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AKA Chat Channel.

Banter is the BEST place for Out of Character1) chinwagging!2)3)

Some really old people claim that Banter wasn't a thing at one point. Some other not-so-old people claim that we didn't have two Banters at one point. Both are obviously lies.

Speaking of two Banters, we have two Banters! Why you ask? Because the Admin thought it'd be a great idea to give new players some time to acclimate to the site before dropping them right in to the fast-paced world of Character Chat. It's been great so far!

Player Chat

This is the more specifically Out Of Character Banter, though both sides of Banter are exactly that. It's a great place to meet your fellow new players and ask questions of the players that have been around longer.
By default, all newbies start out in this chat, along side the Story Channel. Newbies also have their Player Colours disabled at first to reduce eye strain. There are a lot of bright colours used in text and this helps to start with. We highly suggest enabling Player Colours if brightness doesn't bother you, using the link under your chat box.4)
In Player Chat you can only talk. Emoting won't work right, but you can still try.

Character Chat

After a new player hits level 5, they'll have a new Chat option! Clicking that button at the top of Banter will switch between Character Chat and Player Chat.
This part of Chat tends to be a little more active and rambunctious, because you're able to emote here and people go wild!5)
In Character Chat, you are still out of Character, but you can still be your character if you want to. Not all people do. Some people even treat both chats as the same level of OOC!6)
The biggest rule of Character Chat is to move on if people are uncomfortable with topics or actions. If you don't want to read about cuddlepiles, you can ask for it to be toned down. If the talk of some game that isn't Improbable Island is beyond you, suggest a topic change!7) Here are a list of things you can do in Character Chat that you can't in Player Chat:

  • Emote!
  • See Contestant's rollovers!
  • Form a secret society to plot the destruction of every government of the world!8)
  • Dance!9)
But banter is a verb! Right?
Right. We're talking about Banter, not banter.
At this point you will have graduated to Rookie 2.0. Congratulations!
Okay, maybe not, but that makes t sound more fun right?
This is fine, because everyone can play the game the way they want to, but sometimes can lead to some discussions of proper Banter Activities.
The best part about Banter is that we're usually willing to do just that.
Technically, you can do this in Player Chat too, but you're talking more than secretly plotting.
Wait, that's covered under emoting… Oh well!
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