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Here are listed the various properties on the Island. They are separated into named and unnamed categories and listed in alphabetical order. For more information, complaints, and questions as well as job openings, please contact the Improbable Board of Surveillance and Real Estate Management (IBSREM);

-Syd Lexic, IBSREM Surveillant-General1) and head Cartographer.

-R.E. Verb, surveillant 2nd class.

Addendum: see the Land Registry for a full list and map of all dwellings.

-Buddleia, Consultant to the IBSREM

Addendum Addendum: There's also II Real Estate2) which may be easier to browse, though lacking some information.

-Beeps, An Interloper

Addendum Addendum Addendum: The Map you buy from the Communications Tent now Improbably shows all Places.

-Full Metal Lion, Uncontested King of Image Manipulation, God-Emperor of the Kiwi and Unlocker of the Sixteen-Hundred Doors.

Further Addendums: Added an “About” section to each real estate listing, so everyone can get a vague idea of what to expect when walking in.

-Carlynne, Pirate Queen and stickler for accuracy3)

Named Real Estate

The Aerie

Location: (8,21)

Owned by: Kestrel

Status: Finished, but may still be tweaked and added to.

Size: Around twenty rooms.

Privacy status: Generally unlocked and open to visitors.

About: A home. The gardens are worth exploring, and the guest room's there to be used.

Ame and Alt's House

Location: (19,14) First square northwest of Kittania

Owned by: Amerithe. Ame planted the stake and built most of it, but Alt helped design and decorate. IC, it's even ownership.

Status: Open, unfinished, possibly permanently unfinished.. Ame's ambitious.

Size: There's already three floors, with a current expected total of five or six, and currently 11 rooms finished, with an expected total of 19 or so. Maybe. There's the Entryway, the Dining Room, the Kitchen, the Sitting Room, the Solarium, the Second Floor Hallway, Ame's Study, Alt's Study, Ame and Alt's Bedroom, the Third Floor Hallway, and the Extension. There will be another guest bedroom, a guest bathroom, and Observatory and Observatory Stairway, a downstairs stairway, and at least three underground chambers.

Privacy status: So far only the Bedroom and Alt's Study are locked. Please come visit and see the finished rooms, Ame likes to show off her hard work.


Amity in Bedlam Arboreal Fortress

Owned by: <AiB>

Location: (23,12)

Status: Complete, as far as you know.

Size: 6 rooms that you can see.

Privacy: The clearing is open to the public.


Ashtu's Anarchy Annex (Bed and Coffee)

Location: Just south of Kittania (20,12)

Owned by: Ashtu

Status: Open and operational, but never finished.

Size: Three rooms, fourteen sleeping spaces (most with real beds) - if you're all good friends, and your name isn't Reverb.

Privacy status: The main and upper rooms are open to all fellow sociopaths. The attic rooms are Ashtu's private quarters. Oh, and the filing cabinet is locked; can't have prying eyes seeing things they shouldn't.



Location: top of the Island's western ear (6,39)

Owned By: Lord Azhron

Status: Not finished

Size: Two rooms, plans for 1 or 3 more in the future

Privacy Status: Open to all


The Barikade

Location: (21, 12)

Owned By: Skirling Skidge

Status: The Barikade is always under construction

Size: Ever-growing; I do promise more beds soon

Privacy Status: Do you even need to ask? Come one, come all. Play with my toys! Drink my booze! DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES EAT THE LAST JAR OF MARMALADE because THAT, my friends, IS A TERRIBLE WAY TO DIE.


Boarded Up Cave

Owned by: Denealus

Location: (19,21)

Status: Complete and not. New sections being added on a whim, but the framework is complete.

Size: 6-ish rooms of actual living space! About 70 rooms or so total.

Privacy: Feel free to explore the outdoors! Actually inside the cave is usually locked with only one way in so little to intrude on.

About: A live-in cave system out of a series of abandoned mine-shafts with a surroundings outdoors. Lots of little sub areas and a work-in-progress underground colony!

The Bouncy Castle

Location: (12,30)

Owned by: Kallio

Status: Under construction.

Size: 12 rooms as of April 2011.

Privacy status: No rooms are currently locked. There is one secret room, requiring a password that can be found via clues in other rooms.


Buddleia's House

Location: 19,6: south-east coast

Owned by: Buddleia

Status: Complete. Some decoration to finish.

Size: 34 rooms as of May 2011.

Privacy status: All welcome to almost everywhere. Budd's bedroom locked to keep out random campers - there are plenty of other beds available. One section is locked from uninvited roleplay; Distract for an out-of-character viewing. There is one secret room which I hope everyone will find.


