pm] Lady Lelila takes the stairs two at a time, breath coming quick in her lungs. Fear tingles through her spine as she feels him behind her, and she bursts onto the second floor.
[06/22 10:34pm] SD shoulders through the doorway, looking around. He grazes his claws against the overturned table, carving a deep groove into it. He breaks into a run, chasing her scent.
[06/22 10:39pm] Lady Lelila considers running straight down the long hall, but instead darts into one of the quarters across the hall. She cuts a jagged path around furniture, overturning what she can behind her as she goes.
[06/22 10:40pm] Lady Lelila bursts through the connecting doors between rooms, slamming each of them shut behind her. Her breath pants hard in her lungs. A moment of decision- she's at the end of this row of quarters.
[06/22 10:44pm] SD ignores the stairs, grabbing the banister and heaving himself deftly up. He sprints down the hall, watching through the walls, trying to pick up heat. . .
[06/22 10:47pm] The door of the room breaks inwards as he shoulders it out of the way. His eyes track her. He grins wildly. “Hello Lelila. . .” He growls with an air of enjoyment.
[06/22 10:51pm] Lady Lelila backs against the window behind her with a bump, terror clear in her expression. From the corner of her eye, she can see flashes of movement from the grounds below, but she doesn't look.
[06/22 10:51pm] Lady Lelila keeps her wide-eyed gaze on Soaran. She can feel the weight of the revolver on her hip, but she doesn't move.
[06/22 10:55pm] There's the cascading clicks of claws against a wooden table as Soaran walks past it. He's grinning wide spreading clawed hands. “If you beg, ma- -“
[06/22 10:58pm] Lady Lelila is in movement as soon as he opens his mouth. In one rapid and smooth movement, she draws the revolver and pulls back the hammer, firing a shot directly at his torso as she begins to run.
[06/22 11:00pm] Lady Lelila explodes through the door back into the hallway, entering the main hall and running back down the main stair, three at a time. She trips on the last, lands hard on the marble floor, splits her lip.
[06/22 11:01pm] The bullet impacts in his stomach. Soaran thinks nothing of it. Two seconds pass, and the fuse ignites the payload. The shell explodes outwards in an orb of burning phosphorus. Soaran screams.
[06/22 11:02pm] The hunter drops to the ground. There isn't much blood. The fire already burned his wounds closed, but there's a significant chunk of his stomach missing. He growls, picking himself up to move.
[06/22 11:09pm] Lady Lelila scrabbles back to her feet, that sharp tinge of coppery taste in her mouth. She has a thought, and nearly curses out loud at herself.
[06/22 11:10pm] Soaran is injured horribly, but he's still keeping up pace and is almost to the main stairs in the front hall.
[06/22 11:10pm] Lady Lelila bolts across the main hall, down the North wing, and tries very hard to concentrate as she goes. A small flux of improbability through her, and she drops her body temperature about thirty degrees.
[06/22 11:12pm] Lady Lelila shoves through the door to another library, this one is quite large. She darts down one of the aisles, headed toward a door she knows is at the back.
[06/22 11:13pm] There is still heat inside that he picks up. Electricity, heating fixtures, KK and Jason fighting outside. . . He has to rely on smell. He grins. Electricity. . .
[06/22 11:18pm] Lady Lelila can feel her energy running low, feel her knees threatening to give out. The revolver is still in her hand as she bursts into the back entrance of a small dining room.
[06/22 11:20pm] There's a soft whine from the electrical cords. It dies off. The lights dim to darkness.
[06/22 11:23pm] Lady Lelila feels fresh panic begin as the room goes completely black around her. The silence rings in her ears for a moment, the only sound her ragged gasps for breath.
[06/22 11:26pm] Lady Lelila suddenly remembers what KK told her, and she fumbles for the flashlight on her belt. She clicks it on, shines the narrow beam around the room. She's become disoriented, she forgets where the door is.
[06/22 11:38pm] There's the echo of a faint whistle through the hallways. It sounds vaguely like Irish Lullaby A song that Lelila had sung to KK once when they were all. . . Heh. . . Alone.
[06/22 11:44pm] Lady Lelila stumbles out into a hallway, also pitch dark. The beam of light wavers as her hands tremble, and the whistling is unnerving what is left of her nerves. She stumbles over a low table.
[06/22 11:45pm] Lady Lelila gasps, the sound loud in the dark silent, as a shrieking scream of PAIN rips through her mind. KK. She falls hard to her knees, flashlight slipping from her hand as she lands on all fours.
[06/22 11:47pm] Lady Lelila retches slightly, and a cold sweat breaks across her. She needs to get to him. She knows what a bad idea that is. A shake of her head, she tries to gather herself.
[06/22 11:49pm] Lady Lelila pushes herself back up to her feet, shakily, and retrieves her flashlight. Light in one hand and revolver in the other, she slowly works her way toward the main hall.
[06/22 11:49pm] Lady Lelila tries to feel out Soaran, but her mind is shaken from KK's anguish, she can't concentrate.
[06/22 11:57pm] Bare feet tread silently on the thick carpet of the Compound floors. He's moving silently, as his profession required and trained him to. His claws are extended, and his night vision is tracking
[06/23 12:05am] Lady Lelila exhales sharply. The beam of her flashlight shakes severely as she feels another blast of agony from outside, and she blinks back tears. “Please. . .” she says, weakly.
[06/23 12:07am] Right behind her. “No.”
[06/23 12:09am] Lady Lelila screams, the harsh sound reverberating around the hall, whirling around and firing a shot blindly. The bullet burns into the wall across, and there is a beat before the resulting explosion.
[06/23 12:10am] Lady Lelila shields her eyes from the sudden brightness, and takes another shot toward where she heard the voice. One hand before her to guide her, she runs as fast as she's able down the hall.
[06/23 12:12am] Three claws press into her stomach. A hand interlocks fingers with the one she used to guide. Yellow eyes meet her own greens.
[06/23 12:21am] Lady Lelila 's hand clenches tightly around the hand intertwined with her own, and she lets out a mangled scream of pain. Involuntary reaction, her finger squeezes the trigger, aimed at his left knee.
[06/23 12:22am] The bullet penetrates his bone, embedding between the joint and the cap. Two seconds tick. The bullet explodes internally. SD's claws slip out of her as he collapses to a knee, muffling pain.
[06/23 12:31am] Lady Lelila falls back against the wall behind her as the claws release her. She knocks against something, a statue, marble. Maybe a bust. She grabs it, and smashes it down over his head, hard as she can.
[06/23 12:35am] Lady Lelila presses a hand over her stomach, tries to ignore the slick feel of her own blood. Still disoriented in the dark, she turns down another hall, and finds herself in the main kitchen.
[06/23 12:40am] Lady Lelila winces a bit - she'd been expecting a den. She blinks into the darkness - she lost her flashlight, but thank God she'd held on to the revolver. Dim light from the square lights a window, faintly.
[06/23 12:46am] After clearing the stars and burning fuel to speed up the reformation of muscle around his knee to make up for the broken kneecap, SD stands up, checking himself once more. “Bitch.” He growls.
[06/23 12:47am] Fingers find their way around, wrapping around a solid silver candlestick, about a foot and a half in length. He grins, feeling the weight, then resumes to track the scent.
[06/23 12:55am] Lady Lelila knocks over a stool as she tries vainly to adjust her eyes to the light- another cry escapes her, though not from her own wounds. He's hurt, badly, and his agony washes over her.
[06/23 12:55am] Lady Lelila leans hard against a stainless steel countertop, the hand that was clutched to her stomach leaving a smear of dark red. Her breath comes hard and ragged.
[06/23 12:57am] Lady Lelila pushes herself back up, revolver still in her hand. In the dim light, something catches her eye - knives, on a magnetic strip on the wall. Her hand clasps around the handle of a large carving knife.
[06/23 01:03am] Three bullets burst through the kitchen door, smashing into the cupboard doors a few feet from her head.
[06/23 01:12am] Lady Lelila ducks in reaction, crouching down behind the counter. She leans back against the cabinet, her head thumps against it as she looks up. Her exhaustion is catching up with her.
[06/23 01:15am] Lady Lelila keeps low, moving away from the door behind the cabinet. A brief hesitation as she risks exposure, scrambling to duck behind an island in the middle of the room.
[06/23 01:16am] SD kicks open the heavy kitchen door, looking out and around for a moment. “What kind of bullets are those?” He asks, looking around. “Loving husband make them for you?”
[06/23 01:19am] Lady Lelila 's body is giving out, but her mind is growing stronger. She can feel Soaran now, and distantly, KK and another. She focuses instead on the closest one, and feels a brief surge of.. enjoyment.
[06/23 01:31am] Lady Lelila baulks slightly. He is enjoying this, and very much. She peers just a little deeper. . . envy. How curious. And. . . and. . . Lust. Her eyes widen, and she shivers. Lust?
[06/23 01:35am] Lady Lelila collects herself, eyeing the door across the way that goes out into the main dining hall. Open air, between her and the door. No good. She presses her eyes closed, and withdraws her mind a moment.
[06/23 01:38am] Yellow eyes search around. “I did ask a question.” He repeats, annoyed at being ignored.
[06/23 01:38am] Lady Lelila hesitates a moment longer, letting a dull roar of buzz fill her mind. Nearing the edge of the island, she pauses, connects.
[06/23 01:40am] Lady Lelila winces, as she forces her mental white-noise into SD's skull, a static buzz of nothing. Caution to the wind, hoping it took, she bolts across the kitchen to the dining room door.

