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Ed. Note: The entire INN staff has been beaten to death by a group of thugs wielding tiny pies. We at the Enquirer apologize for the inconvenience.

Improbable News Network

This. Is INN. The most widely-viewed, reliable and important news network. Ever.

INN Newsticker 9000. Sidescrolling since 200X

Housing crisis continues. Impending war. Cute puppies!

News that matters. Matters to you. We report. You ignore. At your own peril.

With bureaus in every city. Reporters on every street. And now. We're hiring. In these tough economic times, you could probably use a job. The question is, are you tough enough actually report the news? Are you? Punk?

Other news organizations can't even begin to compare. It's quite sad, really.

Keep an eye on this space for cutting-edge breaking news, sports and weather – now with Improbable Doppler Radar 9000. Our ever-popular MonsterWatch. And during the wee hours when no one's watching, we offer intelligent commentary, profiles of people in power, and foreign policy discussion.

After which, it's all infomercials all the time, until the 6 AM news slot.

Latest Broadcasts

*Farewell to Snickerer
* Weathervane players prepare for first performance

* Exclusive INN Interview with Deadly Tom Cruise

Cutting-Edge Commentary

*What's up with The Network
*Mysterious connections between Hedgehogs and The Temple of Chaos?
*Banhammer makes appearance - Wrath of the Admin


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