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Coming to the Island

Some years ago, Cadye walked up to a camera boat and volunteered (actually, demanded) to be taken to the Island. This caused some concern among the staff, as their task is “volunteering” people, not coping with actual volunteers. After a spirited discussion they decided not to look a gift lunatic in the mouth, so here she is.


After the EMP, Singapore's burgeoning biological research community discovered that: (1) bio-sciences don't depend on silicon circuitry; (2) the tiny island nation doesn't have the natural resources to sustain its own population without significant technology. Progress was, therefore, rapid. The result was a class of machine called a “construct” - completely biological creatures, grown (or assembled from grown parts) for specific purposes. Everything about a construct, including personality and skills, is designed. Constructs are not considered people, filling a niche somewhat similar to that of industrial machinery before the EMP.


Cadye is one of a class of experimental constructs intended to design, modify, and build other constructs. As she now lacks access to bio labs, she now doctors hurts and tinkers with herself, engaging in surgeries and design projects whenever she gets a chance. She always has her sewing kit with her.1) In her time on the island she has gone from being only a surgeon to being a well-rounded doctor, aided by vast numbers of books, not to mention DICE's tendency to get itself hurt.

Less obviously, because understanding motivations and emotional reactions is part of designing an effective construct, Cadye - though shy and frequently naive - can occasionally be a shrewd observer of interpersonal interactions. She is frequently frustrated that she no longer has the facilities to adjust her own motivations and social interactions.

Improbably Enough

After years of being an entirely probable Joker, Cadye started to manifest improbability in small and sometimes not-quite-predictable ways, in part because her self-tinkering in the jungle has gotten extensive (and perhaps rather unlikely). When Djiv broke Zolotisty's vase, Sessine decided to take matters in hand, and showed her how to fix it. Not surprisingly, she fixes things well, but she's stronger at diagnosis (which is just feeling for flaws), and strongest with mending the broken seams of damaged living things.2) Many wounds are too complex to just fix, but simple damage can sometimes be healed in this way, and she is getting stronger.3) This feeling the world has led to a certain semi-subconscious awareness of Improbability in her surroundings.

Unlike many Jokers, she has no talent for illusion at all.

Appearance and Personality

Even by Asian standards, Cadye is unusually tiny, under five foot, although she has thus far managed to stay rotund. She wears work clothes that cover her from chin to fingertip to toe, mostly to hide the scars from where she was put together. As a result of her nonstop tinkering, she is (at least intermittently) the toughest contestant on the Island, physically. This is pretty much only useful when she's picking blackberries.

Extremely shy when she isn't focused on work,4) she initially spent her time on the Island being as invisible as she could manage until Jade and Zolotisty dragged her into the light. Now she spends her time annoying her clanmates by being deferential at them. Her quite sincere friendliness towards everyone she meets belies a deep reserve; Cadye has few friends.


Click on the adorable!

One rather noteworthy day in CC404, Zolotisty and Skidge, between them, rescued a tiny alce.5) He was wounded and so ended up in Cadye's charge, and the two of them bonded immediately.

The runt of his litter, Djiv has the body of a serval and the head of a kestrel, gold-furred with dark spots. He sometimes rides on Cadye's shoulder or tucked around her neck, supported by the much-loved scarf. He has, to date: Covered Skidge, Cadye, and himself in fingerpaint; knocked all the books off the library shelves; eaten Cadye's hairbrush; escaped to the kitchen and broken several jars of preserves; fallen in the DICE fountain while staring at the Pond Dragon (twice); broken Sessine's gift to Zolotisty; awakened Cadye's Improbability; and tried to eat Genevieve (who was, to be fair, one handspan tall and flying); fallen into a crevice in a mountain, from which his rescue prompted the founding of Cadye's only non-DICE home; and broken a window in the GERM Bingo hall trying to follow Zolotisty off a building.

But he's young yet. Much more is expected of him.

Needles, lots of thread, small scissors, disinfectant, forceps, a very sharp knife, surgical clamps. The usual.
Cadye's definition of 'living' is a bit skewed, of course.
This has given her an additional Improbable knack, though only Zolotisty is aware of it to date.
Defined as “anything engineering or construction related”
A wingless - or in this case vestigially winged - male griffin
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