[06/23 01:44am] Jason slides against the marble floor, stopping as his head hits against the foot of the staircase. He's still laughing giddily. [06/23 01:55am] Soaran blinks back the sudden invasion of his head, tracking Lelila. He raises his revolver, lined up to her head as she runs. No. No no. No fun in seeing her brains on the wall like that. . .
[06/23 02:09am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria picks up the body of Jason, then gets blind sighted by a marble tile crushed into his face. He immediately drops back trying to get the shards from his eyes, roaring and growling like a animal.
[06/23 02:11am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria clears his vision only to feel the force of a bus crash into his stomach, plowing him through a wall. Brick shards fly everywhere, even embedding into KK's back. He skids across the floor.
[06/23 02:12am] Lady Lelila presses her back to the wall as she ducks into the dining room. A hard breath, and another wince - a roar echoing up the hall, he's inside the house.
[06/23 02:13am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria catches two hands full of claws, and they stab through his palms, reopening the wound from the buzz saw in one hand earlier. KK snarls and then gets smashed in the face by JR's forehead.
[06/23 02:15am] Lady Lelila can feel SD moving to follow her through the door, and she runs to the entrance to the hall. She feels them out for a moment. . . front hall. No, ballroom.
[06/23 02:17am] Lady Lelila needs a head start. She gathers her mind again for a moment, this time sending SD a flat nothing, in attempt to distract him as she did the guards. She winces, her effort was weak, unfocused.
[06/23 02:20am] He's close behind her, and he felt the intrusion. “Hey, what the Hell was that?!” He calls out to her. “Mind tricks!?”
[06/23 02:22am] Lady Lelila ignores him - once again - as she scrambles out into the hall, bolting toward the main hall through the darkness.
[06/23 02:24am] The crack of a Colt .44 barks out, tearing a round through her leg. “I asked a fucking question!” He yells, cocking back the hammer. He's close behind her, walking steadily.
[06/23 02:25am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria doesn't hear the gunfire. He managed to retreat ground, smashing through several walls and rooms to try and gain ground or find a weapon. JR managed to save his fuel, and is burning it now.
[06/23 02:28am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria whips around, only to have his nose broken again by getting smashed in the face with a brick. JR grabs him around the neck, slamming the brick into his head once more.
[06/23 02:29am] Lady Lelila falls to the ground, hard, as her leg gives out from under her, and she cries out. Clambers back to her feet, one hand along the wall at her left, and she still presses forward, limping.
[06/23 02:35am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria grabs Jason's arm, trying to break it. He twists out of the awkward joints, allowing KK to break his elbow backwards. A knife is stabbed into KK's back as cost to his attempt.
[06/23 02:35am] Lady Lelila falls down once again, with a sob. She knows he's bearing down on her, and she turns to face him, sitting on the floor. “PLEASE,” she cries out. She focuses in herself, draws out her sympathy.
[06/23 02:36am] Lady Lelila can feel the resonant cord within SD, even if it's faint. She lets it swell, feels it echo within him. “Please,” she repeats a bit softer. “Please.”
[06/23 02:36am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria roars. I WON'T DIE. I WILL NOT DIE. KK's mind is chanting into his head. JR is gone. His mind is shouting into him KILLDEATHDIEBREAKSMASHEATBURNRENDSTABSLICEB REAKKILLKILLKILLKILLKILLKILL
[06/23 02:38am] His mouth twitches. The barrel of the gun lowers, though it is still close to pointing at her. “I. . . No, no. I have to. It's an order. . .” His fingers realign on the handle. He looks down a bit
[06/23 02:41am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria 's mind falters as he finds himself beating JR's skull down with the leg of a chair. CRUSHMAULDESTROYKILLKILLKILLKILL He shakes himself, No NO! He will not become like Jason!
[06/23 02:42am] Lady Lelila snatches the opportunity the second it is presented. Ignoring the shooting pain in her leg, she stands and bolts down the hall, taking a fast corner and moving toward the main as fast as she can.
[06/23 02:44am] Lady Lelila knows that it is not fast enough, though. Her leg gives out once again, and the sound she makes is somewhere between pain and frustration.
[06/23 02:45am] He raises the revolver as soon as he shakes himself out of whatever the Hell that was. . . He lowered the gun. What would. . . “Oohh. . .” His mouth twists into a grin. 'That makes sense. . .'
[06/23 02:46am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria finds himself through another wall. The second he hesitated allowed JR to push him up, crushing him through. KK's lost a lot of blood, and a lot of fuel with it. He can't even go feral. . . Not to JR
[06/23 02:49am] “Didn't understand why such a high officer of the family would give up everything for some worthless human. . .” Soaran grins, following the trail of blood.
[06/23 02:49am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria looks around a bit, trying to gain bearings. High ceilings. Wooden floor. Not a hallway, not the entranceway. Stage. . . Lighting. . . Piano. . . They're in the ballroom!
[06/23 02:51am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria picks himself up. He hears stomping. He whirls around to see him charging at him full speed. KK shifts his weight, dropping back with him and flinging him off. A simple evasion.
[06/23 02:51am] Lady Lelila tries to push herself back up - leans heavily on the wall for support. She winces, grits her teeth - tries to ignore his words. She can't. “I'm. . . I'm not. . .” Her words are faint as she moves.
[06/23 02:51am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria 's Brother twists and changes direction in midair, landing with his hind claws digging up the rows of wooden floor to stop his momentum. He charges again.
[06/23 02:53am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria swings just as he comes into range. The black grand piano smashes into him with a loud clutter of notes and splintering wood, breaking into nothing more than shards and sending him flying back.
[06/23 02:59am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria fends off another charge, slamming the leg that stayed in his hand down on JR's head, cracking it to bits. KK even turns the stick in his hand, stabbing the now sharpened half into his leg.
[06/23 03:01am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria gets slammed back on the third rush, skidding across the floor. His roars and snarls are muffled as teeth are latched around his neck. Claws begin work on anything they can touch.
[06/23 03:03am] Blood splatters against the ground, skin, tattered leather, all of it mixes with the other in a pool beneath the two Berserkers. KK's vision clouds over, he loses sight.
[06/23 03:03am] “No, no. . . You are. You're completely worthless. You're not a thing to him, you know that, right?” He laughs, loading in a round to replace those he spent in his revolver.
[06/23 03:05am] Lady Lelila 's voice is a low grown. “Shut up,” she says, as she finally reaches the doors to the ballroom. “Shut UP!” Another throb of pain tears through her knee as she bursts in the ballroom. [06/23 03:07am] Lady Lelila feels as though all has stopped, as she sees KK, sees the pool of blood, sees the shreds of skin- -
[06/23 03:08am] “Of course. He doesn't know that. You force him to believe what you like him to huh? Like he's a fucking Puppet. What a farce of a romance. You think he loves you, because you force it?”
[06/23 03:11am] He is in front of her, grinning widely over the sights of the silver .44. “You really are one, poor diluted. . .- -“
[06/23 03:13am] Lady Lelila cuts him off with a harsh, raw scream. The sound echoes around the ballroom. The blank empty that fill her mind at the sight of KK on the floor is flooded with blood-curling anger.
[06/23 03:15am] Lady Lelila is lost, almost immediately. His words ring in her skull, and she can barely see the one she loves dying on the floor across the room from her, and her mind, her mind. . .
[06/23 03:16am] Lady Lelila feels the tension of the last weeks, her months of fear, her lifetime of insecurity, reverberate off each other inside of her, her fury and anguish spurring them on.
[06/23 03:17am] Lady Lelila drops her own revolver, clasping her hands over her ears. It builds, in her head, the screaming and crying, in a matter of seconds, to a deafening crescendo.
[06/23 03:18am] Lady Lelila locks eyes with Soaran, her eyes burning fierce and cold, and her expression is oddly neutral.
[06/23 03:19am] crack.
[06/23 03:20am] Lady Lelila 's expression betrays nothing as her mind leashes out on it's own accord, a cacophony of emotion, the highs of elation simultaneous with the depths of deepest sorrow.
[06/23 03:22am] Lady Lelila 's mind shatters through all defenses in Soaran's mind, breaking everything in it's wake, pushing every emotion it encounters far, far beyond it's breaking point.
[06/23 03:25am] Lady Lelila can hear it, like the wet sound of a snapping bone in her mind, as everything that once was the being Soaran Daniel. . . breaks, shatters like so much broken glass, within his own skull.

