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During Season One, were you tired of sleeping in the Prancing Spiderkitty or camping out in the wilderness? Contestants looking for a little homestead of their own can either buy an existing dwelling or they can build one of their own. Shacks are the easiest, and even new contestants can build one. More experienced contestants can build a cottage, and highly experienced contestants can build a mansion.

To build a home in the city of your choice, head over to visit the locals. You can ask to view any local dwellings that are for sale, or you can start the process of building your own:

  • Shack. To build a shack, plan on spending 10 cigs on a bribe to the local housing authority1) and 2,500 req on supplies to build it. You'll also need to spend 15 to 25 turns building your shack.2)3)
  • Cottage. The next level up in stability and social standing is the cottage.4) To build one, plan on spending 100 cigs on the bribe and 25,000 req on supplies. You'll also need to spend about 50 turns building it.
  • Mansion. Nothing says you've made it like a mansion of your very own. These dwellings are the pinnacle of opulence and excessive wealth. To build one, plan on spending an impressive 1 million req, 250 ciggies, and an extreme amount of turns.5)

Also see Dwellings. For a guide to Season Two housing, see Dwellings for Dummies.

Think of them like a neighborhood watch association, only with bad personal hygiene. Really, really bad.
Or you can just crash in someone else's shack for the night. Assuming they don't show up and evict you.
Don't expect the lock on the door to work. Ever.
Cottages are also a bit more squatter-proof.
Is it really even worth the time?
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