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The Arbuthnot Experience

In The Prancing Spider Kitty

2010-01-13 11:22:49: Shameless Deserter calliaphone swaggers up to the bar, moustachioed and confident. she orders a beer on the Arbuthnot tab, and discusses politics and the gold standard with Dan while she drinks up.

2010-01-13 11:25:23: Shameless Deserter calliaphone advises Dan to “have something yourself” and brushes off his thanks magnanimously. they part on good terms, and she swaggers out.

2010-01-13 20:24:26: The wonderful wizard of Bernard tramps in, he's got a face like thunder, “I'll have a half of mild, please.” he deliberately, and slowly counts out the necessary coinage, in the smallest possible denomination. . .

2010-01-13 20:25:47: The wonderful wizard of Bernard stares, balefully at Dan, who gets a bit uncomfortable and shuffles over, cleaning a glass with a filthy cloth as he goes, “What is it this time, eh?” the barkeep has a tone to his voice. . .

2010-01-13 20:28:32: The wonderful wizard of Bernard addresses something that's been on his chest for a good couple of days, “This. . . this. . . THIS. . .” he waggles a piece of paper in Dan's face. . . “THING!” Bernard blurts straight into Dan's face

2010-01-13 20:30:54: The wonderful wizard of Bernard has to pause whilst Dan wipes his face with same dirty cloth, “This bloody petition! What do you think you're playing at?!” Dan shrugs, Bernard continues, “We OWN you! You'll fall without us!”

2010-01-13 20:31:53: The wonderful wizard of Bernard slaps down the paper, turns on his heels and stalks out of the bar, grumbling loudly at the world at large!

2010-01-13 21:52:22: Earth Mage Paul Lo enters the Pub and go sit near old regulars, at the back of the main room. He uncorks a muddy bottle, staring straight at the entry, then takes a gulp.

2010-01-14 20:34:01: Earth Mage Paul Lo come back at the same place they were before being unjustly ejected out of the pub. A swift turn and a run at the counter, then“DAN! Where is the bottle? Where did you put the damned bottle?”

2010-01-14 20:39:55: Earth Mage Paul Lo shake their ears at the patron, who shrugs at mention of the noxious recipient. “Thrown it with the rest. And get out, we do not serve GERMs anymore”, Dan maliciously says. The mage slap hands.

2010-01-14 20:41:40: Earth Mage Paul Lo point one last time at the horrible human, then leave. “We will come protect you later, you and your tavern, rest assured.” The man does not seem satisfied at that.

Later. . .

2010-01-15 11:00:12: Shameless Deserter calliaphone shuffles up to the bar, pressing her moustache into place, and trying to walk more like a wobbly grandpathan grandma. Today would be a bad day for Dan to see through her disguise.

2010-01-15 11:02:45: Shameless Deserter calliaphone approaches Dan, who raises a hand in greeting. “Mr Arbuthnot! You been in the wars? What you need is a guinness, if I might make so bold.” Arbuthnot signals weakly, in agreement.

2010-01-15 11:06:31: Shameless Deserter calliaphone sips her breakfast, slowwwly. Dan clears his throat. “Hrrm, Mr Arbuthnot, sir. About this tab. . .” he coughs again, delicately. Arbuthnot tries not to choke on his drink.

2010-01-15 11:14:49: Shameless Deserter calliaphone splutters and winces, as Dan thumps her on the back. “Woah there fella, steady on, steady on!” Arbuthnot gulps and coughs and wipes his eyes “Ahhrm. Need me to settle up? No problem. . .”

2010-01-15 11:19:24: Shameless Deserter calliaphone makes a big show of digging in her pocket, and jingling her fifteen bottle-caps. She examines them in her cupped palm, making sure Dan can't see them.

2010-01-15 11:22:25: Shameless Deserter calliaphone says “Hrmph. I'll have to put in at the bank first. I tend not to carry much cash - y'know how it is, these troubled times.” Dan nods, and together they gripe about Progress for a bit.