"Building with the Strange Door, The"

Location: (23, 12), sharing a map square with the AiBAF.

Owned by: Treespeaker Mercury

Status: Complete

Size: One room, and at present, that's all it'll ever be.

Privacy status: Open, but those with an aversion to the smell of cigarettes should steer clear.


Casa de n00bz

Location: Floating about 800 feet above New Home

Owned by: ImNewHere

Status: Open, and still in expansion mode

Size: Currently an expanded first room and another room which is locked. I plan on having many open rooms for all to enjoy.

Privacy status: Open to all who want to rest their weary heads. Roleplay all you want, and let the rookies know they can come in, rest all night, and have a little more staying power the next day for the hunt. I already have a nice private spot for myself way in the back.


Casa Del Waffles

Owned by: Ninja Waffles

Location: From Kittania 4 east and 3 south(24,10)

Status: open and still under construction

Size: n/a still expanding

Privacy status: open to public


Castle Quagmire (aka The Right and Proper Castle Quagmire)

Owned by: Foilwench and That Annoying Epaphus

Location: One klick north of Cyber City 404, with a stunning view of the ocean, and a lookout turret used as an early warning system for Titans

Status: Complete, for now.

Size: One oversized room that's open to the public, other rooms that are private.

Privacy: The main foyer is open to the public, with sleeping space for six.


Castle Random

Location: Just south of Improbable Central(13,10)

Owned by: Ninja Waffles

Status: Finished with bath house, library, kitchen, and pogoda with shrine, dojo, sleeping quarter's and part room.

Size: 12 rooms

Privacy Status: Open to the public


Castle Starfire

Location: (6,37) The forest in the left ear of the Island, northwest of AceHigh.

Owned by: Rohvannyc

Status: Finished but being added to.

Size: Relatively large. Basement, main floor, first floor, and tower. Some beds to be found, especially in the Barracks and Servants' Quarters on the first floor.

Privacy status: Public except for the Royal Bedroom. The Clan Starfire Clan Hall is currently open to the public but may be made private soon. All else can be explored and played in. RP welcome. More beds to be added soon. Beware of large kittehs.



Location: (23,8)

Owned by: Rosemoo

Status: Half finished.

Size: Currently many rooms and now PAGES how exciting.

Privacy status: Open to everyone, though there is a lot of secret space.

Notes: It's a Lovecraftian cemetery. Backstory ongoing. FYI: I am designing this specifically for nefarious Player Characters looking for a place to RP. Grave-robbing is encouraged, but please return materials to the shed. Thanks!

Bar: There is a 1920's style Speakeasy (started long before the thread on Verbum Scriptum oddly enough) that you can access from the main entrance. Look at the page labelled “Look closer at the abandoned house” and then type /BRAINS.

PS: If you have any ideas, I'm still building, feel free to distract me!

Cirque de l'Ile Paradisiaque

Location: (22,18)

Owned by: Ringmaster

Status: Complete, though with occasional sporadic growth.

Size: 25 rooms, currently.

Privacy Status: Open to the public!

About: A big-top that looks as if all the people just up and vanished. Acrobatic equipment available, as well as side show curiosities.

cliffside shack (aka the Lurking Corner)

Location: two klicks west, two klicks southwest of NewHome (7,3)

Owned by: Arthur Dent

Status: Work in progress.

Size: Currently 55 rooms.

Privacy status: Random rooms occasionally locked. Dwelling is usually open to the public. Dwelling contains 4 single beds, 3 folding beds and 8 couches scattered in several rooms. Guest rooms are available for anyone needing a place to rest. Complex section of dwelling will only be partially open to the public, as it is a Torchwood facility.


Cottage belonging to James and Juniper.

Owned by: Juniper and Jamesb.

Location: (13,26)

Status: Under construction

Size: Two rooms.

Privacy: Open room, and a locked back room.


Crimson Blade Castle

Location: A heavily overgrown and darkened area, somewhere in the Jungle South of Kittania. At least, that's the rumor.

Owned by: Itself, but Bob Zarido could be considered the owner, as he lives there.

Status: It's being worked on. Very, very slowly.

Size: It's large.

Privacy status: Crimson Blade keeps itself locked up, usually.


Owned by: Reverb

Location: (11,24)

Status: First room finished (though currently under re-decoration.) More rooms may or may not already exist(ahem, passwords, ahem). More rooms definately under construction, if i ever time the time off doing all that other interresting stuff and focus on buil… ooooh, shiny!

Size: 5-10 rooms planned. Or endless, it depends on your point of view, really.

