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What is Greasemonkey?

It's a code-y, script-y, magic thing that lets People Who Know Computers make their browsers do extra cool things. Things that aren't in a standard add-on or extension.


Ok, it lets you use Javascript to customize webpages for augmented browsing. Happy?

But why?

Some of these clever people have coded up some things that make Improbable Island just that little bit easier, prettier, and more fun! It's not cheating, or changing the game; it's just giving you a few handy little tools to play with. Things like a more visible alert if you get a Distraction, or de-stretching an overloaded inventory bar.


Note that the Greasemonkey API changed 2017-09-20, so some scripts written before then may need to be changed accordingly. Note also that in February 2018 CavemanJoe rejiggered various skins, so it's possible that certain scripts are now broken. Further note that improbable island uses https now, and some scripts still refer to You may safely change the http in there to https to make the script work again.

Page layout can change substantially between skins; the Island's skins aren't just different stylesheets or colour schemes, the pages are sometimes actually structured differently. Sometimes this makes a difference as to whether a script will work. Not all scripts will work in all skins. If you have a problem with a script on a certain skin, try using a different skin. Vertical and Console are likely to work. The scripts below may be accompanied by a list of what skins they are compatible with, the last time somebody checked. A skin marked with a ? may or may not work; it's unknown. A skin marked with a ~ is in beta; currently in development. List of skin abbreviations: Accessible (Regular or Navigation First), Classic, Console (Regular or Midnight), Default (Black, Blue, Gold, Green, Purple, Red, or Turquoise), Experimental Black, Mobile

As stated the bottom of the page in the troubleshooting section, some scripts are not compatible with some browsers. The scripts affected are marked.

Installing and using the scripts

First of all, you probably have to install an extension to your browser in order to run Greasemonkey scripts1). I guess you could read up on it on Wikipedia.

If you click on these, your browser will ask you if you want to install an extension, and start giving you warnings about harmful things damaging your computer / reading your data / flirting with your girlfriend. 2) But fear not! What it means by “access your data on all webpages” is “it checks to see if you're on an website, and if not, it goes back to sleep; if you are, it does its tiny bit of magic and then stops.” More technically, it runs in a “sandbox”, only accessing the pages that you've allowed it to.

These scripts have been written by people who play Improbable Island. You can read the discussions, and the code; and alter the code if you're paranoid or unsatisfied. Tinker away!

If modifying or creating a script, please see our page on scripting.

For as long as it continues to amuse him, Full Metal Lion is willing to act as advisor, troubleshooter, and/or point of contact on all matters userscript, up to and including programming a whole userscript on request if it seems like more worth than it's trouble. Distract him here.

List of Scripts

Truancy Meter

Adds another XP bar to show how long until you get tracked down by the Dojo Masters to level up.

Compatibility: All

By Devin, modified by Tahvohck, Maniak, and CloudySky

Experience Multimeter

Similar to the truancy meter, but alters your XP bar to show current/dojo/truant/double-truant levels instead of adding a new bar.

Compatibility: All except H

by fledermaus

Mail Check

Adds a flashy red alert lower down on the page, to make it easier to see when you have a new Distraction.

Compatibility: D, All?

By Tahvohck, modifications by Svedka and Full Metal Lion

Distract More

For when Mail Check isn't enough, this script makes the Distractions link big, glowy, obnoxious… well, just plain distracting! But only if you have a new Distraction, of course ;)

Compatibility: D, All?

by Rentoraa

Distract Notify

For when even Distract More isn't enough, this script will periodically check for new Distractions, and pop up a Desktop Notification and play a little sound to tell you you have a new Distraction, and you should totally go read it.

Please note, however, that this script will work ONLY in Chrome (or other Webkit-based browsers). If anyone wants to modify the script to work in Firefox too, feel more than free to!

Also it's kind of glitchy. I'm not sure what causes it, but sometimes you might get more than one notification. They're easy to clear, though, so it's not a huge biggie.

Compatibility: D, All?

by Rentoraa

Distraction Sort

Completely overhauls the Distractions page, arranging your messages into Conversations for significantly easier reading.

Compatibility: D, All?

by Rentoraa

Player Status Checker scripts

Combined Quest/Status Tracker

Tracks your weight, health, and hunger (as of the last time you ate/drank), as well as your current DanQuest status (what you're looking for, and where to look for it, as well as whether you've found it yet).

Compatibility: D, All?

Should work in Chrome.

Bar Limiter

Stops your inventory bars from stretching the screen if you're wildly overloaded.

Compatibility: D, All?

