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The bane of Newbies and Lord High Badasses alike, these nasty little buggers multiply exponentially1) and unrelentingly despite our intrepid admin's best efforts. The weapons of choice in combating problems are as follows:

  • Whinging petition2)
  • Bottle of gin, or other hard liquor3)
  • Large hammer (applied directly to the source of the problem, or failing that, the screen of the afflicted computer)4)
  • Running in circles and screaming until someone else deals with it.5)
  • Waiting until it ceases to be a problem for whatever reason.6)
Sometimes hovering around 99 at a time, but not. . . well. . . you know. . .
That's whining for you Yanks.
Apply directly to stomach until the problem goes away.
Only recommended if you have plenty of cash to spare, really.
Popular with future politicians.
Including death of any interested parties.
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