Privacy: All public, save for Eveline's bedroom.4)5)6)7)8)


Crow Bar

Owned by: Hooligan Skoddy

Location: One click NE of AceHigh (11,31)

Status: Complete more or less

Size: 8 rooms

Privacy: Open for public (except Wine Cellar)


Darla's Sweet Dreams

Location: (8,18)

Owned by: Darla Dean

Status: Come on in

Size: Currently, a parlor and private bedroom. More will be coming.

Privacy status: Open, except for DD's bedroom. There's a spare single bed in the living room, if you need a rest.


The Draggin' Ass

Owned by: Rohvannyc

Location: (11,14)

Three clicks south and one east of Squat Hole, three north and two west of Improbable Central.

Status: Can a heap of tyres really be considered complete?

Size: One main room, a truly wretched loo, a basement, and some other areas to explore.

Privacy: Open to the public, but do you really want to enter? Infested by Squats. A tribute to a place that used to be there.

Beware of the Cheese Ninja.

The Dragon

Owned by: Rohvannyc

Location: (11,6) One click north of NewHome.

Status: Complete, but beds are still being added as possible. Donations welcome. Occasional story updates.

Size: 2 rooms, a bar and a bunkroom.

Privacy: Entirely open to the public. This is a gift from me to the Island and especially to newbs having trouble finding a bed.

Duck Manor

Owned by: Improbable Leprechaun Akogi

Location: Two klicks SW of CC404 (20,36)

Status: Ducks are waddling towards the entrance so, completed?

Size: Unknown, The manor is built inside the mountain range

Privacy: Only members and applicants of the QQQ clan have been seen to enter the place, so semi-private. 9)



Location: (26,17)

Owned by: Cousjava

Status: Under Construction

Size: Unknown, as under construction

Privacy status: Currently completely open. Some private rooms may get added later.



Owned by: Kash

Location: 11,33 (3 N, 1 E of Ace High)

Status: Open and always growing.

Size: Nine rooms and two almost complete; always growing, generally in a very grand manner.

Privacy: Out of the way and hidden in the underbrush, but currently unlocked. Serves primarily as a private dwelling and refuge.


Fallen Tree

Owned by: Disva

Location: 6,15 (2E of NP)

Status: Feature complete.

Size: Eight/Sixteen rooms, depending on Mementos acquired…

Privacy: Open too all! But get ready to solve a few simple puzzles to get into all the rooms!

About: A hideaway for a visitor. Four mementos are hidden within it for those with the wit to find their way through! Two more mementos are given out by the owners, and unlock eight more rooms!

Festering Swamps Karaoke Bar

Owned by: Denealus

Location: (13,22)

Status: Framework complete. There's a suggestions page to write suggestions for randomized pages IC.

Size: 7 rooms.

Privacy: Open to the public.

About: Pleasantville's unofficially official bar. Come for the ambiance. Stay for the poetry. Run away screaming from the poetry.

Fort Black

Owned by: Dreadder

Location: 10,6 (NW of New Home)

Status: Open and expanding. Fort Dread's twin.

Size: Couple of rooms, plenty of sleeping places and a few beds.

Privacy: Completely open. Guests are free to use the beds in Barracks (presuming they follow the rules posted there), but are asked to leave Dreadder's own bed in his quarters alone.


Fort Dread

Owned by: Dreadder

Location: 9,15 (SSW of Squat Hole)

Status: Open and expanding. Fort Black's twin.

Size: Couple of rooms, plenty of sleeping places and quite few beds.

Privacy: Completely open. Guests are free to use the beds in Barracks (presuming they follow the rules posted there), but are asked to leave Dreadder's own bed in his quarters alone.


Fox's Beachside Pies

Owned by: FoxKelfonne

Location: Beachside, NE of Kittania

Status: Expanding

Size: Front Counter is done, adding on a deck.

Privacy: Free for all to come and enjoy some pie!


The Freestone Quarry

Owned by: Awesome Fred

Location: One klick west of CC404

Status: Digging down layers superfluously, effectively finished.

Size: The main room is the only one that matters, and there there are 6-8 10% stam beds.

Privacy: It's meant for anyone to use.


The <GERM> Bingo Hall, Dunbernarding Wing

Location: One klick due north of IC

Owned By: <GERM> Dunbernarding Tourist Information

Come to beautiful Dunbernarding; a great place to visit and you won't be able to leave

Whether you're a high powered businessman who just loves meetings (and of course a world-class assortment of biscuits); a dizzy woman who just loves to shop; an elderly and decrepit couple who just love to swing; why! There's something for everyone here!