2010-01-15 11:26:33: Shameless Deserter calliaphone finishes her drink, and struggles stiffly down from her bar-stool. “I'll be off to the bank then. . .” but Dan shakes his head, “Plenty of time for that, next time you're passing.”

2010-01-15 11:30:17: Shameless Deserter calliaphone tries not to whoop for joy. It'd hurt. And it might look suspicious. She contents herself with a nod. “Right you are.” And she hobbles outside, grinning all over her face.

And later still. . .

2010-01-15 21:25:18: Metallic g_rock marches in, glaring, and slaps some req on the bar. He pushes Dan aside and fills a mug with ale, glaring all the while. He drinks and leaves. GLARINGLY

2010-01-16 10:29:20: The wonderful wizard of Bernard comes in, grudgingly, and - even-more-slowly-than-ever-before counts out his collection of shillings, shekels, ha'pennies, groats and nickels in exchange for a half of mild ale. He stares at Dan. . .

2010-01-16 10:31:19: The wonderful wizard of Bernard says nowt to the villainous, treacherous mountebank as he sullenly pours Bernard's beverage of choice. In fact ne'er a word is exchanged twixt the two in the whole, sorry, transaction.

2010-01-16 10:32:20: The wonderful wizard of Bernard watches on as Dan silently and deliberately takes approximately fourteen minutes picking up the coin collection swimming in old ale on top of the bar, he knows what the thuggish knave is up to. . .

2010-01-16 10:35:05: The wonderful wizard of Bernard knows that Dan is trying to rile the by-now-milling crowd who are waiting for their own drinks. Bernard walks off to his snug, muttering under his breath. He's so riled is poor, besetupon

2010-01-16 10:37:53: The wonderful wizard of Bernard that he doesn't even enjoy his mild. In a silent, emasculated, protest, Bernard deliberately pours his dry roasted peanuts between the threadbare cushions of the snug. “Take that you berk!”

Even later. . .

2010-01-17 17:08:08: Sicpuess is Mister Arbuthnot, meandering in with a good-hearted attitude. “How are you, fine Sir, this fine day?”, he calls to the barkeep.

2010-01-17 17:13:42: Sicpuess Arbuthnot recieves a blank stare. “Myes. I guess fine. Y'r order, please.” “Dan! An ale for an old friend, at your leisure.” “. . . do I know you.” “Caroel, Caroel Arbuthnot, jolly bloke.”

2010-01-17 17:16:05: Sicpuess Arbuthnot wears an Incredulous Expression - which turns into a Confused, then Amused Expression as Dan goes on: “Here's your ale, pay up. This is not going 'tgo on Arbuthnot's tab. . . impostor!”

2010-01-17 17:19:19: Sicpuess Arbuthnot smiles unsurely, in a friendly way, but crumbling. “My tab, fine Sir, my tab. Not Ignacius Albert Phonem's.” Blank stare. “Ignacius Arbuthnot, my younger brother, Dan.”

2010-01-17 17:23:38: Sicpuess Arbuthnot fumbles in a pocket of his pinstripe suit. “I will settle the debt if he told you fine Sir that he were the only of Arbuthnot that there is! Rascal!” “Now.. now. Y'r face. Is alike.

2010-01-17 17:25:58: Sicpuess Arbuthnot calms down a bit, still red around the cheeks though and teeth gritting ever-so-subtly. “Pardon me, Mister, to have mistaken you.. the ale's on the bar, what do you say.”

2010-01-17 17:27:31: Sicpuess Arbuthnot nods solemnly, then smiles thinly, then broader. “Fine sir, add a box of peanuts, unsalted, to the deal, and I will have a Stern Talking to my scallywag of a brother.”

