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The Magical Mystery Meat Mount can be purchased at Mike's Chop Shop in Pleasantville. The price is 500 requisition, 6 cigarettes, and a hefty dose of revulsion. It is the only Mount with a requisition cost. It is fact considered likely probably not true that this is where the 'chop' came in to 'Mike's Chop Shop'.

The MMMM does offer the rider some benefit. It would appear to have some healing powers that last for a certain number of turns. Allowing the mount to graze in the Grassy Field renews the healing powers.

Buyers of the MMMM should be warned that the life of the mount is limited. The MMMM should be warned that the life of its buyers is also limited. And often quite shorter than that of the MMMM.

If you fail to eat to fullness the previous day, the new day text will reference a dream of a delicious meal, your mount will “mysteriously”1) look smaller, and you will have gained stamina equivalent to eating a NewHome cheeseburger without the fullness cost. However, this further decreases the lifespan of the mount.

There is no truth to the persistent rumor that the Magical Mystery Meat Mount has been known to eat its rider on occasion. Forget you ever heard that. Even if it did, that would be really improbable.

Contestants are advised not to consider the correlation to the Magical Mystery Meatloaf available in Mutated Munchies.

Okay, maybe not that mysterious..
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