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M*A*S*H 404

The Place

Somehow, some-crazy-how the whole of the GERM Clan (then CDAG) were caught up in a mass-hysteric episode where they took over Cyber City 404 and turned it into M*A*S*H 404, a Korean-war-era front-line party hospital.

It was something to do with achieving 1000 drive kills as a UNIT, SOLDIER.1)

Now get down and give me 20 cigs.

M*A*S*H Staff

- Major Frank Bernard
- Major Margaret 'Hot Lips' Herbalhan
- Lt Father Merlcahy
- Capt Hawkeye SinkOrSwim
- Cpl 'Radar' O'Twitchy
- Nurse Zahnnie
- Nurse Kellye Akitsu


The M*A*S*H 404 Boxing Tournament

The first event in a series of events5) marking the GERM occupation of M*A*S*H 404. Sign-up was initially in the Clan Hall, then the tournament was opened up to all-comers with an overwhelming turnout.
Bouts were judged on artistry & creativity, damage to your opponent and destruction of the surrounding area, except in the case where a specific stipulation was applied.


- Major Frank Bernard - Sessine - Capt Hawkeye SinkOrSwim - Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen - KK Victoria -


Victors highlighted in bold
1) Major Frank Bernard vs. Nurse Zahnnie
2) Hawkeye SinkOrSwim vs. 'Hot Lips' Herbalhan (Weapons: Fire extinguisher, land mine, thong)
3) Father Merlcahy vs. Paul Lo's Creation (Outside assistance: God, Sammich)
4) KK Victoria vs. Nurse Zahnnie (Weapons: Explosive Wardrobe Malfunction, Fire; Outside assistance: Midget minions)
5) Third Sicpuess vs Giuseppe Lorenzo (Weapons: Spiderball, Ice, Teleporter)
6) The Soloist Zolotisty vs. Jon Bishop (Interference by 80's mullet)
7) Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen vs Jonathan Maps (Stipulation: Queensbury rules)
8) Giuseppe Lorenzo vs KK Victoria - Double Disqualification (continuing after the bell)6)7)8)9)
9) Tor NaGoth vs Jade XXIV (Stipulation: Ring-out win)

Jeez, Frank. Calm down willya? You nearly made me spill my Martini! - Hawkeye
Mmmm. . . Nurses. . .
Down, boy. You're drooling all over my equipment! And I just had it sterilized, too!
Demonic needle torturers…
well duh. . .
So worth getting DQ'd. Um, ahem.
Nono, it's true, that fight should have lasted longer, actually. Most of us were having fun watching it.
Beg to differ, that war'n't going NOWHERE!
I disagree. The fight was just getting good.
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