2010-01-17 17:32:22: Sicpuess Arbuthnot recieves. “I have to feed my squirrels, you see fine Sir, and food is hard to come by.” He empties the ale in quick, hard draughts. “I do see, Mister. I also do hope for a visit?

2010-01-17 17:35:12: Sicpuess Arbuthnot laughs! “But of course, fine Sir, there is no establishment like this over the whole place, I will return as soon as I have found the toerag, be assured.”

2010-01-17 17:36:43: Sicpuess Arbuthnot tromps out, inexistant whiskers trembling and inexistant tail twitching with anticipation of the tell-off. “It's most excellent to have this sorted out, fine Sir Dan. Farewell!”

2010-01-17 17:38:43 Dan lifts a hand after the departing Arbuthnot, then scratches at his head. Two of them? “Farewell, Mister!”, he calls. He sounded like those bloody Jokers do, he did.

2010-01-17 17:40:12: Sicpuess Arbuthnot is still considered trustworthy. He'll find that brat, hopefully, and he looks fine enough to be able to settle both of their debts. Dan rubs his hands deviously,then wipes the bar.

2010-01-18 23:45:11: The wonderful wizard of Bernard Arbuthnot enters the pub, hurriedly re-sticking his moustache. He approaches the bar, one eyebrow raised, “hum, a half. . . No, make that a pint of Mild. And a large pack of dryroasted nuts!”

2010-01-18 23:49:37: The wonderful wizard of Bernard Arbuthnot wonders if he should order booze for the rest of the Arbuthnot clan who should be turning up soon. He decides not to, he knows Dex likes her lager fizzy, and G won't have warm sherry.

2010-01-18 23:54:27: The wonderful wizard of Bernard opens his pack of dry roasted nuts, and begins to munch them, one by one. He picks something hairy out of the packet, and unknowing, pops it in his gob. It's soon spat out, and re-affixed to his mug.

2010-01-18 23:55:41: Metallic g_rock Arbuthnot strides in with an air of confidence, tipping cap to the barman, combing out his moustache, which is certainly not a bit of moss from outside “Evening barkeep, where lies

2010-01-18 23:57:04: Metallic g_rock Arbuthnot's assembled family?” he grins as Dan eyes him up and down before pointing back to Bernard

2010-01-18 23:57:42: The wonderful wizard of Bernard waves.

2010-01-18 23:58:41: The wonderful wizard of Bernard ARBUTHNOT pops his head down behind the table, and picks up his tash, which is reaffixed. He then emerges and waves again at bar-keep and his identical twin.

2010-01-19 00:00:00: Shameless Deserter calliaphone slumps into a chair, exhaling fumes. Dan raises a hand to greet her. “Mr Arbuthnot! So good to see you again. And who are all these. . .?”

2010-01-19 00:02:59: The wonderful wizard of Bernard Arbuthnot turns to face Dan, “I'm her. . . Ahem. Um.. His dad. His father I mean. MR Arbuthnot. Pleasedtomeecha.” wonders if he can get a chaser to go with his mild.

2010-01-19 00:03:26: Shameless Deserter calliaphone gives Dan a wonky gaze, and murmurs, “suckr” under her breath. then she drops her head forward onto her arms.

2010-01-19 00:03:33: Metallic g_rock Arbuthnot grbs Dans hand and shakes vigorously “Names Arbothnot, G_rock Tinman Arbothnot, and a real pleasure it is to meet you sir, who've shown s'much kindness to me kin. A real honor!”

2010-01-19 00:05:12: The wonderful wizard of Bernard Arbuthnot decides that double-teaming the bastard is the thing to do, and decides to take G's six; “So, what's your finest champagne? Failing that, do you stock Mad Dog 20/20 or Buckfast?”

2010-01-19 00:06:24: Metallic g_rock nods to Bernard, then back to Dan “Indeed, and have yourself a steel reserve on our tab, sir, for being the fine upstanding gent y'are!” handshaking Dan the whole time

2010-01-19 00:07:07: The wonderful wizard of Bernard is craftily swiping all of the complimentary snacks into his sleeves. Then, passing the out of order cigarette machine, he heads back to the table.

