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A Valkyrie Weds

The Boys Get Ready

2010-07-17 00:29:29: The Unbearably Smug Ghostface Koalah: : steps in, looking around with wonder. “Not actually been here before…”

2010-07-17 00:29:42: Lieutenant teh Dave: : has, by now, stopped pushing on GK, and is instead walking ahead of him. “Right, so, er…first, we need proper nourishment… BRUCE! SANDIWCHES TO THE CLOAKROOM!” then heads Dormsward.

2010-07-17 00:30:25: Lieutenant teh Dave: : grins at the yelled cursing from the Kitchen, and waves GK on, pointing towards the dorms. “Try not to wander much. Easy to get lost.”

2010-07-17 00:31:50: The Unbearably Smug Ghostface Koalah: : nods, following.

2010-07-17 00:35:40: Accomplice Teh Dave: : sneaks onto the Pier, hauling a paper mache rock with a foam sword stuck into it. He places it at the end of the pier, and sneaksneaks back towards the Cloakroom.

2010-07-17 00:36:33: Accomplice Teh Dave: : returns from the back room, closing the door behind him. He straightens his coat. “Ah, sorry, had to check something. Battenberg!” The man behind the bar wakes up, startled. “Whiskey sour.”

2010-07-17 00:37:37: The Sad Sad Tale Of Ghostface Koalah: : smiles happily. “Spirit walk! The rituals are being observed then! Bryn will be happy.”

2010-07-17 00:41:09: Accomplice Teh Dave: : nodnods. “Yeah, er…this isn't part of the full ritual, but can't have you go getting married without a bit of a stag do. Drink up, we don't have much time.” He sips his own drink quickly.

2010-07-17 00:42:24: The Sad Sad Tale Of Ghostface Koalah: : throws the tumbler back heroically. “Can't go getting married completely stone-cold either. Also very important ritual!”

2010-07-17 00:47:26: Accomplice Teh Dave: : nodnods. “Good point.” He slugs back the rest of his drink and nods for the refills. A small monorail slides into the back of the bar with a plate on it, two sandwiches atop the plate. “HA!”

2010-07-17 00:51:08: The Sad Sad Tale Of Ghostface Koalah: : brightens exuberantly. “SAMMICH! Heeeee. I've not eaten today. Actually…. Y'know, don't actually remember when I last ate at all… Tend to lose track of it, as a Joker…”

2010-07-17 00:52:29: Accomplice Teh Dave: : nodnods as he peers at the sandwiches. “Gotta have some food in you, help keep your stomach settled for it all.” He grabs one and starts munching, washing it down with his whiskey.

2010-07-17 00:54:10: The Sad Sad Tale Of Ghostface Koalah: : grabs his own, dunking it in his whiskey like a sponge, then sucking it thoughtfully.

2010-07-17 00:57:38: Accomplice Teh Dave: : nodnods, polishing off his drink and his sandwich. He dabs at his mouth with a napkin, and gets to his feet, only slightly wobbly. “Lessgo. Not much time and still got stuff to do.”

2010-07-17 01:00:55: The Sad Sad Tale Of Ghostface Koalah: : raises his empty glass in salute. “Lead on, oh glorious….. erm…. leader.” he finishes lamely.

2010-07-17 01:01:24: Accomplice Teh Dave: : Snnnnrks loudly. Leader, HA! He slips through the back room, beckoning GK to follow.

2010-07-17 01:02:30: Accomplice Teh Dave: : slips through, carefully avoiding the Quantum Dex, and slips out the back door.

2010-07-17 01:03:47: The Sad Sad Tale Of Ghostface Koalah: : slowly ambles through, grinning fuzzily at just about everything.

2010-07-17 01:04:40: Accomplice Teh Dave: : steps out onto the beach, taking in a deep breath of the sea air. He strides purposefully (if just slightly wobbly) towards the Pier.

2010-07-17 01:06:22: Accomplice Teh Dave: : steps out onto the pier, stopping just on the wood, waiting for GK.

2010-07-17 01:06:48: The Sad Sad Tale Of Ghostface Koalah: : ambles cheerfully along the pier, perhaps a little too close to the edge…

2010-07-17 01:10:31: Accomplice Teh Dave: : helps guide GK away from the edges of the pier, and walks with him. “So, right now I'm supposed to say something about your background and family history…” He's reading the right paper now.

2010-07-17 01:11:14: The Sad Sad Tale Of Ghostface Koalah: : stops, peering owlishly at the mache set-up. “Flashy. We havin' a stage production later, then?”

2010-07-17 01:14:15: Accomplice Teh Dave: : scritches an ear. “Ah, no…supposed to be an ancestral sword or something…er…I'm really not familiar with your lineage though, so I just kind of cut that a little bit ago.”

2010-07-17 01:16:27: The Sad Sad Tale Of Ghostface Koalah: : smiles happily. “Wonderful. If anything, its probably far more appropriate to me than any actual ancestral weapon could have been anyway! Suits me.”

2010-07-17 01:19:23: Accomplice Teh Dave: : nods as they reach the stone-and-sword, and steps on the stone, peering at the sword. “Here's the thing…there's all sorts of traditions and stale rituals around all sorts of things…”

2010-07-17 01:22:39: The Sad Sad Tale Of Ghostface Koalah: : nodnods in complete understanding. This all seems so much more compliczted than he really anticipated…

2010-07-17 01:23:10: Accomplice Teh Dave: : continues, as he takes Teh off his head and starts rooting around in it. “I'm sure there's lots of traditions in your family line, in mine, in Bryn's, in Ari's…And, while they have their place,”

2010-07-17 01:23:21: The Sad Sad Tale Of Ghostface Koalah: : nodnods in complete understanding. This all seems so much more complicated than he really anticipated…

2010-07-17 01:24:12: Accomplice Teh Dave: : AHA!s and pulls a rather large sledge-like hammer from his hat, and offers it to GK. “sometimes, you really just need to say hang it all, and learn to be happy on your own.”

2010-07-17 01:26:54: The Sad Sad Tale Of Ghostface Koalah: : claps his hands delightedly. “Oh, its just what I've always wanted! Thankyou Santa - I-I mean, Dave!” He hefts it experimentally, a wide grin on his face.

2010-07-17 01:27:52: Accomplice Teh Dave: : nods, grinning, and takes a step back. “Why not give it a shot? See how it swings for ya.”

2010-07-17 01:32:26: The Sad Sad Tale Of Ghostface Koalah: :beams happily, swinging it around several times before hammering it mightily down at his feet. The wood of the pier splinters in all directions and the support posts lean off crazily to both sides.

2010-07-17 01:33:35: The Sad Sad Tale Of Ghostface Koalah: : has just enough time to give a startled yelp before he disappears suddenly into the dark waters beneath. After several seconds the eddies clear, and he surfaces a good 20 yards away with a gasp.

2010-07-17 01:34:04: Accomplice Teh Dave: : watches as the broken boards of the pier become a first-class lever, sending the cheaply-made sword-and-stone flying into the ocean. He glances at the paper, and ticks something off.

2010-07-17 01:35:14: The Sad Sad Tale Of Ghostface Koalah: : chuckles a little sheepishly. “Erm. Sorry 'bout that. I'll come back with some timber & do the repairs a little later. Honest!”

2010-07-17 01:35:28: Accomplice Teh Dave: : sways slightly over to the edge of the pier, leaning out to offer a hand over to GK. “Symbolic shedding of your old identity, check. Cleansing bath, check. Think we've covered everything.” He gr

2010-07-17 01:36:11: Accomplice Teh Dave: : scoots the “damnit you type too much” gremlin away, and grins. “Wouldn't worry too much about it. We break things around here all the time, and it all usually comes back.”

2010-07-17 01:37:13: The Sad Sad Tale Of Ghostface Koalah: :'s brow clears in relief. “Ah. Wonderful. Sure I'm not the first to have done this, then. Excellent.

2010-07-17 01:42:21: The Sad Sad Tale Of Ghostface Koalah: : hefts himself back up onto the still-existing section of pier, & shakes himself semi-dry like a dog. “Welp! We're close to being fully prepped, then!”

2010-07-17 01:42:29: Accomplice Teh Dave: : nodnods, and helps GK out of the water. “Right…should probably get cleaned up and head over to Hendrix now.”

2010-07-17 01:44:25: The Sad Sad Tale Of Ghostface Koalah: : beams cheerfully. “Sounds good! This has gone swimmingly. Uhh, no pun intended…”

2010-07-17 01:48:23: Accomplice Teh Dave: : laughs, and heads back towards Reception. “You have a change of clothes on you? or you need to stop back at home first?”

2010-07-17 01:52:41: The Sad Sad Tale Of Ghostface Koalah: : shakes his head mirthfully. “Shoulda thought of that. Never did get around to getting proper formal attire. Maybe I'll stop by Shiela's on the way, & pick up a Clown Sui-TUXEDO!”

2010-07-17 01:53:18: The Sad Sad Tale Of Ghostface Koalah: : frowns worriedly. “Tuxedo, yes, I meant Tuxedo. Don't know why I thought Clown Suit just now…”

2010-07-17 01:53:29: Accomplice Teh Dave: : chuckles. “That works. Let's go, or you'll be late.” He glances at his wrist, and heads back towards the entrance.

2010-07-17 01:54:02: The Sad Sad Tale Of Ghostface Koalah: : wanders back towards the building, quietly whistling circus music to himself.

Girl's Get Ready

2010-07-17 00:25:37: Abundantly Ari: : peeks inside Bryn's house “Heeelllloo?”

2010-07-17 00:29:34: Warrant Officer Brynhildr: : pokes her head out of the bedroom, smiling to Ari. “Hi!”

2010-07-17 00:30:58: Abundantly Ari: : holds her arms out wide “I am here”

2010-07-17 00:31:21: Warrant Officer Brynhildr: : grins and runs and hugs Ari exuberantly. “I'm getting married!”

2010-07-17 00:32:26: Abundantly Ari: : grins and grips Bryn's arms as she bounces “hooray!”

2010-07-17 00:36:15: Warrant Officer Brynhildr: : grins happily. “I'm so excited!”

2010-07-17 00:37:56: Abundantly Ari: : nodnods “It is super, so um, what do we have to do? Dave is spirit walking with GK but I am not sure about my job”

2010-07-17 00:47:44: Warrant Officer Brynhildr: : smiles. “Well, I'm supposed to take a bath, and talk to you about how to be a wife. How to take care of husbands and things.”

2010-07-17 00:48:34: Abundantly Ari: : nodnods “Okay, so you wanna bath here then? Or get all ready at Hendrix?”

2010-07-17 00:49:56: Warrant Officer Brynhildr: : says “Probably here, cause I have the steam room here. And Johnson should come here with my dress. Then we get ready and go to meet Dave and GK at Hendrix.”

2010-07-17 00:52:27: Abundantly Ari: : smiles “Okay, to the steam room then?”

2010-07-17 00:58:27: Warrant Officer Brynhildr: : nods. “This way, through the kitchen. Have you seen the kitchen since we finished everything?”

2010-07-17 00:59:40: Abundantly Ari: : follows with a nod “yep I got a tour”

2010-07-17 01:00:40: Warrant Officer Brynhildr: : smiles and leads Ari in through the kitchen.

2010-07-17 01:01:15: Warrant Officer Brynhildr: : heads through the kitchen, grinning to Ari. “There's a path to the bathhouse, it's not long and there's trees that conceal it from view.”