Improbable Central

[06/23 03:26am] A shockwave ripples through the square, though it is unseen, and physically effects nothing. You feel a shriek within your skull, a sensation like a blast of feedback through speakers.
[06/23 03:26am] The sensation has a feel of someone familiar, but nearly as soon as it invades your mind, the mental noise subsides, leaving a small echo before it is gone completely.

Compound - Manor

[06/23 03:29am] The revolver barks as Soaran tenses up. The bullet tears into her chest, ripping out the other side. She falls to the wooden floor with Soaran, dripping blood from the new wound.
[06/23 03:30am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria 's eyes open, unfocused, his head rolls to the side, his right eye dipping into a pool of his blood. He sees her, on the ground. What happened? Is she asleep? There's a gun there. It is smoking.
[06/23 03:31am] NO.
[06/23 03:33am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria dropped out of life for a few seconds. THIS IS NO TIME TO BE DEAD. KK's eyes fire open. GET THE FUCK UP. RIP HIM TO FUCKING SHREDS. LIMB FROM LIMB. KK's hands clamp around JR's wrists.
[06/23 03:37am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria suddenly shifts all weight up, slamming him onto the floor next to him. KK lifts himself, landing on JR, ignoring the claws opening up his front.
[06/23 03:40am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria feels his teeth wrap around something, and can taste blood. He recognizes it. A throat. He doesn't even give the order, just clenches and tears. He can taste the oil, sulfur, the blood.
[06/23 03:42am] Lady Lelila slowly, slowly becomes conscious of herself. Pain. Lots of pain. Hard to breathe. She doesn't know where she is.
[06/23 03:44am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria feels the pricks of claws still pulling at him. He's still moving, even still trying to laugh. KK's hands grip around his skull, that laughing expression. His arms tense, muscles bulge.
[06/23 03:44am] CRACK
[06/23 03:47am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria feels the skull splinter through his fingers. Blood spills across the ballroom floor. Shards of bone pepper it. He growls through fangs painted red. His attention turns to her.
[06/23 03:50am] Lady Lelila turns her head, but her vision is clouded. Someone's lying next to her. He's very, very still. Breathing, staring straight up at the ceiling. He blinks, but no other movement.
[06/23 03:55am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria pads over, his claws clicking unsteadily on the floor. He bends down, slipping arms beneath her and picking her up. His eyes are hollow and bright red. He walks past Soaran, out the main door.
[06/23 03:56am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria pads through the main door, avoiding the stains of dried blood. He walks through the shattered doorway, down the steps, and out to the grounds.

Act IV. - Recovery.

Compound - Grounds

[06/23 04:00am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria avoids the discarded weapons, shredded bits of skin and dried blood. He walks at a steady pace, keeping her held close to him for a reason he doesn't understand yet. He's not home yet.