HUD Resorter

Fed up with Global Banter and equipment list pushing your buffs down the page? Have to scroll during every round of battle to see if you've got enough rounds of weapon/drink left? This script reorganizes the right-hand info bar (Heads Up Display), so that it has Vital Info (HP etc), Personal (Req etc), Game State (time), Buffs, Equipment, Global Banter.

Note: if the Quest Tracker is also installed, make sure this script runs first - otherwise it puts the Quest info at the top. The new Combined Tracker doesn't have this compatibility problem.

Note 2: You can get a different order by changing the order of the title in the HUD array at the top of the script. Go on, it won't bite, and it hardly ever gains sentience and tries to destroy its creator. 3)

NOTE 3: August 2012 - currently broken! Doesn't work with new HUD.

NOTE 4: Updated to new HUD as of 2012-08-28

Compatibility: D, C, All?

by fledermaus

Duct Tape Hotkeys

Makes the hotkeys more consistent, so that e.g. Bank of Improbable is always “b”.
Compatibility: D, Cl, C, All?

Duct Tape Remake

Remake of fledermaus' script to avoid flashing the old hotkeys as the pages loads.

Compatibility: D, All?

Hotkeys Stripper

Strips the hotkeys from places navigation. Never change rooms, or leave to map, unintentionally by random keypress. Also a must for slippy fingers holding room- or master keys. Based off fledermaus' Duct Tape Hotkeys.

Compatibility: D, Cl, C, All?

Travel Resorter

Like the HUD resorter, but rearranges the main travel page layout, so that your mini-map is near the top for easier travel.

Compatibility: All?

Note: You can get a different order by changing the order of the titles in the new_order array at the top of the script.

Travelling and exploring scripts


Detects when a crate sniffer is used and darkens map squares within three klicks. Will remove squares as they are visited.

Compatibility: D, All?

Rally Mapper

Adds Sequenced Point numbers and Unsequenced Point indicators to your map to make the 100-Point-Rally go faster. Open the View Points screen to let the script get the numbers; it updates them every time you reload that page.

OLD VERSION: August 2012 - works on mini-map, doesn't work on full world map.

LATEST VERSION: Updated on 2014-10-10 for the latest round of map updates

Compatibility: D, C, All?


Advanced Info Map

Adds features to the new game map: a search box for filtering Places by name and description, and you can add notes. Can be opened from anywhere - adds a button to the top set of links, by Distractions.

NB - you must view the world map once to allow the script to memorise the map.

Compatibility: D, All?

Island Map

Adds a button to your address bar, that when you click it, gives a drop-down full island map image, with mouseover coordinates. Useful for Trains and One-Shots, since you can only view your bought map from standing on the map.

NB - you must view the world map once to allow the script to memorise the map.

Compatibility: All

  1. by fledermaus (updated to handle new island map format & add place names)

Game Status scripts

Council Offices

Adds buttons to the Council Offices page, to send the threat levels to Buddleia and fledermaus's tracking efforts. (See the "Getting past Onslaught to the Scrapyard“ thread.)

Compatibility: D, All?

Cached User Info Lookup scripts


Reminds you what each carcass gives for Cleaning your Kills. (Because it's cacheing, not looking up from a database, this only works for ones you've done before, and is local to your computer and browser. Doesn't work between http and www Islanding sessions.)

Note: If you use an accessible skin (for actual accessibility reasons, rather than simple aesthetic preference) and you have an idea of how this would best work in a screen reader or braille display, please contact/distract fledermaus and let him know.

Compatibility: D, Cl, C, All?


Field Guide to Monsters

Remembers the name, level, weapon, description and victory message of each monster you beat in the jungle (travel encounters are not handled yet).

Allows you to look up this info via a search box inserted into your HUD.

Compatibility: A?, D, C, X?, M?

Chat Logger

Adds a button under each chat channel to start logging that channel. A button is added to the end of the Navigation menu (on the left) to view your saved logs. From there, you can easily export them.

Compatibility: D, All?4)


Blocks chat messages from specified users. (Script contains a list of user IDs to block, which must be edited to include the IDs of users you want to block.)

Compatibility: D, All?

By Full Metal Lion

Quick Upload

Adds a file upload dialog below all forms on II that uploads to a third-party file hosting service. This slightly speeds up the process of uploading a picture to a file host and putting the url into banter.

Compatibility: D, All?

By Full Metal Lion


Turns `rtext`r into rainbow text when you type it into a chatbox or such-like.5)

Please note: Because it is not disabled by using the 'Disable Player Colors' link, and some players may find walls of rainbow text highly distracting, please be considerate in the use of this tool, particularly in public places like Banter or Outposts.