2010-07-17 01:03:54: Abundantly Ari: : bounces after towards the bath house “we have a bath house too, they are very nice”

2010-07-17 01:06:32: Warrant Officer Brynhildr: : grins as she leads Ari into the bath house.

2010-07-17 01:10:32: Abundantly Ari: : looks about at the very different bath house with a grin “so now you have to ritualize huh?”

2010-07-17 01:12:43: Abundantly Ari: : corrects herself “we”

2010-07-17 01:15:43: Warrant Officer Brynhildr: : grins and nods. “Yup. I gathered some of the herbs that are traditional in the steam bath. After the steam bath ususally go to cold water… I could fill the tub, but I was thinking..”

2010-07-17 01:16:16: Warrant Officer Brynhildr: : finishes “Could probably just go jump in the river.”

2010-07-17 01:17:50: Abundantly Ari: : nodnods eagerly “that sounds much more fun and um, its more, mysticalized because its outdoors right?”

2010-07-17 01:19:24: Warrant Officer Brynhildr: : grins. “Sure, why not?” she says, winking. “Alright, let me go stir up the heat in the steam room, and while it heats I can show you the latest room I finished!”

2010-07-17 01:21:06: Abundantly Ari: : smiles brightly “okay!”

2010-07-17 01:23:03: Warrant Officer Brynhildr: : skips off with a grin to the sauna, going to throw water on the rocks she started heating late last night.

2010-07-17 01:24:12: Warrant Officer Brynhildr: : returns shortly. “This way,” she says gesturing to the bathtub room. “I made this one able to lock so GK and I could share a private bath after we are married.”

2010-07-17 01:26:50: Abundantly Ari: : follows

2010-07-17 01:35:00: Warrant Officer Brynhildr: : shakes off a bit of wall and leads the way.

2010-07-17 01:35:16: Warrant Officer Brynhildr: : slips into the bathtub room, smiling. “What do you think?”

2010-07-17 01:35:33: Abundantly Ari: : looks around “this is very nice, we just ha a big pool really, I love it though”

2010-07-17 01:38:31: Abundantly Ari: : smiles “its amazing how different the same things can be huh?”

2010-07-17 01:40:16: Warrant Officer Brynhildr: : nods. “Usually in the bath-houses where I am from there is just the steam room and tubs of water, but wanted to make things more… like here. I have learned to enjoy showering and things too.”

2010-07-17 01:42:35: Abundantly Ari: : nods “like a waterfall and you even got the nice towels!”

2010-07-17 01:43:39: Warrant Officer Brynhildr: : grins. “Nice towels are important! The steam room should be ready, we should head back.”

2010-07-17 01:45:34: Abundantly Ari: : nodnods “kay” time for Ari to pretend she knows what she is talking about

2010-07-17 01:48:02: Abundantly Ari: : wanders over to stand behind the sauna

2010-07-17 01:48:16: Warrant Officer Brynhildr: : heads out of the bathtub room and towards the steam room. She stops just outside it to strip off her clothes and set them on the shelf outside the door, placed there for just such a purpose.

2010-07-17 01:48:58: Warrant Officer Brynhildr: : grins to her. “Do you want to take a steam bath too? It's not very hot but kind of steamy so I don't know if it would be comfortable with clothes on.”

2010-07-17 01:50:59: Abundantly Ari: : covers her eyes as Bryn strips, a rather silly action seeing as she herself is always naked and so are many other islanders

2010-07-17 01:52:42: Abundantly Ari: : nodnods 'Sure! I will sit there too”

2010-07-17 01:55:08: Warrant Officer Brynhildr: : says “I don't know what it will be like with fur but if you don't mind getting damp the jump in the cold water is fun. It is… refreshing?”

2010-07-17 01:55:45: Warrant Officer Brynhildr: : giggles at Ari covering her eyes and slips happily into the steam room, tossing a bit more herbal water on the hot rocks, adding more steam to the room.

2010-07-17 01:56:30: Abundantly Ari: : nods “I've been in steam rooms, I do not mind it”

2010-07-17 01:57:09: Abundantly Ari: : follows Bryn and sits on a bench “it smells very nice”

2010-07-17 01:59:32: Warrant Officer Brynhildr: : smiles. “So… I don't know exactly what people usually say, but.. my understanding is that you're supposed to tell me about the duties of a wife, how to live with a man and stuff.”

2010-07-17 01:59:59: Warrant Officer Brynhildr: : says “We have been living together, which would never be allowed back home, but… none of the sex things.”

2010-07-17 02:00:59: Abundantly Ari: : nods and bites her lips nervously “um okay, so being a wife… well, most important is that you gotta love him for always, even when you are mad or sad or anything”

2010-07-17 02:02:03: Abundantly Ari: : blinks “Oh, oh, that part of it”

2010-07-17 02:05:48: Warrant Officer Brynhildr: : blushes a little bit. “I am nervous about that part. I think I can handle the loving him always.. he frustrates me sometimes, but I still love him even then.”

2010-07-17 02:06:49: Abundantly Ari: : blushes “well uh its lots of fun…” she smiles weakly

2010-07-17 02:08:53: Warrant Officer Brynhildr: : seems reassured by this news. “Really? Fun…”

2010-07-17 02:10:40: Abundantly Ari: : nodnods still blushing but a bit more confident “there are lots of ways you can do it, has GK… does he know stuff? I didn't but Dave did so he showed me, and I had a book”

2010-07-17 02:13:17: Warrant Officer Brynhildr: : says “I don't know but I think he does… what kind of book?”

2010-07-17 02:16:09: Abundantly Ari: : sits up straight and tries to sound like she knows things “It was called the Kama Sutra, Kitsu let me see it before I married Dave”

2010-07-17 02:17:54: Abundantly Ari: : adds “it had pictures and stuff” she looks around furitively “there are magazines like that too but they don't look very instructive”

2010-07-17 02:18:58: Warrant Officer Brynhildr: : nods. “Is it… hard to learn?”

2010-07-17 02:20:35: Abundantly Ari: : shakes her head “not really but I am still learning I think, I think you are always learning, there are lots of things that you can do.”

2010-07-17 02:22:06: Warrant Officer Brynhildr: : nods. “I just worry… about not pleasing him, with not knowing how to be a wife and do things like that. But I guess all I can do is try and learn.”

2010-07-17 02:24:08: Abundantly Ari: : hrms “Dave says he likes it when I like it, which is the easiest thing to do, other then that I guess you just do what feels good”

2010-07-17 02:24:48: Johnson: : collapses through the doorway, panting. “Good grief,” she mutters. “Latelatelatelatelate. Johnson. Bad.”

2010-07-17 02:25:16: Johnson: : drops her pack in the kitchen, fishing out a small bundle.

2010-07-17 02:26:55: Johnson: : pokes her head in through the door and grins. “Lo, ye brides in a tub.”

2010-07-17 02:27:37: Warrant Officer Brynhildr: : sighs in relief as Johnson pokes her head in. “I was worried you weren't going to make it!”

2010-07-17 02:27:45: Abundantly Ari: : spots Johnson and waves from where she is sitting “Johnson do you know about sex?”

2010-07-17 02:28:36: Abundantly Ari: : hops to her feet and grabs a towel, “we gotta jumb in the river, get you dressed and run!”

2010-07-17 02:29:02: Johnson: : grins. “Sorrysorrysorry! I was worried I wasn't going to make it too!” She patters in properly. “Er. Yes. Yes, I know about sex.”

2010-07-17 02:29:51: Johnson: : blinks. “What! What? What! I just got here! Where am I running? And dear god, there's a holy lot of steam in this place.”

2010-07-17 02:31:18: Warrant Officer Brynhildr: : grins. “We can talk about sex in the river and when I get dressed! Time to get cool!”

2010-07-17 02:31:24: Johnson: : waves a hand in the steam and then remembers she's clutching something. Oh. Ohhh. Yep. “Oh, that's right. Bryn, here's your dress.” She shakes it out and holds it up by the shoulders to show.

2010-07-17 02:32:10: Warrant Officer Brynhildr: : says “We are already late.” She stands up, shamelessly naked. “I can run down to the river, Johnson can you set out the dress in the bedroom?”

2010-07-17 02:32:45: Johnson: : grins. “Ah, okay. River it is.” She tosses it over her shoulder. “I'll show ya the dress there.” She gallumphs out happily with a noise that may or may not be wheeeeewedding!

2010-07-17 02:32:48: Abundantly Ari: : looks at Johnson “we are late so we are being quick and Bryn need advice about sex”

2010-07-17 02:32:57: Warrant Officer Brynhildr: : beams. “It's lovely, can't wait to wear it.” She nods to Ari and dashes out of the bath house down to the river. “Be right back!”

2010-07-17 02:33:10: Johnson: : pokes her head back in. “Sure! If you unlock it for me, I will.”

2010-07-17 02:33:13: Warrant Officer Brynhildr: : grabs a towel on her way out.

2010-07-17 02:33:15: Abundantly Ari: : hurries out grinning

2010-07-17 02:33:28: Warrant Officer Brynhildr: : nods, beaming.

2010-07-17 02:34:00: Johnson: : laughs and runs out.

2010-07-17 02:34:21: Warrant Officer Brynhildr: : dashes through the house, naked and steamy, unlocking the bedroom door before dashing out through the glade down to the river, towel in hand.

2010-07-17 02:35:00: Abundantly Ari: : hurries too, wrapped in the fluffy towel

2010-07-17 02:36:10: Warrant Officer Brynhildr: : drops her towel on the riverbank and plunges into the river, holding her hair above the water, no time to dry it if she soaks it.

2010-07-17 02:37:06: Warrant Officer Brynhildr: : washes off, feeling the steam rinse off her body, the cool water very refreshing. She hops out of the river and wraps the towel around her body, heading back toward her room.

2010-07-17 02:38:20: Abundantly Ari: : dives in too and is quickly out again, towelling herself as she heads to the bedroom

2010-07-17 02:37:45: Warrant Officer Brynhildr: : slips in through the sliding door, grinning as she enters her room. “Nothing like a cool dip and a rushed dressing while talking about sex to make a girl excited about her wedding.”

2010-07-17 02:38:12: Johnson: : stands back and admires the dress for a moment. Good work, if she says so herself. Simple, but the lines are clean and elegant, and the dress flows beautifully on. Or should flow beautifully on. Hm.

2010-07-17 02:38:33: Warrant Officer Brynhildr: : smiles. “I carved the headboard myself, with runes and images.”

2010-07-17 02:38:49: Johnson: : laughs and looks round at Bryn. “Indeedy! What did you learn about sex?”

2010-07-17 02:39:27: Johnson: : blinks. She looks back at the headboard. “Oh wow. It's beautiful. I shall have to sneak a closer look later.”

2010-07-17 02:39:37: Abundantly Ari: :, still towelling off, peers at the headboard “you are good”

2010-07-17 02:40:03: Johnson: : points at the dress, grinning. “Get in, hon. Quickquickquick!”

2010-07-17 02:41:03: Warrant Officer Brynhildr: : grins. “Well Ari wanted to know if you knew about sex. So far I learned to do what feels good and to hope that GK knows what he is doing.” She dries her long curvy body with the fluffy towel.