2010-01-19 00:08:01: The wonderful wizard of Bernard returns to Callia, “Bloody hell, that cigarette machine just said I looked like shit, and ought to stop drinking. But then these nuts, up my enormous sleeves said not to listen to it, that

2010-01-19 00:08:54: The wonderful wizard of Bernard continues, “That I looked really good, that green is my colour, and I should feel proud to be me.” He pauses, “The cig machine is out of order but the nuts are complimentary.”

2010-01-19 00:09:08: Metallic g_rock Arbuthnot seems to have shaken loose a couple of Dan's gold fillings and pocketed them without Dan noticing, before offering another smile and heading back to the table “To the Barman, Helluva Guy!

2010-01-19 00:10:40: Shameless Deserter calliaphone rolls her head sideways on her arms to look at Bernard. she stares for a while, apparently trying to decide if she really heard that or if it was just a bad trip.

2010-01-19 00:11:57: The wonderful wizard of Bernard is looking all innocent, like.

2010-01-19 00:12:07: Metallic g_rock Arbuthnot sets a really high quality Lager in front of Callia “Oughta setcha right!”

2010-01-19 00:14:24: Shameless Deserter calliaphone hauls herself up on her elbows, with a look of the utmost gratitude for G. she plants her face in the lager, and slrrrrps.

2010-01-19 00:15:09: The wonderful wizard of Bernard is worried about Callia's intake. Surely Cillit Bang isn't good for your insides. Has she not seen what it does to a 2p piece. Admittedly it take 15mins, but come on. . .

2010-01-19 00:17:02: Non-stick Spandex swaggers, belly-leading, into the pub. She's got a clump of her own hair, tied into a knot, glued to her upper lip.

2010-01-19 00:18:47: Shameless Deserter calliaphone 's eyes Zing open. She sits up, as colour floods back into her freckles. Brrps a little. And wipes her mouth on her sleeve, detaching her moustache in the process. “DEX!” she hollers.

2010-01-19 00:19:10: Metallic g_rock indicates the Budvar bottle from whence he poured callia's glass “Needs the good stuff to be set to rights!”

2010-01-19 00:19:39: The wonderful wizard of Bernard nudges Callia in the ribs, “Arbuthnot. . .” he hisses, “Arbuthnot. . .”

2010-01-19 00:21:00: Shameless Deserter calliaphone looks wide-eyed at Bernard, and then ohhhs and corrects. “Arbuthnot, Dexter Arbuthnot my good man!”she waves her moustachioed sleeve.

2010-01-19 00:21:21: Metallic g_rock claps a hand over Callia's mouth ”-ter! Dexter Arbuthnot! Our table's right here!”

2010-01-19 00:21:27: Non-stick Spandex Arbuthnot approaches Dan, “Hello, my good fellow. I'm not from these parts, is this perchance the FancyRiderPity? I'm running a bit behind. . . business, you see. To meet my. . . cousins?”

2010-01-19 00:23:39: Non-stick Spandex Arbutnot , continues, “they're not as handsome as me, but you can definitely spot the famous Arbuthnot moustache!”

2010-01-19 00:23:58: The wonderful wizard of Bernard rushes up to the bar, “She. . . I mean HE's a tad simple. . . Needs some alcohol. Preferably medical quality. Will accept poteen as a substitute.” He smiles, gormlessly.

2010-01-19 00:24:50: Shameless Deserter calliaphone mumbles wildly from behind G's hand, and flaps her arms - severely endangering nearby drinks.

2010-01-19 00:25:12: Non-stick Spandex Arbuthnot follows Dan's polite smile and gesture to her clan,ermm cousins. She sits down masculine-like, with her elbows out and knees askew.

