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A tall, rangy, balding and stooped man. He carries the air of an academical around with him. It's in a jar in his satchel.

Currently, Mr Whisplaw is the Clerk of the Improbable Central Council, where he carries out the duties of a grand vizier, but on a less grand scale.

He is the nemesis of Mr Mountjoy, the GERM clan butler. Currently, only Kestrel knows why pretty much the whole clan knows why. Suffice to say there is a huge, roiling and all-encompassing animosity 'twixt the two.

He has recently served that group of inveterate nutters with notice that they are in breach of City Ordnance 34-765A2.1 - quite what this means <GERM> has yet to discover. This, it appears, has made Mr Whisplaw very happy indeed.


As it has opened up new 'avenues of employment for him!'

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