2010-07-17 02:41:54: Abundantly Ari: : nods sheepishly “Well… Dave knows”

2010-07-17 02:42:09: Johnson: : laughs. She averts her eyes politely from Bryn's body and phulumphs down on the edge of the bed, thinking. “Yeah, that's pretty much it. Enjoy yourself, I guess. Don't worry if it's awkward. Laugh.”

2010-07-17 02:42:47: Johnson: : tilts her head and thinks. “Erm. Also, if you're a virgin. I've heard it hurts. And there may or may not be blood.”

2010-07-17 02:43:04: Warrant Officer Brynhildr: : grins and slips into her frilly panties and then the dress, after running a comb quickly through her long hair.

2010-07-17 02:43:38: Johnson: : grins. “Take a spin, sweetheart, and look down.”

2010-07-17 02:43:54: Abundantly Ari: : tilts her head “it just pinched a bit for me”

2010-07-17 02:43:54: Warrant Officer Brynhildr: : says “Oh! Bridal crown. Ari can you make a flower crown? I forgot that part… we could use flowers from the garden and make it on the way?”

2010-07-17 02:44:18: Warrant Officer Brynhildr: : grins to Johnson and spins in the dress, admiring the deep blue fabric and how the dress moves.

2010-07-17 02:44:31: Johnson: : hesitates. “Although, you were a valkyrie, so you were pretty active so your hymen might have already been broken. But yes. You'll still be unused to- um. To sex. So it'll hurt at first.”

2010-07-17 02:45:28: Abundantly Ari: : nods “I think I can do that”

2010-07-17 02:45:45: Johnson: : applauds and laughs, pointing at the hem and the neckline. Catching the morning sunlight, tiny raven feathers are embroidered all along the length of the dress in almost-similar shades of blue.

2010-07-17 02:46:08: Warrant Officer Brynhildr: : tries to hide her concern at the idea it might hurt, slightly reassured by Ari's little pinch story.

2010-07-17 02:46:16: Abundantly Ari: : claps “you look super beautiful Bryn, GK s gonna be so happy!”

2010-07-17 02:46:41: Warrant Officer Brynhildr: : is distracted by the embroidery, grinning. “I love the dress! Thank you Johnson.”

2010-07-17 02:46:53: Johnson: : grins. “Looks like it did what I thought it would.” The feathers shine a little with movement as the light catches them, but in shadows remain camouflaged in the deepness of the dress.

2010-07-17 02:47:24: Johnson: : grins. “You're welcome. And GK's gonna be ecstatic indeed. Now! We should go!”

2010-07-17 02:47:41: Abundantly Ari: : nodnods “to the castle!”

2010-07-17 02:48:17: Johnson: : adds over her shoulder as she spins on her heel, “Don't worry, hon. First and foremost, if he's gentle- which I'm sure he will be- it'll still be a good experience for you.”

2010-07-17 02:48:42: Johnson: : cries, “To the castle indeed!” She may or may not have an idea of where she's going. Helllp.

2010-07-17 02:49:17: Abundantly Ari: : nods, “I forgot about the hurt part, it is worth it” the blush is back

2010-07-17 02:49:29: Warrant Officer Brynhildr: : grins. “Through the garden, cause we have to grab flowers!” she remembers. She slips into her boots as they prepare to leave.

2010-07-17 02:50:02: Warrant Officer Brynhildr: : gives Ari a smile and then a hug. “Thanks for being here with me today,” she says softly.

2010-07-17 02:50:05: Johnson: : grins at Ari's blush. Why is she the only one not embarrassed? Maybe because she's never had sex before. Eh.

2010-07-17 02:50:50: Abundantly Ari: : smiles “you are my sister remember?” she turns to Johnson who has not been to the castle “go straight east from IC till you hit the beach”

2010-07-17 02:51:09: Johnson: : ohs. “Flowers. Hm. Okay, well, I'm going to run ahead to make sure everything's ready there. And. Um. I have to be there to greet you guys.” She grins. “Do you have your weapon and rings?”

2010-07-17 02:51:52: Johnson: : whews in relief. Directions! “Thanks, Ari. Will do.”

2010-07-17 02:51:59: Warrant Officer Brynhildr: : smiles widely to her. She runs her fingers through her hair nervously before grinning to both women and slipping out the door to the garden, then off to Hendrix they go!

2010-07-17 02:52:24: Warrant Officer Brynhildr: : pauses. “I have the rings, oh! Gotta grab the blade.”

2010-07-17 02:52:34: Johnson: : grins and gallumphs excitedly off to Hendrix. Hendrix, land of cherry trees and sand!

2010-07-17 02:52:45: Warrant Officer Brynhildr: : pulls open the bottom drawer of the dresser.

2010-07-17 02:53:00: Johnson: : calls over her shoulder, “Musn't forget the blaaaaaaaade!” And she's gone!

2010-07-17 02:53:07: Abundantly Ari: : skips after Bryn singing “wedding, wedding, wedding”

2010-07-17 02:53:36: Johnson: : isn't gone. Actually. She galumphs back in, having just remembered. “Can you give me GK's ring to give to you? I can get that to him first.”

2010-07-17 02:53:47: Abundantly Ari: : passes Bryn, she will grab the flowers, the sing song continues

2010-07-17 02:56:32: Warrant Officer Brynhildr: : pulls a long sword out from the drawer, carefully, before heading off to Hendrix.

2010-07-17 02:56:58: Johnson: : does an impatient little dance on the spot. Weddingweddingwedding! Also, now is a good time to remember what people say at weddings on the mainland, hn?

2010-07-17 02:57:04: Warrant Officer Brynhildr: : smiles to Johnson. She reaches into her bag and passes the ring to her. “There we go. Let's go!”

2010-07-17 02:57:23: Johnson: : shrugs and galumphs off. Wedding!

2010-07-17 02:57:43: Johnson: : catches the ring as she goes. “Yes! Race ya there!”

2010-07-17 02:57:55: Warrant Officer Brynhildr: : carefully carries the sword with twin ravens on both hilt and pommel, grinning.

2010-07-17 02:54:44: Abundantly Ari: : plucks lots of flowers making sure it is not too noticible they are missing

2010-07-17 02:58:19: Abundantly Ari: : fingers work busily braiding the stems as she skips onward

At the Castle: Its Wedding Time!

2010-07-17 01:58:25: The Sad Sad Tale Of Ghostface Koalah: : steps into the courtyard, looking around happily. Today shall be a Very Good Day.

2010-07-17 02:00:40: Accomplice Teh Dave: : ambles in, stretching. He looks around. “So, ah,where we supposed to be?”

2010-07-17 02:03:12: The Sad Sad Tale Of Ghostface Koalah: : shrugs. “Good question. Wonder if anyone'll come find us when its time… ”

2010-07-17 02:05:06: Accomplice Teh Dave: : nodnods, and tilts his head. “I should probably be a bit more formally dressed, shouldn't I?” Or at least a bit more dressed.

2010-07-17 02:06:51: The Sad Sad Tale Of Ghostface Koalah: : chuckles. “That lab-coat has lapels. How much more formal could you want?!”

2010-07-17 02:08:48: Accomplice Teh Dave: : ponders. “A tie?” He digs about in his pockets, and finds a clip-on tie, which he clips to his…neck? “There we go.”

2010-07-17 02:12:55: The Sad Sad Tale Of Ghostface Koalah: : nods approvingly. “If you didn't have that, I coulda drawn one on in sharpie for you. GO TEAM!”

2010-07-17 02:14:52: Accomplice Teh Dave: : laughs, then pauses. “Oh, there was something else…uhh…right! Duties as a husband or something like that…er…” He scritches an ear, then raises an eyebrow thoughtfully at GK.

2010-07-17 02:16:39: The Sad Sad Tale Of Ghostface Koalah: : peers suspiciously at him. “What, like… times when its acceptible to beat her, & such like?”

2010-07-17 02:18:52: Accomplice Teh Dave: : Snnnrks. ““Traditionally”…something along those lines. Again I say, hang tradition in this case…Just keep her happy. That's really the secret…” He grins and flops onto Wallace.

2010-07-17 02:21:27: The Sad Sad Tale Of Ghostface Koalah: : nods cheerfully. “Think I can manage that!”

2010-07-17 02:24:46: Accomplice Teh Dave: : nods thoughtfully. “Good.” He glances at his wrist, and frowns. Should have started by now, shouldn't it?

2010-07-17 02:27:42: Accomplice Teh Dave: : grins at GK. “Hell, you get that down, and you're already halfway to a successful marriage.”

2010-07-17 02:29:57: The Sad Sad Tale Of Ghostface Koalah: : stares blankly at the wall, thinking of alllllll the possibilities the other halfway must entail…

2010-07-17 02:31:07: Accomplice Teh Dave: : hopes GK doesn't think too hard about the other half, or he might be fidgeting too much during the ceremony. “Keep her happy and satisfied, and if she does the same, you're all good.”

2010-07-17 02:34:46: The Sad Sad Tale Of Ghostface Koalah: : nods wordlessly, trying not to blush. “Soooo… How 'bout that local Sports Team, huh?”

2010-07-17 02:37:01: Accomplice Teh Dave: : nearly chokes. “Ahrm…you do know what to do with all that, right?”

2010-07-17 02:41:39: Accomplice Teh Dave: : seeeeriously hopes he didn't just fail at his more important traditional duty…by making an assumption.

2010-07-17 02:42:13: The Sad Sad Tale Of Ghostface Koalah: : waves him irritably off. “Yes yesyesyes! We don't need to cover that, don't you worry. Leave that talk for the lovely ladies - Bryn's the one who's getting herself worked up over that.”

2010-07-17 02:43:51: The Sad Sad Tale Of Ghostface Koalah: : frowns off into the distance. “I keep telling her not to worry, it'll all come naturally to her once the moment is upon us, but she overthinks these things. Big deal for her, with her background”

2010-07-17 02:45:16: Accomplice Teh Dave: : laughs, and settles back in the couch. “Fair enough. I've met too many people who…ah…never got the right kind of “exposure” before…y'know. Besides, it'll all work out in he…the end.”

2010-07-17 02:47:10: The Sad Sad Tale Of Ghostface Koalah: : coughs. “So to speak.”

2010-07-17 02:48:56: Accomplice Teh Dave: : nods. “Right. So…er…they should hopefully be along anytime…”

2010-07-17 02:50:37: The Sad Sad Tale Of Ghostface Koalah: : nods fitfully. “I am getting a little anxious to have it finalized, I'll admit…”

2010-07-17 02:51:38: Accomplice Teh Dave: : nods and leans back in the sofa, grinning to himself. “The one thing you should aways remember about women…they'll come when they're ready.”

2010-07-17 02:53:18: The Sad Sad Tale Of Ghostface Koalah: : rubs one eye, nodding again tiredly. “Preach it, brother. They use different timepiece technology, I can only assume. Its utterly inscrutable to us males.”

2010-07-17 03:00:12: Johnson: : galumphs into the room. “Bride's almost here!” she cries. “GK, here's your ring. Do you have your weapon?”

2010-07-17 03:00:50: Accomplice Teh Dave: : hopes the sledge didn't get lost off the pier when GK broke it. Long story. Or at least, long pier. Shorter, now…

2010-07-17 03:01:01: Abundantly Ari: : skips in humming here comes the bride

2010-07-17 03:01:29: Accomplice Teh Dave: : scrambles to his feet, adjusts his tie, and stands to GK's left, off to the side.

2010-07-17 03:01:49: Johnson: : blinks. Sledge? Pier? Boys. Who knows. “Are we doing this here? Dave! I need a branch from your cherry tree! And a bowl of mead! Stat!” She pirouettes, highly excited.

