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Lists pertaining to what is lost and what survives a DriveKill

When you manage to defeat the Improbability Drive, some things are lost. Some things change. Some things are gained. And some things stay.

It depends on the mysterious magic of the dkpersist setting, we hear; if an item has it, it will survive, and if it doesn't, it will be cast into the outer darkness where there is a weeping and a gnashing of teeth. 1)2)

Here followeth a list. Well, some lists. Make of them what you will.3)

List of things that are lost at DK




  • Requisition in bank account and on hand
  • Temporary hitpoints (from Jungle encounters)
  • Temporary effects, e.g. buffs from drinks
  • Progress in use of Implants
  • Your Implant, all-together. 5)
  • Fullness (appetite) resets to zero points; fatness and malnutrition likewise.
  • Your memory 6)
  • Herbs

List of things that you may or may not lose at DK

Apparently, there is a 50% chance of keeping each item. Good luck. 7)

  • Boots
  • Gloves
  • Helmet

List of things that are gained at DK

  • One Improbability Point. 8)9)
  • Five Charm points.
  • 300 requisition token (or 540 if you managed a Flawless Victory (killed the Drive without taking any damage yourself)).
  • If you have under 12 DKs, then DKing may unlock new races to play.
  • The more DKs you have, the more implants you unlock. (Be sure to grab a new implant at the Implant Hut!)
  • The more DKs you have, the more things Sheila will sell to you. 10)
  • Your default title may change if you have fewer than a hundred DriveKills. (If you've ever used a title changer, you won't see any effect here.)
  • The experience necessary to level up goes up. Each DK is harder than the last!
  • You also get to chose the rank of your next DK. 11)

List of things that you get to keep at DK


Bought items


  • Danquest 16) status and progress
  • Skill levels and experience
  • Glory ranking
  • Permanent hitpoints (e.g. from the Gauntlet, Stonehenge, drinking from the stream, etc.)
  • Improbability Point effects
  • Tynan's effects
  • Nicotine Addiction

Character details

  • Clan affiliation and rank
  • Wedding ring if bought but not yet used
  • Gender
  • Name
Little old lady: “but Reverend, I don't have any teeth.” Reverend Paisley: “Teeth will be provided!”
Also, cookies
Just please don't make it into a paper-airplane or a soup-sandwich.
This contribution to science was made by Full Metal Lion, and was dedicated to Dusty Plankerton, that brave son-of-a-birch.
Remember to pick up a new on in the Implant Hut after your DK!
There's a whole page of flavour text! Tasty, tasty canon story. However, most people start to play their character as not entirely losing all memories every single time. The commonest explanation is that over time, or due to accumulating exposure to Improbability, they develop a resistance to the wipe. Or, some people say that they refuse it. Which the Watcher would totally honor.
Sometimes you'll lose all three, sometimes you'll keep all three.
You may spend this as you please, on Attack, Defence, or 5 Permanent Hitpoints.
Well, that's a bit misleading. You can spend it on Attack or Defence, or you can waste it on five hitpoints.
It takes 50 DKs to unlock all the toys
Do you want it easy, or are you a masochist who wants more cigs?
Though the second are covered under “Hunter's Lodge items”, of course.
Yes, you're stuck with that damned pan.
see Improbable Central for the whole lot of these
Including Budget Horse progress. I promise, you can resume going to hell after you destroy The Drive.
a.k.a. “Damnquest”
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