Improbable Central

[06/23 04:03am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria walks through, his front sliced open, his shoulder loosely healed, his neck crusted with blood. His claws are stained, his teeth are red from someone else's colors. Lelila is in his arms.
[06/23 04:05am] Lady Lelila is conscious, but unresponsive. Her shirt is stained red, a bullet-tear through her chest, a few more shreds, like those of claws, on her stomach. Her knee is in bad shape, another gunshot wound.
[06/23 04:07am] Not far away: “Sessine - -” Two fast steps closer. “Has it - -” He doesn't get the chance to finish his question, she already has him by the wrist and they're going.
[06/23 04:09am] Zolotisty lunges quick into the square and assesses it in a glance. This way.
[06/23 04:10am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria stands still, his mouth open, breathing heavily. He is still far from home.
[06/23 04:18am] Lady Lelila blinks, as her eyes slowly focus on KK. She still feels pain, but now she feels warmth, instead of cold. Her vision is clouded, but she tries to recognize the face above her. Familiar.
[06/23 04:20am] Sessine goes to Lelila's side. KK growls, but does not stop him. Alandre. On it. Get a haemostat powder.
[06/23 04:22am] Sessine says, “She's breathing. Airway clear.” Good. Z will get the powder, alert Elias.
[06/23 04:23am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria sets her down, kneeling near her head to watch. His eyes do not leave her.
[06/23 04:24am] Zolotisty is already off at a sprint for the momentum, away midstride. They three are alone in the square. I don't know what I'm looking for, show me. I will. The Compound.

Compound - Grounds

[06/23 04:27am] Zolotisty bolts into the confines of the Compound without breaking stride, top speed. Momentum is nothing without a direction to apply it to, she is not certain where to find what Alandre's described.
[06/23 04:29am] Zolotisty doesn't veer for the main house. He orders her past the barracks. The armory - - there, inside, go - - go. Fast-fast-search - - got it? This? Yes. Go. Go.
[06/23 04:29am] Zolotisty turns on a dime.

Improbable Central

[06/23 04:24am] Sessine places his hands over Lelila's chest wound and applies pressure. It isn't enough. Blood leaks out between his fingers.
[06/23 04:28am] Sessine warms the air around Lelila, a blanket of warmth to reduce shock. He watches her breathing closely. Air is sucking in and out of the wound. He applies more pressure.
[06/23 04:30am] Sessine meanwhile checks out KK visually. He is in bad shape, but he's not an emergency. Not the first priority.
[06/23 04:31am] Zolotisty tears back into the square. “Here,” is all she says. It skitters on air and Z's off again.

Ace High

[06/23 04:33am] Zolotisty explodes into AceHigh at a dead run. This time, she knows where she's going. The Dip is dark but for a light over the sign at this hour of the night. Even Elias sleeps.
[06/23 04:34am] Zolotisty doesn't slow much. She slams into the door, thumping it with the end of her fist several times. “Elias! Elias!” A light snaps on, there's noise from within - - movement. Z keeps pounding.
[06/23 04:36am] Zolotisty takes a step forward when the door opens. Fast words, faster explanation - - a close friend mortally injured, help, please. There are no riddles, there is no cryptic smile. He opens the door wider.
[06/23 04:36am] “I'll need a moment. Come here directly.”
[06/23 04:38am] Zolotisty nods, thrumming with adrenaline. Elias disappears inside while she disappears from the doorway.

Improbable Central

[06/23 04:31am] Sessine says, “Lelila, can you hear me? Don't try to talk, just blink if you understand me.”
[06/23 04:32am] Lady Lelila is dully aware of the man working over her. Familiar, too, but not like how the one who was holding her was. She slowly looks up- yes, that one sitting by her head. She tries to lift her hand.
[06/23 04:33am] Lady Lelila shifts her gaze very slowly to the other one, the one working. She thinks a bit about the words he spoke at her. Blink? She. . . can do that. A much delayed reaction, but she blinks at him.
[06/23 04:34am] Sessine tears the packet of Quickclot open and pours the powder into the wound. He applies even stronger pressure while the powder does its work. Five minutes, Alandre says.
[06/23 04:36am] Sessine says, “All right. Lelila, you're going to be all right. We're going to take you to Elias. Zolo has gone to get him prepared. Then we'll take you there. You're going to be all right.”
[06/23 04:37am] Lady Lelila 's expression is completely blank, but her gaze is focused on his face. She hears words, but they don't register to her.
[06/23 04:40am] Zolotisty is again at Sessine's elbow. She stares at Lelila. “He says he needs a moment. Alandre said you do too.”
[06/23 04:40am] Sessine keeps talking. His voice is calm. “Elias will help. You will be all right.” The powder is setting, he can feel it. Stopping the bleeding as no pressure could.
[06/23 04:41am] Lady Lelila trains her eyes on the new face over her. . . familiar, too.
[06/23 04:42am] Zolotisty says, soft, “Hullo, darlin'.”
[06/23 04:44am] Sessine says, “Lift your right hand, if you can.” There's a long delay while she processes this, but then her right hand stirs. “Good for you. Now your left hand. Move it, just a little bit.”
[06/23 04:45am] Sessine says, “Zolo. Elias is ready?”
[06/23 04:47am] Zolotisty wets her fangs. “I'll check.” Gone, back a few long moments later to look at KK. “I'm going to move you along with us, yes? All of us. We're going.”
[06/23 04:47am] Sessine then realizes that she already told him the answer. He is not as calm as he sounds, or he'd have known. This is Lelila. . . “The haemostat is almost set. I think I can let go now.”
[06/23 04:51am] Zolotisty 's ears flick when he doesn't respond. “Not fast enough,” she says, then to Sessine, “I'm taking her, I'll be back in a second.” She crouches to touch Lelila and they're gone.

Ace High

[06/23 04:54am] Steady light from the upper windows of the Dip, now - - then blocked by a straightening silhouette with ragged triangular ears. Then another. A man. The light dims as a curtain's drawn.
[06/23 04:56am] Zolotisty takes the stairs three at a time on her way down and out the door, closing it hard behind her as she moves back to Improbable Central.

Improbable Central

[06/23 04:54am] Sessine turns his attention to KK. He is not in good shape. “We need to get you to Elias, too,” he says.
[06/23 04:55am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria doesn't move as she is suddenly gone. He hasn't moved this entire time. A black cat leaps down from a nearby rooftop. Alice looks at Sessine. “I can take care of him.” She states simply.
[06/23 05:00am] Sessine respects Alice. They've dealt with each other before. “Good,” he says. “Best do it now, then.”
[06/23 05:00am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria is faced by the cat. She makes an odd sort of sound, uncharacteristic of a cat. It sounds like a low growl with an applied manner to it, that echoes a bit more than it should.
[06/23 05:01am] Zolotisty is a rush of limb and tail back into the City. She draws up short.
[06/23 05:03am] Zolotisty twists her ears uncertainly. A sidestep and she knows what's going on, Alandre's informed her. She looks to Sessine. “Com'on, we'll go.” She crosses to him and instead of taking his wrist..
[06/23 05:03am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria growls something of a response and stands up. Alice leads him off, heading back towards the Compound. KK is shaking a bit, but he is walking alright. Alice takes the occasional glance to make sure.
[06/23 05:04am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria and Alice are gone now, her leading him to some place where there is enough fire for him to repair easily.
[06/23 05:04am] Zolotisty wraps her arms tight around him, and then they aren't there anymore. The embrace is as much for his sake as it is for hers. They'll spend the night on a couch. Watching. Fingers crossed.