2010-07-17 03:02:19: The Sad Sad Tale Of Ghostface Koalah: : looks confused. “Weapon Dave gave me, or one I'm supposed to give her??”

2010-07-17 03:02:37: Johnson: : peers down into her pack. “Actually, I have the mead. I swiped some from Bryn's house. I need a bowl! And a cherry branch! Stat!”

2010-07-17 03:02:55: Abundantly Ari: : darts to the kitchen

2010-07-17 03:02:56: Second Lieutenant Brynhildr: :'s voice carries in from outside. “In the garden, not here.”

2010-07-17 03:03:35: Abundantly Ari: : digs through the cupboard and finds an earthenware bowl and runs off

2010-07-17 03:03:36: Johnson: : nods. “You stay outside until I send Ari back out to get you!” she calls back. “GK shouldn't see you until The Moment!”

2010-07-17 03:03:56: Abundantly Ari: : runs back with a bowl

2010-07-17 03:04:17: Johnson: : runs in a circle on the spot. “Where's the garden? Where's the garden? Oh who knows, I'm just going to pick a direction and go.” Aaaaand she's off!

2010-07-17 03:04:38: Accomplice Teh Dave: : raises a hand. “Ah, I think we need to go to the garden…through the Lounge and Library…” He points thataways.

2010-07-17 03:04:45: Abundantly Ari: : points to the lounge

2010-07-17 03:04:58: Johnson: : calls over her shoulder to everyone, “Gaaaaaarden! We can make sure everything's ready therrrrre!”

2010-07-17 03:05:13: Accomplice Teh Dave: : hopes Johnson went the right way. He heads gardenward.

2010-07-17 03:05:14: Second Lieutenant Brynhildr: : giggles. “Then have them go to the garden then!”

2010-07-17 03:05:28: Johnson: : gallumphs through the lounge, cackling like a madwoman!

2010-07-17 03:05:44: Accomplice Teh Dave: : bounces after, humming to himself.

2010-07-17 03:05:34: The Sad Sad Tale Of Ghostface Koalah: : hurries in, looking slightly stressed!

2010-07-17 03:05:59: Second Lieutenant Brynhildr: : hears people dashing off. “Can I come in now?”

2010-07-17 03:08:54: Abundantly Ari: : gives Bryn a crown of white and blue flowers, she plops a lilac one on her head even though its a bit lopsided and she follows the others

2010-07-17 03:09:17: Abundantly Ari: you can wait in the courtyard

2010-07-17 03:10:42: Abundantly Ari: : peeks back “or the library might be best”

2010-07-17 03:11:26: Second Lieutenant Brynhildr: : nods to her, smiling. She slips through the lounge towards the library.

2010-07-17 03:07:12: Johnson: : gallumphs through the library! Quietly!

2010-07-17 03:12:46: Second Lieutenant Brynhildr: : waits in the library.

2010-07-17 03:13:46: Second Lieutenant Brynhildr: : holds the sword for her husband, thinking about her lack of kin on the Island… she has no kinsman to hold it for her, when she walks in. Oh well, she can carry it herself… she is used to that.

2010-07-17 03:19:52: Second Lieutenant Brynhildr: : thinks for a moment then opens the door just a crack so she can speak out of it.

2010-07-17 03:22:15: Abundantly Ari: : returns to the library “yes Bryn?”

2010-07-17 03:24:24: Second Lieutenant Brynhildr: : smiles to her. “I heard Johnson after I went to speak. Just wanted to know if you would carry the sword for me. Usually it's a kinsman but.. you're the closest thing to family I have here.”

2010-07-17 03:25:34: Abundantly Ari: : grins and gives Bryn a hug “I'd be honoured”

2010-07-17 03:27:33: Second Lieutenant Brynhildr: : smiles and hugs her. She then picks up the blade to show her.. two ravens encircle a gemstone on the pommel, and two ravens' heads forming the hilt.

2010-07-17 03:29:59: Abundantly Ari: : looks it over “wow”

2010-07-17 03:32:34: Second Lieutenant Brynhildr: : smiles. “Do you think he'll like it?”

2010-07-17 03:33:09: Abundantly Ari: : nodnods “I think he will love it!”

2010-07-17 03:34:15: Abundantly Ari: : tilts her head “we were called! Time to get married”

2010-07-17 03:34:48: Second Lieutenant Brynhildr: : nods to her, grinning. “Alright.” She carefully unsheaths the sword and shows Ari how to hold it. “Let's go.”

2010-07-17 03:12:46: Second Lieutenant Brynhildr: : waits in the library.

2010-07-17 03:13:46: Second Lieutenant Brynhildr: : holds the sword for her husband, thinking about her lack of kin on the Island… she has no kinsman to hold it for her, when she walks in. Oh well, she can carry it herself… she is used to that.

2010-07-17 03:19:52: Second Lieutenant Brynhildr: : thinks for a moment then opens the door just a crack so she can speak out of it.

2010-07-17 03:22:15: Abundantly Ari: : returns to the library “yes Bryn?”

2010-07-17 03:24:24: Second Lieutenant Brynhildr: : smiles to her. “I heard Johnson after I went to speak. Just wanted to know if you would carry the sword for me. Usually it's a kinsman but.. you're the closest thing to family I have here.”

2010-07-17 03:25:34: Abundantly Ari: : grins and gives Bryn a hug “I'd be honoured”

2010-07-17 03:27:33: Second Lieutenant Brynhildr: : smiles and hugs her. She then picks up the blade to show her.. two ravens encircle a gemstone on the pommel, and two ravens' heads forming the hilt.

2010-07-17 03:29:59: Abundantly Ari: : looks it over “wow”

2010-07-17 03:32:34: Second Lieutenant Brynhildr: : smiles. “Do you think he'll like it?”

2010-07-17 03:33:09: Abundantly Ari: : nodnods “I think he will love it!”

2010-07-17 03:34:15: Abundantly Ari: : tilts her head “we were called! Time to get married”

2010-07-17 03:34:48: Second Lieutenant Brynhildr: : nods to her, grinning. “Alright.” She carefully unsheaths the sword and shows Ari how to hold it. “Let's go.”

2010-07-17 03:06:28: Accomplice Teh Dave: : pauses, realizing that he's somehow the first one here. He mills about slightly, tugging at his (clip-on) tie.

2010-07-17 03:06:33: The Sad Sad Tale Of Ghostface Koalah: : runs in once more, skidding to a stop before he smashes full tilt into the tree! Close one.

2010-07-17 03:08:12: Johnson: : gallumphs into the garden, cackling excitedly! She skids to a stop and coughs. And wants to know how Dave can mill about by himself.

2010-07-17 03:09:17: Johnson: : straightens herself out. She walks over and stands under the tree. “Okay,” she says crisply. “I'm going to need a branch from your tree (sorry). And GK, you stand here, in front of me, to the left.”

2010-07-17 03:10:13: Abundantly Ari: : runs in wearing a lopsided crown of lilacs and she hands Johnson the bowl

2010-07-17 03:10:51: Accomplice Teh Dave: : nodnods, and reaches up to select a suitable (what's the criteria? ah well) branch, which he snaps off delicately, and hands over to Johnson. He may or may not be eating one of the cherries.

2010-07-17 03:12:04: The Sad Sad Tale Of Ghostface Koalah: : awkwardly shuffles into place, involuntarily cringing slightly in case he's in the wrong place & shall be beaten for it.

2010-07-17 03:12:51: Abundantly Ari: : smiles brightly at GK “Bryn looks really pretty, wait till you see!”

2010-07-17 03:13:19: Johnson: : takes the bowl. “Thanks Ari!” She bends down and begins to fill it with mead, taking the branch from Dave. “Thanks Dave!” She grins up at GK. “Don't look so hangdog, mate. You're gonna be married!”

2010-07-17 03:14:21: Johnson: : also eats one of the cherries as she fills the bowl up. Then she chucks her pack behind a nearby bush, takes off her cap and begins, solemnly, to unbraid her hair.

2010-07-17 03:14:28: The Sad Sad Tale Of Ghostface Koalah: : smiles wanly at all concerned, suddenly somewhat nervous. “Anxious to get things finalized, is all. Looking forward to it!”

2010-07-17 03:15:19: Johnson: : smiles comfortingly at GK. “It'll be good. Just enjoy yourself. This is all fun, remember?” She punches him gently in the arm. “Be happy, mister. I command it.”

2010-07-17 03:15:46: Accomplice Teh Dave: : nodnods, and quietly disposes of the cherry stone off to the side. He's not been told where to stand, so he resumes milling about. He's somewhat of an expert on the subject.

2010-07-17 03:16:31: Johnson: : shakes her hair out so it pours behind her like a Serious Backdrop of Shiny. This hopefully should make her look more like a Person Who Is Allowed To Conduct Marriages and less like a 12-year-old.

2010-07-17 03:17:17: The Sad Sad Tale Of Ghostface Koalah: : grins winningly, and absently rubs the quickly-forming bruise from her “gentle” punch…

2010-07-17 03:17:41: Johnson: : grins and points. “Dave. You stand there, next to GK. On his left.” She adjusts the bowl of mead in a crook of the cherry tree, and rests the branch on top of it. “Do you have your weapon, GK?”

2010-07-17 03:18:29: Accomplice Teh Dave: : salutes, and stands over to GK's left, where he probably should have assumed he should stand in the first place. He grins at Ari, then attempts to stand still. He mostly succeeds.

2010-07-17 03:18:49: Johnson: : adds, “Put the ring on the weapon. Somehow. I don't care how. And then we should just about be ready. Erm. What is your weapon?”

2010-07-17 03:20:04: The Sad Sad Tale Of Ghostface Koalah: : looks uncertain, the hefts his “ancestral” sledge hammer, placing the ring on its broad flat head.

2010-07-17 03:20:22: Johnson: : spins and looks at Ari, hair whirling about her as she does. “Ari! Okay. We're almost ready for you to bring Bryn in. Make sure you carry the weapon with the ring on it. You come in first-”

2010-07-17 03:20:35: Second Lieutenant Brynhildr: :'s voice filters through from the library. “I need Ari for something.” Also, they exchange swords before they do rings - GK will give her her ring on the sword she gives him.

2010-07-17 03:21:23: Johnson: : points at a spot roughly mirroring where Dave stands- “and you stand here, and manoeuvre Bryn in so she's next to GK. And we shall be set!”

2010-07-17 03:21:26: Abundantly Ari: : nods and heads back to the library

2010-07-17 03:22:43: Johnson: : erks. “Ari! Gogogogo!” Aaaaaand change of plan. She wanted to keep it less tricky, that's all, but hey, why not? “Change of plan. GK, hold on to your ring. Dave, take the weapon. Yep. Here we go.”

2010-07-17 03:23:48: Johnson: : calls to Ari, “and you can bring Bryn in now! I think we're ready!” Dear god, please let them be ready. Cherry tree, check. Mead, check. Branches, check. Groom, bride, family, check. Priest, check.

2010-07-17 03:24:39: Accomplice Teh Dave: : blinks and takes the sledgehammer back from GK with an almost mildly confused expression on his face. He shrugs and awaits orders.

2010-07-17 03:24:39: The Sad Sad Tale Of Ghostface Koalah: : fumbles, sliding the ring into his palm & foisting the hammer at Dave, trying to be gentle about it

2010-07-17 03:26:06: Accomplice Teh Dave: : makes a mental note to tell Ari that if they ever get married again…they're eloping again.