2010-01-19 00:25:54: The wonderful wizard of Bernard wonders if Spandex is suffering a hernia.

2010-01-19 00:26:24: Metallic g_rock Arbuthnot surreptitiously scrapes Callia's tache from her forearm and hands it to her, taking his hand off her mouth”Calm yourself, kinsman! That's not the way an Arbuthnot behaves!”

2010-01-19 00:26:34: Non-stick Spandex wonders if Wiz is suffering an aneurism.

2010-01-19 00:27:30: Non-stick Spandex rubs her hands, “so GOOD fellows, what are we drinking?”

2010-01-19 00:27:43: The wonderful wizard of Bernard wonders if Spandex is suffering from haemorrhoids.

2010-01-19 00:27:47: Shameless Deserter calliaphone is still yelling, “S'WHAT I WAS GONNA SA- ohh.” she shuts up, and re-affixes the moustache, quick.

2010-01-19 00:28:40: Non-stick Spandex wonders if Wiz is suffering from prolapse.

2010-01-19 00:28:50: The wonderful wizard of Bernard Arbuthnot decides on a whole pint of Mild with a retsina chaser.

2010-01-19 00:29:29: Shameless Deserter calliaphone smells pine resin and looks round eagerly. “Did someone say turps?”

2010-01-19 00:30:22: The wonderful wizard of Bernard asks Dan nicely to hold the turps, he's going to put Callia through cold guinea fowl.

2010-01-19 00:31:25: Metallic g_rock shakes his head decisively at Callia “Why, my dear cousin, Perhaps you should stick to more. . .traditional beverages, for the moment? Two Guinesses, barkeep.” a drink and a meal!

2010-01-19 00:31:28: Non-stick Spandex Arbutnot says, “I think I'll be having a mai tai, or malibu and pineapple, or something fizzy and pretty. Can you choose for me, hon?”

2010-01-19 00:31:57: The wonderful wizard of Bernard admonishes Dan to provide the whole Arbuthnot clan with refreshing beverages of the home-brewed sloe-gin variety. He also resticks his moustaches.

2010-01-19 00:32:46: Shameless Deserter calliaphone sighs. she doesn't see what they're making such a fuss about, but she doesn't mind a guinness. she is, after all, starving. she tries to sneak a snack from Bernard's sleeve.

2010-01-19 00:32:48: The wonderful wizard of Bernard agrees with G, Guiness is, when all is said and done, one of the five main foodstuffs necessary to promote effective bodily growth.

2010-01-19 00:33:51: Non-stick Spandex also agrees, but only if they are supplemented by saltnvinegar crisps.

2010-01-19 00:34:14: Non-stick Spandex notes the crisps release the iron in the Guiness. She thinks.

2010-01-19 00:34:39 One delicious snack makes a break for freedom. It knows, if it can just make it to the edge of the table. . . That's safety. Security. A new life with it's pretzel wife and peanutty kids.

2010-01-19 00:34:42: Shameless Deserter calliaphone snifsnifs, is that glacial acetic? “saltnvinegar? WHERE?”

2010-01-19 00:35:35: Shameless Deserter calliaphone dives on the escaping snack, “GOTCHA!”

2010-01-19 00:36:08: Non-stick Spandex starts thinkin' they're thinkin' too small. She leans in and whispers, “I'm thinkin we're thinkin' too small. We need better, more 'spensive booze here!'

2010-01-19 00:37:03: The wonderful wizard of Bernard watches the demise of the last of the saltyvinegary crisps that somehow seem to be dropping from his sleeves. He looks back over his movements, outlined by potato and rice-based snackfoods.

2010-01-19 00:37:59: Non-stick Spandex Arbuthnot continues, louder and lower-octaved, “You know to celebrate the ermm. . ..” She looks around for help.

2010-01-19 00:38:07: The wonderful wizard of Bernard wonders if the occult patterns described by said snacks could, perhaps, lead to peace on earth or indeed, the destruction of life. . . Itself. He crushes a particularly prominent peanut. Just in case.