Compound - Grounds

[06/23 01:23pm] There is a body here but it does not have a head, sawn loose from a shattered neck last night. Cicadas sing. Clouds drift, it is a beautiful day.

Compound - Manor

[06/23 01:26pm] There is another body here. It has a throat but no head - - the muscle and viscera has been laid open as if for careful dissection but there are no pins to hold back the ruined flesh.
[06/23 01:27pm] Leaves shush softly outside. Birds sing. The largest pieces of skull have been taken.

Ace High

[06/23 03:13pm] Zolotisty remains outside, hands in her pockets.
[06/23 03:17pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria walks into AceHigh. Alice is curled on his shoulder, wary of the literal chunk still missing. The wound is closed however. His neck has a second large mark in it. There's a Woman in step.
[06/23 03:17pm] Zolotisty is already facing the direction they're approaching from.
[06/23 03:19pm] Winged Rosin hears trimmed precise footsteps from outside, and glances through the nearest window. Oh.
[06/23 03:20pm] Body of Phyllis Mind of Bernard shoots after Zolotisty brandishing her broom, and with her war-cry rending the night air, “UlUlUlUlUlUlUlUlUlUlUlllllluUUU Does this one want a brooming?!”
[06/23 03:20pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria hails Z with a once mutilated hand. His coat is buttoned around him. He finally stops about five feet away. Yui nods her own greeting.
[06/23 03:21pm] Sessine goes out to stand beside Zolotisty.
[06/23 03:22pm] Winged Rosin steps into the doorway and looks out past Z and Sessine. This could either be good, or the worst thing to happen yet.
[06/23 03:22pm] Body of Phyllis Mind of Bernard 's other voice follows behind, “No, no you daft besom, leave her alone. . .” Will not!” “Will so, look, I'll make you eat dry oatcakes for an hour!” “This one wouldn't!”
[06/23 03:22pm] Zolotisty takes approximately no notice of Phyllis, for once. She nods to the siblings and Alice in turn. “She's upstairs. Will you come in?”
[06/23 03:23pm] Body of Phyllis Mind of Bernard continues, “This one bloody would, Phyllis. Now leave her alone. . . Your constant twittering. . .” “Twittering, Sir? You'll be wanting to take that back!”
[06/23 03:24pm] Body of Phyllis Mind of Bernard manages to drag Phyllis off to Dunbernarding.
[06/23 03:24pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria nods. He wishes he could thank them personally, but he cannot. He looks well enough on the outside, but JR pushed a lot of things out of place internally when they fought.
[06/23 03:26pm] Zolotisty nods and turns.
[06/23 03:26pm] Winged Rosin steps back out of the doorway, making sure Elias clears from their path as well.
[06/23 03:28pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria follows. Alice is whispering short growls and snarls into his ear, communicating something. Yui is silent as she walks, keeping eyes hidden behind black circular shades. She follows as well.
[06/23 03:30pm] Zolotisty takes Sessine's hand.
[06/23 03:32pm] Winged Rosin watches the strange woman carefully. Her hand hovers near her belt out of reflex.
[06/23 03:32pm] Sessine and Zolotisty walk inside together.
[06/23 03:33pm] Zolotisty murmurs, “Bide, Rosin. Let it be. The stairs are over there, Kai.”
[06/23 03:34pm] Winged Rosin glances at Z and lets her hand drop to her side once more. She's not going to trust this new one yet, but at least she won't be hostile.
[06/23 03:34pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria steps inside. Yui touches KK's arm, careful not to touch anything damaged. It is difficult. She whispers something quietly. KK nods, she turns about and then jogs off, out of AceHigh.
[06/23 03:37pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria nods to Elias before he walks to the stairs, slowly climbing up. He finds the open door that leads to that familiar heat signature, and that familiar scent. He stops in the doorway for a minute.
[06/23 03:38pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria walks inside to sit in the empty chair beside her bed, to wait for her to wake up.
[06/23 03:39pm] Zolotisty leans to catch the doorknob with the very tips of her fingers.
[06/23 03:40pm] The door clicks gently shut, muffling conversation inside.
[06/23 03:52pm] Captain Cadye Willfan decides to go kill something and come back. It won't help, but it'll pass the waiting time, and perhaps make her feel better. She tiptoes out the front.
[06/23 03:58pm] Captain Cadye Willfan tiptoes back in and drowses by the door, keeping an entirely-unnecessary watch.
[06/23 04:08pm] Winged Rosin exits Elias' home and closes the door behind her with a soft click. She walks silently across the square and to the Clan Halls.
[06/23 04:38pm] Petty Officer Stanlygirl enters from the direction of Pleasantville. She wonders at the quietness of the town. Oh, there are people here and there, but no chatter and bustle, more of a murmur and walk away slowly.
[06/23 04:47pm] Petty Officer Stanlygirl starts at seeing somebody drowsing across the door of the Lucky Dip. Guarding it?
[06/23 04:51pm] Petty Officer Stanlygirl curses her dice for the rolls that have made her so weak these last three days. She is unable to hear/taste/smell/feel the echoes at all well today. She will have to ask.
[06/23 04:51pm] Captain Cadye Willfan nods respectfully when she sees Stanlygirl looking, but doesn't shift.
[06/23 04:55pm] Petty Officer Stanlygirl says, “Pardon me, but could you please tell me what is going on today? Or rather, what has happened? AceHigh is unnaturally quiet today.”
[06/23 04:56pm] Captain Cadye Willfan says, “There's been an accident, my lady.”
[06/23 04:56pm] Captain Cadye Willfan says, “Or, er, an incident, I think is more appropriate.”
[06/23 04:57pm] Captain Cadye Willfan says, “Some of my clan mates and their friends are injured, one badly.”
[06/23 04:57pm] Captain Cadye Willfan looks down. “One person is. . . will not be returning, I am told. I'm sorry, I don't know many of the details myself.”
[06/23 04:57pm] Petty Officer Stanlygirl asks, “Involving whom?” She hopes she will not have to get one of her clannies out of hot water.
[06/23 04:59pm] Captain Cadye Willfan says, “As I say, I don't know the details. Lady Lelila is upstairs recuperating. I believe KK is with her. Hermein is missing.”
[06/23 05:04pm] Petty Officer Stanlygirl says, “Am I being dense today, or do understand you to imply that Hermein has run off after doing Lelila some unnamed harm!? Impossible! Hermein would never do such a thing, nor would Lelila say that he did!”
[06/23 05:07pm] Captain Cadye Willfan says, “No, ma'am.” She looks worried; this shouldn't be coming from her. “And milady Lelila is badly hurt. I doubt she's said anything.”
[06/23 05:07pm] Captain Cadye Willfan sighs. “Zolotisty says Hermein is, um. No longer among us.” She bows her head.
[06/23 05:11pm] Petty Officer Stanlygirl is now thoroughly confused. Has Hermein's body gone to be with Uncle Bernard's? Is Zolotisty here? Is she able to speak with me?
[06/23 05:12pm] Petty Officer Stanlygirl poses her question out loud, “Is Zolotisty here? Is she able to speak with me?”
[06/23 05:15pm] Captain Cadye Willfan says, “Of course, I will not block your way. Last I saw, Z and KK were upstairs with Lelila. She may be asleep, now. But Zolotisty says Hermein is dead, my lady.”
[06/23 05:15pm] Captain Cadye Willfan shrugs. All she knows. She moves aside.
[06/23 05:16pm] Zolotisty pads down from the upper level.
[06/23 05:16pm] Zolotisty takes a deep breath. “Hullo, Stan.”
[06/23 05:19pm] Petty Officer Stanlygirl says, “Z, what is this I hear, Hermein dead? Leila dangerously injured? What has been going on?”
[06/23 05:21pm] Zolotisty glances over her shoulder. Sessine is dozing on the couch. Cadye is outside. KK and Lelila upstairs; Rosin gone. Elias nearby. “Come into the kitchen,” she says, tilting her head.
[06/23 05:21pm] Petty Officer Stanlygirl says, “I'm sorry, you look exhausted. I can at least call some chairs.”
[06/23 05:22pm] Petty Officer Stanlygirl says, “Alright, better than talking about something like this outside.”
[06/23 05:22pm] Zolotisty says, “No, no.. it's alright, there are some this way. Don't trouble yourself. Tea in here, too, you'll want it.”
[06/23 05:25pm] Petty Officer Stanlygirl says, “Yes, please on the tea. Z, I must know is Hermein dead? Your captain is very nice and polite, but uses so many euphemisms that I must ask that bluntly.”
[06/23 05:26pm] Zolotisty meets Stan's gaze directly. “Yes. As I understand it, yes, he is.”
[06/23 05:28pm] Petty Officer Stanlygirl is almost overwhelmed by the news. She slumps into a chair. “Oh.”
[06/23 05:29pm] Petty Officer Stanlygirl closes her eyes. “And this has something to do with Lelila's injuries?”
[06/23 05:30pm] Zolotisty agrees. She fetches tea and joins Stan directly, pushing the cup into her hand. “No. Unrelated events with unfortunate timing. Lelila and Kai were dealing with, ah, family problems.”
[06/23 05:31pm] Petty Officer Stanlygirl takes the tea, sits upright and looks straight into Z's eyes again. “How badly is Lelila injured? Is it life-threatening?”
[06/23 05:34pm] Zolotisty speaks frankly. “It was. It was very bad. Elias has some facility with healing, though, he was able to do a lot for her. He's done a lot for me in the past. Good at it. She's sleeping now.”
[06/23 05:34pm] Zolotisty says, “She'll be alright. And KK is going to be alright, too.” She takes another deep breath. “I've not been by the Lab.”