2010-07-17 03:26:24: Johnson: : grins and does a little dance on the spot. “Funfunfunfunfun!” she glees. “Er. I mean.” She coughs and straightens. “Yes. A wedding. Good.” Stands as tall as she can.

2010-07-17 03:30:26: Accomplice Teh Dave: : quietly offers Johnson a milk-crate to stand on, if she wants it.

2010-07-17 03:31:51: Johnson: : accepts the milk crate and climbs onto it with dignity. Why not? She'll be dwarfed by Bryn and GK elsewise.

2010-07-17 03:32:53: Johnson: : proceeds to dance impatiently on the milk crate, which taps a hollow tattoo across the garden, echoing in the sunlight and sending riotous flocks of butterflies up in the air. Ooo. Pretty.

2010-07-17 03:33:13: The Sad Sad Tale Of Ghostface Koalah: : shuffles his feet idly, watching the passage of a bug with faint interest.

2010-07-17 03:35:17: Accomplice Teh Dave: : will…not…chase…butterflies… His tail twitches excitedly, and his ears flick as his eyes follow the flock.

2010-07-17 03:35:34: Second Lieutenant Brynhildr: : thinks the arrival of the bridal party would have gone faster if they'd heard Johnson ten minutes ago… they were waiting! Oh well, things are moving now :D

2010-07-17 03:35:34: Johnson: : stands straight. They're coming! She snatches the branch and the bowl of mead from the crook of the cherry tree, grinning as cherries plop down into the drink with gold-and-red explosions.

2010-07-17 03:36:07: Abundantly Ari: : leads the way into the garden carrying a sword and singing under her breath “here comes the Bryn, all dressed in blue”

2010-07-17 03:36:43: Johnson: : hums the wedding march under her breath. Ah, there they are.

2010-07-17 03:36:53: The Sad Sad Tale Of Ghostface Koalah: : turns to watch, and his breath hitches in his throat as he sees his approaching lovely lady.

2010-07-17 03:38:20: Accomplice Teh Dave: :'s attention returns to the wedding, and he beams at the approaching bridal party.

2010-07-17 03:38:54: Johnson: : Dave's attention had better return to the wedding. If he races off after the butterflies, she'll grab him by the tail.

2010-07-17 03:38:57: Second Lieutenant Brynhildr: : steps in from the library, dressed in a deep blue dress, a garland of white and blue flowers in her long flowing hair as she follows Ari. She is glowing with happiness as she smiles at GK.

2010-07-17 03:39:29: Abundantly Ari: : doesn't know where she is supposed to go when she reaches the tree!

2010-07-17 03:40:07: Johnson: : points at a spot on the floor to her right. “Ari!” she hisses. “This way!”

2010-07-17 03:40:21: The Sad Sad Tale Of Ghostface Koalah: :'s face lights up with an easy smile, all fears blasted away.

2010-07-17 03:40:38: Johnson: : steps on a gremlin. Unobtrusively. And grins as she sees GK's face upon seeing Bryn. Eheheheheh.

2010-07-17 03:40:55: Abundantly Ari: : lets out a little sigh of relief and stands next to Johnson, gripping the sword and grinning

2010-07-17 03:40:59: Accomplice Teh Dave: : tries to signal to Ari to have her and Bryn mirror himself and GK. He thinks. At least, he thinks that's the plan. He doesn't think he signals. He does signal. With the sledge, sort of.

2010-07-17 03:41:46: Johnson: : grins at Ari, shaking her head a little, hair rippling down behind her. She points unobtrusively to the spot in front of her next to GK, in case Bryn doesn't know where she's supposed to stand.

2010-07-17 03:42:09: Second Lieutenant Brynhildr: : gracefully reaches her spot, smiling to Johnson before her eyes return to GK's.

2010-07-17 03:42:27: Accomplice Teh Dave: : smiles over at Ari, and straightens out, still holding the hammer. He softly humms the continuation of the Bridal March, slightly out-of-tune and off-meter.

2010-07-17 03:42:40: Johnson: : grins. Hurrah! Now we can begin! She clears her throat.

2010-07-17 03:43:51: Johnson: : dips the cherry branch into the cherry-mead. Smiling a little wickedly, she lifts it out and flicks it in a hammer-shape so the spray mists lightly over everyone, smelling like honey and cherries.

2010-07-17 03:44:42: The Sad Sad Tale Of Ghostface Koalah: : reaches for Bryn's hand, giving it a light squeeze with a smile, before turning his attention to Johnson.

2010-07-17 03:45:03: Johnson: : oops quietly as a cherry bounces off Dave. She pretends not to have noticed. “Dearly beloved,” she says, clearly and brightly. “We are gathered here in the sight of gods, madmen and family…”

2010-07-17 03:45:39: Accomplice Teh Dave: :'s ears flick at the cherry-mead spray, and his nose twitches. Must….not…sneeze… He manages to maintain his composure.

2010-07-17 03:45:51: Second Lieutenant Brynhildr: : takes his hand and squeezes it in return as she listens to Johnson.

2010-07-17 03:47:04: Johnson: : continues, “… to join together GK and Bryn in holy matrimony. If anyone here has any reason why these two shall not be joined together, let them now speak or forever hold their peace!” She waits.

2010-07-17 03:47:35: Accomplice Teh Dave: : looks around to make sure no one pipes up. He has a sledgehammer and he knows how to use it.

2010-07-17 03:48:10: Abundantly Ari: : holds her peace

2010-07-17 03:48:29: Johnson: : turns to look at everyone. “No? No reasons? Good. There'd better be no reasons.” The last is in a muttered undertone. “Now. I call upon the gods to witness this union. I call upon all-seeing Odin.”

2010-07-17 03:49:18: The Sad Sad Tale Of Ghostface Koalah: : twitches an eyebrow.

2010-07-17 03:49:46: Johnson: : beams at Bryn. “I call upon all-Father Odin who sees all, for his blessing upon this valkyrie here. I call upon the blessings of the white-armed Freya for the fruitfulness of their union.”

2010-07-17 03:50:30: Johnson: : grins at GK. “I call upon the mad gods of this island, whoever they may be, to bless this union and keep it from harm and improbability. I call upon my God to witness and bless. And I call upon you-

2010-07-17 03:51:19: Johnson: : looks at Ari and Dave- “I call upon you, as mortals here on this island, to witness this occasion and bring to bear your blessings upon it.” She flicks more mead over them all, solemnly.

2010-07-17 03:51:40: Second Lieutenant Brynhildr: : squeezes his hand as his eyebrow twitches, giving him a reassuring smile.

2010-07-17 03:52:31: Accomplice Teh Dave: : is prepared for random cherries this time. He hides this fact with a grin, eyes darting about to make sure no fruit are inbound.

2010-07-17 03:53:33: The Sad Sad Tale Of Ghostface Koalah: : wouldn't mind inbound fruit. That sandwich was a while ago, now…

2010-07-17 03:53:47: Johnson: : grins. She turns to GK. “GK, present your sword to your betrothed, as a symbol of your protection of her from now on.”

2010-07-17 03:54:33: Accomplice Teh Dave: : holds the hammer to GK with a sheepish grin.

2010-07-17 03:55:46: Johnson: : corrects herself. “I mean, hammer.”

2010-07-17 03:56:11: The Sad Sad Tale Of Ghostface Koalah: : takes the hammer and apologetically mouths 'sorry' to Johnson as he passes across the non-sword to his beloved…

2010-07-17 03:56:36: Johnson: : will flick more mead soon; patience, young ones. There will be ever more chances of flying fruit.

2010-07-17 03:56:52: Second Lieutenant Brynhildr: : grins as she takes the hammer.

2010-07-17 03:57:30: Johnson: : grins at GK. “And Bryn. Present your sword to your betrothed, as a symbol of your protection of him from now on.”

2010-07-17 03:58:41: Abundantly Ari: : holds up the sword hilt first to Bryn

2010-07-17 03:58:49: Johnson: : adds in a quick undervoice- “Ari. The sword! And take the hammer from Bryn!”

2010-07-17 03:59:15: Abundantly Ari: : holds up the sword, hilt first, to Bryn

2010-07-17 03:59:18: Johnson: : spoke too soon! She shuts her mouth again and stands tall on her milk crate.

2010-07-17 03:59:42: Second Lieutenant Brynhildr: : carefully takes the sword, and presents it to GK - the pommel of the sword has two ravens surrounding a gemstone, and the hilt is formed of two ravens heads.

2010-07-17 03:59:59: Second Lieutenant Brynhildr: : smiles as she offers the intricate sword to her beloved.

2010-07-17 04:00:01: Accomplice Teh Dave: : snickers a bit at Johnson, but quickly clams up before she can retaliate.

2010-07-17 04:01:06: Johnson: : believes there will be no cherries flying Davewards for that piece of snickering. So there.

2010-07-17 04:01:16: Second Lieutenant Brynhildr: : passed Ari the hammer first, of course.

2010-07-17 04:02:16: The Sad Sad Tale Of Ghostface Koalah: : takes the sword carefully, smiling wondrously at the intricate workmanship

2010-07-17 04:03:39: Abundantly Ari: : now looks over the hammer with interest

2010-07-17 04:03:59: Johnson: : looks impressively down at everyone. Oh alright, up. “Now comes the exchanging of the rings.” She turns to GK. “GK. Slip the ring you have onto the hilt of the sword, and present it to Bryn.”

2010-07-17 04:05:13: Accomplice Teh Dave: : isn't fidgeting, promise! He can stand still for long periods of time! Don't let his tail fool you. Or the fact that he's staring at a butterfly that landed on his nose.

2010-07-17 04:05:18: Johnson: : continues, “This is to signify the binding nature of the oath which they take together.”

2010-07-17 04:05:48: The Sad Sad Tale Of Ghostface Koalah: : blinks at the width of the shaped hilt, but shrugs, & tries to hook the ring on as best he can, turning to present it to her carefully. Mustn't drop it now!

2010-07-17 04:05:56: Johnson: : sighs and flicks more mead over everyone, aiming a cherry directly at the butterfly on Dave's nose. Score.

2010-07-17 04:08:41: Accomplice Teh Dave: : blinks as the butterfly flits away, and tilts his head back just in time to catch the cherry and chew on it thoughtfully, attention returned to the wedding.

2010-07-17 04:09:53: Abundantly Ari: : grins when the butterfly lands on the tree, it is watching the proceedings don't you know?

2010-07-17 04:10:05: Second Lieutenant Brynhildr: : smiles and takes the ring, slipping it onto her finger. It is a simple, braided silver and gold design with a sapphire set between two smaller diamonds.

2010-07-17 04:13:16: Johnson: : grins at Bryn. “Now Bryn, you do the same thing with your ring. This is to signify the binding nature of the oath which you two take together.”

2010-07-17 04:14:05: Johnson: : totally bets that the butterfly is an island god in disguise, blessing the proceedings.

2010-07-17 04:14:21: Abundantly Ari: : is not sure if the hammer is needed here but she hefts it and is ready

2010-07-17 04:14:59: Accomplice Teh Dave: : wouldn't take that bet. He's horrible luck with gambling, and you never know, with butterflies. Or gods, for that matter.

