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Let This Serve Public Notice of the Following:

This advertisement is to be considered timely public notice of a filing made in the Watcher's kangaroo courts on 10 September. This document must be left open for ten (10) business days in order to solicit public comment, in accordance with the regulations set forth by the watcher at the time of the filing of this petition.

Signed: The Members of The Improbable Central Council & Mrs Hollins, Mayor

Papers Drafted by Mr Whisplaw, Clerk, Improbable Central Council

Petition to Have GERM Removed as Defending Clan for Improbable Central

We, the Prancing Spiderkitty Staff, in response to GERMs assignment to our fair town as primary defenders, do hereby petition the watcher, the pantheon of gods, and all powers right and good in this world or any other, to remove this clan to a far more remote post, instead allowing the pub to be ravaged by rampaging hordes of beasts, thereby reducing our repair bills in general.

In addition, we ask that all imbibing of alcohol be prevented by the clan in general, and more specifically, Calliaphone, SinkorSwim, G_rock, Spandex, and Bernard, these measures contributing to the public good, as well as general health and safety of all IIslanders.1)






Cookie 2)

*a drunken scrawl that may or may not read Skidge, there for reasons unknown* 3)4) 5)

Public Comment

This section is reserves for public comments in consideration of the above petition. Please use this place to post any arguments for or against it's enforcement:

  • G_Rock would like to sign in opposition to this ridiculous farce, and recommend that others do the same, lest GERM be forced to protect your home/place of business next
  • Teh Dave signs his own opposition to the ridiculous claims that GERM is a dangerous force in and of itself. A nice bunch, really. Even Fergus and Paul! Really. Slander, this!
  • Paul Lo wants his shady bottle back! Dan must cease sequestering others' possessions, else he will become sequestered with Paul. And it will be joyful 6).
  • Hippy God of Snowy Peaks Raimar signs in favour of the petition; he is glad to see that the staff of the SpiderKitty still respect Gods, even if lower deities.7)
  • Omega Wishes to take a look at the petition. She's running out of paper. . . .
and all plumbing belonging to such
The common ground's bar is way better!
observant individuals will later note that her drunken scrawl can also be seen on every table, the ceiling, the fan, Dan's forehead, and on every single sheet of toilet tissue in the bathroom
okay, newspaper
Oh, okay, fine, the Improbable Enquirer! Sheesh, you picky people!
for the Harejoker, of course
Note to GERM: “Protect” Raimar at all costs!
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