[06/23 06:07pm] Lady Lelila opens her eyes. She doesn't stir as she does so. A blank stare, straight ahead at the ceiling above her.
[06/23 06:07pm] Zolotisty presses her fist under her nose, hooking the claw of her thumb behind her incisors. She sits for a long time in the kitchen before returning to the other room to stretch alongside Sessine.
[06/23 06:10pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria 's eyes light up as hers open. They've both been watching, blank expressions save for traces of worry.
[06/23 06:14pm] Lady Lelila blinks again, slowly. She takes a slow and deep breath, but it catches and she convulses in a cough.
[06/23 06:15pm] Zolotisty 's ears swivel.
[06/23 06:15pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria rests a hand on her shoulder as she tries to sit up. His eyes are worried still, but relief is clear.
[06/23 06:18pm] Lady Lelila seems startled by the touch. Her head turns - gaze blurred for a moment before focusing on him. She gives him a long look. Eventually, a single word. ”. . .Kai?”
[06/23 06:18pm] Lady Lelila sounds unsure of herself. Her brow furrows, just the slightest bit.
[06/23 06:19pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria smiles as she registers him. His hand moves up from her shoulder to lightly rest on the side of her face. His eyes are only affectionate.
[06/23 06:22pm] Lady Lelila attempts to turn toward him, and she immediately winces. An expression of confusion. “I. . . hurt.”
[06/23 06:30pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria lightly stops her again, setting her so both of her shoulders lay flat on the bed. KK opens his mouth, and his lips don't move. There's a low echo, a vibration. Alice translates. “Don't move.”
[06/23 06:30pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria 's rumbling continues further. “You are hurt, moving make worse.” She says quietly, verbatim to what he is trying to convey.
[06/23 06:33pm] Zolotisty breathes out slowly and lays her ears back. Resettling onto her side, she listens and pets Sessine, smoothing half-curls. Better to stay here, she thinks.
[06/23 06:34pm] Lady Lelila 's gaze flicks between Alice, KK, and then her own bandaged knee. She doesn't understand. “But. . . what ha-“
[06/23 06:35pm] Lady Lelila freezes. Her body tenses immediately, hands clenched in the sheets at her sides.
[06/23 06:36pm] Lady Lelila doesn't relive the memories of last night one at a time - instead it all crashes back into her at once, the void in her memory being filled completely in one moment.
[06/23 06:37pm] Lady Lelila 's back arches up from the mattress beneath her, and she throws her head back, a lung-wrenching scream escaping from within her.
[06/23 06:39pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria suddenly wraps arms around her. She needs this more than she needs to not be moved. His warmth radiates out to her as his arms and shoulders bring her into him.
[06/23 06:41pm] Lady Lelila thrashes against whatever is confining her, as hard as she is able. There's a dull part of her mind registering pain, but it's lost under the roar of echoing emotions rolling through her.
[06/23 06:42pm] Lady Lelila is breathing hard, and she screams again, seeking release from what holds her.
[06/23 06:44pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria rocks her in his arms, holding her from trying to strike out or lash at him. His eyes are closed, Alice has retreated to the bedside table. He rests his neck on her shoulder, cheek at her neck.
[06/23 06:45pm] Sessine wakes up at Lelila's scream, and is on his feet in a second. He takes in the situation. Lelila thrashing, KK holding her tight.
[06/23 06:46pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria 's tone echoes through the room, louder than it should be for how soft it is intended. That's how it works. A faint, distant tone, one of a quiet sadness. It echoes over itself. He's trying to sing.
[06/23 06:48pm] Zolotisty is by his elbow. “Com'on,” she murmurs, but it's needless. They head quick upstairs, Sessine leading.
[06/23 06:48pm] Sessine reaches to hold Zolotisty. “Can't help with memories. KK's doing the right thing- - touch gets through where words can't.”
[06/23 06:48pm] Lady Lelila continues to fight against him, until her body won't give her the energy to anymore. Breath short and ragged, she curls in his arms, eyes wide and afraid. Expression of a cornered animal.
[06/23 06:51pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria is still trying. His shuttered tone is cracked and incomplete, but he's trying. Alice whispers the words softly. “For the love of life. . . We'll defeat this. . .”
[06/23 06:56pm] Lady Lelila is trembling. She can't hear. The cacophony in her head. . . mind unleashed, she feels it all. At once. Every feeling one can experience simultaneously. The sensation that broke SD's mind.
[06/23 06:56pm] Lady Lelila convulses again, another burst of energy in attempt to break free. She makes a sound like a mangled sob.
[06/23 06:58pm] Petty Officer Stanlygirl enters Elias' living quarters, but hearing the commotion upstairs, decides that she would be more in the way than she would be a help up there. Instead she moves into the kitchen and brews fresh tea.
[06/23 06:58pm] Zolotisty peers past him. He turns on the stair above her and she nods assent. He's right, of course.. Her expression is distant; he recognizes immediately that she's listening.
[06/23 06:58pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria suppresses her movements. He feels something cross his mind, and it is shut out immediately. His echoing continues. “They may tear us down. . . But we'll go down fighting. . .”
[06/23 07:03pm] Lady Lelila tries to push at him again, but there is no fight left in her body. Echoing feedback within her head, one building off the other- but something else. A sound, outside. Barely heard over the cacophony