2010-07-17 04:15:17: Abundantly Ari: : wonders how the it feels about that cherry, if it is a god Johnson might want to watch out

2010-07-17 04:16:04: Second Lieutenant Brynhildr: : takes the hammer carefully and sets GK's ring on one flat side of it. It is much like hers, but just the band, without the stone.

2010-07-17 04:16:18: Johnson: : ehs. If it's a god, it can cope with the dealings of petty mortals. Or undeads. Maybe it just thought she was offering it a cherry. As a- sacrifice. Yeah.

2010-07-17 04:17:14: Johnson: : herself watches the proceedings with interest. Ring-swopping!

2010-07-17 04:17:15: Second Lieutenant Brynhildr: : holds out the ring on the hammer to GK with a smile.

2010-07-17 04:18:46: The Sad Sad Tale Of Ghostface Koalah: : grins, & carefully picks it up, sliding his finger through it & admiring the look of it.

2010-07-17 04:22:20: Second Lieutenant Brynhildr: : smiles widely and returns the hammer to Ari before looking to Johnson for the next part.

2010-07-17 04:23:13: Abundantly Ari: : takes back the hammer and rests it on the grund, holding only the handle

2010-07-17 04:24:52: Johnson: : smiles at everyone. “Now. Vow-time! GK first.” Is she getting more and more informal? Naaaah.

2010-07-17 04:28:05: The Sad Sad Tale Of Ghostface Koalah: : blinks stupidly. “Uhh… vows? Oh. Umm…… bugger. Alright.” He turns to face directly atBryn, panic mountining in his features. “Err. Alright. I'll keep this brief & succinct.”

2010-07-17 04:29:28: The Sad Sad Tale Of Ghostface Koalah: : takes a steadying breath. “Okay.” He takes both her hands. “I promise to you to be a faithful, loving husband. I promise to work tirelessly to make you happy, for all of your days.”

2010-07-17 04:30:38: The Sad Sad Tale Of Ghostface Koalah: : continues. “I promise to keep you safe, from man or beast or Gods or demons of any creed! I promise to always be at your side, facing this life together. These things I promise to you, my wife.”

2010-07-17 04:34:10: Johnson: : awwwwws under her breath. She nods approvingly at GK and turns to Bryn. “Now you, hon.”

2010-07-17 04:36:56: Second Lieutenant Brynhildr: : smiles to GK, taking a deep breath before she speaks. “GK, my love… my happiness in this world. I promise I will be a faithful wife to you.”

2010-07-17 04:38:17: Second Lieutenant Brynhildr: : says “That I will love you in times of happiness and in times of strife. That I will stand by your side, until Ragnar�k and beyond.”

2010-07-17 04:38:55: Second Lieutenant Brynhildr: : continues “That from this day forth, you are my family, and first in my heart. I will do my best every day to please you, to make you happy, and to share in your happiness.”

2010-07-17 04:40:04: Second Lieutenant Brynhildr: : says “I promise that every day of our lives together, it will be my greatest joy to wake in your arms, and to sleep in them. I promise to keep our home, to care for you.. and to love you forever.”

2010-07-17 04:40:34: The Sad Sad Tale Of Ghostface Koalah: : strokes the backs of her hands fondly.

2010-07-17 04:41:28: Second Lieutenant Brynhildr: : says “It is my sacred oath, that I will honor our marriage and my vows, and be the best wife that I can be.” She finishes with a soft “I love you.”

2010-07-17 04:43:54: Johnson: : beams. Awwww. She dips her branch into the mead again and flicks joyfully upward and outward, spraying everyone with mead and cherries and laughter.

2010-07-17 04:44:51: Abundantly Ari: : grin widens and she bounces a little where she stands

2010-07-17 04:44:52: Johnson: : declares, holding her arms wide- “Thus it is, and thus it shall be! In the name of all things, before all things, I pronounce you husband and wife!”

2010-07-17 04:45:16: Johnson: : lowers her arms. She smiles at Bryn and GK. “You may kiss the bride.”

2010-07-17 04:46:09: Accomplice Teh Dave: : joins the laughter, reaching out for cherries.

2010-07-17 04:46:28: The Sad Sad Tale Of Ghostface Koalah: : smiles hugely & quickly sweeps her into his arms for a very deep very unchaste public kiss!

2010-07-17 04:47:07: Accomplice Teh Dave: As they kiss, the garden erupts with a riot of butterflies. They fill the area with color, nearly obscuring the two ravens who perch in the tree and nod knowingly to Bryn.

2010-07-17 04:47:58: Accomplice Teh Dave: : whoops loudly, grinning and waving the sword-hilt about. He'd obviously taken the sword so GK could take Bryn properly.

2010-07-17 04:48:48: Abundantly Ari: : tugs the hammer behind her sneaking over to Dave to give him a kiss

2010-07-17 04:49:34: The Sad Sad Tale Of Ghostface Koalah: : nods professionally at Dave's forethought. Very capable, that man!

2010-07-17 04:50:23: Accomplice Teh Dave: : would return the nod, but he must perform his own husbandly duties and return Ari's kiss with a smile.

2010-07-17 04:50:39: Abundantly Ari: : has a hard time being sneaky even without a giant hammer, the butterflies help though

2010-07-17 04:51:27: Second Lieutenant Brynhildr: : kisses him lovingly, passionately. When they break, she spots the two ravens in the tree. She glances over to the sword and gives them a small nod, with a whispered “�akka.”

2010-07-17 04:52:27: Abundantly Ari: : is standing back wher she should be when the butterflies clear

2010-07-17 04:53:30: Accomplice Teh Dave: : blinks up at the Ravens, and opens his mouth to ask something. One of the ravens gives him a glare and says, in no uncertain terms, “No.” Dave closes his mouth.

2010-07-17 04:54:10: Accomplice Teh Dave: The ravens nod once more to Bryn, then take wing, to return from whence they came.

2010-07-17 04:54:22: Johnson: : grins and laughs and applauds and flicks mead and cherries everywhere, turning and turning in the riot of butterflies.

2010-07-17 04:55:11: Johnson: : gazes at the ravens and laughs. “The all-seeing one has sent his messengers as blessings!”

2010-07-17 04:55:31: Accomplice Teh Dave: : grins and laughs at Johnson's antics, and sets the sword against the tree so he can pull Ari into a twirl. The hammer, obviously, joined the sword against the tree first.

2010-07-17 04:56:38: The Sad Sad Tale Of Ghostface Koalah: : claps his hands together with finality. He smiles cheerfully. “Well then. That all went rather well, I think.”

2010-07-17 04:57:28: Johnson: : dances happily on the milk crate. “S'not over yet, mister. We're all racing back to your home where you'll carry Bryn over the threshhold.”

2010-07-17 04:57:42: Abundantly Ari: : giggles as she twirls “Mister and Missus GK!”

2010-07-17 04:57:50: Johnson: : chomps a cherry. “And when I said race? I meant race.”

2010-07-17 04:58:25: Second Lieutenant Brynhildr: : says “More like… witnesses. In Midgard, the oaths are only valid as long as a witness is alive… those two will live a very long time.”

2010-07-17 04:58:56: Accomplice Teh Dave: : laughs at Johnson's comment. “well, what are we waiting for then?” He grins.

2010-07-17 04:59:44: Second Lieutenant Brynhildr: : says “We have to stop in the chapel first!”

2010-07-17 04:59:58: Johnson: : grins. “Excellent. Then this marriage is witnessed and witnessed and witnessed, and blessed indeed!” She spins around. “So. Everyone ready to race?”

2010-07-17 05:00:30: Johnson: : laughs at Bryn. “Then you'll be late, is all. We'll meet you at your house, huh?”

2010-07-17 05:01:26: Johnson: : pelts off, hair streaming behind her like the night on fire, whooping through butterflies and grass and tossing cherries up with both hands.

2010-07-17 05:01:52: The Sad Sad Tale Of Ghostface Koalah: : offers his arm to his lady, with a crooked smile. ”'m ready when you are, dear!“

2010-07-17 05:02:00: Second Lieutenant Brynhildr: : nods. “Could you bring the sword and hammer? I don't think the Kate-lady would appreciate them in the chapel.” She squeezes GK's hand. “Ready to go get made official, love?

2010-07-17 05:02:20: Second Lieutenant Brynhildr: : eeps as she runs off before she can ask.

2010-07-17 05:04:01: The Sad Sad Tale Of Ghostface Koalah: : nods happily.

2010-07-17 05:04:02: Accomplice Teh Dave: : laughs and tugs on Ari's hand. “Let's go!” He grins and bounces out.

2010-07-17 05:04:06: Johnson: : runs straight back in and grabs the sword and the hammer. This slows her down considerably, but she spins on her heel and runs back out again.

2010-07-17 05:04:19: Abundantly Ari: : cheats and starts running, cause she has a hammer to carry

2010-07-17 05:04:42: Abundantly Ari: : takes Dave's hand and flees

2010-07-17 05:05:00: Second Lieutenant Brynhildr: : smiles and leads GK to Kittania and a quick but not too fast pace.

2010-07-17 05:05:49: The Sad Sad Tale Of Ghostface Koalah: : is tugged happily along!

After the Wedding

2010-07-17 05:05:42: Johnson: : explodes into the house and falls over the threshhold, hair everywhere.

2010-07-17 05:06:30: Abundantly Ari: : runs in out of breath tugging Dave with her

2010-07-17 05:06:40: Johnson: : drops the sword and the hammer in the corner. “Bah, Dave!” she says, seeing a familiar tail and grin. “Trust you.”

2010-07-17 05:06:48: Accomplice Teh Dave: : nearly trips over Johnson. Actually, he does trip over Johnson, and tumbles into the couch.

2010-07-17 05:07:22: Accomplice Teh Dave: : blinks at Johnson. “Trust me with what? And why are you standing on the ceiling?”

2010-07-17 05:07:28: Johnson: : laughs and waves at Ari. “Okay. Now! I have rice. And we should go denude the garden of flowers, quickly. And I stole some cherries off your tree. So what we do is throw all these things at them-”

2010-07-17 05:08:24: Johnson: : blinks at Dave. “I'm not on the ceiling! And I thought you were here first!” She shrugs and scrambles up and unhooks the drinking horn off the wall. “Just gonna go fill this with mead,” she calls.

2010-07-17 05:09:01: Accomplice Teh Dave: : attempts to nod, then realizes he's landed upside-down. That would explain the tie in his face. He scrambles to his feet, brushing himself off. “What? Just take all their flowers out?”

2010-07-17 05:09:16: Johnson: : adds over her shoulder, “Can you two grab a whole lot of flowers and stand ready at the door to throw things? And light the torches. They should be in my pack, next to the hammer.”

2010-07-17 05:09:40: Abundantly Ari: : huffs a little “I woulda won but I got failed, monster stole all my req too” that is her story and she is sticking with it, she opens her bag and pulls over the left over flowers from the crowns

2010-07-17 05:09:58: Johnson: : dances through into the kitchen, holding aloft the drinking horn. “I dunno! Just grab flowers!” she cries.

2010-07-17 05:10:12: Abundantly Ari: “will these do?”

2010-07-17 05:10:14: Accomplice Teh Dave: : scrambles outside to gather some flowers.

2010-07-17 05:11:34: Accomplice Teh Dave: : pauses and peers at Ari's flowers. “Yepyep. No need to pick new ones if you have perfectly good ones already.” He grins, and digs in Johnson's pack for the torches, which he holds in one hand.