2010-01-19 00:40:48: Metallic g_rock Arbothnot pipes up “The coming together of the Arbuthnot clan! Yes indeed, one. . .two bottles of brandy! And a port!”

2010-01-19 00:42:28: The wonderful wizard of Bernard snarls at Dan, “And let's have the Louis XIII rather than your normal shite.”

2010-01-19 00:42:35: Non-stick Spandex Varbuthnot cheers, for several reasons, “And your best champagne!”

2010-01-19 00:45:24: The wonderful wizard of Bernard continues, “And we'd better get a couple of bottles of good malt, and some cheese and biscuits, this sort of drinking is hard work. I think a Stilton, a good Cheddar, some Chevre blanc & some brie”

2010-01-19 00:45:35: Metallic g_rock pounds a fist on the table “And your finest Islay Malt!”

2010-01-19 00:46:20: Shameless Deserter calliaphone adds, “and some more crisps.”

2010-01-19 00:46:28: The wonderful wizard of Bernard points one finger at G, one at his nose, “WHAT HE SAID!”

2010-01-19 00:47:00: The wonderful wizard of Bernard continues, “And get someone to pop to SquatHole, I could murder a dutty keeb.”

2010-01-19 00:48:02: Shameless Deserter calliaphone looks at the crisp packet in her hand, and then nose-dives into it, inhaling. she sits up, eyes scrunched, and starts digging around in her pockets. ”. . .some goddamn glue somewhere. . .“

2010-01-19 00:48:24: Non-stick Spandex ARBUTNOT nods, “and head cheeeese.” She catches her drool as it almost hits the table.

2010-01-19 00:49:20: Shameless Deserter calliaphone looks at Spandex, giggling. “Arbutwhat? What?”

2010-01-19 00:50:16: Non-stick Spandex , startled, replies, “Barbutnot?”

2010-01-19 00:50:22: Metallic g_rock Arbuthnot wonders idly if any of the gas in Dave's torch is being used for welding, or if it's all going straight into Callia

2010-01-19 00:50:25: The wonderful wizard of Bernard feels a tad tired, in fact, scrap 'tad' and replace it with 'shit load of'. He barely keeps his eyes open, and then fails at even that. Any kindly souls will tuck him in for the night as he sleeps.

2010-01-19 00:52:38: Shameless Deserter calliaphone lights a cigarette. Flames shoot out of her ears, but only briefly. She giggles again, not seeming to notice the explosion. “Youwhatnot?”

2010-01-19 00:52:53: Non-stick Spandex wonders if Bernard is suffering from encephalitis lethargica.

2010-01-19 00:53:57: Non-stick Spandex giggles, “YoubetIwhatnot. Aryoubutnot?”

2010-01-19 00:54:59: Metallic g_rock Arbuthnot grabs a couple bottles and packets, and throws Bernard over his shoulder, starting for the exit “Well, really smashing to see all my fellow arbuthnots, really must be going.”

2010-01-19 00:55:02: Shameless Deserter calliaphone kneads together some epoxy-resin in the crisp bag. “Idonotbutwhat'veyougot?”

2010-01-19 00:55:05: Non-stick Spandex smiles as the cheeses, meat, drinks, bottles, glasses, flutes, pints, chasers, snacks and a Goat arrive.

2010-01-19 00:56:02: Shameless Deserter calliaphone blinks. “is that a goat i see before me?”

2010-01-19 00:56:45: Metallic g_rock snags another bottle on thew way to the clan halls to manage Bernarbuthnot

2010-01-19 00:56:53: Non-stick Spandex is being nibbled on by a Goat. “My guess is yes?”

2010-01-19 00:58:58: Shameless Deserter calliaphone sighs, sniffing from her crisp bag and eyeing the feast. we gonna eat all this lot, or not?”

