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Paul Lo

The golems are too busy right now mining for information ores. Don't try bothering them, or you will get hit by swirling mattocks of wrathful wrath.

Maybe they'll have some time for showing their findings later.

Some information that have been salvaged:

Past on the Island:

-One of his creations, a scrap-and-mud hulk of a golem participated in Season one's M*A*S*H 404 event. Its location is unknown, as whether it came along in this Season or not is still disputed.

-Formerly a Mud Mage. The difference of 'Mage' title has yet to produce any result, as well as the allegation of 'magic' use. May be tied to change from Season 1 to 2.

Mix-up/mash up of data:

-One of them was nice enough to state that Paul Lo is an Earth Mage 'Harejoker', and that the said figure is mentally unstable, but harmless, just before throwing ore chunks at the interviewer. The answerer's replies are to be considered false. Disbelieve any data in this document.

-A rare find: a babbling rock from the scrap pieces hole (affectively named 'Thrash bin') got its last agonizing words recorded. It slurred about the boss guy being a flesh-eating eldritch thing made of mud that came from *redacted* ; hardly believable, especially since it smelled like brimstone, the telltale sign of sulfurous liars and con constructs. The fact that it was a “friggin' talking rock” might or might not be the main reason it hasn't been seriously taken 1)

-Is an officer of the GERM clan. (Some think Bernard as mad as Paul.. .)

-Has re-entered Jokerdom2), still wearing his suit from Season 1. Lo found his dice pouch from that time, which was in one of the pockets . . . He keeps them as a memento, instead playing with a deck of improbable cards, a motif of a jumping hare over a circle in a field of roots. He only uses them when nobody can notice, so their rarely appear.

-Sometimes, his small goblin-like mud familiar replaces him, reckoning with everyday life's matter on the Island for a while.

-Has sometimes been stricken by an artistic wind, expressing senryu/haiku verses, crafting objects of more decorative than practical use. No stimulus could be linked to this behaviour.

The Familiar:

This is one of Paul Lo's most known creations; it is made of deep brown mud3) and designed as non-gendered4). Still moist and a little cold to the touch, the substance can change form completely, though it doesn't seem that parts of itself can be detached from the main body. The external layer, or 'skin', is slick and gleamy.

Somehow shaped in the likelihood of the goblins 5) of some ancient tales: small and gaunt; a face that could have been in intimate contact with a speedy wall; a broad nose; pointed ears; green, waxy eyes; clawed hands and feet; two rows of sharp fangs mounted on a very wide mouth6). It has some sort of personality of itself, and has shown to have been inquisitive at times. Yes, it can be dangerous too, what did you expect?

The Accountant:

Another creation who has surfaced out of the box of nondescript/one-shot things the lagomorphic entity made. This one has the form of a young human child with glasses7)8); unlike its elder, this manikin's outer layer is of a dusty grey-orange blend. It usually has at its disposition an abacus or a sand table, which is just for show.

The Accountant has absolutely no fighting skill, standing far away from any harm and physical conflict. Instead, its main use is to play the roles of witness whenever necessary 9) and that of a accountant 10).

The Minions:

They are Legion for they are bloody too numerous to count.11)

Unnamed and mostly nondescript golems made of random soil and junk fill the core of the mage's armyslaves useful servants.

Among the slightly more defined lackeys, have officially been given a name:

GCAC, Gris Clay Action Commando: A unit of grey armed forces12)13). “Specialized” in guerrilla tactics and infiltration, they also act as agents/negotiators amongst the Garden Gnome Coalition and the Mole People.

DET, Domestic Effaces Troop: Golems in maid outfits14), highly trained in the ways of the Servant and how to serve Man. Their talents are multiple, mainly taking extended care of certain dwellings' household, blood-stains removal and corpse disposal. Seldom seen, except after special occurrences. Or when it is really time to show their nice outfits.

SGS, Sapeurs Golem Squad: Newest addition to the team, this lot is still green15). They use whatever they can fetch on the Island16) to develop their skills, create tools and other devices, all for the greater glory of the Lo.

Puppets: While not considered golems17), they do fall into the minion category. From the most creepily resembling Puppets and the slightly awkward PuppetPaul in the stocks 18) to the simple pail on a broom19) and PuppetPaul's own shoddy imitation.

That would explain some things, though.
sort of, Harejoker being a non-official feature
And many other components
Though it could be interpreted as a male. Guess why. . .
Absolutely no relation with the more recent typo goblins
And then imagine a chest opening to almost 180 degree, then swiftly snapping shut.
NOT a midget
Maybe an old dwarf, though
or when doing so bothers onlookers and such
no, really
As Bernard might say
Until someone takes an axe at them, after which they would be unarmed forces.
That is, if the person holding the axe can chop really, REALLY fast.
and one in butler clothing, don't ask why
from oxidized copper
and the Black Market. Shh
would they be pseudo-golems?
slightly, therefore imperfect. You cannot make a true copy of perfection
Well, works of art by midgets' drunk standards. And useful too when you are not a midget and need to clean up
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