2010-07-17 05:11:46: Johnson: : glides back in with her drinking horn full of mead and cherries. She rests the horn carefully against the hammer, which makes a suitable full-hornstand. Then she roots around in her pack for rice.

2010-07-17 05:13:37: Abundantly Ari: : turns the flowers into a pile of petals for tossing

2010-07-17 05:13:40: Johnson: : grins at Dave and Ari. “Ah, we have flowers? Excellent. And you got the torches? Good. Um. Do we have any way to light them?”

2010-07-17 05:14:07: Accomplice Teh Dave: : flicks his right thumb against his forefinger, heart tattoo spinning. He sticks his tongue out and furrows his brow in concentration, and the sparks start, followed by a thumb-flame.

2010-07-17 05:14:50: Accomplice Teh Dave: : lights the torches in a bundle, blows out his thumb, and looks around. “Ah…we're not throwing the torches right?” That might be fun…but more of an “outside” activity.

2010-07-17 05:16:43: Johnson: : stares at the thumb-flame. Whoa. Heavens. “One day, you're gonna have to teach me how to do that.” She grins, shaking her head. “No, we're not throwing the torches. Those are to escort the groom-”

2010-07-17 05:17:09: The Sad Sad Tale Of Ghostface Koalah: : quietly slips in with ninja-like grace, trying to camouflage himself against the wall just by wanting it.

2010-07-17 05:17:27: Johnson: : snickers, ”- to the bedchambers. With much cheering and whooping and good-natured ribaldry. And awful jokes. I depend upon you two to make awful jokes, by the way.”

2010-07-17 05:18:07: Johnson: : is, unfortunately, watching the door, so GK gets pelted with rice and cherries a la instant.

2010-07-17 05:18:15: Accomplice Teh Dave: : halts GK with a foot. “You get back out there and carry your wife across like you're supposed to.”

2010-07-17 05:18:35: Abundantly Ari: : grabs a handful of petals to toss at the groom

2010-07-17 05:18:58: Johnson: : adds, quickly to Dave and Ari- “But we don't use the torches yet. They have a ritual drinking thing first. And then Ari and I take Bryn into the chambers and get her ready, and THEN we mock!”

2010-07-17 05:19:03: Accomplice Teh Dave: :, unfortunately, cannot throw anything for fear of setting it aflame. And he's not about to throw the torches.

2010-07-17 05:19:30: Johnson: : suggests that Dave puts the torches down against the hammer as well?

2010-07-17 05:21:11: Johnson: : also points GK back to the doorway. “Stand there,” she says sternly, mock-frowning. “Be a man, etcetera!”

2010-07-17 05:21:29: Accomplice Teh Dave: : knows better than to put burning torches in anything but wall sconces.

2010-07-17 05:22:01: Accomplice Teh Dave: : also resists the urge to juggle. That would only end in heartbreak. And arson.

2010-07-17 05:22:01: The Sad Sad Tale Of Ghostface Koalah: : sighs. So much for getting into the bedroom without associated Ribaldry

2010-07-17 05:22:05: Johnson: : believes there is also a fireplace with a sizeable grate that could have things rested on it?

2010-07-17 05:22:46: Warrant Officer Brynhildr: :, considering the rustic design of her home, probably has wall scones.

2010-07-17 05:23:46: Accomplice Teh Dave: : will take Bryn's unspoken word for it, and sets the torches in their sconces, the better to free his hands to toss flowerpetals, rice, and cherries at the newlyweds.

2010-07-17 05:24:49: The Sad Sad Tale Of Ghostface Koalah: : shields his eyes from the onslaught of uncooked rice grains. Those things smart!

2010-07-17 05:25:06: Warrant Officer Brynhildr: : may not have put them in the explicit description, but they logically could be there, so go with it!

2010-07-17 05:25:14: Abundantly Ari: : tosses handfuls of petals everywhere, this will not be fun to clean

2010-07-17 05:25:16: Johnson: : believes that sounds like a good idea. Now, GK had probably better stand at the door and carry his bride in!

2010-07-17 05:26:20: Johnson: : believes that it's his ancestors' traditions that called for rice grains in the first place, but she switches to cherries. And petals. And hey, Ari, it's our job to clean up, yes?

2010-07-17 05:27:53: Abundantly Ari: : will send in a gremlin or two, just give them free reign of the kitchen and they are pretty helpful

2010-07-17 05:28:23: Johnson: : believes that's a very good idea. Less cleaning up on their part is always excellent fun.

2010-07-17 05:28:44: Accomplice Teh Dave: : will have to reinvent the vacuum cleaner for this. He joins in the fun, tossing handfuls of petals and rice, with cherry bombs in them. (Not the explosive kind, thankfully. Outside Activities…)

2010-07-17 05:30:47: The Sad Sad Tale Of Ghostface Koalah: : stands obediently doorwards, preparing to sweep up his awaiting Wife.

2010-07-17 05:31:18: Johnson: : wants to know if Dave also has an Outside Voice and an Inside Voice to match his Activities. Also, he definitely needs to reinvent a vacuum cleaner. Or harness the vacuum monster somehow.

2010-07-17 05:33:11: Warrant Officer Brynhildr: : smiles happily to GK.

2010-07-17 05:34:23: Accomplice Teh Dave: :'s various vocal ranges refuse silly classifications. Or at least, normal ones. He just tends to speak in a manner suitably inappropriate for his surroundings.

2010-07-17 05:35:23: Johnson: : throws rice, flowers and cherries like a dervish. It lands everywhere, of course, on her hair, on Dave's nose, in Ari's hair, Bryn's dress, GK's shoes…

2010-07-17 05:36:09: Johnson: : demands the sweepage! Also demands that Dave yell ribald comments later on in a suitably inappropriate voice.

2010-07-17 05:36:54: Warrant Officer Brynhildr: : hopes this dress is washable!

2010-07-17 05:37:08: Accomplice Teh Dave: : is still waiting for Bryn to get carried in.

2010-07-17 05:38:41: Abundantly Ari: : spins among the petals, tossing more as she does so

2010-07-17 05:38:53: The Sad Sad Tale Of Ghostface Koalah: : shakes off the Wall with annoyance, & swiftly picks Bryn up with ease. He smiles easily at her. “H'lo love. Time to enter our House now?”

2010-07-17 05:39:19: Johnson: : believes the dress is eminently washable. Probably not suitable for dry cleaning, however, which is a good thing since there are no dry cleaners on the island. She thinks. Yet.

2010-07-17 05:40:17: Johnson: : sighs. Finally! You and that Wall, Mister GK, need to separate yourselves or you both will be put into the naughty corner. She lobs cherries firmly at people's ears.

2010-07-17 05:41:36: Abundantly Ari: : stops spinning and stands still to watch, ducking cherries occasionally

2010-07-17 05:42:04: Johnson: : wails as Ari keeps ducking her cherries. She aims some at Dave's ear instead. Maybe he's less agile.

2010-07-17 05:43:11: Johnson: : remembers something! She yelps and ducks into the kitchen with haste.

2010-07-17 05:43:40: Accomplice Teh Dave: : blocks cherries with expert hands, diverting them GKward.

2010-07-17 05:44:50: Johnson: : hurries back in again with a plate piled high with black forest cake and cherries. She rests that next to the sword and hammer and drinking horn and stands back up to watch and throw things.

2010-07-17 05:45:20: Johnson: : also believes that diverting cherries GKward is not a good idea since GK is trying to carry a woman over a threshhold, which is a Very Important Step.

2010-07-17 05:45:32: Warrant Officer Brynhildr: : grins to him. “Yes my love.”

2010-07-17 05:46:00: The Sad Sad Tale Of Ghostface Koalah: : has both arms full, and merely yelps helplessly as he comes under deflected cherry attack! He looks mournfully at his cargo. “Little help here, darling?”

2010-07-17 05:46:04: Accomplice Teh Dave: : sneakily sneaks cakeward, whistling innocently.

2010-07-17 05:47:04: Abundantly Ari: : giggles “happy wedding day!” and another handful of flowers is pelted

2010-07-17 05:47:27: Johnson: : aims more cherries at Dave's tail. “Get ye away from that thurr vittles, cretin!” she burrs.

2010-07-17 05:47:54: The Sad Sad Tale Of Ghostface Koalah: : shakes his head defiantly, and lifts one foot, hovering it ceremoniously above the floor just inside the frame, before stamping it down with a grin.

2010-07-17 05:49:13: Warrant Officer Brynhildr: : catches cherries with her mouth, and deflects the rest from GK.

2010-07-17 05:49:36: Accomplice Teh Dave: : yelps, then cheers at GK, cake forgotten. Or at least left alone.

2010-07-17 05:49:55: Johnson: : spins round and throws more cherries at the bride and groom. “Congratulations! Talasio!” Roman cry at weddings, but whatever. “Talasio!”

2010-07-17 05:50:23: The Sad Sad Tale Of Ghostface Koalah: : strides the rest of the way in proudly. Another ritual met, & vanquished!

2010-07-17 05:50:36: Accomplice Teh Dave: : grins and throws more rice. “Mazel Tov!”

2010-07-17 05:50:46: Johnson: : whoops merrily. “Huzzah! Huzzah for the bride and groom!” She dances round GK and Bryn, ushering them towards the couch. “Huzzah!”

2010-07-17 05:51:51: Johnson: : scrambles over to the plate of cake. “Now you can have cake, Dave,” she grins, holding out the plate and grabbing a piece for herself. “Everyone! Cake before the ceremonial mead-drinking!”

2010-07-17 05:52:33: Johnson: : noms cake with one hand and offers the big plate of cake and cherries around with the other.

2010-07-17 05:52:53: The Sad Sad Tale Of Ghostface Koalah: : dumps Bryn unceremoniously upon the couch, brightly exclaiming. “Cake?!”

2010-07-17 05:53:11: Warrant Officer Brynhildr: : takes a large piece, offering a bite to GK.

2010-07-17 05:53:16: Abundantly Ari: : looks around at all the cheers and adds her own “Yay!”

2010-07-17 05:53:31: Warrant Officer Brynhildr: : swears in her native language as she is dumped on the couch.

2010-07-17 05:53:32: Accomplice Teh Dave: : grins and bounces over to accept a slice for himself, and a slice to pass to Ari.

2010-07-17 05:55:04: Abundantly Ari: : darts over to Dave and cake

2010-07-17 05:56:09: The Sad Sad Tale Of Ghostface Koalah: : flumps down next to his wife with an impish little grin. “Oh, ye're tougher than that! Heeeee!” He leans across & kisses her quickly, taking that bite that had been offered.

2010-07-17 05:56:09: Johnson: : rests the plate of cake on Ari's head, grins at Bryn's swearing and bounds off to pick up the drinking horn, brimming with sweet-smelling mead and cherries. This she brings to Bryn to offer to GK.

2010-07-17 05:57:32: Warrant Officer Brynhildr: : grumbles at him, elbowing him. “So much for romance,” she mutters, then kisses him anyhow. She takes a bite of her own cake before taking the horn from Johnson.

2010-07-17 05:58:31: Abundantly Ari: : walks around the room with the cake on her head, grinning, its like proper ladies except they usually use a book and probably not at parties

2010-07-17 05:58:48: The Sad Sad Tale Of Ghostface Koalah: : eyes the horn incredulously. “Bloody 'ell! You don't expect me to skoll the whole thing, do you??”

