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An area of overgrown vegetation, rumored to be populated by monsters and the occasional garden gnome. Nothing bad will happen to you if you decide to wander through the forest. Honest. Would we lie to you?1)

You can find jungles outside the major cities. Just look for all the trees standing together in bunches. Sometimes you can find the Hospital Tent there, if you're willing to risk the healing.

Sometimes (Improbably) in the jungle, contestants may stumble upon particular items of interest, including:

Rumors persist that your chances of victory increase if you play 'Welcome to the Jungle' at thunderously loud volumes while you storm through the game2) known as Improbable Island.3)

In Jungles, you can Hunt to battle monsters. Looking for Trouble 4) is “Hunting - Standard”. Looking for an Easy Fight 5) is “Hunting - Easy Fights”. Looking for Big Trouble 6) is “Hunting - Big Trouble”. (*) Searching Suicidally 7) is “Hunting - Suicidal”. Suicidal Hunting is not available on your first DK.8)
Suicidal Hunting will usually cause a Contestant to battle a monster one level above them that is “Friendly”, “Helpful”, “Benign”, “Full of Cake”, etc.
Oddly, Searching for Big Trouble when Level 15 will match a Contestant up with a normal Level 15 monster, wasting Stamina. Suicidal Hunting at this level has the same result as Suicidal Hunting at Level 14.9)10)
Level 16 and 17 monsters can be encountered at Outposts whose walls have been breached.

Well, okay - you got us on that one.
Don't click this
Whether this is true has yet to be explored, and might get you killed by the people around you.
your level or so
one level or so below you
one level or so above you
Not really as suicidal as you'd think
Wouldn't want a Rookie to run into the Bashful Cattywampus, now, would we?
What's the reason for the existence of Level 16 and 17 monsters?
Monsters don't have to face the Drive, so they don't get hunted down at level 15. They are therefor free to reach as high a level as they want. There are some monsters in the Jungle that have reached as high as level 50, but they refrain from attacking contestants as it wouldn't be sporting. Mostly they play golf.
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