Come and sample our great food in one of our bars, or even in the cafe; come and dance the night away in our magnificent ballroom; visit the peaceful loveliness of the local village or sail a pedalo around our enormous man-made loch.

No matter if you're overweight or too skinny; no matter if you're even a mutant* you'll be welcomed with open arms by our friendly, professional and cheerful* staff members/

We have won awards for our stately home; Island Vogue Magazine described it as “A bloody.. .(marvel). The architect must have been quite.. .(visionary). We spent a very happy couple of hours trying to find the exit.”

Not to mention our grounds! These beautiful and well manicured facilities mean that you can come and partake of all the fun of the fair! Or perhaps you're more keen on real ale, or the latest arts and crafts or even the latest thrilling fun rides!? What about spending long, leisurely afternoons in our maze; or go and heavy pet some animals or even bees?

No matter what peculiar tastes and predilections you may have, you can find a willing hand, a new friend, or even branded latex gloves here at Dunbernarding. And! If you're looking for a certain someone, they may be in our extensive tunnel network, hiding.

Competitive rates available on all our rooms (except Phyllis' suite)

Children and pets welcomed.

Why not speak with one of our friendly call handlers to discuss your special needs, they'll be sure to lend a sympathetic ear!

NB We cannot accomodate children as pets.


  • Squats not welcome
  • Arms or testicles tentacles

We cannot be held responsible for depressed staff members

  • ditto

The Hanger

Owned by: G_rock

Location: (22,21)

Status: In progress 10) Plot being repurposed, this listing left up for posterity.

Size: Three rooms for now, more on the way

Privacy: All open, for now. Stop by if you run out of gas between 404 and Kitt.


The Helleborean House of Oddities

Owned by: Miss Hellebore

Location: (11, 10)

Status: Nearly completed.

Size: Lucky Number Thirteen

Privacy: Locked doors imply exhibits not ready to be revealed.

Whilst trying to build something fun and irreverent and sensible, the HHO has slowly emerged and improbabled and has now shown itself to be anything but.

Proceed with caution.

House of Conchor

Location: Somewhere north-east of Kittania

Owned by: Connor O'Chateuy (Conchor)

Status: In progress

Size: N/A

Privacy status: Gardens open to all, house is mostly open, although two rooms will not be open to the public


The Hunting Grounds

Location: In the Jungle

Owned by: Chimental

Status: It's there.

Size: It's basically an ecosystem. In other words, it's big

Privacy status: If you find it, and are friends of Chimental, they'll allow you to rest there


The Imaginatorium

Owned by: Kolojang

Location: North East of Improbable Central (14,12)

Status: Open to everyone for role-playing fun. New rooms should appear now and then. There is also 40 sleeping spaces available.

Size: 20 at opening. Now 25.

Privacy Status: Opened to everyone.


Improbable Island Beach Resort

Location: Due West of NewHome (4,5) South of the Public Library

Operated by: Horace the pink-cardigan'd midget

Status: Open for business, events, occasions, relaxation and vacations!

Size: Sprawling. No kidding, it's pretty big.

Privacy status: Open to all 11) 12)


Improbable Bordello

Owned by: ByteKing and Juniper with other part owners

Location: (18,15)(two clicks northwest of Kittania)

Status: Complete:

Size: There are for 8 theme rooms, 1 for each race and accommodations for each race's unique 'needs'. Robots, Kittymorphs, Midgets, Humans, zombies, mutants and 1 Familiar room, just for… familiars.

There is a party room that can be reserved and decorated to suite a specific need, A fully stocked Medical Clinic for any… Accidents and a Roman Style Bath House that also has a Sauna and Waterfall Pool room.

The Upstairs has a fully stocked bar and 'substance' counter, as well as a full kitchen. The stairs continue up to a Roof-top Atrium that is the private room of the Madam and Mistress of the Bordello.

Expansions as desired by owners or requested by regulars.

Privacy: MOST rooms at the Bordello are open to any being wishing to experience its diverse… pleasures.

Improbable Island Elephant Sanctuary

Location: just east of Pleasantville (15, 24)

Owned by: Pachyderm Projector Zamboni (CHAOS)

Status: Finished.

Size: Huge! Pachyderm Protectorate, gift shop, lounge, rec centre and other fun bits.

Privacy status: open to all elephants, regardless of colour, creed or trunk size. Oh.. primates also welcome (especially those with peanuts and/or building supplies).


The Improbable Island Free Public Library

Location: (4, 6)

Owned By: Skirling Skidge

Status: Not completed

Size: The bookshelves want it bigger, the gremlins want it to have more rooms, the presses want everyone to be quiet and stop expecting them to go into the scary indoors place, because they are WILD DADAS DAMMIT.