[06/23 07:08pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria can feel her muscles tense beneath him, but there isn't strength behind it. His voice very faintly shakes the windows of the house, the bones of those nearby. “For the love of life. . .”
[06/23 07:11pm] Lady Lelila 's breath is ragged, catching. . . but she hears something. Maybe she feels it. Not words, no. . . a reverberation. A rumbling noise. A sound of comfort. She wants to keep fighting back, but. . .
[06/23 07:11pm] Zolotisty nods when Sessine's eyes widen. Yes. This is what she's been listening to. Stronger, now. She takes one of his hands and they move back downstairs.
[06/23 07:13pm] Sessine says, “KK will pull her through this, if anyone can.”
[06/23 07:13pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria feels something drip from his left eye. It traces down the scar there, landing on her shoulder. The tone falters a little. “There's a trade off. . .” Alice continues, “We may lose it all. . .”
[06/23 07:14pm] Zolotisty says, “Yes.”
[06/23 07:16pm] Lady Lelila gradually stills, only the occasional shudder through her frame. Her ear is against his chest, and she listens to the broken sound he is making, feels the vibration of it against her face.
[06/23 07:18pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria strokes the side of her head carefully. He takes a deep breath, though it doesn't interrupt his song. “But we'll go down fighting. . .” There's a long echo before picking up. “Won't we?”
[06/23 07:22pm] Lady Lelila listens to the fading echo of his tone, and she is still. The silence pervades the room, only movement his hand on her hair, and a soft and gentle rocking. A soft, weak sob comes from her.
[06/23 07:25pm] Zolotisty inhales as if to speak and pauses when Elias comes around a corner. He's wiping his hands with a rag and he blinks at the both of them. “Ah, still here, little gold? You'll be late. Go on.”
[06/23 07:27pm] Elias smiles kindly. “I'll watch here. It will be all right.”
[06/23 07:28pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria walks down the stairs, silent. Alice is padding after him and Lelila is in his arms, her face buried in his chest. His eyes are only on her.
[06/23 07:28pm] Petty Officer Stanlygirl has used some of the supplies she had in CC to make a plate of sandwiches, and has called some of her tea cakes to leave on a plate covered with a tea towel. Even in emergencies, people must eat.
[06/23 07:29pm] Elias glances at the three of them - - ah, he thinks. Soon to be relieved of watch duty.
[06/23 07:31pm] Petty Officer Stanlygirl thanks Elias for the use of his kitchen, then one-shots out to IC, thinking of her friend, Hermein.
[06/23 07:32pm] Sessine says urgently, “KK. Lelila needs to stay here. Don't take her away.”
[06/23 07:33pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria looks firm at him. He can't speak, he wouldn't speak. His eyes roar in his throat's stead. MOVE.
[06/23 07:34pm] Zolotisty hackles.
[06/23 07:34pm] Elias holds up his hand.
[06/23 07:36pm] Sessine says, “She's not as durable as you. She had a sucking chest wound. You could kill her by moving her.”
[06/23 07:38pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria 's mouth twitches. There's a quick, calm movement. He's already through the door of the Dip, out into the street.
[06/23 07:39pm] Sessine is barring the way. And he is not going to move. Lelila's life is at stake.
[06/23 07:43pm] Elias is watching from the doorway. “Zolotisty,” he says, and she turns uncertainly - - tense. “Come with me, we will move hospice to follow her. If she dies.. ah, well. I tried.”
[06/23 07:44pm] Lady Lelila is shivering in KK's arms. Her oversensitized mind feels the tenseness.
[06/23 07:45pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria turns his back, but keeps moving so he doesn't run into him with Lelila between them. He isn't forceful, but he is solid. KK is as calm as he's been. But he's set on leaving. So he's leaving.
[06/23 07:47pm] Zolotisty pads fast inside after Elias. It's not without a backward glance. “Sessine - - bide. Please.”
[06/23 07:48pm] Sessine is not as easy to move as KK thought he would be, especially in KK's weakened state. Moving past doesn't work. “KK, you bloody idiot,” he says, “if you want her in the Compound. . .”
[06/23 07:48pm] Sessine says, “At least let us put her on a stretcher. You know we can do that.”
[06/23 07:50pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria slept in a Volcano last night. He's brimming with enough fuel. He hasn't burned an ounce either. He is set on Lelila taking rest in her own shelter. He won't stop his way to the vineyard.
[06/23 07:54pm] Sessine is gradually forced back. Eventually he recognizes that KK is set on doing this very, very foolish thing, and he can't stop him. If Lelila dies because of this. . .!
[06/23 07:55pm] Zolotisty reappears, catching Sessine by the elbow and whirling him quick into the Dip. KK and Lelila are left more or less alone in the street. Elias is putting on a cap and coat.
[06/23 07:56pm] Sessine is already mourning one friend. If that happens, he will lose, not one but two more. He can't imagine that the KK he knows would survive the guilt.
[06/23 07:56pm] Zolotisty looks about as apologetic as she ever does, ears very low. “It's done,” she says to both of them. “S'moved, all of it.”
[06/23 07:58pm] Elias smiles wanly. “Let's see what damage has been done then.” He touches his hat to him and pauses to clap Sessine's shoulder before he goes out at a brisk walk.
[06/23 07:58pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria has been married to her for a year now. He knows. He also knows, that this will be better for her mentally. He pads down the street, a careful glide.