Compatibility: All

By Full Metal Lion


Footnote Fixer

Gives the footnotes that appear on hover6) an opaque background and fixes the fact that they exceed the footnote box. Will become obsolete if CMJ fixes the wiki.

Compatibility: D7)

By Full Metal Lion

Adds download links to the Gallery of Shame.
By Full Metal Lion

Direct Filth

Adds direct links to posts in the Forum of Filth.
By Full Metal Lion

Allows you to type [[wikilinks]] which expand into regular links in, eg, Banter.
Compatibility: All
by Full Metal Lion

Task Automation

To Fuck

Repeats (certain) actions indefinitely.8) Controlled by enabling and disabling the script.
Compatibility: All
By Full Metal Lion


Plays 100 Mysteries based on your commands. It provides an interface for you to interact with the 100 Mysteries machine, but leaves you to program in your own strategy.
Compatibility: All
By Full Metal Lion

Murderous Rampage

Does fights forever.
Compatibility: All?
By Full Metal Lion


Help! I'm trying to use a script, and it didn't work!

Is Greasemonkey installed?

Simple but so obvious it's easy to overlook it.

What browser are you using? If Greasemonkey isn't available for your browser, you might want to check out other userscript managers, like Tampermonkey.

Is Greasemonkey enabled?

If it's treated as an add-on, it has to be switched on. Greasemonkey has to be installed and enabled; and the script itself has to be installed and enabled.

If you use Chrome:

  1. Open a new text file
  2. Paste the GM script into said text file9)
  3. Save the file with the extension ”.user.js“
    • Note: save as the file-type “All Files” and put ”.user.js“ at the end of the document name.
  4. Drag-and-drop the script onto your extensions page.10)

The script installed, but it's not working.

Check to see if the script is enabled. Refresh the relevant Island page if you feel like it.

Then, check to see if there are any errors in your browser's error console.

If you are using Opera, which provides some greasmonkey compatibility, without actually providing the full greasemonkey architecture, check to see if the script contains any calls starting with GM_ (GM_log(…) is a common one). These are greasemonkey functions which are only available in greasemonkey proper.GM_log() calls can safely be commented out without affecting the way the script works.11)

If you can't fix it yourself, distract the author(s) and ask them for help.

That script used to work, and now it doesn't.

CMJ may have made changes to the Island which affect the things which the script is working on. If the lock's been changed, the key's not going to work any more! 12) 13)

Maybe try reloading the page, clearing your cache, trying a different browser (which also has the script installed!), etc - all those usual software checks. And check Global Banter and L4 - sometimes the script authors post updates!

Also, try reinstalling the script.

Some authors update their scripts from time to time, fixing bugs and improving them as well as making sure that they still work with CMJ's updates! Just click on the link to reinstall it. If it doesn't replace the old one, you can just go to your browser's Add-Ons Manager to disable and/or remove it.

See also

For a nice introduction, see How To Geek's guides: for Chrome and Firefox.

Or, you might want to try the Greasemonkey Wiki.

Obsolete Scripts

Moved out of the way but here for SCIENCE.

(Obsolete) Quest Tracker

Adds a section below your buffs, showing what beasty you're hunting where.

NB - the new version just adds some make-it-work-in-chrome duct tape.
NB - it's better to use the combined quest/status tracker - it's had a few bugs squashed that were in these versions.

Compatibility: All?

(Obsolete) Newday Tracker

Saves the info from the Newday screen so you can check it again later if you want. Things like how fat you are, whether you've got any weird Joker effects, etc. Also seems to track obsolete stats (like “Luck” and “Strength”).

Compatibility: All?

May not work in Chrome.

Factory Mapper

Used to help you map the Abandoned Factory.

There is no abandoned factory anymore.

Compatibility: All?

some browsers can run user scripts natively, but few support all features
“But Reverend, I don't have a girlfriend!” “Girlfriends will be provided!”
citation needed
note by Full Metal Lion: this did not really work the last time I tried it. Investigating.
Note that it uses `r, a color code that is currently non-functional on the Island.
Like this!
Note: Do not be afraid; this is a joke, as the wiki only comes in default.
Does this by following the first link on the page that links, more or less, to the current url
You may need to “Save Link As”
It's under “tools” in the options menu thing.
put two slashes in front of the line of code to comment it out.
Or maybe it's just having an off day.
Or, possibly, you were trying to modify the script and did something which broke it. Uh, not that I have any personal experience of that, or anything.
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