Privacy Status: It does say FREE PUBLIC LIBRARY, you know.


Improbable Island Railway Company

A number of train stations have appeared on the Island lately. The trains are now running! Locations:

  • The Terminus in the CC404 Scrapyard, right in town, at (22,38).
  • Lucky Dip Station in AceHigh, right in town, at (10,30).
  • Pleasantville Station, in Pleasantville, right in town, at (14,24).13)
  • West Skronky Siding, 2 klicks west of Squat Hole on the nearest solid ground at (8,17)
  • Necropolis Station in New Pittsburgh, right in town at (4,15).
  • Main Street Station in NewHome, right in town at (11,5).
  • Nepeta Halt, 1 klick south-east of Kittania, at (21,12).
  • Grand Concourse East, 1 klick east on the outskirts of Improbable Central at (14,11).

Owned by: The Improbable Island Railway Company14).

Status: Apparently complete.

Size: Various.

Privacy Status: Open to the Public.


Improbable Island Ski Lodge and Resort

Location: South-southwest of CyberCity404 (21,36) at the mountain's peak

Operated by: Horace the pink-cardigan'd midget (Yes, him again)

Status: Open for business

Size: One large main room, two semi-private suites and one office.

Privacy status: Open to all15)


Improbable Island Weather Station

Location: (23,20), Northeast of Kittania

Owned by: Xith, but created with help from several people.

Status: Still under construction.

Size: Only one room so far, but going to add more for different functions.

Privacy Status: Open to the public, but when the Office section is constructed, it will be a private section.


Improbable Towers Apartment Complex

Location: just east of Improbable Central (11,24)

Owned by: Ninja Waffles

Status: Under Construction

Rooms: 25/463(planned)

Privacy: Open to public keys and will be issued to apartment owners upon request and availability of doing so.

Improbable Towers apartment Complex is a 100 4 room apartment complex all apartments are first come first serve basis, and will be handled through player Ninja Waffles via distractions.

Rooms that will be inaccessible to the public are the maintenance rooms, and at owners wishes their apartments when keys are issued.


Industrial Factory

Location: one klick west, four klicks southwest of CC404 (17,34)

Owned by: Arthur Dent

Status: Work in progress.

Size: three rooms at present.

Privacy status: Open to the public.


KIND Tower

Location: (14,8): crossroads between NH, IC and KT

Owned by: KIND clan (Buddleia)

Status: Complete. Some decoration to finish.

Size: 53 rooms as of May 2011.

Privacy status: All welcome! Only unfinished rooms are locked. Extensive gardens, adventure playground, common room and bar, information desk, guest rooms and dormitory with beds.


The Shack

Location: Kittania (20, 13)

Owned by: *ehem*

Status: In progress. Many, many single beds.

Size: As big as it needs to be.

Privacy Status: Generally open to public. Exceptions are rooms owned by other players.16)


Ko's Ducttapery

Location: Two clicks south west of Kittania (18,11)

Owned by: Kolojang

Status: Done, but in need of a good gremlin scrubbing.

Size: 10 rooms, with only 5 room accessible to the public.

Privacy Status: All are welcome for their duct tape needs.


Kolojang's Research Institute for Sanity

Location: Two clicks south west of Kittania (18,11)

Owned by: Kolojang

Status: In rewriting phase of certain of the rooms.

Size: 18 rooms, including hallways and inaccessible areas.

Privacy Status: Open to the public, with a few rooms locked.


The Laughing Spade

Location: Not far from Pleasantville (9,22)

Owned By: Silcatra

Status: Open, operational, and may be expanding if we get enough suggestions.

Size: Eighteen areas open to the public, four sleeping spaces in the Visitors' Center. Rides include two roller coasters, a centrifuge, a plunge, a ferris wheel, a carousel, and bumper cars. There are also paddle boats and a zoo back behind the Amphitheater. Contact Silcatra if you want to book the Amphitheater or any amusement park event that would require re-decorating.

Privacy: Everything but the back office open to the public, and everyone is more than welcome.


The Lighthouse

Location: Farthest southwestern point of the Island (3,3)

Owned by: Sydney Fletcher

Status: Operational

Size: Two rooms and the tower

Privacy Status: Open


The Lucky Dip

Location: (10,30) AceHigh

Owned by: Elias

Status: Currently deserted

Size: Who knows? There's a surgery, a train station.. and, of course, brightly wrapped treasures. But what's behind those two locked doors?

Privacy status: Open.


Map Shack

Location: 2 clicks E of Kittania. (22,13)

Owned by: Improbable Cartographer Syd Lexic

Status: Fixed map links with shiny new won't-expire URL shorteners. The maps themselves, however, are slightly out of date.17)

Size: Two rooms

Privacy: Open, eventually at least one locked room.