2010-07-17 05:59:04: Johnson: : grins and then gallumphs back to cake and cherries. Cherries! Cake! Cake! Cherries!

2010-07-17 05:59:32: Warrant Officer Brynhildr: : shakes her head. “We are supposed to share it, my love.”

2010-07-17 06:01:03: The Sad Sad Tale Of Ghostface Koalah: : chuckles. “Good, it likely wouldn't end well if it was just for me. I'd be nursing quite the headache, come morning…”

2010-07-17 06:01:22: Johnson: : nods at Bryn's comment. “Indeedy. Quickly! But with ceremony! We need to get Bryn to bed and then deflowered!” She means that literally. Crown of flowers on Bryn's head, yes? Yes.

2010-07-17 06:01:37: Accomplice Teh Dave: : offers cakily to help with the mead if it's not against tradition or whatever.

2010-07-17 06:02:51: Johnson: : picks another piece of cake off Ari's head. Thank you, Ari. She noms happily.

2010-07-17 06:04:44: Warrant Officer Brynhildr: : holds it out to him. “You drink first, my love.”

2010-07-17 06:05:35: Abundantly Ari: : noms her own cake with a smile to Johnson

2010-07-17 06:05:46: Warrant Officer Brynhildr: : quietly says “You are supposed to make a toast to Odin first, too.”

2010-07-17 06:06:44: The Sad Sad Tale Of Ghostface Koalah: : looks at her softly, then shrugs & takes it, raising the open end to his lips for a deep draught. He wipes his mouth neatly, passing it back with a smile. “Thats so sweet! The honey…”

2010-07-17 06:11:11: Accomplice Teh Dave: : hopes Odin doesn't take offense to the lack of toast. He could go get some bread, but he doesn't think that's quite what's meant.

2010-07-17 06:11:51: The Sad Sad Tale Of Ghostface Koalah: : blinks irritably. “Pfft. When did He ever toast me, I ask?”

2010-07-17 06:11:57: Johnson: : thinks Dave should go get some bread and toast it over a torch. Bryn's kitchen will probably have some. Seriously. Do it. DO IT.

2010-07-17 06:12:34: Accomplice Teh Dave: : slips into the Kitchen, whistling innocently.

2010-07-17 06:13:25: Johnson: : wonders if she should hold up the raven-embroidered pillow, splosh a little bit of mead on it and wave it around booming A TOAST TO GK AND HIS LOVELY BRIDE, LOVE FROM ODIN. NICE WEDDING, FOLKS.

2010-07-17 06:13:57: Warrant Officer Brynhildr: : sighs softly. She takes the horn and sips, murmuring a soft prayer to Odin and Freya.

2010-07-17 06:14:23: Abundantly Ari: : whispers to GK “you aren't a god though, and maybe he does and you just can't hear him”

2010-07-17 06:15:27: The Sad Sad Tale Of Ghostface Koalah: : rolls his eyes theatrically. “Oh fine To Odin! Ya big lug, how can I stay mad at you!”

2010-07-17 06:16:23: Accomplice Teh Dave: : returns with bread, which he passes to Ari and Johnson, to make some toast.

2010-07-17 06:18:18: Abundantly Ari: : grins and holds the bread up to the torch carefully, like roasting marshmallows “to Oden, in case you are hungry”

2010-07-17 06:18:42: Johnson: : takes the bread happily and grins at GK. She picks up a torch, hands the other two to Dave and Ari and begins to toast her bread over the torch. Whoops, did she say toast? She meant light on fire.

2010-07-17 06:19:35: Johnson: : waves her burning slice of bread around the room in circles. Rings of fire, geddit? Geddit? “This is good bread! I hope you appreciate it!” she calls.

2010-07-17 06:20:12: Johnson: : blows out her bread and then points Bryn into the bedroom. “In, woman!” she commands. “In, in-in-in. Ari, you too. Dave, you stay out here and- I don't know, psychoanalyse GK.”

2010-07-17 06:21:10: Warrant Officer Brynhildr: : smiles to a bit. “We will share mead for a month, my love.”

2010-07-17 06:21:27: Abundantly Ari: : giggles “and tell bad jokes” and she enters the bedroom

2010-07-17 06:21:55: The Sad Sad Tale Of Ghostface Koalah: : lays back on the couch & obediently starts up. “See, I think it all started, really, when I was 8…”

2010-07-17 06:22:58: Accomplice Teh Dave: : laughs and toasts his bread rather inexpertly. Thankfully, he doesn't add fuel to the fire. Or fire to the fire.

2010-07-17 06:23:50: Johnson: : pokes her head back out from the bedroom. Into which she vanished. Just now. Without anyone seeing. Yeah. “Bryn? In!”

2010-07-17 06:24:09: Accomplice Teh Dave: : is in a chair, in a tweed suit writing in a notebook. “Ahhhrm. Go ohn.” He peers over his glasses at GK.

2010-07-17 06:24:34: Warrant Officer Brynhildr: : kisses him lovingly before finishing the mead in the horn and setting the horn down. “Alright, to bed, then.”

2010-07-17 06:25:02: Warrant Officer Brynhildr: : nods to Johnson and slips into the bedroom.

2010-07-17 06:26:35: The Sad Sad Tale Of Ghostface Koalah: : nods slowly. “Y'see what I really wanted from Santa that year was the new E-Z bake oven, but my Dad was concerned that I'd turn sissy & follow a career in french pastries…”

2010-07-17 06:30:09: Accomplice Teh Dave: : nodnods, doodling in the notebook. “Nothing wrong with french pastries. I prefer italian, though.” He snnnnrks and shakes his head, returning to his normal garb. “So how's it feel?”

2010-07-17 06:33:32: The Sad Sad Tale Of Ghostface Koalah: : makes vague hand gestures. “Sorta flaky & light, but with a confusing heaviness, almost. Hard to desc– Oh, sorry. You didn't mean the pastries, did you…”

2010-07-17 06:34:13: Accomplice Teh Dave: : nearly spits out the toast he was chewing on. He takes a moment to swallow, then grins. “Nah, meant sitting here with me while your wife gets prepared for you.

2010-07-17 06:36:32: The Sad Sad Tale Of Ghostface Koalah: : chuckles. “An odd way of putting it - I'd not thought of it in that manner, but yes. It feels…. meh. I'd have rathered more simple preparations, but rituals seem important to her…”

2010-07-17 06:39:43: Accomplice Teh Dave: : nods. “yeah, well, if it's important to her, it damn well be important to you. Keep that in mind.” He nods thoughtfully.

2010-07-17 06:43:03: Johnson: : skips back in. “Gentlemen?” she cries. “The bride is ready for the groom to deflower her.” She waves her torch merrily around her head. “Let the insults and the ribaldry begin! Dave! Out of tweed!”

2010-07-17 06:43:06: The Sad Sad Tale Of Ghostface Koalah: : chuckles & nods. “Of course, of course…Would'nae have gone through with all of this if I didn't understand that!”

2010-07-17 06:43:42: The Sad Sad Tale Of Ghostface Koalah: : looks up. “Do I need my gardening implements then?”

2010-07-17 06:44:00: Abundantly Ari: : nods “Bryn is um waiting”

2010-07-17 06:44:33: Johnson: : grins. “Nope. Just your hands.”

2010-07-17 06:44:39: Accomplice Teh Dave: : is already out of his clothes. “And GK better be ready to get out of his.” He winks and nudges GK with an elbow.

2010-07-17 06:44:47: Abundantly Ari: : blinks “you know what to do right cause I told Bryn that if you would cause you are a boy”

2010-07-17 06:44:55: Johnson: : nudges Ari in the ribs. “Make ribald jokes, woman! Be obscene!”

2010-07-17 06:45:40: Abundantly Ari: : hmms, bad jokes…. “Knock knock?”

2010-07-17 06:45:57: The Sad Sad Tale Of Ghostface Koalah: : buries his face in his hands. This isn't at all awkward and mood-destroying, being sent in knowingly by one's closest & dearest…

2010-07-17 06:45:59: Johnson: : roars with laughter. “Actually, no, we don't have to be obscene, we can just explain to GK what to do to Bryn. You see, GK, when a man and a woman really love each other, they have a 'special hug'.”

2010-07-17 06:47:04: Johnson: : waves her torch wildly. “And then there are cabbage patches, but those are LIES. LIES, I TELL YOU. Storks are just phallic symbols! Why do you think they have such a long beak?”

2010-07-17 06:47:34: Accomplice Teh Dave: : grins and continues the thread. “And when you really enjoy the hug, you'll find that you match up in a very special way…”

2010-07-17 06:47:37: Abundantly Ari: : blinks again “ew”

2010-07-17 06:48:04: Abundantly Ari: : was ew-ing at Johnson

2010-07-17 06:49:16: Johnson: : clutches her stomach and roars until she drops to her knees with laughter. “Ogod. Match up in a 'very special way' indeed. You see, GK, you may not know this, but a certain part of you… well…”

2010-07-17 06:49:44: The Sad Sad Tale Of Ghostface Koalah: : clamps his hands over his ears and loudly sings out atonally “la LA LA la la LA!” as he marches towards the bedroom door, resigned to his fate.

2010-07-17 06:50:21: Johnson: : waves her torch graphically. Flaming phallic symbols! “Matches up to. Fits into. Thrusts? Er. Think lego parts. Clicks into a certain part of Bryn. Good luck finding it, though. Best out of three.”

2010-07-17 06:51:19: Accomplice Teh Dave: : waves his torch in time with Johnson's. “Just be careful with the other two. One can be dangerous if you don't tell her first, the other's got teeth.” He winks.

2010-07-17 06:51:23: Abundantly Ari: : grabs a torch to follow the procession

2010-07-17 06:52:26: Johnson: : winks salaciously at GK. Because she can. “Now. Through the ring of fire and into the chambers of the lain valkyrie strides the mighty hero!” She waves her torch mightily. Also because she can.

2010-07-17 06:52:45: Johnson: : dances into the bedroom after GK.

2010-07-17 06:52:57: Abundantly Ari: : is rendered speechless and red, red too

2010-07-17 06:53:29: Accomplice Teh Dave: : pauses to give Ari a quick kiss, grins, then follows.

2010-07-17 07:03:32: Abundantly Ari: : zooms back out of the bedroom

2010-07-17 07:04:11: Johnson: : skips out and blows Dave and Ari a kiss. “Time for me to run for a train, I believe!” she laughs. “Goodnight, guys.”

2010-07-17 07:05:15: Accomplice Teh Dave: : grins and gives Johnson a hug. “Goodnight. T'was fun. must do this again sometime.” Getting together, not necessarily weddings.

2010-07-17 07:07:44: Abundantly Ari: : wishes Johnson a mumbled goodnight

2010-07-17 07:09:55: Accomplice Teh Dave: : smiles and warms his cheek on Ari's. “You're all flushed.”

2010-07-17 07:11:07: Abundantly Ari: : stares at the ground and hugs Dave “s'private”

2010-07-17 07:13:59: Accomplice Teh Dave: : smiles and returns the hug. “It's just friendly ribbing between friends. I don't talk about us, and if they don't want to talk about them they won't…but we can still joke about it.”

2010-07-17 07:16:57: Abundantly Ari: : nodnods “I know its wasn't us, just odd is all, wanna go home?”

2010-07-17 07:18:19: Accomplice Teh Dave: : nods, and picks Ari up gently. “Sure.” He grins to her, gives her a quick kiss, then out the door they go.

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