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How to use the Wiki of Lies

Simply create an Enquirer account (your Improbable Island login is no good here)1) and start editing. Here are the rules of how. <note important>Due to some issues with spam signups, Enquirer registrations are currently deactivated [as of October 2017]. This forum post has a bit more detail, together with references to players who are willing to post on your behalf if you want to weigh in on a forum topic!</note>

Well, they're more like guidelines really

If we all follow these simple guidelines, then the Wiki of Lies will be a suitably chaotic and beautiful place.

If you can't be truthful, at least be amusing

Try to entertain your audience with your outright lies2).

Write properly

I WILL delete outright any pages I s33 w1th 0bn0x10us TXTSPK on them unless th3y'r3 funny.3)4)

ASCII or Bust!

If you include special characters in a page, they will likely become textual garbage something like this. This is mostly important to think about if you copy text from somewhere else, or if you (foolishly) try to use the special characters menu on the editing page.5)6)7)

Lie about 50% of the time

Having a playing guide is all well and good, but it does kinda spoil the inherent confusion of the Island. For this reason, about 50% of your submitted content should be damnable lies.8)

Mark spoilers

If there are pages with spoilers, mark them as such, please. Don't spoil other players' experience of the game and its accompanying Wiki of Lies.

You can edit any page you like!

You can even change these rules to whatever you see fit. Anyone with an account can edit any page, so if your changes are unpopular, they'll be reverted back. Gargle-flounce tofu buttock pigmy.

For fuck's sake don't take it seriously

Improbable Island is a GAME9) on the INTERNET10) containing BUDGET HORSE and CAT LAUNCHERS, and this game has an accompanying WIKI OF LIES. If you're taking the game or the wiki seriously, then you have PROBLEMS11).

Errant Periods

The wiki will often put random periods at the top of a wiki page. Consider ridding the world of those abominations.

Edit often

It makes Full Metal Lion feel less like an idiot and more like a prostitute.12)13)14)

Have fun

If you're not having fun, or if you're having fun and others aren't, then you're doing it wrong.

Read all the rules

Don't (majorly) change the content on other people's character pages

They'll get all tetchy about it.


Read the syntax

It's right here.

Consider including an edit summary

The interface to compare old revisions is sort of a bother, so consider including an edit summary when you edit something. You may similarly consider doing only one type of thing during a single edit, so as to present a more tidy edit history.

Our guideline for checking the “Minor Changes” box is the same as Wikipedia's rule for minor edits: “A check to the minor edit box signifies that only superficial differences exist between the current and previous versions. Examples include typographical corrections, formatting and presentational changes, and rearrangements of text without modification of its content. A minor edit is one that the editor believes requires no review and could never be the subject of a dispute.”

How to combine, move, or delete pages

Every so often, you might find a page on the wiki you wish to destroy and salt the earth under, hoping that it never comes back. Or you might find two similar pages15) that you want to combine for fun or profit. Or, perhaps, you want to move a page into a Namespace, which necessitates deleting the old page and creating an identical page in the Namespace.


Some islanders have created tinyurls and whatnot that point to specific pages. Try not to mess those up.

How to delete pages

First, you must plunder the page, by putting anything of value on that page onto a different page. Then, delete everything on the page by selecting all the text and punching your keyboard right in the backspace key. Then save. If absolutely nothing is left on the page16), then the wiki will display its “topic does not exist” message.

How to salt the earth

First find out which pages link to the page you just deleted. In fact, do this before you delete the page. Just go to the page and append “&do=backlink” to the url. E.g., if you're salting the earth under the the page playground, go to If done correctly, this should get you a list of all pages that link to playground. Edit them to link to (a) different page(s).18)

Change your mind?

DON'T FREAK OUT!!!!!!!! If you go to the page you destroyed,19) and hit “old revisions”, you can change things back and make it right. If you came to your senses soon enough, the changes you made to salt the earth should still be in “recent changes”, so you can undo all of them easily enough.

Pages nominated for improvement, expansion, or creation

Have at it.

Though you can totally make an account with the same username. In fact, it's encouraged! By at least one guy!
Throwing some treason in there might be a good idea, too
What now? WHAT NOW??!!!
Or if you actually speak like that in everyday conversation, as some do.
It looks like an Omega
Not THAT Omega!
Or, hey, who really knows what Omega looks like?
For example, this rule is a lie.
You don't want to click that.
It's a wash, really.
Do not wash Full Metal Lion. He will melt.
He'll melt?! Wash him! I want to see this!
perhaps both one-liners or something
make sure you don't leave a linebreak or a space or a period behind
you could also just use the regular search function, searching for “[[playground”. Make sure to include the quotation marks.
Which pages? Up to you.
search the page's name verbatim, or use the old url or an old link to get back
Could be shortened a little, and new scripts are always welcome!
Except scripts that do timed fighting for you. Those are probably cheating.
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