Le Miroir Aux Alouettes

Owned by: Sicpuess

Location: Two klicks NW of IC (11,13)

Status: Does as the trees do.

Size: Consists, so far, of one single room. Perceived size may vary.

Privacy: Open and welcoming. Individual rooms may on occasion be locked though. Do not think of epilepsy.


The Narrator's Sanctum (Eventually)

Owned by: Kuroiten

Location: 3 kliks South, 1 klik East of Improbable Central, or 3 kliks Northeast of NewHome (14,8)

Status: Currently under construction, as the Narrator took a nap when the transition between Dwellings and Places occurred

Size: A work in progress, so zero?

Privacy: The owner recommends the wearing of hard hats and safety goggles when entering the work-zone.


Official Test Kitchen

Owned by: Micha

Location: (9,15)

Status: Mostly finished, but whims strike to expand at times.

Size: Main Kitchen, Micha's Bedroom, Micha's Office, The Attic, The Greenhouse, the Dining Room, Back Garden (with hot tub!), Job's Yurt, The Distillery.

Privacy: Please stop by! Everything is open and free to the public. (Except Micha's actual bed, unless invited.)


Obsidian Spire

Owned by: Rohvannyc

Location: (14/37) The right “ear” of the Island.

Status: Mostly complete, though additions may come.

Size: Many rooms, constantly being added to. There is a main facility, a lift, and a separate exploration area, and even some branching storylines to explore.

Privacy: Open to the public but some parts are harder to get to than others.

Outpost Reclamation Facility

Location: (22,37), just south of Cyber City 404

Owned by: Nekops

Status: Complete, unfurnished.

Size: 5 rooms, no beds. So far.

Privacy status: Open to the public, with the exception of the Master Bedroom. Weapon systems require a key to operate.


Pirate Bay Bungalow

Location: Northeast of Kittania on the beach (23:15)

Owned by: That Old Bastard Zpatula

Status: completed

Size: one room, two beds

Privacy status: open to all - but I may kick you out if I need a bed.


Port Foley (And associate PRAT Locales on this square)

Location: Northwest of NewHome (6,7)

Owned by: Pirate Queen Carlynne

Status: Done enough for visitors!

Size: It is an entire town. It's huge. Not to mention there's a boat and stuff.

Privacy status: Open to all, treat it like an outpost! Except The Jackalope and Jacques' Mansion. Treat those like houses.

About: Port Foley is like a satirical reflection of our beloved outposts. Something a bit darker and stickier than what you're used to, with a bunch of NPCs and time-based stores. The Jackalope is PRAT's headquarters, feel free to poke around but I(Carlynne) would really like some notice if you'd like to write there.

Public Beach

Location: 23,4 (South eastern corner of the Island)

Owned by: Kolojang

Status: Beach area finished. Other construction project in writing phase.

Size: 40 so far, with more probably being added as descriptions get written.

Privacy Status: The beach area is opened to all, along with the Sushi Shack and a swimming area. The rest is locked as it is getting finished.


Rapscallion Prime

Location: Northwest of Pleasantville and southeast of AceHigh (13,28)

Owned by: Mogar

Status: Additions are underway, help is appreciated.

Size: Oh my, lots.

Privacy status: Open to everyone, except Mogar's bedroom. But there's one for guests. While it's under construction, it's also a bit closed for a short while.


The Restaurant

Location: Four klicks east of Improbable Central (17,11)

Owned by: Johnson and Harbin, who are both obviously Awesomesauce.

Status: Waiting on a menu before officially opening. Unofficially free to all comers who want to tramp through and feed their faces with strange things. Eyeballs have been served, as well as pies, tea and full-blown roast meals. And porridge. And really good coffee.

Size: The size of a restaurant. A good one. With an enormous brick oven and odd bookshelves and streams and beehives and an outhouse and a velociraptor cage. May be larger on the inside than it is on the outside.18)

Privacy status: Everyone's thoroughly welcome. It's a restaurant, after all.


Rohvannyc's Tree

Also known as “Tree of Rohvannyc”

Location: Two spaces north of Kittania (20, 15)

Owned by: Rohvannyc

Status: Complete.

Size: 3 rooms so far, plus a nest, a cave system, and a desert area. There is a nest in the top of the tree, and recently a Portal has opened to… somewhere. Basement Cat supervises all construction.

