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One of those events that never happened, in a place that does not exist, during a time of crisis and confusion for the islanders.

It all started with a huge, sudden influx of newbies to the island 1), resulting in an overpopulation. Since the Jungle holds only so and so many monsters, it took eternities to find ones next prey. Finding, mind, not going for the contestants like angry bees. Even the fastest's progress was slowed down to a crawl. 2)

Needless to say, there was much griping about the islands inability to make for good TV like that. And so, the Almighty Caveman took pity on the partakers and decided that thirty seconds to find a monster's trail, track it down and shout profanities until it attacks, plus the absolutely eternity of minutes to either kill, horribly maim, or get killed by it were indeed too long, so he initiated a great event known only as The Migration. It mostly consisted of much discussion with the even greater powers in the universe, and kicking the Drive in its backside to make it puke out a deluge of creatures to roam the new, bigger Island, which was being rebuilt in its entirety.

During this Migration the islanders were supposed to be unconscious…3) however Zolotisty somehow remained awake within a small part of the Island that was untouched - and so she did what any sane Joker would do, and decided to set up a camp. It wasn't long before other contestants who were left bewildered and deprived of sleep stumbled upon this place 4) and joined in camping out5).

After this point details are sketchy about what happened, there were rumours of a half dozen weddings being planned, and even more affairs, as well as events revolving around a bear6), Midgets, Sex Ed. lessons, collective hallucination, mind bleaching contests and even a visit from the dead.7)

Visitors to the campsite are believed to have included many high profile contestants, including The Admin himself.

However… Nobody who was there seems to be able to confirm or even recall the events of the night clearly.8) This is believed to be for one of four possible reasons:

  1. A Mindbleach drinking contest gone horribly wrong. Or better.
  2. The events of that night are just so many, and so awkward everyone involved is simply pretending not to remember. 9)
  3. Or the most likely answer, that during the Migration all the islands improbability was stored in a single place to help reduce the risk of the move, thus the reason the campsite existed to begin with, and upon the islands reconstruction that stored energy was released causing many improbable effects10). This is also believed to be the reasoning behind several, if not all of the strange events that took place there, many rumoured to have been extreme for even the most improbable of jokers.
  4. Or, no one can find the link to that forum topic.11)12)13)
possibly due to an extra lottery of The Network among the viewers of the StumbleUpon Channel
Except Tor, but that's because Tor is so much faster in the first place that even slowed down he ran at average speed
Ever wondered how he MAKES those monsters? You weren't supposed to look.
after all it was all that remained of the island until after the Migration
this will lead you to the campsite, if you are worthy
it was Freudian
as well as a handful of things that would make your ancestors roll over in their graves
Except for me, but I'm just an… intern… in the Watcher's office, and I'm not telling, after all, secrets are more fun when they're secret
Or, in some cases, has mentally blocked out the entire night to prevent brain damage
Including Memory loss, Hair loss, and the uncanny ability to sing any commercial jingle you've ever heard from memory
Why hasn't anyone gotten around to cleaning out the old pages? My guess is no one wants to get stuck staring at a glowing screen for days…I heard the radiation can be quite nasty…
How would one “clean out the old pages”? Locking them all one by one?
Guys, guys! More importantly, I found it! It was hiding behind Top Topic by Views!
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