2010-01-19 00:59:41: Non-stick Spandex Arbuthnot nods and thanks Dan, “Looks absolutely lovely my good man!” She turns and whispers to callia, “We need to get all this to the hall. I can stuff most into my pack, but. . .”

2010-01-19 01:00:50: Shameless Deserter calliaphone nods. it's not clear whether she really understands, or just likes the sensation. at any rate, she seems to have some difficulty stopping.

2010-01-19 01:02:04: Non-stick Spandex looks at the goat, looking plaintively at her, “What the 'ell we gonna do about the Goat?” She looks at Dan and smiles, “O Sir, You cheese is really something special.”

2010-01-19 01:03:14: Shameless Deserter calliaphone snrrrks, then hastily covers it behind her hand. she's still nodding, and her moustache looks like it could detach any minute. Dan is eyeing her with a mix of curiosity and alarm.

2010-01-19 01:06:10: Non-stick Spandex is hastily drinking champagne, port, guiness, mai tais, whiskey. And grinning. Grinning her ass right off.

2010-01-19 01:07:50: Non-stick Spandex 's moustache falls off, so she rips out another chunk of hair and makes another. She tucks into the cheese. So does the goat.

2010-01-19 01:10:21: Non-stick Spandex giggles with her mouth full, one fist full of food, the other drink. “Oursbutnot?”

2010-01-19 01:16:02: Metallic g_rock strolls in, far too quickly to be casually, but still appearing casual. “why, my dear Arbuthnots, should we finish dining al fresco this evening?”he starts scooping bottles and food into his pack

2010-01-19 01:18:04: Metallic g_rock has an idea, and fashions goat-sized saddlebags out of some bar towels, filling them with snackies. To Dan, who looks to be going a bit red “Yes, well, lovely to see you!” he grabs another bottle

2010-01-19 01:18:28: Non-stick Spandex tries to smile, but she's so pissed her whole face is a slur. She looks at g-rock. Then at the goat.

2010-01-19 01:19:14: Metallic g_rock Arbuthnot continues “But we really must be going! Timber to trade, lower classes to opress, moustaches to groom. You know how it is.”

2010-01-19 01:19:26 Dan glances over at the picnic packing, and frowns. He takes a step out from behind the bar. “Now, Messrs Arbuthnot, if you don't mind, there's just the little matter of . . .”

2010-01-19 01:20:54: Non-stick Spandex then giggles, and shouts, “FOOD FIGHT” and throws headcheese to the other side of the bar.

2010-01-19 01:24:15: Metallic g_rock ducks the thrown goo “Right, of course, the bill! I'll be sure to settle up, just allow me to get my inebriated cousins out of this fine establishment!”

2010-01-19 01:27:12 the goat takes the bait, and scampers after the food; knocking over dan, a cigarette machine and 8 chairs on the way.

2010-01-19 01:28:25: Non-stick Spandex falls under the table laughing

2010-01-19 01:28:54: Shameless Deserter calliaphone dives sideways, out of the goat's path, skidding along the floor on her shoulder.

2010-01-19 01:30:19: Metallic g_rock grabs a keg and the goat's lead rope, slining the saddlebags over it and hauling for the door “Time to go!”

2010-01-19 01:33:09: Non-stick Spandex instinctively duck'nrolls, saying, “Wiz can we keep him i'll look after him I promise can we please he's like my best friend next to callia please can we?” She finds herself relatively upright

2010-01-19 01:34:22: Shameless Deserter calliaphone grabs hold of the goat's hind quarters and congas after it, “baa baa baa baa baa baa, woo!” and out of the door she goes.

2010-01-19 01:35:02: Non-stick Spandex grabs callia's waist, and follows.

2010-01-19 01:36:34: Metallic g_rock effects his best old berk voice “Sure, but only if you leave now!”

2010-01-19 01:37:01: Metallic g_rock dances them out before DFan can stand up, snagging another two bottles

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