Privacy status: The main room (Treetop Flet) is open for any and all to sleep, chat, whatever. Raven's Roost is open too but no beds there yet. Visitors are very welcome, even if you need to log out for a day or two. Any polite conversation is welcome, raunchy or not. The beds are rather basic but comfortable.

For more information, see Rohvannyc's Tree.

Rosethorne Cottage

Location: South of Kittanies seeing things they shouldn't.

==== a(20,12)

Owned by: Ninja Waffles

Status: 4/5 rooms completed

Size: 5 rooms

Privacy Status: Gardens are open to public while the rest of the house is being built. Will include 1st floor Water Closet Second Floor Bedroom and closet.


Sand Castle Hendrix

Location: Southeast of Kittania (23,11)

Owned by: Teh Dave and Ari

Status: Complete unless we get a fit of inspiration.

Size: Entrance and 27 Rooms Bigger than any other Sand Castle you've ever seen. Plus Surrealism and Silliness in the basement. And a few outbuildings.

Privacy status: Mostly open to everyone, there's several Guest bedrooms, most of them with furniture. The guest house consists entirely of single beds disguised to look like rooms, so feel free to swing by and have a nap.


The Sauna

Location: A little southwest of CC404

Owned by: Sloth

Status: Open, currently finished. Though only until he thinks of something else to add.

Size: Big enough for now. The sauna is only one room, the attached Chalet has more than that.

Privacy status: Open to all. Well, there's probably one locked room.


SAVOR Airship, The

Location: Southeast of Improbable Central (7,16)

Owned by: Makiwa, Silas, Trowa

Status: Currently unfinished, but finished enough for exploration's sake. It's functional, just not complete.

Size: 24 rooms (more to be added)

Privacy Status: Open, though some personal rooms are private.


The Scrapyard

Location: (22,38) at Cyber City 404

Owned by: Count Sessine

Status: Finished for now. More later.

Privacy Status: The Yard and the Barbetraption are open to all. The Abandoned Jet Trainer is locked; The Terminus is now open.


Si Rios Springs

Location: (19,8)

Owned by: Kolojang

Status: Stable.

Size: Decent sized player outpost

Privacy status: Almost entirely unlocked. Considering that many businesses and homes in Si Rios are 'owned' by players, most locked rooms are up to them.

Notes: Feel free to contact Kolojang or Rosemoo for information regarding adding your own house or business to our outpost. Be sure to visit first and see if the current vogue suits you.

Skronky Top Secret HQ

Location: (8,15)

Owned by: The Skronky Clan

Status: Incomplete

Size: Front yard and two rooms.

Privacy status: Yu wunt tu tug Skronky's beards in thur den? We cutch enywun in HQ, thurs truble. Skronkys dunt take cindly tu people tryin tu thieve thur fleas and thur rats.

We'll luck it if we cun ever get thu luck to wurk.


Smoke and Leaves

Location: (16,3)

Owned by: Noir Villain Toryn

Status: Partially Complete

Size: 11 Rooms and Counting

Privacy Status: Mostly open to the public. Currently features a hookah bar and tea house, hot springs, and several lovely guest rooms.


The Smoking Windmill

Location: (15,9)

Owned by: FNORD

Status: permanently under construction

Size: 80 rooms and counting.

Privacy status: Almost all finished rooms/sections are open to all. When a room is closed it usually means it's not decorated yet, and you can come back later if you want to see how it turned out.


Snow Fort

Owned by: Denealus

Location: (20,36)

Status: Work-in-Progress. Complete enough to explore, but still has several areas to be built upon. Suggestions welcome!

Size: 10 rooms usually available. Although careful to get lost on a snowy day…

Privacy: Totally open to the public.

About: Up near the mountains of Cyber City 404, a group of snowmen defend their fort against the assault of the Penguin and Polar menace. A lost fortress hidden amongst the snow drifts.

Soup and Pants

Location: 345 March Street, Improbable Central (13,11)

Owned by: Escemfer (officially) and Tyr (claim)

Status: Under construction

Size: Huge main room (planning on 20+ floor spots) and a small back room

Privacy status: Open to all. Serves as a charity kitchen to feed, clothe, wash, and shelter Rookies and clanless contestants.



Location: On the NE trail between NewHome & Kittania (17,10)

Owned by: Indika

Status: Third wave of construction complete. Fourth wave ongoing.

Size: 88+ rooms at the present time.

Privacy status: Open to all. Intended as a clan headquarters. The biggest sleeping area is the Terraced Garden, which is intended for the public, and members of the SWEET Network. Overall sleeping capacity is in excess of 80 spaces. Look for the Dormitory, the Dog House, and if you're adventurous, the Marine Barracks if you can't find a spot in the Terraced Garden.

