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Where Cyber City 404 is the shining, chrome-plated gem of Improbable Island's northern shore, Pleasantville is its matte-finish sister city in center of the isle. Located across the great inland lake to the north of Improbable Central, Pleasantville is home to the Island's Mutant population, and its people have gone to great lengths to decorate their city in only the sleekest, non-reflective materials.1) Once dull Humans, these fun-loving hedonists have been infused with so much improbability that they've thrown off the shackles of normalcy and embraced a fun and trendy life as only a being with four2) arms can.

From its happening night clubs to its bars that never close, Pleasantville is the party city that never sleeps. Where Improbable Central is all business, and Squat Hole is home to the Island's most intense workaholics, Pleasantville is second only to Kittania in its devotion to doing as little work as possible. The traveler might first think the city has little to recommend it, but stick around. Once you've spent some time here, the place will begin to grow on you.3)

Major attractions in Pleasantville include:

  • The Nightmare Court. In exchange for just 1 measly cigarette, you can face your worst nightmares. Finally, you can go head to head with The Watcher, an army of clowns, the feeling that you're falling forever kumquats. Can be tonnes of fun if you combine it with Improbability Bombs.
  • Cuthbert's Academy of Lingual Defence. A cunning linguist, Cuthbert can belittle an Occam's Razorback into a submissive,wretched state using nothing but his quick working supple tongue. Long ago, his nimble brain juices flowing with a dream, Cuthbert realized how he could spread his legacy of confidence in cutting self-defense all across the island. He set up shop in Pleasantville, teaching Mutants and any others who wish to learn the fine art of conversational combat- the effective invective . A fertile symbiotic relationship has developed from this; Mutant poetry has since been at a depressing all time high and Cuthbert enjoys the labour of his love.
  • Dr Paprika's Office. You'd expect a plastic surgeon or amputation expert in Pleasantville, instead Dr Paprika specializes in Gender changes. A simple snip-snap/copy-paste procedure later and you're a member of the opposingopposite sex. Only 5000 req and 10 cigs.
  • Mutated Munchies. The very best restaurant on the Entire Island. Please book well in advance if you're planning to visit and bring a full sack of Req, dishes cost upwards of 750 Req.4). Failure to fully pay for your meal will result in dishwashing duty, where you'll compete against four armed Mutants5).
  • Mike's Chop Shop. Mike sells the Magical Mystery Meat Mount for 500 Req and 6 Cigarettes. At such a price, Mike guarantees6) that “yer soul far a Budjet Harse'll seem like a good dill”.

Come ready to stay up all night, because the natives never sleep.7) The annual Strawberry Festival in particular is not to be missed.

(Looking for the season 1 Pleasantville entry? Click here.)

Who's Who in Pleasantville

Presented to you by the Mourners of Life Poetry Club (MoLP)

OOC Note: Cousjava is a real player, none of the others are (as yet).

Dr Paprika

The only doctor on the island8)9)10)11) has a clinic here. Treatments offered include gender changes, for those who aren't happy with how they are. Also used by mutants for add/subtracting limbs/eyes/organs.


Proprietor of Mike's Chop Shop in Pleasantville. Sells the Magical Mystery Meat Mount.


Teach you how how to insult others, big-nose.

Cyril Two-Heads

Cyril is another well known mutant, although he lives in Squat Hole rather than Pleasantville. See here

Amir and Effie

Both originally from Pleasantville, now masters at Joe's Dojo.


Long-term resident of Pleasantville. Is known to Marly, on whom he she it has crush, and to whom it gave a piece of it's spine.12) Considers mutants to be in shadows permanently, whom can only glimpse at the light.


Cousjava is a mutant with has several limbs13). One of them, sticking out of him just below his head on the right side, splits into five smaller appendages and is very useful for holding a weapon. He also has another on his left which does not split up, but is in fact extremely long. There are another two coming out of from below his chest, which have suction cups on the end. These help to stop him from falling over, and in fact from moving anywhere at all. He has several large eyes which are good for seeing in the dark, which is useful as he mostly nocturnal. When resting he curls himself up into a cuboidic shape, which some people mistake for a chimney for his red skin colour. This even further confused by the fact he likes to smoke.

Sarah Five-Arms

Owner/manager/head chef of Mutated Munchies. Has had problems with midgets sent from Kebabs 'N' Shite trying to disuade competition.

The savvy traveler should be aware of rumors that the locals are sensitive about their looks. Avoid using mirrors or unsheathing shiny swords while in Pleasantville, because the natives have been known to attack immediately.
Or six, or nine - who can keep count, really?
Like an extra limb in a hard-to-scratch place.
Too bad the sight of the horribly disfigured staff and patrons tends to kill appetites
armed with poetry.
when he's drunk and weeping
It's hard for them to get all their eyes closed at once.
As distinct from Doktor
Except for Elias, who has been known to treat patients in AceHigh when he isn't touring with his Lucky Dip, or tossing calle shells at monsters in IC.
And Props, who has a fully equipped hospital.
Not to mention Cadye Willfan, if you can find her.
Well, attempted to. The lady vamoosed as soon as the offer insistence of a gift was made.
Aren't they all?
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