Old Vineyard

[06/23 07:51pm] Zolotisty works quickly - - back and forth, following Elias' instructions with rigid obedience. There can be no mistakes.
[06/23 07:53pm] Zolotisty finishes. There. Things have been moved wholesale from the guest bedroom of the Dip to a bedroom here. She goes, hurrying.
[06/23 08:13pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria walks through the rows of vines, up the stone path. He isn't being reckless, he's not being stupid. He knows what is happening in her head. This is the best course of action. He knows that.
[06/23 08:19pm] Ahi Koa KK Victoria is careful as he climbs the stairs, moving up to the opened bedroom with the new equipment. He carefully lays her down on the bed, looking around at all the medical equipment.
[06/24 12:40am] Lady Lelila is quiet for the entire walk. The tenseness in the square had made her nervous, her hand clasped tightly to KK's collar. Slowly, she is becoming more aware of the pain in her body.
[06/24 12:42am] Lady Lelila winces as she is placed onto the bed. She looks up at KK as she slowly leans back.
[06/24 12:49am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria bends over her, untying the loose knot of the robe and spreading it. He examines the bandages. They'd been changed earlier, but time has passed and they need replacement.
[06/24 12:53am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria is careful in removing the wrappings about her stomach, covering the stab wound from earlier. He gently slices bits of the medical tape, carefully peeling it off. His hands are oddly gentle.
[06/24 12:56am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria is oddly gentle, as he cracks open a red plastic box, digging through to find some more supplies. He gathers another roll of tape, replacing a clean bandage and securing it down once more.
[06/24 12:58am] Lady Lelila winces once again, though the pain in her body is still distant compared to the pain in her mind. Wounds there, too, that need to heal. Torn and ripped and gashed. A few tears roll down her cheeks.
[06/24 01:00am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria finishes replacing the bandage, looking up at her. He can see the drops leak down her cheek. KK reaches up wiping it away with a thumb, leaving his hand on the side of her face.
[06/24 01:06am] Lady Lelila presses her face against his palm, holding the outside of his hand with her own. Her eyes squeeze shut as she sobs, soft, against his warm skin. Her shoulders shake with the motion.
[06/24 01:16am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria 's hand strokes against her skin with his fingers. The nubs of claws that are usually on the ends are gone now. His other hand reaches to wipe away a tear on the opposite side of her face.
[06/24 01:17am] Lady Lelila coughs as one of her sobs catches in her chest, with a gasp. She looks up at KK. . . afraid to ask, but she's got to know. “Soaran. . .”
[06/24 01:19am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria looks at her carefully and nods. He doesn't know if she asked if she was alive or if he was killed, different answers to an implied question. His look speaks the answer, however.
[06/24 01:23am] Lady Lelila frowns, glancing away for a second. “Did. . . did I. . . did he. . .” She hesitates, before gingerly lifting an arm to tap the side of her head.
[06/24 01:23am] Lady Lelila is having a hard time recalling the moment last night, but it brings back memories from long, long ago, of something she's done before. “Did he. . . break?” She asks weakly.
[06/24 01:26am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria wants to lie, more than anything. He wants to tell her that she didn't do it. . . But he can't lie to her. He won't. He nods slowly.
[06/24 01:31am] Lady Lelila is silent, as she stares up at the ceiling. The pain in her chest is mounting, and her knee has taken to throbbing. Her words are very quiet. ”. . .I am a monster.”
[06/24 01:32am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria looks at her close, bringing her eyes to face him. He opens his mouth, showing four rows, top and bottom of serrated teeth, still with bits of blood. He holds up his hand, extending vicious claws.
[06/24 01:33am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria understands what it is like.
[06/24 01:39am] Lady Lelila watches him, but her expression doesn't change. She glances away. He. . . he saw her. . . do that, and yet, he is still here. She isn't sure she understands. A short, shuddered breath.
[06/25 01:05am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria isn't going anywhere. She didn't leave him when his mind set fire to itself and he ran feral. She was always there for him, and he will always be there for her.
[06/25 01:12am] Lady Lelila sighs, which elicits a cough, which in turn brings on another wince. A slight shake of her head, trying to rid thoughts she doesn't want to dwell on.
[06/25 01:15am] Lady Lelila glances at KK. . . and his condition finally registers with her. Instant, and very deep concern. “Kai, are. . . are you. . .” No, of course he's not. “Oh. . . oh, Kai..” She weakly holds out her hand
[06/25 01:17am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria doesn't move as her fingers touch the shoulder of his coat. The fabric caves into a deep three inch trench as there isn't skin or bone beneath to support it. His eyes stay on hers.
[06/25 01:19am] Lady Lelila shivers, as more recall comes back from the night before. “I thought you were dead,” she whispers.
[06/25 01:20am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria nods. He thought the same. His hand reaches out, gently wrapping around her outstretched wrist and removing her fingers from the trench in his shoulder. He replaces them on his neck.
[06/25 01:25am] Lady Lelila cringes as she feels the wound under her fingertips. So this is what she felt, when his mind cried out in agony. “Oh, Kai,” she whispers again, barely audible.
[06/25 01:29am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria unbuttons two on the front of his coat, sliding her hand inside to feel the holes among his ribs where a knife was slammed in and pulled back out. His eyes do not leave hers.
[06/25 01:34am] Lady Lelila creases her brow, eyes fixed on the wounds he shows her. Another tear spots the pillow behind her head.
[06/25 01:35am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria takes her hand from his jacket, moving it up and gently pressing it to his lips. They land specifically on the red stone of their marriage.
[06/25 01:42am] Lady Lelila smiles softly, with a small sob, and she meets his gaze. Worth it, she thinks. Worth every moment of it.
[06/25 01:43am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria believes the same. Wounds will heal. To have been the one to place this ring on her finger, it justifies any amount of violence, or pain. He'd go through Hell and back for her, as much as she liked
[06/25 01:44am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria pulls her hand up to land on the back of his neck before leaning over her and pressing his lips to her cheek, wrapping both arms around her, though keeping her down to prevent movement.
[06/25 01:47am] Lady Lelila grasp her arms around his neck, curling her fists into the fabric of his coat, clinging to him. She sobs in earnest, burying her face in the crook of his neck.
[06/25 01:49am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria rocks her quietly, stroking the side of her face as she shudders against him. He makes soft humming noises, nothing coherent either.
[06/25 01:54am] Lady Lelila 's cheeks are damp as she rests her forehead on his shoulder. She holds his face in one hand, as she gently brings her lips to his.
[06/25 01:55am] Ahi Koa KK Victoria allows the kiss to go uninterrupted for long minutes before he pulls back, holding her so her face rests in the crook of his neck again. His throat rumbles, resonating quietly and echoing out.
[06/25 01:56am] Lady Lelila smiles into the collar of his coat. ”. . .I love you, too.“

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