Features include an Armory with weapon testing chambers, some very interesting labs, a pleasant Ball Room and Dining Hall, and many, many, other features. Climb to the roof to enjoy our Tiki Bar. Or drive yourself crazy trying to unlock the Tower's many secrets.

Stone Hut

Location: One square East of New Pittsburgh (5,15)

Owned by: Vahelle

Status: Under construction, but functional. The main rooms have been built, everything else is just expansion.

Size: Bigger on the inside. 15+ rooms, currently.

Privacy status: Open to all. The only rooms that are locked are the ones still under construction. Visitors are very welcome, whether they want to take a bed for the night, explore or use some rooms for RP. (please avoid ERP, though) There's a single bed in the front room, and six single beds and a double bed in the Restroom.

Please note that the house is, in-Story, sentient (like a benevolent, clipped-claws-and-wings version of the Drive) and will not brook vandalism or violence. Also for Story purposes: the rooms are reconstructions, not portals, made by the house warping reality within itself. See the Interface for a petulant explanation, if you will.


Location: Just south of Kittania (20,12)

Owned by: Clan SUGAR - The Bureau of Improbability Generation

Status: Ground broken. Exterior facade up.

Size: Unknown, even to the Clan.

Privacy status: Some public rooms, open to all. Public sleeping areas will be available. Most rooms will be private.

Notes: Steaks in Kittania one klik north; Nepeta Halt rail station one klik east.

The Swamp

Location: The beaches south of NewHome

Owned by: SinkOrSwim

Status: Still being built, slowly.

Size: Small. But getting gradually bigger.

Privacy status: The majority of the house will be publicly accessible. One will be private. One will be opened only on special occasions.

Fuller desription: Here

Temple of Waffles

Location: 3 south of CC4040 one West(21,35)

Owned by: Ninja Waffles

Status: Under construction

Size: N/A

Privacy Status: Open to public, except one room will be private: High Priest Quarters.



Thistlewhite Manor

Location: New Pittsburgh (4,15)

Owned by: The Late Thistlewhite Family, estate settlement pending since 1904

Status: Perennially Incomplete

Size: Medium/Big

Privacy status: Rooms may be closed periodically for reconfiguration.


Trickster's Rest

Location: Due south of Aces High (10,29)

Owned by: Darla Dean

Status: Always under construction

Size: Currently, a sun room, parlor, (private) bedroom, and spare room.

Privacy status: Open, except for DD's bedroom. There's a couch and a folding bed. Come on in and take a load off.


Twisted Spoon

Location: (13,11) at Improbable Central

Owned by: Count Sessine

Status: Still expanding.

Size: A modest but comfortable dwelling.

Privacy status: Anyone is welcome to drop by the Living Room and the Guest Room. (Apologies, but the closet door in the Guest Room seems to be stuck.)19)


The Tea House

Location: (15,5)

Owned By: Dirk and Molly Vanderhuge.

Status: Comfortably complete.

Size: A good sized home with guest rooms upstairs.

Privacy status: Guests welcome and appreciated. If it's not locked, you can go there. If you just want to look around, drop us a note in banter that you came by.

The Warehouse

Location: CC404

Owned by: Marly and Ebenezer20)21)

Status: Under construction, perhaps eternally so.

Size: Big enough. (For now.)

Privacy status: Living quarters open to all. It'll perform the same function that Soup and Pants does, minus the charity and that warm fuzzy feeling.


The Underground Facility

Location: (16,28)

Owned by: Jay Chaos

Status: Under construction.

Size: Unknown.

Privacy status: Being a secret laboratory, it's pretty much closed to all but owner and minions/workers.


The Supply Crate

Location: (17,33)

Owned by: Maniak.

Status: About half finished at the moment.

Size: ~20 rooms currently decorated and open.

Privacy status: Locked doors means undecorated. All will be open eventually.


Unnamed Real Estate

None yet

Location: (19, 39)

Owned by: Aeridus

Status: Stones done, working on logs

Size: None yet

Privacy status: Undecided

None yet

Location: New Pittsburgh (4,15)

Owned by: Combat Magician Komppa

Status: Incomplete

Size: Currently two rooms, expanding

Privacy status: Entrance room open.

None yet

Location: (7,14)

Owned by: General Crepe

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lies, all of it.
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There's also a controlled-access area.
What?? It was always here! What are you babbling about - train stations don't just pick up one day and hike a kilometer into town to claim some bloody vacant lot.
Which may or may not be a joint venture between Elias and Count Sessine.
Such as GhostFace Koalah, Cassidy, Sneaky…
Can they tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street?
Skeleton stuck behind it, Sessine?
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